Itís not what youíve been told!

Your body FAT isnít from the types of food you eat, but from the chemicals they contain. A century ago, Americans ate big meals of potatoes, meat, vegetables, and bread, with deserts and there was no epidemic of obesity. Today, there is almost no item in a supermarket that isnít harmful to you. You canít expect good health if you ingest poisons daily. Your foods are killing you, and your FDA guardian permits it because poisons are good for corporate profits.

Huge corporation farms have ruined the soil so that vegetables wonít grow without chemical fertilizers with dioxins, pesticides, and herbicides. And you canít wash all that stuff off! Some pesticides are even sealed under wax on apples. Many commercial vegetables are dipped in chemicals to prevent mold. Genetically modified crops and irradiation methods have further destroyed the natural-life nutrients of some foods. Food processors then concoct chemical brews that witches would envy, listing their poisons on the labels of items that you buy. Read the label ingredients, and try to find something that sounds like it might be a food!

Meat, which used to be the ultimate healthy food (Atkins was right) might now be the most dangerous food of all. Ranchers and feed lots use chemicals to cause rapid, abnormal growth. Anabolic steroids are implanted in the ears of steers, having small time-release pellets that promote excessive growth. Other growth-stimulating hormones are fed to animals in huge feed-lots, such as estradiol, testosterone, and progesterone. The growth hormone, Zeranol, is implanted into cattle; it is a synthetic estrogen, with a link to human breast cancer according to tests done for the Pentagon. When you eat those meats, you are getting doses of those hormones. Just notice the abnormally huge people in the malls and see the result. Young girls, and even boys, are experiencing early breast development, and other gender abnormalities. One third of all antibiotics produced are used in animal feeds, so you are ingesting microbes that have already become resistant to antibiotics. In the feed lots, intense grain-feeding causes a decrease in healthy omega 3 fats and an increase in the harmful omega 6 fats which clog arteries. We need quite a lot of omega 3 fats for good health, but they are getting harder to find. Processed vegetable oils are likely the very worst and most harmful substances you can ever put into your body. They should have been outlawed back in the 1940's when oleomargarine appeared as a substitute for butter. Chicken and turkeys probably have the most growth hormones of any meat. Turkeys are so heavily loaded with steroids and hormones that the Thanksgiving birds would soon die of organ failures if they werenít butchered. And what do you think makes hogs fatten so quickly?

Do you think milk is good food? Growth hormones (like BGH, another breast-cancer suspect) are given to increase milk output, which get passed on to you. Besides, you canít digest milk proteins anyway. Only newborn babies have renin in their stomachs which breaks down milk proteins to make them digestible. After weaning, no animal or human has any more renin. Renin is used in cheesemaking to make milk digestible. Further more, and even worse than having no value, milk is harmful because it neutralizes essential stomach acids. So, what food value there might be in the poisoned food you eat is cancelled out by milk which prevents any digestion. Uncultured milk is not digestible, and pasteurized milk is bad food, period! Cowís milk is the number one allergic food in America, causing diarrhea, cramps, bloating, gastrointestinal bleeding, iron-deficiency anemia, atherosclerosis, acne, and more. Itís a primary cause of recurrent ear infections in children, and has been linked to insulin dependent diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and leukemia. After that bad report, the good news is that CULTURED raw-milk, in the form of yogurt, cheese, or buttermilk, may be the healthiest and most beneficial food you can give to your body.

Soda pop is harmful because its phosphates leach calcium from your bones. We wonder if those same phosphates, used in dish detergents, aren't absorbed through women's skin to cause low bone density problems. Of course, flouridated water deserves its share of guilt, too. Flouride is toxic waste from the aluminum industry, and to avoid the terribly high cost of its proper disposal, it is put into public drinking water so you can drink it! Instead of paying for hazardous chemical disposal, the aluminum industry makes money selling flouride to your water company. And refined flours, white breads, and sugars have no nutritional benefit except to do you harm. Most supermarket foods contain MSG (which causes heart problems) or other flavor enhancers (exitotoxins) to which we become addicted and then we prefer them over fresh clean fruits, vegetables, and meats.

Itís a miracle of God that you can survive such an assault against your body. And many of our people are not surviving! Others are barely making it as huge, abnormal, and sickly victims. Perhaps most cancers are caused by chemicals that are toxic to the body. What can one do about it?

We need food in order to live, but where does one find natural and healthy foods? It is nearly impossible to find any in a supermarket! Each person will have to decide how seriously he or she feels about good health, and then how much effort you are willing to exert to correct the disaster happening to your body. Good meats and eggs are perhaps the easiest and cheapest diets to adopt. You can find a beef, a hog, and chickens or eggs from small farmers if you search them out. Even in suburban areas, you might raise some chickens in your backyard. You might even keep a family cow to supply raw milk for yogurt, cream, cheeses, and butter; but milk itself is a no-no. You might join with a couple friends to pay a farmer to raise a calf into a beef steer and/or a dairy cow, and to milk it for you. You pick up the raw milk, and make your own buttermilk, yogurt, cheese, etc. This kind of movement could revive small farms, which huge corporate farms have nearly eliminated. And right up there with fresh eggs, raw-milk-yogurt or buttermilk might be the most beneficial food you could ever eat, with its healthy enzymes, microbes, good bacteria, and flora which your intestinal tract needs, and which your antibiotics have killed off long ago. Garden vegetables and fruits are seasonal, and if you can buy them from local organic growers, you might freeze or preserve some for off-season use. Fermented foods are exceptionally healthful, like sauer-kraut, sour-dough whole grain breads, vinegar, cider, beer, wines without sulfites, raw-milk yogurt, buttermilk, and cheeses. And then there are cured, smoked, and corned meats, and chutneys, and fruit preserves, and even brandied fruits. Whole grains can be easily rolled for morning cereal, or milled into flour for indescribably wonderful breads. We have been unable to find any bread experts who have successfully made bread with ALL whole grains, freshly milled just prior to baking. Yet,  my wife, Lisa,  makes such breads regularly that are consistently light and indescribably delicious. If you want her recipe, contact us.

Itís great fun and most gratifying to make your own healthy foods. Sure, itís a lot of work, but your health is your responsibility. Vibrant health is possible, and feels wonderful, while being poisoned feels like what you already know. Your doctor, if you are unfortunate enough to have one, cannot keep you healthy. Only you can do that! You must separate yourself from the commercial foods that are killing you. You must learn to view corporate food suppliers as enemies who have no mercy on you. They are destroying your lives for the sake of profits. And then, you spend more money on pharmaceuticals which are more poisons, engineered to hide the symptoms of damage already done. Seeing such victimized obese and arthritic people in public is heartbreaking. Something has gone very wrong in our nation, and nothing is being done to address the problem. Government, the media, corporation farms, chemists, pharmaceutical companies, and food processors all share the guilt for this crime against us. They are killing us.

It was only a few generations ago that the elderly had rich quality-of-life and alert minds until their last days, and with no allergies! They lived on natural foods, and very little sugar. Chemical companies did not exist. Food processing and preservation was done in each kitchen, naturally. Foods were seasonal, and more appreciated that way. Theirs was a way of life you can only envy, unless you choose to make radical changes to your present lifestyle behaviors and addictions. Right now, if you had all natural foods, it might be possible to become obese by overeating, but that would be unlikely.

Every person should look ahead to his or her own personal future; you have many years to go, and what will they be like? If you continue what youíve been doing, you will have years of misery, debilitation, and expensive medical bills. When you are young, that food looks tempting and you simply want it right now. You are addicted to poisonous foods. You take it and enjoy it, without realizing your brief pleasure will cost you years of future misery. You might think that someday later you will change your eating habits, but you are lying to yourself. You will be more addicted to those poisons then than you are now. The time to make some changes is now, today, this very moment. Your life is in your hands, and no one else is going to do it for you. Itís your play, right now!

by Roger Hathaway  (December, 2004) 

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