by Roger Hathaway, December, 2003



            After looking at the overwhelming amount of information about health, and after taking countless nutritional supplements, many of which were probably a waste, my conclusion is that we can't improve our health until we first clean out the stored toxins. We must detoxify a body which has been poisoned nearly to death. The medical industry merely treats symptoms of our problems without trying to correct the cause. The single simple cause for nearly every disease and ailment is a toxic body with a weakened immune system. All the poisons that are stored in cells of our bodies are slowly killing us. Good nutrition is wasted because the body has already been poisoned. Unless we get rid of those poisons, improvement is somewhat unattainable.

            So, DETOXIFICATION seems to be the essential first step. How can we begin this process of rejuvenating our bodies? The first step must be to halt the intake of chemicals that have poisoned us. There are several sources of harmful chemicals. One is the processed foods, on whose cans and bottles you can read a list of ingredients (chemicals) that sure don't sound like food. The second source of toxins results from incomplete digestion, due to either the improper mixing of foods, or taking something alkaline like milk that neutralizes stomach acids, thus making digestion impossible. When non-digested foods leave the stomach and pass into the intestine, they begin to rot. In that warm wet environment, the rotting food gives off poisons that are absorbed through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream. The liver attempts to filter out the poisons, but gets overloaded, and many toxins are carried to the cells where they are not usable for fuel so they just get stored. Processed foods have become so toxic in recent years that some young children are suffering ailments that formerly wouldn't show up until later adulthood. Another source of toxins is a polluted environment, including our poisoned tap water, chemicals in the air, cosmetics, cleaning compounds in the kitchen and garage, industrial chemicals, pesticides on supermarket vegetables, and many more such things of modern society.

            So, if one wishes to halt the poisoning process, one must first change the diet to healthy, natural, mostly raw, foods that have not been processed or shipped from foreign countries where dangerous chemicals are used on their crops. One should do a little research to also find which foods are natural for his own blood type. For instance, blood type "O-positive" people handle meat well, whereas some other blood types do better with vegetables. One should learn that refined flour (any baked goods from a store, or baking flour) has no nutritional value, but makes the digestive system and liver and other organs work without getting any benefit. The only grains which have nutritional value are whole grains that are freshly ground moments before cooking them into cereal or baked goods. If you can't grind your own, or obtain freshly ground flour, then strike baked goods and commercial breakfast cereals from your list of edible foods. One should understand that pasteurized milk is bad food because it neutralizes your stomach acid and prevents digestion of your meal. You pay good money for toxic food. Then you must pay more good money for doctors to help you treat the symptoms which are indicators of problems; you then buy drugs to cover up the symptoms so you don't have to correct the cause of the problem. Perhaps some of the most powerful poisons are prescription medications. If you will simply correct some eating habits, then you won't need doctors or their drugs. Pharmaceutical drugs are admittedly "controlled poisons," probably contributing to more serious health problems than civilized societies ever knew before the scientist began stirring their potent brews! Those drugs are no better than other chemicals which are destroying our health. One should also understand that different types of foods should not be eaten at the same meal. There are only three types of food: proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The best proteins are from meat, and they serve as the building blocks for your cells. Meat fats are the best long-lasting fuels which provide you with energy and strength. Carbohydrates, like starches and sugars, are quick fuels which give you a short-term rush. When you eat fats and carbohydrates at the same meal, the body uses the carbs for quick energy and stores the fat. Also, the stomach cannot properly digest such a mixture, so the combination of foods rots in the intestine, often settling in the colon where it attaches to the colon wall and becomes compacted. The colon can stretch so much that some people are carrying up to thirty gallons of deposits in their huge extended abdomens. Through that solid compacted colon mass, there is sometimes only a pencil size hole through which food is supposed to pass. A shortened life span of heavy misery is the result, often brought to an end by colon cancer. Isn't it amazing what we do to ourselves? One leading doctor of natural medicine wrote that "carbohydrates are the greatest nutritional disaster of history." I think that is not really true, but that the problem is only when carbs are eaten along with meat and fat. Some blood types can live quite well on vegetables, with a few supplements. Meat, however, is the highest value food in Bible history, and in the New Testament St. Paul said in Romans 14:2, "One man believes in eating all things, but one being weak eats vegetables. Let not the one who eats despise the one who doesn't, nor the one who doesn't the one who eats." You might notice in society that Christians are usually meat eaters who don't care if others wish to be vegans, but the vegans are attempting to destroy cattle ranches, outlaw hunting, and force the meat-eaters to follow their rules.

            Okay, so far we have addressed the first step on the road to recovery, to stop eating foods that are already toxic or in combinations that will become toxic inside your intestine. That will hopefully halt the progress of your suicide by toxins. Next, you must takes active steps to eliminate the stored poisons from your body. There are many different therapies which are effective, which we will discuss below. They are enemas, liver aids, fasting, chelation, apple vinegar, antioxidants, probiotics, oxygen therapy, essential fatty acids, ALC and ALA (Acetyl-L-carnitine and Alpha-lipoic acid), and finally a daily regimen of multivitamins and supplements that are tailored to your own need. Detoxification methods should be the primary therapy for any health practitioner that seriously wants to promote good health. Your body can't make good use of healthy foods or supplements if it is already poisoned, faltering, and weak.

            Much of the following information is from these reference books. DISEASE PREVENTION AND TREATMENT, from Life Extension Foundation ( for $49.95 or for $37.45. ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, The Definitive Guide, by Burton Goldberg, et al., ($59.95), available from for $41.97 each. DR. ATKINS VITA-NUTRIENT SOLUTION, by Robert C. Atkins, M.D. ($15). HOW TO FIGHT CANCER & WIN, by William L. Fischer ($19.95) from Good natural health articles are also available online, and by subscriptions, from Dr. William Campbell Douglass at "," Dr. David G. Williams' Health Bulletins (1-800-219-8591), "," "," "," "," "," and ""


ENEMA. At the top of the list, frequent, perhaps daily, enemas will help to get rid of some compacted fecal materials that are loading you down and damaging your body. Consider that a truly healthy system would have odorless bowel movements. A baby that is on a meat diet will have odorless stool, but a baby that is suffering the problems of carbohydrates will have stinky stool. It takes some babies years to adapt to carbohydrates, and even then they will probably suffer with sensitive and often painful digestive systems and irritable bowel syndrome. Carbohydrates are not our natural food, as research done prior to WWII proved, before the government began to dictate that a healthy diet was one which supported all the economic/political food industries. We've suffered a declining general health ever since.

            For information about enemas, one of the best sources is the book Prescription for Nutritional Healing, by James and Phyllis Balch. See pages 545 and following. They begin the chapter with this paragraph: "Over time, toxic wastes can accumulate in the colon and liver, and then circulate throughout the body via the bloodstream. A clean and healthy colon and liver, then, are essential for the health of all the organs of the body." You can buy an enema device, also called a "hot water bottle," at most any drug store. They are very inexpensive. An enema is very easy to do, once you learn how. It only takes a few minutes and is not messy. And it is so very important to restoring your good health!

            Put six to eight cups of distilled, or otherwise filtered, pure water into a saucepan, and heat it to 105 to 110 degrees. Add the juice of a half-lemon, or perhaps an ounce of apple cider vinegar. Pour into the hot water bottle. Hang the enema bag on something about two feet above where you are lying. Lubricate the tubular fitting at the end of the hose with olive oil or Bag-balm or Vaseline or even lard. Lie on your left side, with knees folded upward, and insert tube into the rectum. Release the water, but pause it when the pressure gets uncomfortable. If you cannot take all the water, don't worry, just take what you can. Then shut off the flow and remove the tube. It is helpful to then get on your knees, with your head down, to help the water into your transverse colon, for a few minutes. Even fifteen minutes is not too long, before you evacuate. You will instantly feel amazingly better. I am convinced that the contents of one's colon is a powerful influence on one's mood at any given moment. To refresh your colon will refresh your mood.

LIVER AIDS. You already have this organ which is designed for detoxification. It's purpose is to continuously filter and cleanse the toxins from the blood that resulted from your bad diet and from environmental sources which enter your body through the lungs or through the skin. The liver must be given a top priority because it will be performing the very detox process that you want to accomplish. At the present time in your life, your liver has been the most overworked organ of your body, never getting a moment's rest, day or night, for all the years of your life. It could not keep up with the overload of poisons that you poured into it, and many of those toxins got past it to toxify all the cells of your body. You have overwhelmed your most valuable assistant, and as resilient and wonderful that the liver is, in some people it finally fails. Liver diseases like cirrhosis and steatosis and cancer wouldn't happen if the liver wasn't so overloaded. If you want to detoxify your body, your liver will be working hard to help you, and there are ways that you can help it. Stop assaulting it and befriend it. The liver uses enzymes and antioxidants to transform toxins into harmless substances that can be excreted.

            First, I would suggest that you take a supplement that helps the liver, like Swanson's Liver Essentials, or another of the many offerings available at health stores. The primary ingredient in Liver Essentials is milk-thistle extract; then dandelion root, burdock root, parsley root, black-radish root, N-Acetyl Cysteine, and Alpha-lipoic acid. Other supplements that aid the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats are the Vitamin B complex, Folic acid, Choline, Acetyl-L-carnitine, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, CoQ10, and zinc. Milk thistle contains silymarin, which is proven to be one of the most potent liver-protecting substances known. It performs many healing therapies for the liver.

FASTING. There is probably no therapy that does more toward revitalization of your health than fasting. Give your organs a break. Give you liver a chance to catch up. Give your blood a chance to be cleansed. Give your digestive process a moment of rest. You have run your body like a race-horse without letup for so many years. Show a little mercy toward it! Give it a sabbath. Even with fasting, you can stop eating easily enough, but your system will not stop working right away. It has a lot of catching-up to do, and it will try to make-up for its past failures. While skipping a few meals does permit the digestive process to rest, the liver and kidneys will keep working to cleanse the blood of all those impurities which they were unable to filter in the past. However, they really can only cleanse the blood that is circulating; there is no device to repair and rejuvenate the cells throughout your body that have been storing toxins until they are all sick and functioning poorly. The only way to revitalize your cells is to force them to release the toxins which they hold in storage, and which they do not want to use because they are poisonous. It will be tough-love for a couple days, but the way to help your cells eliminate those poisons is to force them to take the toxins out of storage and process them which will result in a dumping of the unusable waste into the blood where the kidneys can filter it out and eliminate it with your urine.

            There is really only one true method of fasting, in spite of the many so-called "fasts," that are easier to do. Think about it. What you want to accomplish is to FORCE the toxins out of storage so they can be dumped. The only way to do that is to DEPRIVE the cells of all nutrients, whereby they have no choice but to call on the reserves. A so-called "juice fast" is easy because the cells have sugar for fuel and other nutrients, too. The cells are not forced to call on the reserves at all, so no real benefit is gained, except to give the digestive process some relief. No long-term benefits result from juice-fasting. The only true fast is to stop eating ALL foods, drinks, nutrients, or any possible nourishment, and to drink plenty of water so the urine can carry the toxins out of your body that the kidneys dump into it.

            Fasting is difficult for the first two or three days, depending on one's level of toxicity. When the cells begin to call on the stored toxins, you will feel like you have been poisoned, which is partly true. Your blood is not carrying any fresh nutrients but is loaded with poisons. One can feel pretty bad. And one's mind will nearly scream for food to relieve the terrible feeling. That will last for about two days, in some rare cases maybe three. Then you will feel that the crisis is past; you will no longer feel hungry. Many people feel like they have a second wind, needing less sleep and being more awake and alert than they can remember experiencing in many years. The energy level increases, and one wonders where that energy could come from since no food is being eaten. There are many factors at work to cause the improvement. After a couple days, the blood has carried the initial and worst poisons, then its job becomes easier and it can carry more oxygen than has been possible for many years. The blood is no longer overloaded with toxins; it runs a little thinner; and it carries that oxygen which helps the mitochondria (engine of each cell) to burn fuel more efficiently. The cells begin to recover and to live again, and they let you know it through a feeling of exhilaration. As you continue fasting, the cells will continue to process their toxins, but they are feeling better and doing it more efficiently and they are no longer screaming for fresh food. There are some subtle stages of fasting, and after a few days you may want to enjoy some food again. You must resist those occasional urges. Drink only water, and let the days pass. Most fasting guides suggest that you remain somewhat quiet with no strenuous exercise or work. However, there have been experiments done in England, where a group of people began walking a 300 mile trip as they began to fast, drinking only water. They felt the exercise enhanced the cleansing process, and many claimed they never did feel weak. I usually feel weak, and would hesitate to try such a strenuous program.

            Many experts say there is no danger to extended fasting, but many others recommend some professional guidance for an extended fast. Short fasts can be done safely by anyone. If one is in an extreme condition, like terribly obese, or perhaps extremely sensitive to environmental pollutants, then one might start off by fasting one day each week, gradually increasing that to two days, and then a few three day fasts. After that, a seven or ten day fast should be possible. One thing I have found most helpful is to read a book about fasting while doing it. One good book is Fasting Can Save Your Life, by Herbert M. Shelton. Other books contain information about one's physiology, the study of which helps one feel motivated to continue. Since most diseases are directly caused by or dependent upon one's toxic condition, detoxification by fasting can work miraculous "cures" that were not even expected. Consider also that when the toxins are gone, then your immune system can protect you more easily.

CHELATION. A chelate is a substance that attracts a foreign particle to it and bonds to it, or sometimes absorbs it. Our intestines and our bloodstreams are loaded with pollutants which cause disease. Metals like lead and aluminum along with some minerals, pollutants like pesticides, industrial chemicals, food-processing preservatives, and countless other harmful agents have been ingested or otherwise absorbed into our bodies. It is a miracle of God's design that our bodies can even survive the assault against them by elements not natural to a biological organism. It's no wonder we are a society of walking-wounded.

            Chelation therapy is by two methods. The first is the FDA approved Intravenous Chelation begun in the 1930's to counter the effects of industrial heavy metal poisonings. The chelating agent is EDTA, which is injected in a doctor's office about twice each week for a six month period. It has been discovered that the chelating agent bonds to many other harmful things than just a few heavy metals, but FDA refuses to acknowledge its broader benefits. Some natural medicine practitioners have made EDTA available for oral ingestion. You can buy "oral chelation" capsules from several sources. Many days of oral tablets are necessary to equal one session of intravenous EDTA, but hey, a little of a good thing is better than none at all!

            Another easier and perhaps equally effective chelation therapy is CLAY. Yes, that fine powdered "dirt" that sticks to your shoes. There is a volcanic ash clay, called Bentonite, that has been used for countless centuries by other cultures for its therapeutic benefits. It can be used as mud-packs, poultices, soak-baths, and can be ingested. It not only cleanses the intestines, and chelates many harmful things, but also provides many rare trace minerals that might otherwise be totally absent from your body. The benefits of clay therapies are nothing short of astounding to us of modern culture. Rather than spend a lot of space here extolling its wonders, do a simple search through an internet search engine like Google on [bentonite "healing clay"]. You will find lots of info along with sources for buying it. It's better to avoid the FDA approved clay because it is too processed. Many of the products are rather expensive, being peddled in small jars. But you can get a fifty pound bag of it for thirty dollars, plus shipping, from phone: 972-772-9864 or ""

            Since chelation therapies bond to metals and other things in your blood, it is likely that some good minerals are chelated, too. While doing any chelation therapy, you should take a good multi-vitamin/mineral supplement to replace those that got depleted. But wait a couple hours after chelation to take them, lest the chelation process concentrates on them.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. This is simple. It is acid in the stomach that digests your food, mainly hydrochloric acid. If you neutralize that acid, then there is no digestion, permitting the food to pass into the intestine where it rots and creates gases (burps and farts) and toxins. Alkalines (basic substances) are the opposite of acid, and when mixed with acid will neutralize it. You should NEVER drink alkaline drinks with a meal. Milk is alkaline and prevents digestion. Soda pop and antacids are also fatal to digestion. If you want to aid digestion and prevent the so-called "heartburn" and the so-called "acid indigestion," then help the stomach by drinking something acidic, like vinegar which is acetic acid, or vitamin C which is ascorbic acid, or lemon juice which is citric acid.

            It is a fact that by the time you are fifty years old, your stomach has only fifteen percent of the acid available for digestion that you had when you were a child. That explains why a child can eat anything and get away with it, and still sleep good at night. In your elder years, you not only have very little acid, your entire body is so toxic that the organs can't do their job well. The result is that you are in serious trouble. The food you eat doesn't get digested and does you more harm than good with the toxins that result from the impaired process. The difference between your sick-system and that of a child is so great, that it is a mystery that you are still alive. Unless you take measures to correct your problems, you will certainly live less years than your potential!

            I have begun to drink apple-cider vinegar every day. I buy a quart of organic vinegar, that has not been pasteurized and still has the mother sediment in it, from a health-food store. I keep it in the fridge, and whenever I pour a glass of water, I pour a tablespoon or so of vinegar in it. If I have orange juice or apple cider, I pour a slosh of vinegar into it. I use just enough vinegar to give the drink a tiny bit of a tang; it makes a refreshing tonic. I never drink milk or soda pop anymore. You can hardly drink too much vinegar, and if you ever get close to that danger, the vinegar will suddenly taste so strong and repulsive that you won't be able to swallow it. Your body will tell you if you try to take more than it needs!

            Up until the early 1700's, hard cider was the customary drink of Americans. Cider was only apple juice for the first few days after the harvest and the squeezin' of the apples. It immediately began to ferment into hard cider. For a few weeks, the colonists enjoyed the alcoholic beverage of hard cider. Then the acetobacter bacteria (abundant in the air around us) began to convert the 6% alcohol into acetic acid. As the winter progressed the cider got more and more tart. By late spring, they were drinking vinegar, to which they had slowly become accustomed. Their consumption of cider was prodigious. One Massachusetts settlement of only 40 families put up 3,000 barrels of cider for just one winter. Hard cider was often used as a currency. Thomas Jefferson's north orchard was dedicated exclusively to cider. President John Adams drank a glassful to start his day.

            Apple cider vinegar has a reputation throughout history, from ancient times, as a medicine. It has been used for arthritis, asthma, bone health (it has many minerals), cancer, cholesterol control, colds (just like ascorbic acid), cramps, diabetes, diarrhea, depression, and that just gets us thru the d's. An excellent small book in print is Amazing Apple Cider Vinegar, (the medicinal miracle, plus the curative, cleaning and cooking virtues of vinegars from around the world) by Earl L. Mindell.

ANTIOXIDANTS are essential to your survival. If they were not present in your cells, you would be dead within seconds. Their job is to keep free-radicals in check. A free radical is an atom or group of atoms that has an unpaired electron. That unpaired electron permits another atom to bond easily with it. Some free radicals are essential to good health because they are involved in producing vital hormones, activating enzymes, and producing energy and various substances the body needs. However, if too many free radicals are formed, they can damage healthy tissue and cells, which promotes the generation of more and more free radicals which do more and more damage. A healthy system, like that of a child, easily maintains a healthy usage and control of free radicals. As we damage our cells over years of bad diet, doctor's prescriptions and other pollutants, the impaired cells create excess free radicals which then go on to damage the immune system and genetic material, and to destroy protective cell membranes. Antioxidants neutralize the excess free radicals by binding to their free electrons, thereby helping to detoxify the body.

            There are many good antioxidants available. Among the topmost performers are pycnogenol and grape seed extract. Melatonin is also very powerful. Others nearly as powerful are vitamins A, C, and E, along with Beta-Carotene, Selenium, and Zinc, CoQ10, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, bilberry, cysteine, Ginkgo Biloba, and Glutathione. In order to achieve a detoxification of your body, you should take plenty of antioxidants every day. After you have achieved youthful health, and excess free radicals are no longer do their damage, then large amounts of anti-oxidants should not be necessary.

PROBIOTICS are the micro-organisms, called flora, also called "soil based organisms," which live in your intestines. These living flora perform all kinds of marvelous functions. They help to process nutrients from foods to be passed through the intestinal wall into the blood for distribution to the body. They stimulate and promote the creation of many enzymes that the body needs. They kill harmful bacteria. They break down food materials into fluids. And they perform many other essential functions, some which are not done by any other means.

            Sadly, you have probably killed most or all of yours! You are missing the benefits of their work because antibiotics destroy them. They are living organisms, and grow healthily with natural foods, but they are easily killed by pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals in foods, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and the many industrial chemicals that penetrate into our bodies. Ooops! The modern technological progress that promises to save us might in truth be doing just the opposite.

            You cannot succeed with a detoxification of your body unless you replace those intestinal flora. There are many sources of capsules which contain a number of different kinds of flora. Of course, you can get acidophilous from yogurt, and that is a start. Nature's Biotics is the brand which Lisa and I use, available through Life Science Products in Utah, at 435-628-4111. Their best deal is to buy the six-pack for $204. Expensive, but important.

OXYGEN THERAPY is used more in Europe and some other countries, but the doctor's union (AMA) is opposed to it in America. Usually oxygen-therapy uses hydrogen-peroxide or ozone to supply the blood with more oxygen, helping to make up for the damaged lungs and overloaded blood. America prohibits supplemental oxygen breathing tanks without paying off a doctor first. I am not familiar with oxygen therapy, and mention it only because it makes sense that oxygen would help the cells to burn up their stored wastes. Perhaps one could get an oxygen tank from a welding supply retailer, and just breathe some for a few minutes every day, but I'm sure the medical industry would be very opposed to that. Some scientific reports indicate that our air is very deficient in oxygen compared to the air of a few centuries ago because of increased population, industries, and removal of so much rain-forest.

REMOVE PLAQUE FROM ARTERIES. Plaque (cholesterol) buildup in arteries, for instance, aortic stenosis, narrows the passage canal and hinders the blood flow. The medical industry prescribes several ineffective but expensive drugs in an attempt to remove plaque, but the patient usually ends up on an operating table for angioplasty or some other traumatic and expensive procedure anyway. However, outside the doors of AMA's union members, there is a simple method of removing plaque, by taking lecithin. Lecithin is not approved or promoted by doctors because it is not patentable or controllable by pharmaceutical companies. It works like this. Your normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees F. or 37 degrees Celsius. Cholesterol melts at 149 degrees Celsius. So, a chunk of waxy cholesterol stuck in your artery isn't going to be easy to remove unless it is liquid. This is where lecithin comes in. Research has found that cholesterol becomes soluble in the bloodstream when enough lecithin is present. One doctor recommends taking one tablespoon of lecithin powder or granules each day, and claims that it will dissolve the plaque like drano in a pipe. A tablespoon of lecithin tastes quite bad, and it is probably better to mix it with a small amount of juice or soft food; take it quickly, and follow it with something that tastes better. The medical industry will never approve anything that removes plaque effectively because heart ailments are a huge source of income for AMA's union member doctors. Just consider how many heart surgeries would have been unnecessary if doctors really wished to help their patients instead of make money from them!

DETOX BATHS. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and performs many valuable functions. It, with the healthy micro-organisms that live in its cavities, process waste from your body as an excretory function. It also absorbs good and bad things from the outside environment. If you wet a sore leg muscle with DMSO, you will taste it in your mouth in less than a minute. Skin care is terribly neglected, and much abused by oil-cutting soaps and disinfectants which kill the good bacteria in it. You can benefit your body by this detox bath. Into a hot bath, pour two cups epsom salts, one cup baking soda, one cup apple cider vinegar, and one tablespoon freshly ground ginger. Another detox bath is with bentonite clay. Use about two ounces of clay with water at a ratio of one part clay to four parts water. Mix it up a couple days in advance, and stir or shake it occasionally until you have a nice smooth gel. Then at bath time, mix that gel vigorously into a larger amount of water, perhaps a quart or so. Then add it to the bath water. This is a healing clay and amazingly curative of skin ailments. It also destroys harmful pathogens.

            Dry and steam saunas have long been used to cleanse the body by causing sweating. Whirlpool tubs, like Jacuzzi, offer similar benefits. One most important caution is to avoid using chlorine in your spa water because it is a poison to your skin and to your lungs as you breathe its gases. You can use a 35% solution of hydrogen peroxide, available at chemical supply outlets like VanWaters & Rogers, thus giving your skin oxygen therapy, along with the extra oxygen you are breathing.

THYROID. Your thyroid gland regulates the metabolic rate of your body. The aging process typically damages the thyroid until it is not producing enough hormone to maintain a healthy metabolic rate: hypothyroidism. An underactive thyroid permits homocysteine levels to increase, and thereby excess free-radicals which further damage your cells. Elevated homocysteine levels are also a major factor in heart disease. There are three primary reasons for hypothyroidism. First is iodine deficiency, a lack which is increasingly common as our soils are depleted of iodine and we use less iodized table salt. Second is selenium deficiency, another item depleted from the soils. Third is estrogen-like-compounds pollution, being chemicals like PCBs, dioxins, and pesticides like lindane or dieldrin. These chemicals, now in our drinking water supplies and food chain, block the production of thyroid hormones. Because of these pollutants, Dr. David Williams strongly recommends that we drink only distilled water. He recommends the Waterwise Distiller, the same model which I have and like very much, available from Mountain Home Solutions at 1-800-211-8562, or from online sources.

            You can easily check your own basal metabolic rate (BMR) to determine if your thyroid is underactive. Dr. Williams suggests you place an oral thermometer by your bed. When you awaken in the morning, before moving around, place the thermometer in your armpit and leave it there for at least ten minutes. Relax and stay still. Then record the temperature. Normal temp is between 97.2 and 98.2. Temps outside that range usually indicate a thyroid imbalance. DISEASE PREVENTION AND TREATMENT book suggests you place the thermometer under your tongue, in the morning before moving around, for three minutes. If your temp is less than 97.8, you are likely hypothyroid. It is best to record your temps for two weeks to know if you are consistently low, because metabolic rates do fluctuate greatly.

            If your thyroid is underactive, and is not damaged beyond possible recovery, you can help to restore it to normal function by supplying the iodine it needs. Do not ingest topical iodine. Get a water soluble iodine called Iosol, made by TPCS, from a health food store, or from many online sources. It is usually about $16 for a one ounce bottle. We got it from "" for $13. Take a couple drops in water or juice every day, preferably mid-day and not in the morning.

            Above, you have some methods by which you can detoxify your body and restore it to a vigorous healthy function. This will give you a chance at a long life, but you must alter those behaviors that did you so much damage in the past. Stop eating a mixed food diet at the same meal. A meat meal consists of meat only, with its fat that is so essential to your nervous system. Carbohydrates, like whole-grain breads and baked goods, and cooked whole grain cereals, vegetables, fruits, and any sweets, should be eaten at meals where there is no meat or fat at all. By keeping these food types separate, you will have complete digestion and no putrefaction in the gut. A healthy diet is not the subject of this paper, but you can research that for yourself. Multi-vitamins should be part of your daily regimen, and you should learn about essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6, and especially CLA which converts fat into energy and muscle instead of permitting it be deposited as fat cells. Obesity could easily disappear for those who supplement with CLA.

            I would add one more item to this paper, because it is so important. Even though you have detoxified your body, you have not repaired all the damage. Your cells have been damaged and are still not like they were at your birth. You have aged, and your cells will continue to slowly age even though you are doing many things right. But, recent research by two doctors at the University of California offers promise of anti-aging that we have not known before. So, if their research proves out, here is a means of living to extreme old age. This is truly exciting.

            ANTI-AGING: Acetyl-L-carnitine & Alpha-Lipoic acid (ALC & ALA)

            The research results of Doctors Bruce Ames, PhD., and Tory Hagen, PhD. were presented in September, 2003, to the International Assoc. of Biomedical Gerontology in Cambridge, England. You can find lots of info online regarding this research by searching Bruce Ames' name, along with the words, "mitochondria," or "Juvenon," which is a formula licensed to the University that is being sold to the public.

            Mitochondria are the engines of your cells, which burn fuel and process nutrients. Mitochondria are damaged by free radicals which result from bad diets. After they are damaged, they perform less efficiently, and accidently produce even more free radicals which do further damage to cell membranes, etc. The scientists discovered that the two nutritional supplements, namely, Acetyl-L carnitine and Alpha-Lipoic acid, would rejuvenate old and tired rats to a youthful vigor. Dr. Ames said, "With the two supplements, these old rats got up and did the Macarena." It seems that the two supplements, working together, effected a repair of both the mitochondria and the cell membranes, too, thus rejuvenating them. Recommended daily adult dosages are 500mg of ALC and 200mg of ALA.


YOGURT is arguably the most beneficial food you can eat. Even pasteurized commercial yogurt has some of the healthy bacteria, like acidophilus that your intestinal tract needs. But, if you can get fresh raw milk, and make your own yogurt, it is the greatest food ever, in my opinion. It is acidic, has several different strains of healthy bacteria that perform many functions, including the killing of bad bacteria. It has enzymes that process foods into many different things your body needs, some of which you can not get in any processed foods. It also has probiotics, the micro-organisms that are natural in the intestines of all living creatures except in people who have used antibiotics and have killed them off. Probiotics (opposite of antibiotics) support and promote the health of good bacteria, enzymes, and the proper breakdown of foods. Probiotics are so important that I wonder how modern people live as long as they do without them.


            The subject of health is so huge and complex that one easily feels lost and bewildered by all the claims of all the peddlers, and all those fliers you get in the mail. My goodness, the health industry is ballooning beyond belief! Certainly, the scammers will jump on this wagon and try to exploit the people who are searching for good health, but hopefully they will be a minority. There are many good and credible physicians and scientists who are doing studies and making wonderful discoveries. The new field of natural medicine is growing very fast, and I am thrilled to see it happen. The pharmaceutical companies have had a lock on our health for many decades, and they are killing us with their government approved poisons. They control what medical schools teach to student doctors, and most physicians know little about medicine outside their closed-world of chemicals and knives. They've been taught that old folk remedies were nonsense, and some truly were, but they've not been told about the many practices which had real value. Most physicians are innocently attempting to fulfill their dreams of doing good for society, and they genuinely believe they have the best answers to the problems. We might criticize those physicians who try to see a hundred patients a day in their attempt to get obscenely wealthy, but they are not all like that. And lest we develop too much anger at the doctors, let's keep in mind that their skills look pretty good when one has an injury, wounds, or broken bones. Certainly, doctors are needed in our society, and we can be very thankful for them. Our contempt is more properly directed toward the giant pharmaceutical companies which control the medical industry and prevent effective treatments for cancer and heart-disease, and other things, from ever being legal.

            For each of us, we are quite late in reclaiming the responsibility for our own lives, by taking it away from the doctors. We are at fault for thinking that we can do and eat anything that pleases us, while trusting that the doctor will fix whatever we break. We left it up to someone else to repair our lives, and we are reaping the consequences of that mistake. With the growth of natural medicine again, we have an opportunity to reclaim our lives, and to act more responsibly with them. We can begin by cleaning up some of the damage we have already done, by detoxifying our bodies, and by learning what is good for us and what is not. We can get away from prescription medications, and enjoy a new sense of well-being that we have lacked for many years. I, personally, have enjoyed the experience and challenge of this new quest. I am trying to get it into perspective, and think that after some detoxification, perhaps I'll be able to see even more clearly. I share this article with you as a stimulus to help you begin to see for yourself. I'm not a licensed practitioner, and my opinions are no more than any other layman. As you step forth on your own quest, I would greatly appreciate it that you might share your discoveries with me.

CONTACT: Roger Hathaway, 1125 Goldfinch Lane, Jewell Ridge, Virginia 24622

(I will be decreasing the time on computer, so I prefer correspondence via postal mail)



Here is a list of suggestions which can help when one suffers from a cold or influenza.

1. FAST. Eat no food until symptoms are well gone and you have become quite hungry. Animals fast when they get sick.

2. XYLITOL nasal spray. Cleanses the sinuses. Prevents bacteria from adhering to mucous membranes.

3. XYLITOL sugar powder. Eat about a half-teaspoon or so. Causes the release of bad bacteria from the intestines, kidneys, bladder and urinary tract. Effectively treats urinary infections.

4. VITAMIN C. Take 4,000mg (1 level teaspoon of ascorbic acid powder) every hour till symptoms are gone. Take it with fruit juice.

5. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. With eye dropper put a few drops in each ear with head tilted so drops can reach eardrum, holding each side for about ten minutes. One theory claims that all viruses enter the body through the ear canal and inner ear.

6. HOT TEA with honey. It might also be helpful to gargle with hydrogen peroxide.

7. WHEATGRASS JUICE. Grow it from wheat grains in a planting tray. When about six inches tall, cut and put thru a wheatgrass juicer. Carnivorous animals eat grass for medicinal value.

8. HOT BATH. Raise your body temp to fight infections. Use some bentonite clay in the water as a detox therapy.

9. VINEGAR. A splash of apple cider vinegar in water or juice several times a day. This should be part of an every day maintenance schedule.

10. COLLOIDAL SILVER. When sick, drink up to one quart each day.

11. DEEP BREATHING. Step out for fresh clean air and breath deeply for a few minutes, several times a day.

12. B-12 SHOTS. Since oral capsules of B-12 are not effective, you can get B-12 lozenges for sublingual (under the tongue) absorption. You can also get B-12 injections from a physician. Some people have even used veterinarian B-12 for self-injections. Probably all elderly people are deficient in B-12, and therefore feel a lack of energy. This should be an important part of the daily regimen!

13. AVOID. When you are feeling funky with the flu or a cold, avoid milk, soda pop, sweets, starches, or anything congestive.




There is nothing natural about pharmaceuticals. They are controlled poisons, and foreign to good health. Americans use many times more prescription drugs than any other country, and we have the poorest health of any nation on the planet according to recent medical reports. I have personally known several elderly people who were ailing and nearly dying, some having had open heart surgeries, who have just STOPPED taking the many prescription drugs and found their health, vigor, and general well-being improved dramatically. In one case the lady just gave up and decided to quit the drugs and die. But, in a few days she was robust and cheerful and ready to go shopping!


It is difficult for our people, who have been so brainwashed and conditioned into believing that modern medicine is concerned with their good health, to believe that doctors do more harm than good. A recent survey, one of the largest medical surveys ever done, revealed that the number one cause of death is IATROGENICS,  namely, doctor-caused deaths. Even larger than heart-disease or cancer!!! MainStream Medicine (MSM) is dangerous. Most people are not aware that MSM does not attempt to treat health problems. Hunh? Most people are not aware that MSM does not attempt to treat health problems. Yes, that is true, and physicians will even admit it if they are asked. So, what do they do? They treat SYMPTOMS of problems. That is what medical schools teach doctors, 100%. A doctor friend of mine said that it would be a 180 degree turnaround for doctors to think of curing diseases rather than treating symptoms.


Example: Diabetes. Doctors will tell you there is no cure for diabetes, and the best you can do is treat the symptoms with insulin. Doctors believe that because that is what they were taught, and what the pharmaceutical traveling salesmen continue to teach them. But in the fast growing field of alternative-medicine, you can learn how to easily cure the diabetes ailment and return to good normal health.


Mainstream medicine is totally controlled and directed by Jews who own the pharmaceutical companies and the medical schools, and who write the textbooks. Their pogrom against our European and American family has gotten so bad that it is dangerous to go to a hospital. I am reluctant to even go there to visit a patient. And if you do go to the emergency room and survive the experience, when you get their many bills you will probably wish you had not gone at all. Of course, if you are offering a large part of your income for insurance, then you are giving the doctors and the hospital a free ticket to pillage and plunder your very life. You are walking into the camp of your mortal enemy, lying down on a table, and permitting him to do to your body whatever he wishes, and then to plunder your finances afterward. Even for ignorant Christian sheep, that is stupid!


The alternative is to take responsibility for your own health. Let me tell you how I see it personally. I am a child of God, and my Father has all wisdom and power. He takes care of me, and I live my life to His glory, as best I can. I care about the foods I put into my body, and I strive to feel upbeat, robust, and happy everyday. If I begin to feel less than that, I look for what I might be doing wrong, and undertake to correct that. I don't have any medical insurance, and even cancelled my Part B of Medicare which covers doctors. Each night when I lie down, I rest in God's hand. Each day I walk with God. My life is totally according to His will, and I consider insurance to be an insult to Him. I will be guided through the experiences of life which God wants for me, and some of them might be painful. But, I accept His will for my life, and I certainly would not attempt to thwart His will with some worldly insurance. Without insurance, my life is in His hands. Insurance is the placing of my life in the hands of medical practitioners who are our enemies. I'm afraid that if I were to turn to insurance for my security that God would have a severe lesson in store for me in order to redirect my faith back toward Him. Another thought about this regards a fear of death. If I live with Him, forever, I can't imagine any reason to fear death. Rather, I anticipate it with some joy. So, whether I live or die, I am His. What possible value could insurance have to me?


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