Have you ever wondered what finally happened to the many nations which the U.S. liberated during the past century? Sit down, take a deep breath, and get ready for a surprise. Here’s the list. You'll see the pattern!

Just to provide a little perspective regarding the consistent theme in the events listed below, let me mention a couple points which might help you. Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said that if something happened, it was planned and made to happen by the powers in control, that nothing happens outside that. Now, consider that way back in 1848, on the eve of the Jewish Revolution, Benjamin Disraeli published a book, Coningsby, in which he said, "The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes." Then he went on to show that those persons were all Jews. About 33 years prior to 1848, the Jewish banking industry had taken over the economies of Britain and much of Europe. Adam Weishaupt was forming the ILLUMINATI, which then infiltrated and used the Masonic Orders as one of its arms. The Jewish world-drug-cartel is known to have been operating from early 1800's, from which a chapter 322 was established at Yale University under the official name of William Russell Trust, and commonly called "Skull & Bones." The Illuminati, including the "Bonesmen" are a Satan-worshiping Jewish syndicate that quests for World Dictatorship. Their philosophy was formulated by Karl Marx in 1848, and later was formed into an organization called "Zionism" by Theodore Herzl and other Jewish elders at the First Zionist Congress, in Basle, Switzerland in August, 1897. The Zionist movement, with help of the Jewish International Banks, became powerful quickly, and soon took over Russia as Bolsheviks, later to be called "Communists," in WWI. Subsequent Soviet efforts toward the goal of making the entire world Communist are well known. What is not so well known is that they have had virtual control of the U.S. presidents since Woodrow Wilson. In 1989 there was a staged "downfall" of Communism as the Zionist/Marxist baton was passed to the Skull & Bones President George Bush of the U.S.   Bush then personally selected the demonically talented Bill Clinton (Mena, Ark. Cocaine traffic, Fabian Socialist, Rhodes Scholar) to replace him. Next, another Satanist "Bonesman" replaced Clinton as the puppet for the Zionists. Rarely do men who are known to be Jews assume the highest political offices, lest they get blamed for the evils being done against the world. The U.S. is now the world Hegemon (dictator, tyrant, ruler), and the veils are falling away from the Zionist goal of forcefully subduing all dissenters in the world. With that big-picture in your mind, see if the following pieces don't fit the puzzle. Always substitute the word "Zionist" for "Communist" and you'll never be wrong.

EASTERN EUROPE, Russia was under the Czars. Other eastern European nations were also sovereign and free. WWI and WWII gave Russia and many of those nations to the Communist rulership of Zionist Bolsheviks. The U.S. warred against free European countries who never attacked us or meant us any harm, then turned them over to communism. When our generals, like MacArthur and Patton, wanted to attack the communists, our presidents prevented it.

CHINA. 1949, Harry Truman betrayed the pro-American Chang Kai Shek to be overthrown by Mao Tse Tung. China became Communist.

KOREA 1953, Harry Truman attacked Korea, a nation that never attacked us, then ceded the northern half of Korea to the Communists. Truman fired Gen. MacArthur who wanted to attack the Communist Chinese forces that aided N. Korea. North Korea is now Communist.

IRAN 1953, Pres. Eisenhower, after his election, saw a CIA overthrow of Iran's Prime Minister, Mohammad Mossadegh, who was wanting to nationalize the British-operated Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. The “Operation Ajax” coup was engineered by a CIA agent, Kermit Roosevelt. Mossadegh was unwilling to be controlled by the U.S. He was replaced by a Shah Reza Pahlavi, who was pro-U.S., and a brutal, torturous dictator for the next 25 years.

HUNGARY 1956, Eisenhower, betrayed Hungarians who were given hope by Radio Free Europe that the U.S. would help if they would revolt. When they revolted against the Russian Communist rulers, Eisenhower sent a message to the Communists that the U.S. "does not look with favor upon governments unfriendly to the Soviet Union on the borders of the Soviet Union," thus signalling that America would stay out of it. When the Soviet forces attack the Hungarian civilians, Eisenhower told Americans, "the United States deplores the intervention of Soviet military forces." Franco of Spain decided to send planes full of weapons to Hungarians but Eisenhower used enough pressure on Franco to cancel that plan. Then the U.S. turned the matter over to the U.N., effectively dooming the revolt and costing the lives of many thousands of the bravest of Hungarians, and keeping Hungary securely under Soviet tyranny.

CUBA. 1959, Eisenhower. The U.S. assisted in the overthrow of the anti-communist Fulgencio Batista in order to put Fidel Castro in power. Cuba is now Communist. Then Kennedy betrayed anti-communist freedom fighters to their capture and execution.

VIETNAM (part of French Indochina) 1950's & 60's. In 1954 communist Ho Chi Minh attacked the French at Dien Bien Phu. Eisenhower (Jewish name) DENIED the French any help. In 1954 land north of 17th parallel was given to the communists. In 1963, Kennedy helped topple the Diems who governed the South, and warred against those who had never attacked us. Johnson prohibited our forces from decisive victory, notifying the U.N. (where Chinese sat) of our strategic movements in advance. It was a U.N. directed action! Nixon finally conceded defeat. Vietnam now Communist.

BELGIAN CONGO, (became Zaire; now called Congo) 1960, Dwight Eisenhower, with U.N. help, ousted the anti-Communist Moise Tshombe to put in Communist Patrice Lumumba. The flourishing, prospering, pro-American Belgian Congo is now a Third World disaster under a dictator, Sassou-Nguesso.

RHODESIA (now Zimbabwe) 1966, Lyndon Johnson, (later Nixon, Ford, and Carter helped) Overthrew democratic leader, Ian Smith. Since 1979, Marxist Robert Mugabe, a despotic tyrant, has been killing off white farmers, to whom the U.S. and Britain deny visas for refuge.

MOZAMBIQUE, (since 1497 under Portugal, a prospering nation) 1974, Gerald Ford, U.S. & Britain aided Communist takeover by despot, Samora Machel. The U.S. gave communist forces unlimited funds, in name of "weaning away from communism." In 1985 Reagan warmly invited Machel to the White House to honor him.

ANGOLA, (under Portugal, fully integrated, prospering) 1974, Gerald Ford, (later Carter & Reagan until 1995). The pro-Western Jonas Savimbi headed the anti-communist, black force UNITA, but the U.S. channeled funds to the communist MPLA forces.

PANAMA CANAL Apr 18, 1978 Carter signed treaty with Panama, nullifying 1903 treaty which gave the Canal to the U.S. While Panama still controls the Canal, the military bases of China at each end effectively oversee it. In the 90's Clinton tried to give our Long Beach Naval Base to Communist China so they’d have a Base in the U.S.

CHILE, 1973. America gave no assistance to August Pinochet in his struggle against Communist revolutionaries. Today, France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Germany, and Britain still persecute Pinochet (now 88) for his anti-communist efforts against Salvador Allende. America is also still trying to come up with some charge against him.

IRAN, 1979. Carter, with the CFR "wise men" directing, toppled the Shah of Iran, whom the U.S. had put in power in 1953, but whom the Soviet Communist government wanted removed. Carter increased pressures against him until he fled Iran, and the Ayatollah Khomeni was installed. With support from Communist Russia, China, and North Korea, Iran quickly transformed into a global terrorist power.

NICARAGUA, 1979, with help from Communist Cuba, the Soviet Union, and President Carter, the Sandinistas overthrew the government of Somoza to establish a Communist dictatorship. It was Nixon's opposition to that Communist takeover that got him expelled from office.

SOUTH AFRICA (was prospering and wealthy) 1980's, Reagan did economic blockades, and ousted the white government that built S.A., replacing it with the Communist ANC under Nelson Mandela.

HONG KONG 1984 America approved Britain giving free Hong Kong to Communist China. Now Communist.

BOSNIA 1999. Clinton attacked Serbia, a nation which never attacked us. Serbian residents of the Kosovo region, a part of Serbia, were suffering mass killings by the Kosovo Liberation Army, a terrorist drug cartel. When Serbia tried to restrain the KLA, the U.S. attacked Serbia. With U.S. assistance, the Kosovo region is now under the KLA, whom the Serbs accuse of continuing their genocidal massacres of Serbians. The U.S. has no care about the anti-Serbian pogrom.

AFGHANISTAN 2001. Pres. G.W. Bush attacked Afghanistan for no apparent reason. We should note, though, that the Taliban government there, which Bush overthrew, was intensely anti-communist. Also, the Taliban opposed the farming of opium-poppies, which now again provide 90 percent of the world's heroin supply. The history of Afghanistan opium goes back to the early 1800's when the Yale Skull and Bones club was incorporated into the world wide drug cartel, headed by the Illuminati of Europe and the Jewish Banking cartel of London. During the 1840's China closed off the import of opium from Afghanistan. Britain warred against China in the Opium Wars and forced it to reopen its ports to opium. Since then China has become one of the major consumers of Afghanistan's product. By halting the production of opium, the Taliban was striking at the heart of the Illuminati's drug trade. And by opposing Communism, the Taliban brought forth the wrath of the world's hegemon, the Jewish-neocon led U.S. 

Why does America do this? The answer is not permitted to be spoken. In Europe one can be jailed for saying it. But you can figure it out if you look at the handlers of our presidents from Woodrow Wilson to this very day. The Zionists claim brazenly that they have been behind all of America’s wars from the Civil War and since, although the Jewish Textbook publishing industry teaches our children something very different.. In America today, the liberal movement, including the Hollywood industry, is mostly Jewish, and they strongly support any communist effort that is attempted. This explains why they are so anti-American and anti-white race. Henry Ford, Sr., said in 1922, in his articles about the Jewish movement: "If it is 'anti-Semitism' to say that communism in the United States is Jewish, so be it; but to the unprejudiced mind it will look very much like Americanism. Communism all over the world, not in Russia only, is Jewish." At our present time, when George Bush has just been re-elected, he openly declares his allegiance to modern Israel. His neo-con advisors are all Jewish, some of which are militant Zionists. Iraq was hardly a threat to Israel, its real enemy, but it was never any threat to the U.S.   Let the reader speculate about the future of the U.S., in light of the above.

NOTE: Some of the nations listed above call themselves democracies or republics and some have parliaments, under native African rulers. Keep in mind that America assisted communist takeovers of the free governments. Does anyone really think that the communist powers stepped aside for the sake of the native people to reap the harvest of their own resource wealth? I consider that those nations are still exploited and manipulated by outside communist/Zionist powers, leaving the native people to continue their cultures of tribal warfare, pillage, plunder, and chaos.

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