Disclaimer: Since one needs a license to share health advice, and since I don't have such a license, I forewarn you that anything I say might be totally wrong; it might be just nonsense. You must judge that for yourself. I admit, up front, that my discoveries are contradictory to those of the mainstream, licensed directors of your health expenses. Given that I am a rebel by nature, questioning everything, you should expect my notions to be quite different from those who don't question authorities. So, let's get radical.

TEETH. Toothbrushes have only existed for the past couple centuries. Prior to that, teeth were not brushed. Foods which people ate were tougher, helping to clean gunk off teeth. Think of a dog chewing a bone. Raw vegetables did some good, along with slivers of wood as toothpicks, or simple broken twigs. Dental decay was not a serious ailment. Of course, a lack of sugar was an important factor because sugar provides bacteria with an environment to work. Why do teeth decay? The simple answer is bacteria! The simple solution to the problem is to kill the bacteria; rinse your mouth with something like alcohol or hydrogen peroxide two or three times each day. Now, let's consider the dental industry. It promotes teethbrushing to prevent decay, so toothbrushes and toothpaste are manufactured for your convenience. Toothpaste contains an abrasive which scratches the teeth surface and provides bacteria with places to dwell and work. Toothpaste is not antiseptic at all, not a bactericide, not even harmful to bacteria; actually, some toothpastes contain sugar. The dental profession has created a lucrative money-making industry, and given you an effective means of destroying your teeth. Corporate greed has no conscience. My own teeth have been troublesome all my life, until I stopped brushing them and began rinsing with hydrogen peroxide every morning and evening. Walla! no more problems. I use toothpicks after meals to remove food deposits.

        With hyrdrogen peroxide one should never have decay or infection again. But, if you ever do get a toothache, that means you have some infection. ONLY infection causes toothaches. No problem, you can handle infection easily without paying some doctor for an antibiotic injection. Here's how. From most Farm Supply stores, or Feed Stores you can buy Vet antibiotics which come from the same pharmaceutical production lines as the human stuff. Tetracycline is available as Biomycin; Penicillin is called Agricillin. A bottle of 100ml is less than ten dollars. Draw some Biomycin out of the bottle with a syringe and squirt it onto a Q-Tip; dab it around the aching tooth. A couple topical applications should cure your infection. Works good on skin cuts and scratches which start turning red. I've done this many times and the body doesn't get near the dosage of antibiotics as with an injection. Of course, doctors and dentists will never reveal how simple this is because they want big money for a shot.


SKIN. I'm talking about your body skin. We have all been taught to wash our bodies with soap and water every day. I will argue vehemently against any kind of soap which cuts grease or kills germs. You probably learned in school that helpful bacteria live in the pores of your skin, where they process waste from your body and push it out onto the surface where it can be washed away. Your skin also contains natural oils which keep it supple and healthy. Here is a snip fromWikipedia, subject "Skin Flora."

        "Skin flora are usually non-pathogenic, and either commensals (are not harmful to their host) or mutualistic (offer a benefit). The benefits bacteria can offer include preventing transient pathogenic organisms from colonizing the skin surface, either by competing for nutrients, secreting chemicals against them, or stimulating the skin's immune system.[4] "  (snip from Wikipedia "Skin Flora")

        The bacteria which live in your skin pores are beneficial by preventing other pathogenic (disease) organisms from colonizing your skin surface. God's design is wondrous, isn't it? But, when we act contrary to the natural designed process, we suffer consequences. Consider that we have been taught to use soap on our skin every day. Soap dissolves our natural oils and helps to wash out the beneficial bacteria which defend us from diseases. Soap also dries the skin; so, many women apply an oil to their faces in order to replace that which was washed out by the soap. But it is not natural body oil which is being applied, so it is not nearly as good. Notice the dried, leathery, and wrinkled skin of elderly women who washed religiously in attempt to keep their beauty without realizing they were actually destroying it. They pretty much killed their skin. So, soap washes away your own skin oil, dries the skin, and destroys much of the beneficial bacteria which process your body wastes and which protect you from external harmful bacteria. Further, consider that it is part of God's design that the body wastes, which were processed in the skin pores and excreted onto the surface, are all water-soluble. In other words, plain water will wash away the wastes; no soap needed.

        Again, corporate greed has sold us an item which helps to destroy our health, makes us vulnerable to diseases, and brings us running to the medical industry for repair. Personally, I have not applied soap to my skin since about 1970 when I realized the harm it was doing. I shower with water and a washcloth. Because I don't destroy the good bacteria which process waste, I don't have body odor which results from rotting waste that didn't get processed, and at 72 my skin is supple, healthy, and not wrinkled at all. I, also, haven't been to any doctors in those years except for a hernia repair and an emergency gall-bladder removal. One exception to my anti-soap claim is that I do occasionally use soap on my hands to remove grease and dirt which won't wash off otherwise.


PROBIOTICS. While antibiotics kill bacteria, probiotics promote bacterial health. From childhood, we learn the general lesson that germs are bad and we should protect ourselves from them, ideally to live in a germ free environment. The truth is that MOST bacteria are beneficial, each with its unique function. Bacteria in our skin pores and in our intestines are essential to our lives, without which we could not live. But, the medical industry does not promote health; it profits from disease. The medical industry even admits that it doesn't attempt to cure disease, but rather it treats symptoms. I discussed this with a physician friend once and he said that it would be a 180 degree turnabout for physicians to attempt "cures" rather than treatment of symptoms.

        It is well understood that many kinds of bacteria/microbes/flora work in your intestines to breakdown and process food that you've eaten. Those bacteria are absolutely essential to your survival. When you take antibiotics by injection or by mouth, you are killing many of the organisms in your gut. You might ask your doctor what he thinks you can do to restore to your gut the organisms which the antibiotic has killed? Don't be surprised if he is not aware of the problem, because the pharmaceutical companies don't make or sell probiotics.

        So, after your doctor has prescribed medicines to treat the symptoms of your problem, then you have killed organisms upon which your health and your life depend. It is up to you to understand the importance of replacing those life-supporting microbes because mainstream medicine will never suggest it. If you do not replace them, your food will not get processed adequately and your blood will not receive the valuable nutrients which your body needs. The consequence is that your health will continue to decline; you will be more vulnerable to diseases; you will lack strength; you will feel poorly most of the time. Your life will be shorter and more sickly than it could have been if you took responsibility for your own health.

        How to replace the beneficial flora to your gut? Buy some probiotic capsules. Eat some yogurt or buttermilk. For extreme cases, get some raw milk colostrum. Eat a variety of raw foods. Eat fermented foods like sauerkraut, cheese, cured meats, and beer. Avoid Soy in any form. Avoid pasteurized milk. Avoid artificial sweeteners; use honey or cane sugar or maple syrup or molasses, but use sweeteners sparingly and rinse your mouth afterward. God has designed us to ingest all kinds of bacteria in order to maintain a healthy immune system. Consider how often your fingers touch your mouth, and how fingernails collect and transport bacteria (soil based organisms: SBO's) to yourself. Think about how babies develop healthy immune systems: everything they touch goes directly into the mouth. The medical industry builds its business partly by promoting extreme cleanliness, as though we should live in sterile environments. Perhaps we should avoid unnecessary contact with pathogens, but if our immune systems are healthy we need not fear. A healthy doctor or nurse can work around contagious diseases because his/her immune system is adequate protection. His/her immune system probably stays strong because of frequent contact with disease pathogens.



        Your mind is being assaulted continuously, 24/7, and you don't realize it because no one is spelling it out for you. Cell phones are causing brain tumors; many people do know that, but the information seems to have no influence. Worse, in my opinion, is Television, especially now that it has gone digital. Researchers have discovered that when you sit down before it, that a frontal portion of your brain turns off. It is that portion of your mind which evaluates and discriminates. In other words, you become an open vessel into which "they" can pour whatever mind-programming they wish. It is no secret that they DO WISH to program the masses, not just for advertisers but for their one-world government goals. The notorious "they" have been researching mind control for several generations and they are very skilled at it. First, you need to know that you really DO have an active enemy who wishes to control you. Yes, you DO. As a Christian, I know that Christ's enemy race of Edomites has dominion over this world regarding every worldly matter. They represent and work for their lord, Satan, to achieve destruction of all white race Christians. They control every major industry, banking, corporations, education, news media and entertainment. Your TV is the open door by which you welcome THEM into your home and your mind. Your TV has become an altar where you devote several hours each day: "devotions." You sit before Satan's altar for several hours each day, open to mind-control influences. To devote your time and energy to a worshipful gaze toward that altar is called "devotions." Generations ago, prior to TV, many families had daily devotions when they would read the Bible, have discussion and perhaps sing a hymn, and prayers. That practice has been replaced by devotion toward Satan's altar, when you are openly receptive to his programming. The Christian culture of noble virtues is nearly unknown to the modern generation of youth and young adults. Our culture has been replaced with immorality, crude language, violence, hatred, and horror. Christian ethics (The Golden Rule) has been replaced with a rule of doing whatever you can get away with. Our people have been made jobless and homeless and destitute because we sat stupefied before their altar instead of studying and thinking for ourselves. We defaulted our responsibility to our God, and now we are about the suffer the disastrous consequences of it.

        I disconnected the antenna to my TV on November 4, 2008, shortly before all TV went digital and have not watched one single TV show or newscast since.. Digital broadcast permits the mind controllers to send RF signal patterns which they have mastered, enabling them to program your mind to believe or accept anything they wish. While I am still able to do so, I choose to not permit that takeover of my mind. I wonder if any the faithful worshipers can still make an independent choice. Sadly, children are brainwashed, programmed and addicted - perhaps beyond any redemption. The e-world is the only one they know!


OBESITY. I'm going to tell you what causes obesity, but it will contradict what you've been taught. Vegetable oils cause obesity (Corn rates second to vegetable oil, and will be discussed later). Here is my theory. When oil is concentrated from vegetables that oil is not a natural food; body cells are not designed to handle that kind of fat. When you eat vegetables which contain their natural oils, you get a very small amount of oil along with a combination of other substances which  work together to make a healthy food. So, when your cells receive a supply of concentrated and processed unnatural oil, most of it gets set aside into storage while the cells choose other nutrients which they can use. Oils in storage go rancid and become toxic. The cells refuse to process that poison stuff and it accumulates. We call the result "obesity." It is a disease which debilitates.

        Dr. Atkins promoted weight loss with a regimen high in meat fat and meat proteins while eliminating vegetables completely, especially any vegetable oils. Your body cells have mitochondria, which we might consider the little fuel-burning engine of each cell. Fat is fuel; it is the preferred fuel for a cell. Meat fat is precious; it was the most precious offering of a person's sacrifice for our ancient Bible ancestors. It is still today the most precious food item for our bodies, in spite of the claims of corporate food processors. If you provide your cells with good meat fat for fuel, they can work powerfully, and they will expel those stored vegetable oils into the blood for elimination from your body. You will lose weight and will feel more vibrant and healthy, but the food manufacturers will hate you.

        Back in the 1920's a Norwegian explorer of the Arctic, Vilhjalmur Stefansson (anthropologist) discovered that the Eskimoes lived on extremely high fat diets and meat, with no carbohydrates, and they had superb health, no obesity, no arthritis, heart disease, etc. And even though their teeth were ground short from the sand on their wind-dried fish, they had no dental caries. He went on to study primitive diets and discovered that, while fat is a primary essential food, when you have eaten enough fat at a meal, you will experience a natural reflex which makes it nearly impossible to eat another bite of it. Lisa and I have experienced this many times. It was about 1970 when I first read Stefansson's book, The Fat of the Land, after which we adopted a meat only diet. We ate NO carbohydrates for several years, no vegetables, fruit, grains, or plant matter. We enjoyed superb vibrant energy and health. We enjoyed fat as much as any other food, ever. But, while enjoying that large steak with heavy fat trimming, a moment would come when the next bite of fat was impossible, nearly gagging, just can't put it in the mouth. We stayed thin and healthy, contrary to modern teaching that meat fat makes one fat. It doesn't; it simply provides ample fuel for one to say thin and energetic.

        Atkins ran smack up against a food industry which taught the opposite and which promoted vegetable oils. After about seventy years of the fat-lies, you can now see the results on any street in America. You can also see the results in doctors' waiting rooms, and the proliferation of hospitals and the misnamed "health industry."


SOYBEANS. This plant deserves special mention because it is the most dangerous of any food in the market. The bean must be chemically treated to make it non-toxic before it can be processed into food forms. It is not a natural food! Secondly, it is often used for vegetable oil. Miracle Whip Salad Dressing is whipped Soybean oil with some other flavorings added. Thirdly, Soybean foods act upon the body as a phytoestrogen, providing the same results as injections of the female estrogen hormone. Thus, we have young girls in puberty at eight or nine years old, and boys developing breasts like girls. This is a malicious, pernicious, and perverse estrogen therapy being foisted on an unsuspecting public which should be avoided with great concern. Read the labels. Soy is in many of the processed foods. Don't eat it!!!


CORN. Since Soybean got special treatment above, then Corn should get equal attention because it is probably more harmful, simply because it is more prevalent. Corn is the largest farm crop in America. Corn is fed to animals in feed lots in order to make them fat. Corn ranks equal to vegetable oil for causing obesity; corn is cheap food for animals whereas people consume more vegetable oil. Further, corn changes the nature of animal fat, which should be a healthy ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 type fats into an unhealthy ratio of high Omega 6 fat. So, even though good meat fat is a precious food, the fat from supermarket corn-fed beef has been converted to something not so healthy. And while, discussing supermarket meats, I should mention that they are loaded with steroidal growth hormones which are resulting in ever larger children and adults. Just look at the school kids of today. They're huge! Well, that is what steroidal growth hormones do. They might not have great strength because they are also eating the tenderizer chemicals which were administered to the poultry, cows and hogs to soften the muscles.

        Corn is fed to animals for one purpose, to make them fat. Corn is not a natural plant; it resulted from hybridization techniques. The vegetable which we know as Corn never existed until recent centuries when it was created from the maize plant. Because it is not a natural whole food, your body cells use what they can and store the rest, resulting in obesity. Corn is simply not healthy for you. Sadly, it is in nearly every item in your supermarket. The animals were fattened with it. Milk and butter fats are changed by corn to make them unhealthy. (Of course, pasteurized milk should never be consumed by anyone - bad stuff!) Corn is used to make corn-syrup, most commonly known as High Fructose Corn Syrup. And HFCS is something which should be avoided like Soybeans. Read the labels and see how often HFCS appears. Now (2011) the industry is trying a new gimmick. Instead of listing HFCS, they will instead call it "Corn Sugar" because consumers have become aware of the dangers of HFCS, and because research showed that the common people accept the term "Corn Sugar" more easily.

        Corn is bad food, just by itself, but it is becoming even more dangerous. Most all corn in the U.S. is now genetically modified (GMO). When research labs feed GMO plants to their test animals, organ damage results. Yes! In spite of that, most Corn in America is GMO and there is no requirement that the label reveal that fact to you. Many European nations will not permit GMO plants because of the danger. American politicians and government agencies are mere fronts for the mega-corporations which are motivated by greed alone, with no concern for health. Organ damage from eating GMO plants!!!  Do it at your own risk.

        I highly recommend a documentary which exposes the criminal assault against us by the food industry. The title is FOOD, INC. by Michael Pollan who published a great book on this subject, titled OMNIVORE'S DILEMMA. Another great video, recently released, is BAG IT, THE MOVIE, which exposes the terrible harm to your health which plastics are causing, and not only to health but to environment and to the whole world.


VITAMIN D3. I take a 5,000 IU capsule daily for health maintenance, especially during winter when sunshine is in short supply. D3 prevents colds and flu, along with supporting a vibrant health. I have a close friend who could barely get out of bed each morning because of arthritic pains. He began taking D3 and the pains are nearly gone. He enjoys once again the gathering and cutting of firewood, and the splitting of it. If Lisa or I begin to feel a tenderness in the nose or any sign of possible onset of flu, we quickly take a 50,000 IU capsule of D3 and the symptom disappears. We don't get sick anymore. Another therapy for the flu or a cold is to restore your urine to an acid condition by drinking an acid which is natural and easy to metabolize: apple vinegar in water (acetic acid) or ascorbic acid (Vit C) or citric acid (lemon, grapefruit, orange juice). If you tested your urine daily you would find that it is normally acid except that it will become alkaline about a day before you notice the symptoms of an oncoming cold or flu. A little acid in some water is always an aid to digestion, taken with a meal, and helps to maintain your vigorous good health. Milk or alkaline drinks neutralize stomach acid and cause poor digestion and malaise. They should be avoided at meals.


VITAMIN B12. Without B12, one has no energy; the legs hurt when walking a slight upgrade. B12 cannot be taken orally because it gets destroyed in the stomach. It can be taken effectively sublingually by dissolving tablets under the tongue. One can also take it by injection, the most effective means of getting it. From a physician it will be an expensive shot. But, you can find injectable B12 at some Farm Feed Supply stores. It comes in 100ml or 250ml bottles under the name Cyanoplex or Maxi-B. It says on the label it is "for animals only" (presumably not for vegetables or minerals, eh?). Since I include myself in that classification, I might take 1cc or 3cc subcutaneous or intramuscle, perhaps weekly or whenever a need is felt. You can buy a box of 100 syringes: 1ml 27guage 1/2 inch or 3ml 25 gauge. As we get older, most of us get woefully deficient of B12, resulting in continuous feeling of tiredness and weakness and muscle aches. If you don't like the idea of injection, the sublingual lozenges are well worth the money.


HANGOVER.  At the end of an evening when you realize you drank more than you should have, you know that when you wake in the morning you will feel bad for a while. The simple correction is some apple vinegar in a glass of water before you go to bed. If your body needs that acid the vinegar water will taste nearly sweet to you. When you have drank enough vinegar, it will suddenly taste so strong that you can't swallow any more. You will awake in the morning feeling rested and fully refreshed.



PAIN MEDS AND DOCTORS   by Roger Hathaway, July 2012

        My wife, Lisa, and I got an education in pain medications in early 2012. After about seven years of Lisa's continually worsening small-back pain, she attempted to get appointments with doctors, but was told they are not allowed to do pain treatment. She asked what to do about her pain; they told her to go to an Emergency Room. At the E.R. XRays showed that she has some degenerated disks between vertebrae. She was prescribed steroid pills, anit-inflammatory pills, and 12 Percoset (oxycodone), and advised to find a doctor for further care. She did get an appointment with a doctor who told her nothing can be done about the degenerated disks, and that she cannot prescribe pain medication stronger than 600mg Ibuprofen. All the doctors and clinics Lisa had contacted told her that they cannot prescribe scheduled pain relief meds; recent Virginia state law prohibits any doctor from prescribing pain meds unless the patient has records of a medical history and pharmaceutical records. Since she has neither, she is locked out, by law!!! Lisa's doctor advised her to get periodic blood tests, presumably so she can monitor the destruction of her liver. That's what medical care has come to in America, folks.

        In May, I suffered some excruciating muscle spasms around my lower rib cage, preventing me even from lying flat in a bed to sleep. I slept for a couple weeks in a recliner, but dared not move lest I cause a spasm that would take my breath away. I thought that I had pulled some muscles when moving a chest freezer and a refrigerator. But, the problem did not ease up. Finally, in June I went to the local Emergency Room where the immediate diagnosis was kidney stones. A C.T. Scan revealed no kidney stones. Final diagnosis (guess) was a probable arthritic growth on the spine, pinching some nerves. No remedy was suggested; I was doomed to a life of pain and debilitation. My prescription was the same bubble-pack combo that Lisa had gotten, steroids, anti-inflammatory pills, and 12 Vicodin (hydrocodone). I left there knowing that pain relief meds would not be possible after the Vicodin was gone. My future looked pretty grim. So, I went to my chiropractor, who gently felt of my spine. He said, "here's the problem, T12 is out of alignment." He adjusted that vertebra, and I left there pain free! $35 and I was fixed. The hospital bill is for more than ten thousand dollars. A separate bill for the few minutes of physician time and her misdiagnosis is $898. Lisa and I have no medical insurance of any kind while living solely on Social Security Insurance checks totalling about $2,000/month. We've done well on that because we avoided the medical mafia for most of our lives. Now, that tar-baby devil might destroy us because we dared to touch it.

        The reason I related our experiences is to share with you what we learned about pain meds and doctors. We think this is important information. The two most commonly prescribed pills for pain relief are Percoset (oxycodone) and Vicodin (hydrocodone). Each of them contains 5mg of opium and either 350 or 500mg of acetominophen. Acetominophen is so toxic to the liver and kidneys that in 2009 the FDA proposed the removal of Percoset and Vicodin from the market. Now, get this; acetominophen would still be available OverTheCounter as Tylenol, but the natural, effective, and harmless opiate would be omitted. The public would greatly increase the consumption of Tylenol and Ibuprofen (perhaps even more destructive to the liver) without the benefit of the truly effective opiate! We also learned, by researching pain relief, that opiates are available in morphine, as morphine-sulphate. This is a gentle and harmless pain relief without damage to the liver or kidneys, but Big Pharma pushes the money-makers: Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and NSAIDS.

        When I was a child (ca. 1939), my mother used Paregoric (whole opium) for her children when necessary. Laudanum (tincture of opium) was available OTC to anyone during previous centuries and well into early 20th century.  Then, American politicians outlawed all effective narcotics from our people, permitting AMA licensed doctors the open practice of extortion; if you want pain relief, you must first pay a doctor his fee. Their argument is that people must be protected from drug-abuse, unlike Third World nations where the common people are permitted to be responsible for their own lives.

        Once pain relief was put under total control of doctors, physicians began to get rich, whereas they had formerly been just another respected profession. Family doctors had never dreamed of the lucrative and obscene wealth possible to them by the simple control of pain relief. The medical Union had created a new method of extortion, surpassing all other criminal enterprises in cruelty because it victimizes the poor, the suffering, and the elderly. The public has been brainwashed into believing that these elitist medical crooks deserve to control people's health, even at the expense of a family's last penny. Doctors may be the only people in the world, besides mafioso, who demand exorbitant fees even when they deliver NO benefit, a misdiagnosis, or even harm or death; no matter, they still insist on payment. A couple years ago, a huge survey revealed that Iatrogenics is the leading cause of death in the U.S.  Iatrogenics means illness or harm caused by a physician (who gets paid anyway!). (Look it up!) And then, consider that medical costs are the leading cause of bankruptcies in the U.S. Also, our doctors have addicted most elderly people to numerous drugs, thereby earning themselves vacations in Las Vegas and trips to tropical island resorts. When a doctor prescribes brand name drugs for you, instead of generic, he is earning some exotic vacation points. The medical industry has become a giant criminal enterprise far worse than the term "medical mafia" might imply. Founded on the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm, the industry now devotes itself to doing the maximum harm possible with its pharmaceutical poisons. Are doctors so naive that they don't know what they are doing?

        Yet, doctors should not bear total blame for the problem. Drug companies, Insurance companies, and politicians are controlling the doctors, many(?) of whom really do want to do good for their patients. Doctors are prevented from prescribing adequate pain relief for elderly patients who suffer chronic pain, under threat of prosecution. Many doctors make themselves complicit in this crime against our people by their cowardly failure to challenge their handlers. In my opinion, a doctor who betrays his patient because of political pressure is guilty of violating his oath and his office, earning for himself the wrath of God. If a doctor claims innocence of complicity in this crime, that he is genuinely doing the best he can, and that he rightly earns the obscene wealth which impoverishes many of his patients, that doctor is failing to confront his moral dilemma of whether to faithfully serve his patients or to do the harm which his handlers demand. In the end, a doctor who yields to such political and legislative pressure is betraying his trust and selling his soul. Can any doctor be so stupid that he can be forgiven for betraying his oath?

        My angry indictment of that profession is scathing. I'm almost reluctant to qualify my criticisms, but it is true that physicians can and do handle some physical injury emergencies with good skills. When I needed a hernia repair and a gall-bladder removal, the surgeon was wonderful and competent. My complaint is that I had no other recourse to the procedure because the medical Union does not permit competition. It is a monopoly which can do to you whatever it wishes and charge whatever it wishes, without even advising you of the costs in advance, and there are no other options available to you. The AMA Union has complete control of your medical care. In a competitive marketplace, I might have had many alternatives for my surgery, and certainly costs could vary dramatically: I could have chosen from many options. Unlike 60 years ago when medical procedures were affordable, if you now are willing to spend a major part of your income, the medical industry can do some good things. But, you might be left bankrupted and drug-dependent. Your life might be saved, but you are killed even so! Hippocrates could never have foreseen such mercenary evil as this!

        In conclusion, a fair question is: what should a lone doctor do when he is offered Club Med vacations, and/or threatened with prosecution? What can one doctor do against so many? Well, how about challenging the injustice rather than staying silent?  Personally, I feel that there must be many good doctors who tell the Pharma Rep that he will do the best for his patients regardless of exotic enticements or threats. Such noble doctors are not guilty of sipping Genever in a five-star Caribbean Resort as a reward for victimizing patients. Such men deserve praise and support as they courageously serve their Oath and our God in spite of contrary pressures. Unfortunately, they are in such great demand that they can't take new patients. Lisa and I have been unable to get past their receptionists.



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