Occultists of the world all recognize the Satanist Salute. As Christians, we would probably agree that we should be careful about making this particular salute for any reason, lest it be understood by others as the well-known Satanist sign. The pictures below show some surprising people making this salute. Whether they are doing it innocently or for some other purpose, you may decide for yourself. Of course, President Bush is a member of the Yale Fraternity, Skull & Bones, which is a Satan worshipping cult, so he certainly knows the meaning of this hand signal.

The Satan salute is to extend the index finger and the little finger while folding the two middle fingers. The two extended fingers represent the horns of the Goat Of Mendez, also known as Baphomet. The horns also represent the two points of an inverted five pointed star, which is called a Pentagram. The Pentagram is the primary symbol of Satanism and many of the occult factions. For Christians, the upright five pointed star is a symbol of Christ. Inverted, it becomes the symbol of Christ's enemy. It is this dark occult religion which was the basis of the founding of the Illuminati by Adam Weishaupt on MayDay 1776, under orders from the infamous Jewish banker, Rothschild. The Illuminati later infiltrated the Masonic Orders, but it has also existed as a cabal of ultra elite Jewish world power manipulators. The Skull & Bones (William Russell Trust, Inc.), of which both Bush presidents, John Kerry, all CIA directors, and many others of Washington politics are members, is a Satanist cult. On the wall of their clubhouse, "The Tomb," is a large Pentagram.

After viewing the pictures below, you might well wonder how widespread the Satanic influence is in our government and our nation. I would share with you that this year of 2007 might possibly be a turning point in history, from the viewpoints of both the dark occultists and those who know what the Bible is really saying. For the occultists, the months of May and June have been a rare split-hemisphere blue-moon event, the rarest of all lunar occurrences. Occultists believe that a blue moon month doubles the power of spells and ritual work. Two blue moons consecutive, especially that bind a quarter and cross-quarter sabat together are believed to double the power again. In addition, the normal full moon of June is called the Dyad moon, and the word "dyad" means double. So it is that this period from May 1 to June 30 is the most unusual time since records have been kept. David Meyer, who writes The Last Trumpet Newsletter and who escaped his Witchcraft background by turning to Christ, provided the above info about the blue moons. He says that the "witches and occultists are going berserk at this time."  We can only wonder what they have been trying to accomplish in their work against us.   [Afterword: It appears that the years following 2007 have been an increase in wars, social unrest, and economic downslide, all bringing the world to a disastrous finale.]

While Christians need not be fearful about the dark crafts, we certainly do feel some effects of their work. Occultists seem to have taken control of our government; they have long had control of the complete entertainment industry, much of technology, and publishing.

Anton LaVey,  Founder of The Church of Satan, and author of The Satanic Bible



Tom Ridge

                       Pat Robertson, praying

 McDonalds CEO's

      John Lennon

Maria & Arnold at their wedding 

 Kenneth Copeland  John Edwards

Gen Tommy Franks Dan Quayle Benny Hinn     Amy Grant






This visit by Queen Elizabeth II happened in 2007. She sits on the Throne of David, a lineage that can be traced directly back to King David of 1,000BC. If Biblical prophecy is interpreted correctly, she is the last Sovereign before Jesus Christ returns to claim the Throne. For President Bush to be saluting Satan while standing in her presence is blasphemous. This is an outrage that God will  hopefully avenge.

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