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POISONED PLANET (May 30, 2011)  A healthy life is no longer possible on this planet because every element of it has been poisoned, namely, the Air, Water, Soil, Oceans, Food, Meat, etc. Here is a discussion of the problem, a prognosis, a government planned correction, and God's planned correction.


HEALTH ISSUES (February 2011) I've listed my comments about several Health Issues, such as Obesity, Teeth care, Skin care, Probiotics, Mental Health, and a few others. My comments are radical notions and contrary to the government protected Medical Mafia. But, my ideas work for me. You might find some of them interesting.


AMERICA, THE LIBERATOR? (2005) Here is a list of nations which America betrayed, forcing them into Communism, thereafter leaving them to suffer Third World degradation. Mainstream News Media have always presented America's actions as moral high-ground, as though helping to liberate people who were suffering terribly under their flourishing democracies. After America's assistance, they flourished no longer!


FORTY YEARS OF ROOSEVELT (Jan 2009) Political: A booklet, published in 1944, reviewing US history from Th. Roosevelt to F.D.R., exposing the International Bankers as the Hidden Hand behind world politics, total economic control, and exploitation of common people of all nations. This booklet has been unavailable for many years, so I typed a copy and published it here for anyone who desires it.


SATANISTS? (June 2007) Here is a collection of pictures of famous people making the Satanist salute.


AMERICA'S 400th ANNIVERSARY. (Feb 11, 2007) The first settlement was April 29th, 1607 at Jamestown, Virginia. God's Israelites have been in this land as long as our ancestors were in Egypt, until Moses led them to freedom. This Anniversary is of real importance for our European Christian people. ADDENDUM added June 30, 2007 !!!!!


HELPFUL HINTS, SECRET TIPS, EFFECTIVE TRICKS: These are some effective tips that Lisa and I treasure, for Insect Control, ridding chlorine from your bath, emergency wound treatment, deer hunting, household hints, etc. February 2011, added a selection of Health Issue subjects.


DOCTORS OR GOD? (May 28, 2006) Whom do you trust with your life, doctors or God? You can't do both! Think about it. Medical insurance and care cancels out God. The argument that God uses doctors is hollow. This article explains why.


WILDERNESS LIFE IN ALASKA (January 2002) My description of our life in the Alaska Interior wilderness. Just publishing it on the website in March 2006. It's nostalgic for me, this spring.


PRIORY OF SION  Discussion of the DaVinci Code hoax.


OUR CHILDREN'S FUTURE (December 2005) The future looks pretty bleak for American children of today. Why? It is because they are assaulted with multiculturalism as a religion rather than retaining our traditional Christian culture. They are destroyed by influences which promote them to be prodigal libertines rather than to live by constructive values.


HEALTH: YOUR BODY IS A TEMPLE OF GOD (August 2005)  You wouldn't defile your Temple with tattoos, but on the altar inside the temple do you offer foods that are poisoned with chemicals and drugs? It is extremely difficult today to be drug-free because of all the food-additive chemicals and drugs in commercial foods, and the pharmaceuticals which make your drug-pusher doctor rich.


CULTURE WAR (June 2005) The traditional American culture of white European Christian values is under attack. Here is some discussion of that war.

OBESITY, A PLAGUE IN AMERICA (December 2004) The real reason for obesity, and other health problems, is not what you've been told. The same steroids and growth hormones which fatten animals are doing the same to people. And the countless poisons used in the food industry are killing us. What can one do to correct this? There is a solution.

HEALTH  Although Jesus did not give much advice about health, we are today confronted with a poisonous pogrom of mainstream medicine which is ruining our general health and debilitating our lives, while it is proclaiming that it has all the answers, and that we should look to it for symptom treatment rather than take responsibility for our own lives. Modern medicine is dangerous, and should be avoided. You can do better by turning to your heavenly Father!

HUNGER IS THE BEST SAUCE   Nearly every American has overeaten his way to ill health. Politicians have dictated nutritional guidelines that are killing us off. Dietary schemes are huge industries that fail to stem the epidemic tide of worsening health. Maybe we should consider a radical change in diet behavior. Here are my thoughts on the subject.

ODE TO ODYSSEUS   Alone at sea in a storm, clawing towards home a hundred miles away, into the wind. Something supernatural happened to me, but I'm not sure what it was.

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