What have we humans done to our planet? We have nearly killed it, even while knowing that we must share its demise. It is widely known that animals donít shit in their own nests; but we humans have done exactly that. It has been during my own lifetime that our world has degraded into an unhealthy place for life. When I was young, the outdoors air was clean and refreshing; I could open my mouth to rain and be confident it was clean water; foods from the grocery stores were all natural and fit to eat. In this year of 2011, breathing, drinking and eating are all harmful to me, and I have no possible recourse to a clean, healthy environment. Like a fish in a poisoned aquarium, Iím trapped.

Corporations, industries, banksters, criminal syndicates, Illuminati, murderous thieves, sociopaths: those are the men who have ruled our societies for many centuries. Satanís representatives, all. Now, at the end of Satanís dominion, his agents are exercising the Samson option to destroy the entire world along with themselves. In only a few recent years, here is what they've done.

The AIR which I breathe is poisoned with countless chemicals from industrial smokestacks, from evaporation of chemicals from agricultural fields, from chemical waste deposits, from poisons dumped in oceans, and from vehicle and airplane exhausts. Air inside homes and buildings is poisoned with evaporating gases from plastic carpets, upholstery, and appliances. As of June 15, 2011 a nuclear engineer, Arnie Gunderson (google him), reports that testing in Tokyo indicates that residents are inhaling about ten radioactive hot particles per day; the same testing in Seattle indicates an average daily inhalation of about five hot particles per day. Some west-coast Americans are already avoiding outdoor "fresh" air as much as possible. Other tests reveal that Fukushima radiation is in the air of the entire northern hemisphere of the planet.

The SOIL in which our food is grown has been poisoned with chemical fertilizers and pesticides until it was killed, no longer capable of producing healthy food.

The RAIN is so polluted that we dare not drink it because of chemicals and radiation it carries. Rain washes those toxins from the sky, dropping them into our lakes, reservoirs and groundwater which is then piped into our homes. Filtration plants cannot remove all the pollutants. And that same toxic rain then waters the soil where our foodcrops are grown.

The STREAMS are so polluted from toxic runoff that one should not drink the water or eat the fish from them. If you have a stream near your home, its best to not permit your children to play in it because of pollutants.

The OCEANS are so polluted that chemicals are evaporating into the sky to poison the rain which then waters our gardens and crops. One can only weep that so many millions of tons of people trash, industrial debris, and soil contaminants were washed into the Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima tsunami.

The TAP WATER which you drink and bathe in is often recycled sewer water, from filtration plants which cannot filter out all the pharmaceuticals contained in urine, a problem which might explain an increasing resistance to antibiotics, and sensitivities to many other drugs, and even ailments caused by powerful drugs. Even the ceramic water filters (like in the Berky) can't filter out all the chemicals. Chlorine, a chemical used worldwide to kill bacteria in water, is harmful to human health. [A tip: you can neutralize chlorine in your bath by adding a small amount of Hydrogen Peroxide, a tablespoon or so.] Fluoride is even more harmful to the body and has been proven to be no value to dentifrice, but adding it to drinking water is simply a cost effective method of disposing of this terribly dangerous waste byproduct from the aluminum industry. And now the government is considering the adding of lithium to drinking water to help subdue and pacify people who might resist their coming enslavement. The underground aquifers are becoming contaminated with chemicals from mining operations, oil/gas drilling and fracking, polluted streams which feed into them, and polluted surface water which enters them through shallow ground covers.

        It might not be possible to obtain, or even create, a healthy clean drink of water, worldwide. Even distillation only removes chemicals which have a boiling point higher than that of water, but it does not remove chemicals or elements which have lower boiling points. In other words, when you distill water, the first volatiles to drip out of the coil are those which boil off at temps lower than 212 degrees. You should always throw out the first drippings from a water distiller, and never distill quite all the water which you loaded into the distiller.

The MEAT in supermarkets is harmful to our bodies. That which comes from feedlots and corporation factories is loaded with steroidal growth hormones (notice how large our youth are), antibiotics, tenderizers, and other chemicals. And now our cows, hogs, and sheep are getting GMO crops which cause organ damage. Seafoods are not safe to eat because they come from poisoned oceans and aqua-farms. The Gulf of Mexico was recently loaded with millions of gallons of strong chemicals which is still causing skin and organ damage to people who swim in it; those chemicals are being carried into most of the worldís oceans, making all seafood a health risk. Most supermarket seafood is now raised in farms, being fed GMO corn instead of their natural food. Pacific salmon are being bioengineered so that soon even wildcaught salmon won't be natural.

The FRESH PRODUCE and FRUITS in supermarkets were fertilized with harmful chemicals, sprayed with pesticides while growing, many of them picked green weeks or months ago and ripened with special gases, then preserved with harmful chemicals. It isn't possible to wash the poisons off such fruits as strawberries; many apples are coated with a wax which shields the poisons from washing. Worse is that Monsanto Chemical Company is genetically modifying all foodcrop plants to be resistant to pesticide chemicals; GMO plants are causing organ damage in laboratory test animals, and animals refuse to eat them when offered a choice. All corn (except popcorn) and soybeans in the U.S. are GMO and are causing health damage.

The CANNED FOODS in supermarkets were processed with methods which kill any food value which was originally there, then placed into cans which are coated with harmful plastics or else simply bottled in plastics which leach into the foods and which cause organ damage in our bodies. Soybeans are not a natural food and must be detoxified to make them edible; even then, soy products are phyto-estrogens which make boys and men more effeminate along with excessive breast development in young boys, and early onset puberty in young girls. Soybean oil (the main ingredient in many products) is a cause of obesity. Check your Miracle Whip! High Fructose Corn Syrup is listed as an ingredient on most processed and canned foods in the supermarket, another cause of obesity. Bleached flour contains a chemical, alloxin, which researchers give to lab animals to induce diabetes. Isn't diabetes epidemic across America?

The ATMOSPHERE is dangerously polluted with electrical energies from microwave towers, cell phone towers, communications transmitters of countless types, harmful fluorescent lightbulbs, and from our wireless computers, routers, games, etc. Whales, migrating birds, and honey bees are all perishing because EMFís and RF energies are interfering with their natural homing instincts which depend on earthís magnetic field flux lines. We humans, as electromagnetic energy lifeforms, are also attuned in mysterious ways to the electro-magnetic energies of this planet, energies which are now being overwhelmed by manís transmitters. Perhaps true peace of mind will never be possible again because of the disturbance of electrical energies through all of our atmosphere.

The CLOTHING on our bodies is mostly plastic fibers, not natural to us. We sit on plastic upholstery in our homes, cars and offices. We walk on plastic carpets or other plastic flooring. We wear plastic shoes. And research is abundant which proves the dangers of plastics to our bodies. If you look around you at this moment, or reach out your hand, is there anything near you which is not plastic, or plastic coated? If you see wood or metal, it has likely been painted or coated with plastic. Plastic insulates you from being grounded to earth which is natural and essential to good health. You need to touch bare feet to earth or else suffer strange ailments. Simple "Earthing" can be powerfully therapeutic because you are a conduit of energies between ground and sky. [google "earthing"]

The MEDICAL CARE which you turn to for solving the health ailments caused by your polluted life is itself harmful. Pharmaceutical chemicals are admittedly "controlled poisons" which are designed to poison some symptom which ails you. Most people are not aware that the medical industry does not deal with prevention or cures, but ONLY treats symptoms, attempting to alleviate your complaint without addressing its cause. All of your prescription drugs are poisons which your internal organs must process, resulting in further problems, for which other poisons are then prescribed. Medical science has become an assault against your body, and if you trust that Medical Mafia tar-baby, you will probably never be healthy again. Personally, I spend NO money on insurance, but trust my life to that Great Physician which created and has maintained it. It is His to reclaim whenever He wishes; Iíll not pay doctors to intervene.

        I remember a news article of some years ago: all the doctors and nurses in Los Angeles went on strike. After a few weeks, the morticians and funeral home operators began demonstrating with signs, near hospitals, begging for doctors to return to work because the supply of corpses had nearly stopped.

        Regarding all the poisons and pharmaceuticals which your body attempts to process, perhaps the most important task for you is to remove them from your body by methods of detoxification. It seems incredible to me that doctors do not recommend probiotics to restore essential micro-organisms to the gut which have been killed by antibiotics and other chemicals and poisons in food and environs. I recommend to you that you take this concern seriously and do whatever you can to get good probiotics, from health stores while you still can, from fermented foods like sauerkraut, from raw milk, yogurt, and buttermilk, and if possible the ultimate immunity-restorer: raw-milk colostrum from grass fed cows. How much do you value your life? Enough to buy a cheap pregnant cow and tie her in your back yard until she calves? Then collect the first two days milkings which are colostrum, a brownish-yellow milk which is loaded with anti-pathogens, enzymes, and microbes to provide immunity. You'll have several gallons of it. Freeze the colostrum and drink a few ounces whenever it might be helpful. It has a rich natural milk flavor. Warm, with a touch of honey, it tastes great - and it can save your life! [avoid commercial milk from supermarkets as life-threatening!]

The EDUCATION of several generations of children has been designed to nullify their thinking process, to demean independent thoughts, to socialize them as dependent on the group, to punish those who think unapproved ideas, to reduce the super-achievers to mediocrity with the majority, to forcibly drug the active ones into passivity, all to make us into more controllable servants.

Well, thatís quite a list of problems which we have created for ourselves. Can you think of anything in your synthetic modern environment which is not harmful to you? I canít. You have been taught that science can find answers to any problem, that science is god. The truth is that scientific progress IS THE PROBLEM which is killing all life on this planet.

Why has all this happened? Because we worship the word "progress," loving it as our new holiness? Because of the convenience of technological inventions? Because we enjoy material luxuries more than spiritual values? Because we think gadgets improve the quality of our lives? Because we want to enjoy the whole world at our fingertips? Because we yearn for mastery over all that we can imagine?

Truth is that we are addicted to this world where we have learned to make the best of a nightmare situation. We accept it as it is because we donít know of anything better. So, there it is; we are playing, as best we can, the hand weíve been dealt! And we resent anyone who criticizes us for seeking happiness here when there is nothing tangible to tempt us away from it. The spiritual quest is not very "real" in comparison with the food, clothing and shelter which we need today, is it? Thatís the dilemma which confronts any one who feels attracted to the spiritual quest. One must somehow discover and come to believe that this world is a nightmare from which Jesus calls us away. One must come to believe that the heaven realm is REAL, and then be willing to abandon this world on that faith alone. One must come to believe that it is Godís Design which He loves so much, that He is willing to sacrifice His Anointed Son, the Christ family, in order to save Him/us from bondage to this corruption. It is His Design which has been corrupted!!! THIS world is NOT what He loves; the original Design (kosmos: Jn 3:16) is what God loves, NOT this corruption of it. Paul says in Romans 8 that "the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God. . .because the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to decay and obtain the glorious liberty of the children of God." Just because we have learned to accept and to survive in this fetid world of decay, corruption, and putrefaction does not mean that it is our real home. God has sent many prophets to tell us about a plan by which we can be saved from this corruption, to enjoy His perfect Design once again. When we, His family, are saved from this world, then God's Design-creation "will be set free from its bondage to decay."  Science CANNOT ever save this decaying mess. Look around you at the persistent rot, decay, diseases, weeds, insect pests, misery, the dying process, the deformed and ailing health, the debilitation which comes with the aging process, the failure of medical science, the anti-God crimes against morality and Godliness, the crops being destroyed by terrible weather, and all the corporate plagues against our air, water, soil, rain, crops, foods, meat, etc. Science is nearly worshiped as a god, promising salvation from the problems even while it makes them continually worse and worse. Only after this wicked generation is terminated will the true children of God be able to found a new and Godly civilization. But, most people cannot see that, so they continue their addiction to this nightmare world, and look to science for answers.

America has led the world during the past century of scientific advancement; we were euphoric, thinking we could save the world and make it a heaven for all who live in it, including the animals. Our compassion was spent on loving all the living creatures, even to equating animals with people (Walt Disneyís lie). We thought medical science could save the lives of all the babies of the world; we are still reaching out to do that. Bill Gates just dedicated millions of dollars for that purpose.

The planet has become a sort of experiment, whereby greedy and powerful men exploit it without any constraints, similar to an egg factory where chickens are crowded into cages so they donít have space to walk. Even simple-minded chickens canít tolerate that kind of cruelty, so they fight, pecking and killing each other. The chicken operators solved that problem by cutting beaks off the chickens to disarm them. Now, they simply eat and lay eggs, dropping their feces through the wire mesh where it is collected and sold for feed to hog and beef factories. There is nothing natural about food production anymore; nature has been replaced by science, technology, chemical companies, and pharmaceuticals.

Nature was a system designed by God which would successfully perpetuate itself, and would continuously improve the genetic strengths of all its species of plants and animals. Nature permits the weak and defective to fail, thereby preventing faults from being propagated into future generations. When an animal specie overpopulates an area, starvation, disease, or predation naturally reduces the population to a level which can begin anew. Populations of species cycle naturally from unsustainable excess to only a few survivors which then breed to excess again, cycle after cycle, forever. A wise man would never dare to interfere with such a process whose history has proved its success. But, the exploiters, the greedy, the powerful, the sadistic, the sociopaths, our oppressors, have not been wise men; they cared nought about the world of the future but only about their own baccanalic debauchery of the moment.

Stupid? Oh, yes, beyond description; but that kind of stupidity has ruled the world for thousands of years. Always there have been those evil men who lived by a code very opposite from the Golden Rule; they used cruelty and force to exploit and enslave the innocent. They attained rulership through their compulsive instincts to grab, control, manage, destroy, or govern whatever is at hand, without any concern for anything except their own feelings of personal satisfaction. The controllers of our world would happily sacrifice the future of the planet for the sake of their own momentary pleasure. Yes, "stupid" is the only word to describe them.

So, what can we do about it? Letís get real, right now, and admit that we CANNOT correct the problem because it has gotten far past the point of no return. The Bible tells us that God has a solution to the problem, actually that the problem and the solution are part of the cyclic pattern (the Pageant) which sees a total collapse of the non-viable process and then a new beginning with more promising prospects.

But, for those who do not accredit the Bible or God in their lives, what might such people do to correct such a problem which threatens the life of our planet? One young woman wrote a Masterís Thesis which accurately describes the world plight and which offers a rational correction. Her name is Audrey Tomason. She is currently (2010) Obamaís Chief of Counterterrorism. She wrote her thesis while attending Harvardís Kennedy School of Government. Ms. Tomason suggests that it would be more humane for our world to undergo a "planned and controlled genocide" rather than continue on course which would result in the ending of all life on the planet.

Yes, she is absolutely right. She accurately diagnoses our planetís disease and predicts its fatal end unless man does something to save it. Those of us who believe Godís word already know His plan for the planet, nevertheless, her diagnosis and method of correction really are the only option for non-believers, if they get serious about the problem.

Audrey Tomason uses the term, "Apocalypse Equation," for her thesis. She says that the sustainable population of the planet can only be 1.5 billion humans. The UN is predicting the world population to be 7 billion by October 31, 2011. That means that four of every five people must be killed in order to save this world.

She rightly suggests that the increased population has resulted from the benefits of petrochemicals: crude oil and derivatives from it, such as pesticides, fertilizers, industrial chemicals, plastics, machinery, power-plants, transportation, etc. She posits that this is an artificial base upon which an unsustainable population has been founded. It cannot be maintained indefinitely, nor can the planet survive an exponential increase in population numbers. She explains how the worldís economies are nearing collapse, which will devastate all nations, evaporating all wealth suddenly and irrevocably. She argues that since the collapse of civilization is inevitable, that world leaders should consider mass genocide to reduce the population to a more sustainable level.

Then she goes on to suggest possible methods of achieving such genocidal pogroms. One part of the plan uses limited nuclear devices against major population centers, designed to limit nuclear fallout. Another is the release of toxic chemical and biological agents which could be blamed on terrorists. Then, there would be forced migration of the masses to more sustainable living environments, which would be large population centers with mass transit systems where no personal vehicles are allowed. Rural areas would be depopulated except for government agricultural systems.

She suggests that prior to the genocide pogroms, concentration camps should be prepared where "persons of worth" could be housed and protected while millions or billions of lessers are being exterminated. We already know of more than 800 such facilities in the U.S. which contractors have completed and are ready for occupancy. We speculated they were prison camps for dissidents; apparently we were wrong.

A recent internet news article suggests that Ms. Tomasonís "Apocalypse Equation" now appears to be the accepted paradigm of world leaders who see no other option if the earth is to survive. The news article says that Obama recently told Russian President Medvedev that the time for the feared "Apocalypse Equation" might be now rather than later.

Now, friends, who can argue against world leaders who, even though too late, finally feel compelled to do something to correct the problem. Can you think of any other possible method of correcting what they have done? How terrible must their achievement be that it seems rational to exterminate 80% of the population for a correction??? Yet, they are the ones who have dominion over this world!!! Their liberal mindset has perverted our civilization of self-responsibility (as envisioned by our founding fathers) and masculine self-sufficiency into an effeminate passion to save all the weak, defective, and perverted creatures of the world by sacrificing the strong, productive and healthy ones. Liberals have an instinctive revulsion against anything natural, successful, or beneficial to life. They suffer such deep contempt of themselves and hatred of anyone who holds Godly values that they will happily destroy themselves if they can just destroy all those before whom they feel inferior. Their scheme is called "the Samson Option." Our planet is doomed because such people interfered with the natural process of Godís Design. Of course, they deny the existence of God and hate His Design. To pervert anything Godly is their instinctive compulsion.

How naive and mindless must God's people be that they still prefer to make the best of this nightmare rather than to follow Jesus out that exit door? Surely they possess minds which are capable of higher values than just the mundane worldliness of animals.

For those who believe in God and love His Design, we rightly feel outrage against the Satanic principalities and powers who govern our nations and pervert God's Design. We know that it is not a healthy and viable world they want to achieve, but one more akin to a chicken-house where they are the elitist managers of the masses of mindless workers who are prevented from any life except enslavement. Yet, for us Christians, we can also know that all that evil was but a part of Godís grand design; it was a low point which happens during every cycle, and which gets corrected by acts-of-God as described in Matthew 24, after which the evil ones will be powerless while a new and Godly civilization is founded.

Right now, while I curse the evil machinations of Satanís workers, I revel that they are being used to destroy their own wicked society and that they have no options except to do what their evil instincts compel them to do, namely to destroy the world which they corrupted. Healthy life is no longer an option for anyone. Their world is NOT my home; I am a foreignor here, and I donít like it, and I want to leave. I repent of my birth here. Since flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, then I must leave this physical body behind. I need a liberator, someone to set me free from it, someone to kill it, so that I, as a spirit-being, can go home. It is a happy thought that besides destroying themselves, the evil ones will also serve as my liberators, just as they did for Jesus. I shall suffer it willingly to follow Jesus along the path which He demonstrated and calls us to follow. This, then, is the message which Jesus brought to those who will rejoice at their own martyrdoms, and who will feel humbled and honored to join the millions of martyrs whoíve gone before us. It is that victory parade which I pray to join.  Iím ready to go home.

by Roger Hathaway, May 30, 2011    

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