Good Americans are frustrated as we watch our traditional culture crashing. How many times have you anguished about some news item, saying to yourself, How can this happen in America? We trusted that our Constitution would protect us from government tyranny, but those guarantees have been subverted by liberal courts until the document is meaningless. Our society is radically different now from that of only fifty years ago when parents didnít have to worry about their children playing in city streets after dark. There were laws against pushing sex materials on children, but now pornographers have near unlimited access to small children. Back then, self-responsibility was not questioned, but now children are taught that their rights to wealth and happiness outweigh any requirement that they earn or deserve it.

We watch these things happening and wonder why no one is defending our traditional values. Of course, while complaining about the modern trend, we also give value trashing sitcoms like Friends and Desperate Housewives a generous offering of our time and our minds! We just canít comprehend that the people we elected have legislated our Christian values to be illegal. You are not allowed even to select who lives in a dwelling that you offer for rent, except that you may reject whites if you wish. If you hire an employee, you may not prefer a white applicant. Sex and violence have rights to be on TV during prime time, but the majority doesnít have a right to be free from that attack against our culture. Yes, we watch these things happening and wonder how they might be possible. I think that much of our confusion is because we really have not defined the problem. It is easy to get angry at an incident (a symptom), but we neglect to search for the cause.

Most people donít think of this battle as a culture war because there is little discussion of culture, and perhaps even less personal concern with understanding what our culture is. Culture is, according to Webster, "the training and refining of the mind, emotion, manners, taste, etc. . . .the result of this, refinement of thought, emotion, manners, taste, etc. . . .the concepts, habits skills, art, instruments, institutions, etc. of a given people in a given period; civilization."

For us white European Christians, our culture was established many centuries ago by basing it on the Bible. We accepted the ten commandments as the most authoritative statement defining wickedness and wrong. We listened to Jesusí statement of the golden-rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We placed high values on compassion, charity, love of neighbor, fairness, morality, and justice. In order to enforce a common adherence, so our people could trust each other, we passed ordinances and laws which punished those who violated our common values. We viewed our common values as absolutes so that within our society we could feel safe and secure. Actually, our race has thousands of years of such values, so we are born with genetic instincts for them. Compare our history with the blacks of Africa who have thousands of years of history in which success was achieved by violence and sex. It doesn't take a very high IQ to understand what happens when people of such opposite instincts are forced to live together. The compassionate, charitable, and trusting whites become easy victims for those who think very differently!

Have you ever contemplated how it would feel to enjoy a common social culture with all your community? No locks would be needed for houses or vehicles. No need to worry about kids at play, or even where they might be. No racial dangers to worry about. No sex-offenders or pedophiles or perverts preying on our people. I had a childhood in a white town like that. We had no fears as children, and parents had no fears for us. I know firsthand the difference between white-race society and other-race cultures. Consider what happens if another set of racial values infiltrates your community. For instance, if your society believes that theft is wrong and that thieves should be restrained, what happens if some families of opposing values move into your community who believe that anything they can steal successfully becomes rightfully theirs? Suddenly, items are missing from your front porches or from your garages or even from your homes. If there is no law to restrain the thieves, then you must lock up all your belongings and you must live in the fear that nothing is safe. Another example: if your community believes in fidelity and morality, then you can live in peace that your spouse is secure and that your children wonít be enticed into early sex or pornography or perversions. You wonít worry about what your children are watching on television or at the movies because all those things reflect the moral values which you hold in common. But all that changes when judges grant special privileges to perverts to entice your children, and even permit them to be teachers and role models. When laws against pornography are overthrown, then you are defenseless to protect your children from practices which will demean their lives and cause social degeneration.

Cultural values provide not just a foundation for society, but its infrastructure as well. America was founded by men who stated in very strong words that they considered Biblical values to be absolutely necessary if their new experiment in freedom was to succeed. Today, the word, freedom, is shouted loudly by those who are depriving you of the freedom to be safe and secure in your own society. For them, the word means that foreignors are free to destroy your culture and you are not permitted to defend it. In Europe and America, freedom is enforced for every foreign culture of opposing values at the same time that your freedom to maintain your own European Christian culture is outlawed. And itís all in the name of Freedom!

By foreign cultures, we are talking about non-white races. In Europe and America, our governments, bureaucrats, and professors are all working to overthrow white-race traditions by force-mixing foreign cultures into ours. Our leaders are all RACISTS as they war against the white race. They exalt all others while denigrating us. The sacred chants of leaders, news media, universities, and entertainment industry are "multiculturalism" and "tolerance." We Americans are cajoled to be tolerant of cultures who hold values opposite to ours. It is childishly simple that no culture can survive if it mixes opposing cultures into it. But that is what we are supposed to tolerate in the name of tolerance. The truth is that multiculturalism is a fatal disease, and we Americans are, right now, perishing because of it. Tolerance of opposing values is suicide for any society. Every racial group could have its own paradise if it was isolated and kept pure. That would result in a world of separate nations who could then trade with each other for mutual benefits. It is difficult to comprehend why any person or leaders would ever advocate a homogenization of races into one generic world race. That would deprive the world of the many different instincts and unique talents. So, why should it become anyone's sacred goal to eliminate racial differences? If someone thinks that would be better, let them experiment first with all the varying members of the canine family, to make one resulting animal out of foxes, dogs, wolves, hyenas, and dingoes. Of course, we know that nature would not permit such a crazy scheme, but that is exactly what is being promoted for the human races! We can be sure that nature will not permit this insanity to succeed either.

We all know that whites must not use the "r" word, or even discuss race, at any time. If we mention it, we are called racists by the media and the courts. Meanwhile, the Mexican movement of LaRaza (the Race) is encouraged and guided and funded and promoted by our own government leaders, as the Mexicans push their hatred of the white race and want to claim our southwestern states as their own. President Bush recently appointed a long-time member of LaRaza, Alberto Gonzales, as our Attorney General. He is on record as pro-abortion and against guns. And now, he is the prosecutor of whites who try to stand for our traditional culture. Most Americans comply with the government's racist pressures, accepting that it is race-hatred to want to retain our traditional European Christian culture. TV commercials bring us a flood of kindergarten-level (liberal) admonitions against "hate," which means white hatred toward any others, and of "tolerance," meaning that whites should tolerate the adulteration and destruction of our traditional values. Likewise, hate crimes are only possible by whites, while anti-white hatreds are not recognized by the courts.

Sheep! Yes, Christians are Jesusí sheep. Sheep are prey animals, never attacking their predators, but always providing easy victims. We watch the destruction of our society and we act confused because we donít want to stand up against the wolves who are doing it. We donít want to think about the reality of the situation. Our minds just canít believe that some people are actually opposed to constructive values like honesty, integrity, morality, the golden rule, etc. Those values seem to be so obviously right that we canít believe someone can hold opposite beliefs. Weíve accepted the fatal belief that our nation is Godís melting pot and that all the other races and cultures have something positive to add to our society. We close our eyes and ears to black-racists who openly promote hatred of whites. We donít listen when Islamists admit that all Muslims are enemies of white America. We pander to Saudi Arabia while their government offices distribute literature to mosques across America promoting Islamic hatred of white Americans, which they did very recently in 2005. We are not just simple sheep, but we have a powerful determination to be stupid sheep. I would point out that there is a difference between innocence and stupidity. Even a sheep in the field will run away from a stranger! They might be ignorant, but they arenít stupid. Stupidity is practiced by whites who shut down their minds in order to avoid seeing the truth!

Letís demonstrate this fact a little more forcefully. In the recent presidential election, we had two men running for office who were fraternity brothers in a Satanist club known as the Skull and Bones, from Yale University. A large number of prominent and powerful leaders in government and big-business have dedicated their lives to that Satanic agenda which controls the world narcotics trade and promotes an Illuminati-elitist world dictatorship. John Kerry, a Jew, feigned some Christianity unconvincingly. George Bush feigned his Christianity more convincingly, so the Christians adored him. All who tried to warn the Christians of the wolf in sheep's clothing were rejected passionately as they went on to believe just what they wanted to believe. With eyes and ears closed they proudly made a choice between Satan and the Devil. There is no better word for their action than stupid. Bush holds out his hand to drowning victims and as they reach for it, he steps on their heads. After five years of doing that, most Christians still adore him; they simply don't acknowledge the betrayals! Bush and his handlers can count on that kind of faithfulness from Christians.

Culture-war is the proper terminology for the battle we are losing. Sure, we could win easily if our people would awaken to the truth! But, we are sheep, and that is unlikely. Personally, I feel so frustrated that I despair; that means I feel no more hope that things might change. I am shouting into a void, and my writings are nothing more than a therapy for me. So, while I am at it, Iíll address one subject which irks me, that being the PBS programming.

PBS is the left-wing liberal tool for brainwashing Americaís children into an unnatural and self-destructive way of thinking. Most of the daytime programming is for very young children. If you watch those shows you will see children, animals, inanimate objects, and even alphabet letters in constant movement, twisting, jumping, gyrating, somersaulting, changing forms, fading and flashing, and every other type of motion imaginable. Young musicians gyrate wildly but their music is unintelligible. Babies spend their early years watching the "big kids" in that constant, unnatural motion. By the time a baby becomes a "big kid" and starts school, he has been programmed to do likewise, so that is what he does. His programming is deep-set, and he cannot understand why he gets punished for being hyperactive. School officials often insist that children take drugs to treat a fictitious disease of Attention Deficit Disorder. (Granted that chemicals in modern diets also contribute to the problem.) Those children have been set back years in their development, perhaps irreparably. As teens, illegal drugs provide some solace for minds that never got connected to reality. Fifty years ago, children were taught at home to sit still and to converse and to read books quietly, and they did so. When they entered the school scene, they were eager to learn. The left-wing PBS television might be the most effective tool of any for the destruction of our childrenís minds.

Consider that PBS also distorts the reality of childrenís minds by humanizing animals. This teaches children that animals think and feel in the same ways that people do. For many children, it may be traumatic to see a fly killed. To see a farm animal killed for food would require therapy by a psychologist! Such children grow up to be environmental fanatics who value animal-life as sacred while despising humans as enemies of all nature (liberals!). Never in their lifetimes can they get comfortable with a realistic view of nature. As adults, those twisted minds are willing supporters of environmental politics which are at their core anti-man.

PBS has a fund-raising begathon each year. During that period, they offer programs of European and Celtic tradition fare for traditional Americans. So, old fashioned Americans buy the DVDís that are offered for $100 each. After the begathon, that kind of conservative America programming is pretty rare. I ordered a DVD of an Andre Rieu concert for $100. The DVD didnít have a booklet inside, and the menu is not workable. So, it was just more fleecing of the sheep! Have you ever noticed that the conservative media formats are highly profitable money-makers while the liberal outreach, like PBS, needs heavy support from ultra-left-wing, anti-American, foundations? The difference is that liberals don't hold values to be so important that they are willing to give of their own money. For liberals, all values are relative.

I would mention that moral relativism and secular humanism are the very opposite from our traditional culture. I mention that for any of the sheep who might feel esteem for Clinton-sleaze or John Dewey humanism. Such anti-Christ philosophies are terribly destructive to our traditional Christian society.

by Roger Hathaway, May 31, 2005

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