by Roger Hathaway, February, 2000 (edited & published Nov 14, 2008)

Stepping up to the entrance of the Church in Wittenberg, Germany, Martin Luther tacked a sheet of paper which listed 95 THESES. It was October 31, 1517, nearly five centuries ago, that he tried to improve the Church he loved. It did not occur to him that he might be founding a new religion. Luther thought some of the obvious errors could be corrected if they could be discussed openly. Instead, his Church tried to have him killed, just as it had done with previous critics! But many people did read and value Luther's arguments, and the Protestant Reformation was born!

Likewise, I've spent most of my life trying to awaken church-going Christians to simple statements of Jesus which religions ignore, believing that fellow Christians might feel the thrill of Truths if they would just take a look. Alas, no way! No theologians or preachers will even respond to me, neither to defend their doctrines or to refute my propositions. I feel some identification with Luther, as I pray for today's Christian Church, and attempt to make Scripture more meaningful. America's Christian sects have halted on that foundation which 16th Century reformers built, not going any further in building the house of God. That foundation was wonderful, solidly set on Christ the Rock, and it will support God's continuing work. Now we must permit the Holy Spirit to continue the process. Enlightenment must go on in spite of the sleeping Christians in their dark sepulchres.

The following theses will clarify a few Scriptural teachings that the Reformers did not adequately address. These simple truths of the Bible are then essential keys to understanding God's Big Picture, something not possible to see until this end-time period. God's divine plan is now visible, for the first time ever. We are being permitted to see the theme, plot, characters, and goal of God's program! It is not my desire to attack Scriptural doctrines that have been the foundation for several centuries of Christianity; but it is time to go forward, to define Christianity for the future. It is exciting to consider the Big Picture, to understand why history has taken the course that it did, and to see where we are headed; we who are the kingdom and priesthood whom God established and nurtured. We are still on track, and God will never abandon us, no matter how dark it looks. He IS accomplishing His will on earth, "as it is in heaven." We are blessed to live at this exciting time.

The following 23 theses are very brief introductions to new concepts. I am not trying here to state doctrines in full or to provide Bible passage proofs for the statements. This is merely a list of concepts for you to consider. On my large website there are many pages which elaborate on each of the following propositions. For the sake of brevity, here is a simple introduction.

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        The New Covenant is a contract which Jesus, as the agent for Israel, secured to replace the Old Covenant which had been breached by Israel, a contract which Jesus redeemed. The New Covenant was stated first by Jeremia in chapter 31, then restated in Hebrews 8. It is the news of this new contract that Jesus' followers were commissioned to carry to their Israel family who had dispersed to other regions of the world. This contract is clearly stated to be exclusively between the physical tribes of Israel and God, available to no other people on earth.

        A book, titled Christ's New Covenant, is published online at http://divinepageant.com/new_covenant_intro.htm

See http://divinepageant.com/Prologue.htm



        II Thessalonians 2:10-12 reads: "and with every deception of unrighteousness for those being destroyed because they did not accept LOVE-OF-TRUTH for them to be saved. Therefore GOD SENDS THEM A POWERFUL DELUSION for them to believe falsehood, that all those not believing the truth but enjoying unrighteousness may be judged/condemned." Dear Christian, do you hear? GOD SENDS A DELUSION to those who do not seek Truth! Grace is not enough! Faith is not enough! Creeds are not enough! Every individual must seek Truth, or be deluded by falsehood. Without Truth, one is without Christ. It is God's work to cull out from His family those who do not actively seek Truth. This terrible activity of God results in condemnation of all who are content with "cognitive dissonance" (if I didn't learn it that way, then it is false).

   Contentment with religious practices and creeds are not good enough! Such contentment is mere apathy, that very Laodicean sin which cause God to spit one out of His mouth. One must challenge every teaching, every doctrine, in a desperate search for ultimate Truth. This is such a serious matter that one must wonder how God's delusion can ever be overcome. When a person like me points to a clear statement of Jesus, such as whom He came for, many Christians turn away, returning to their ecumenical evangelism because they are unwilling to challenge that which they've been taught since childhood. If you have not challenged and proven every belief which you hold, you should seriously wonder if you are believing a falsehood! If your belief seems to conflict with a clear statement of scripture, and you cannot easily defend it to others, then you should attempt to determine why, accompanied with a willingness to discard the belief if you can=t resolve it. If you prove me wrong, I will be thrilled, for you have thereby given me a priceless gift, far more precious than the contentment of delusion. Every individual is personally responsible to God for every belief he holds. Theologians and preachers are personally responsible for every lesson they teach, and should tremble at the terrible risk!

    LOVE-OF-TRUTH is the gift of God through which the Holy Spirit works, without which our lamps are empty. It is an ecstasy to search for Truth, hand in hand with Christ while knowing that God will not abandon such a desperate seeker to error. He only abandons those who decline the Holy Spirit's influence and guidance in that desperate search.

    See http://divinepageant.com/unpardonable_sin.htm  for further info on this topic.



        The statement of Jesus (Mat. 15:24) was explicit, unequivocal, and was never modified in the Bible. But, for fifteen centuries the Roman Catholic Church has offered Christ to ALL peoples of the world anyway, for political and economic gain. For five centuries the Protestant sects have done the same. In order to deny scripture so brazenly, the Roman church outlawed Bibles and promoted illiteracy, culminating in a medieval inquisition which killed anyone who challenged their anti-Christ religion. Protestant churches today don't outlaw Bibles, but with equal effectiveness they preach right over the top of Jesus, ignoring Him. Protestant reformers, like Luther and Calvin, did not address that pernicious doctrine of ecumenical evangelism, so, today it is the central doctrine of Christian churches! This issue has been further obfuscated by mistranslation and misinterpretation. The time has arrived to shine a light into this darkness and reveal God's divine plan as the Bible simply and clearly presents it.

        Several articles on this index address this topic: http://divinepageant.com/Articles.htm

One in particular:  http://divinepageant.com/vessels_for_destruction.htm



        It should be unnecessary to explain to anyone who has read the Bible that it is the story of one select race of people, being their story alone, and regards no other race except in those occasional incidents where a neighboring race has interaction with God's chosen ones. Odds are that you have never wondered that the Bible doesn't tell about the tribes of Africa, the Chinese, the American Indians, the Patagonians or the Eskimoes. The entire Bible is replete with phrases such as "God of Israel," and "God of Jacob." Neighbors of the Israelites knew very clearly that Israel's God was not theirs. Israelites were told that their God is a jealous God. They were told they were favored and unique and His beloved chosen ones. Never does the Bible indicate that God changed His mind. God is actively expressing Himself through one special race of people whose special instincts compel them to strive toward spiritual perfection and to bring forth a kingdom of God under the rulership of Christ. This single race was protected and nurtured and disciplined and guided and placed under a specific contract for its special work. The individuals of this chosen race are the ONLY ones "born from above," (born with God's indwelling Spirit) whose ultimate destiny is to return to their home above. As Jesus explained to Nicodemus (Jn 3), only those who come "from above" can return there. Born with the breath-of-God, they are DIFFERENT from all other races!

        A list of articles on this subject is at: http://divinepageant.com/race_index.htm

        Other articles can be accessed through: http://divinepageant.com/new_covenant_intro.htm



        After Solomon's sons divided the Israelites into a southern kingdom of Juda and a northern kingdom called Israel, God's family violated their contract with Him so terribly that He divorced the northern tribes from Himself. They were then evicted from their Promised Land and dispersed by attacks from Assyria in 8th C. BC. The southern nation of Juda was later evicted by attacks from Babylon in 586 BC. Many Israelites migrated to Greece where Zara Juda's children had already settled the Aegean; many went to Britain which Brutus (son of Aeneas, lineage of Zara Juda) settled in 1103 BC; and many crossed the Caucasus mountains to settle Europe where they were first known as Scythians, and later Gauls and Germans and Nords. Europe's flags and standards have identified our people as Israel for 3,000 years! The Lion of Juda is the symbol of Royal England. David's harp is the personal standard of the British sovereign. Jacob's stone (the throne of David) has rested beneath the British Coronation Throne since 1296 AD. Anyone who is interested can identify the other tribal emblems on north European flags. That the Christian world could so effectively hide or ignore this conspicuous (flags!!!) information should make a thinking person pause to ponder what is really going on with this religion!

        See: http://divinepageant.com/our_people.htm



        GOOD INSTINCTS of love, compassion, benevolence, and justice, are born into God's chosen race of ADAMIC-ISRAELITES, expressing the attributes of our God who lives in and through us.

        EVIL INSTINCTS of lying, fraud, exploitation, immorality, perversity, and murder are born into Satan's race from CAIN and ESAU/EDOM, today's Jews, expressing the attributes of their Father who lives in and through them.

        The history of civilization is the epic saga of two brothers who are natural enemies, one who strives to climb Jacob's ladder back to God his Father, while the other attempts to thwart that climb by murdering him. The story begins with Cain as a son of Satan who kills his brother, Abel, about 5,300 BC. The Cain race has throughout history paralleled the Adamic race, always exploiting and destroying. The battle is renewed about 1,900 BC when we see Esau attempting to kill Jacob in order to reclaim the birthright he had sold. Esau/Edom married into the Cain race, whose descendants then renewed the war against Jacob/Israel in 132 BC by converting to the Judaic religion of Jerusalem (Babylonian Talmudic Phariseeism), and within a century taking it over entirely, pushing true Israelites out of Jerusalem, and claiming the name Judeans (Jews) for themselves, to this very day.

         Jesus accuses them of their fraud in John 8:44. Following the 70 AD and 135 AD purges of Edomite Jews from Jerusalem by Rome, they migrated westward and northward, their Jewish diaspora following the Israelite diaspora of previous centuries into Europe. The Edomite Jews were specially favored by Roman Emperors, with whom they had great influence for persecuting Christians in the early centuries. After Constantine made Christianity the State religion, Jews became prominent in the development of the Roman Catholic tyranny against European Christians, whereupon later inquisitions killed hundreds of thousands. Many Popes were admittedly Jewish. Then in the 20th century the Jewish Bolshevik regime killed over FIFTY MILLION Germanic-European Christians; in 1939 Herzl's Zionists published a book proposing extermination of the entire German race. It was then that Germany tried to stop the genocide. In America today, President Clinton, in his year 2,000 State of the Union Address, proposed that the white-European race become a minority within fifty years. The Government and the Jewish media are promoting race-mixing as the present method to exterminate our white race of Jacob. The media promotes the perversion of all Christian values, exalting sex, homosexuality, and other races, while mocking all Biblical values. The European white-race no longer remembers its Celtic/Germanic culture; we are even conditioned to the Jewish immoral sense-of-humor! Esau's war against Jacob continues.

        Many articles on my website discuss this topic. You might start with two chapters of the book, Christ's New Covenant, namely: http://divinepageant.com/Divine%20Spirit.htm  and http://divinepageant.com/Dynamic%20Struggle.htm



        The Greek word, ethnos (θvoς) is translated into English as gentile, and Christians are taught that it means non-Jew. But in 1599 and 1611 when the first English Bibles were made, the word gentile correctly meant clan or tribe, most often used by N.T. writers to mean our own Israelite tribes. In Skeat's Etymological Dictionary of the English Language, the word is derived from Old French and Latin. Skeat says, "XVI cent.; F. gentil. C L. gentilis, belonging to the same clan, a gentile (afterwards applied to mean well-bred, &c). C L. genti-, decl. stem of gens, a clan, tribe." The original use of the word referred to those who belong to the same clan or tribe, a meaning nearly opposite its use in Scripture today as all nations other than JewsGentile does not mean all others, but really means excluding all others, limited to a specific ethnic group.

        The Greek Lexicon of Liddell & Scott, lists many references to Greek Classical literature along with Biblical witness for defining the word ethnos (θvoς). The definitions are: "number of people living together, company, body of men; particular tribe; a nation, a people; a caste, a tribe; a guild; a relation."  Websters Unabridged Dictionary defines the word, "Gentile," as "of a clan, tribe, people, or nation." The Encyclopedia Americana says for the Latin root word, "gens":  "GENS, among the Romans, denoted that those persons belonged to the same gens who bore the same name; had no slave among their ancestors; and who had not been reduced from a superior to an inferior condition. The gens consisted of many families, supposedly of kindred blood, but was also applied to a whole community, the members of which were descended from a common stem."

        The Greek word, ethnos (θvoς) means exactly the same as the Roman word, "gens."  When ethnos (θvoς) was used by Jesus or others, they didn't mean non-Jews; they meant those of our own ethnic group: Israelite tribes. Sometimes the word referred to some other specific ethnic group (properly translated as nation), but it never meant "all nations of the world other than the Jews!"  Some recent Jewish-published dictionaries (like Webster's) define gentile as non-Jew.

        The perverted definition of this word promotes a political agenda of universal liberte, fraternite, egalite, a philosophy of humanism that does not admit genetic racial differences, nor that God might have an agenda different from the Edomite one-world-socialists who see humans as mere organisms whose only value is service to their State.

        For further details on this topic, see  http://divinepageant.com/Gentiles.htm  and http://divinepageant.com/Miscellany/ETHNGENS.htm and http://divinepageant.com/Miscellany/GENTILES.htm and http://divinepageant.com/Miscellany/GENTSALV.htm



        Jesus said, "I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel" (Mat. 15:24). That is an explicit statement, recorded in our inspired scripture. Any person who attempts to force other passages to include other races must somehow find a way to nullify Jesus' statement. Was He just wrong about His mission? Did the God Who "changeth not" change His mind after Jesus died - without telling us? The book of Hebrews was written several years after Jesus' death and after Pentecost, and in chapter 8 we see that the New Covenant is a contract between God and the House of Israel, just as the Old Covenant had been. It seems clear that God is consistent regarding His chosen Israel, but liberal evangelists twist the Gospel message, partly by misunderstanding the word gentile. St. Paul anguished because he was sent to the gentiles instead of to his own house of Juda. He knew the gentiles ethnos (θvoς) to be the northern tribes of Israel in Greece, but he held the southern kingdom's deep animosity against those diasporan northern kingdom Israelites. Finally, he reconciled himself to his calling and admitted "there is no difference between Judean and Greek" (Romans 10:12). Both, the southern and northern kingdoms, comprise the tribes of Israel, God's elect race. Paul never went to any non-Israelites.

        Clearly, the Old and New Covenants apply only to this one genetic lineage from Israel. Only Israelites agreed to the Old Covenant, the Law, and no other people can be charged with violating that law which was not given to them! It would be nonsense for Jesus to come to redeem other races from a guilt which is not theirs. Jesus settled Israel's breach-of-contract and then acted as Israel's agent to secure a new contract, which is again (Heb 8) limited to the specific descendants of Israel. So, it would again be nonsense for missionaries to carry Israel's Good News to other races, to people for whom Jesus did not come.

        Many articles on the website address this topic: See http://divinepageant.com/Covenants.htm



        Jesus said, "My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me." (John 10:27). Jesus went into Judea and Galilee to shepherd His sheep of Israel away from the Jerusalem Temple and its religion of Babylonian Talmudic Phariseeism, a corrupt religion born during the Babylonian captivity with strong influences from the Chaldean Mystery religions of magic. Jacob's descendants followed Him, to be called by a new name, "Christian." It isn't any secret that the only peoples of the past two thousand years who have unhesitatingly claimed Jesus as their Lord have been the white race Europeans, and their descendants in America. No other race feels such a natural attraction to Jesus. That instinct is an incredibly powerful force, evidenced by our history. Equally opposing our instinct of attraction to Jesus has been the Edomite repulsion of Him. America's Edomite/Jew leaders and media and educators and justices work feverishly to demonize Christians and our values, even outlawing our God from public places - amazingly while welcoming Islam and witchcraft into communities and schools, along with promoting homosexuality and immorality while prohibiting abstinence. Their ownership of the TV and entertainment industry, to which our sheep innocently yield, completes the slaughter of Jesus' sheep.

        Let's look at this simply, Jesus either led His true sheep to follow Him, or He did not. It is an empty argument to say that some Juda Israelites did not follow Him, thus they are the people now calling themselves "Jews" today. Historical evidence disproves that. In St. John=s Revelation Jesus speaks about the Edomites who call themselves "Jews," saying:  "I know those who say they are Jews but are not; they are the synagogue (body) of Satan." (Rev. 2:9 & 3:9).

        See:  http://divinepageant.com/Miscellany/SHEEP.htm and http://divinepageant.com/Sheep%20Goats.htm



        The prophet Malachi writes: "1The oracle of the word of the Lord to Israel by Malachi. 2'I have loved you,' says the Lord. But you say, 'How hast thou loved us?' 'Is not Esau Jacob's brother?' says the Lord. 'Yet I have loved Jacob 3but I have hated Esau; I have laid waste his hill country and left his heritage to jackals of the desert.' 4If Edom says, 'We are shattered but we will rebuild the ruins, 'the Lord of host says, 'They may build, but I will tear down, till they are called the wicked country, the people with whom the Lord is angry for ever.= @ (KJV Mal. 1:1-4)

        The Edomites who call themselves "Jews" have never succeeded at having a country of their own, until white-race Israel gave them Palestine in 1948, subsidizing them heavily ever since, and defending their land for them.

        Any Bible student knows that a primary theme of O.T. prophets is God=s vengeance against Edom, also called Idumea or Mount Seir. Those prophets wrote of end-times, long ahead, when the devil's kingdom is overthrown and the kingdom of God begins. Those ancient prophecies about the annihilation of Edom have not yet been fulfilled, so we must assume that God has not forgotten the enemies of Israel "with whom the Lord is angry for ever."  Sadly, it is the innocent sheep of Israel, Christ's followers, Christians, who from their natural compassion refuse to recognize the wolf in their midst, even trying to evangelize them for Christ. Jesus told them to their face that God is not their father, but rather they are children of the devil. Yet, it is a main theme of Christian Evangelism to proclaim them to be God's chosen ones, and to convert them to Christianity. Nonsense, for just as no non-Israelite can be born again with God's Spirit in him, it is equally impossible for Satan's children to do so. It=s time to shine a bright light onto this error, so the sheep can know who they themselves really are, and who their real and active enemy is.

        See:  http://divinepageant.com/Jew%20Question.htm  and  http://divinepageant.com/Esau%20v%20Jacob.htm



        Every Christian knows that Christians are the body of Christ, so that need not be proven here. That Satan is the head of the Cain/Edom/Jews race is not easily accepted by well-meaning Christians who charitably want to include everyone in the body of Christ. In John 8:44 Jesus says to the Edomite Jews in Jerusalem, "You are out of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning and has not stood in truth because truth is not in him." The Greek words do not just accuse them of being "of" their father the devil, but that they are "out of" him. Jesus= reference to "murderer from the beginning" was a reference to Cain, whom many believe was fathered by Satan through Eve, as a fraternal twin to Abel who was fathered by Adam. By this means, two opponent races were spawned, each having opposite natural instincts. The forbidden fruit of the Fall was the same as it is today, illegitimate sex. In Gen. 3:13, Eve says, "The serpent beguiled me." (KJV). While the Christian church has resisted this theory, we must not reject it too quickly. Look at Genesis 3:15, where God is speaking to Satan "I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed (σπέρματός spermatos) and her seed." Satan=s seed is sperm! It is consistent with the theme of the Bible and with God's divine plan that both the good and evil races should be genetically real.

        See http://divinepageant.com/Miscellany/RACE.htm  and  Key Five in the Commentary on the book of Revelation: http://divinepageant.com/revelation.htm#KEY%205:%20THE%20RACIAL%20THEME



        The Throne of David was established about 3,000 years ago, upon which David, a Christ-type, ruled over Israel. When Solomon's Temple was destroyed in 586 BC by Nebuchadnezzar, the prophet Jeremiah was permitted to take several items from the Temple. He took David's harp, the stone pillow of Jacob (representing the Throne of David), and perhaps the Ark of the Covenant. He also took two daughters of King Zedekiah, carrying these to Alexandria, Egypt where they all took a Phoenician ship to Spain. He left one of the daughters with the King of Iberia (word for Hebrew), and continued on to northern Ireland (then Scotia), with the other Princess, Tea Tephi (of Phares Judah lineage), who married King Eochaidh, of Zara Judah lineage, thus reuniting the two branches of Judah Royalty upon the stone of Jacob (Throne of David). Jeremiah set up a college, named "Tara," where men were educated in scriptures and leadership qualities so they could govern the Israelite people. Tea Tephi is buried in Ulster; the grave mound still exists untouched. There is an ancient statue of Jeremiah, too. The stone of Jacob was taken to Scotland after a few centuries, where the Davidic Throne continued. In 1296 King Edward I of England took the stone, installing it in the Coronation Throne at Westminster Abbey in London, where it has served as England's Coronation Throne for 700 years until September, 1996, when it was returned to Edinburg, Scotland. British Royalty have always known that they sit upon the Throne of David which God promised would always be occupied. On a wall in Westminster Abbey there hangs a large diagram showing the direct lineage of Britain's Royalty back to King David himself. On the personal standard of the English sovereign is the harp of David. This topic is mentioned in more than twenty articles on the website: See http://divinepageant.com/World%20Stage.htm and http://divinepageant.com/Miscellany/GOSPEL.htm



    Long term history can be diagrammed on a sine-wave curve, with one complete cycle equal to one precession of equinoxes, about 24,000 years. Each cycle is divided into twelve segments, commonly known as Zodiac Ages, being approximately 2,000 years each, but not necessarily equal. At the cusp of each age, a significant person appears who keynotes the following period. 12,000 years ago our planet suffered a reversal of its magnetic field, which began a new half-cycle of negative energy, under rulership of the negative force of Satan. Then at 5,508 BC Adam and Eve appeared, at the beginning of the age of Gemini, representing the heavenly twins of Gemini. About 4,100 BC, the beginning of Taurus and nadir of the cycle, Noah's flood occurred; that was the moment of maximum negative amplitude, and signalled an upturn of the energy curve. Taurus (bull or calf) is one of the four fixed signs, and one of the four Living Beings of Revelation 4, Isaiah 6, & Ezekiel 1, which represents Emotional Mind. About 2,100 BC Abraam appeared at the beginning of Aries (Lamb), instituting a religion focused upon Lamb and foretelling the coming of God's own Lamb. At the end of Aries, Christ was born as God's Lamb, thus inaugurating the age of Pisces (fish). Fish was the symbol used by His disciples and a theme of His ministry. In Matthew 24 Jesus foretells the end-time events to occur at the end of Pisces. Since we are now at the end of Pisces, we can expect another magnetic field reversal, as described by Jesus in Mat. 24, ending the negative half-cycle and beginning a positive half-cycle (Kingdom of Heaven) during which Jesus Christ will reign. The imminent age of Aquarius is a fixed-sign of Man, another of the four Living Beings of Revelation 4,representing Spiritual Mind. The other two Living Beings are the Eagle (Scorpio) as Intellectual Mind, and the Lion of Judah (Leo) as Physical Mind. The activity of those four Minds of God make up the substance of this reality which we players do perceive. The 12 Zodiac signs are symbols of our spiritual course; the twelve sons of Jacob (each with 3 blessings) symbolize the course of our earthly history.

        That sketch should provide one with the necessary keys to plot a diagram of recorded history, which then enables one to interpolate events (some reciprocal), and with other obvious scripture references to diagram an entire cycle of God's divine plan. This reveals theme, plot, and purpose of His Grand Plan. Solomon hinted at such a cyclic pattern when he said everything has already been in ages past, but has been forgotten.

        Print a copy of the sine-wave diagram at http://divinepageant.com/sine-wave%20diagram.htm

        For a comprehensive exposition see God's Kosmos at http://divinepageant.com/Gods%20Kosmos.htm, also  http://divinepageant.com/revelation.htm#SINE%20WAVE%20DIAGRAM  and http://divinepageant.com/Historical%20Patterns.htm



        The Greek word which is translated into English as eternity is αώv/ain (aeon or eon in English dictionaries) which does not mean a timeless forever, but rather "lifetime; age, generation; long space of time; space of time clearly defined and marked out - epoch, age." (Liddel & Scott's Greek-English Lexicon, 1996). Kittel's Theological Dictionary of the New Testament says that αώv/ain means "relative period of time allotted to each specific thing." The proper translation for αώv/ain is "during ages." Sometimes Bible writers speak of "ages of the ages," which does mean everlasting, as in forever, but not in any timeless sense. So, eternity is not a state of timelessness, but is the time of the future six ages on this planet, as the program of God continues through another half-cycle.

        I should mention that time and space probably will become somewhat non-linear during the Kingdom of God, and that is something we cannot yet imagine, though some theoretical physicists are struggling with the concept.

        For discussion of the ages, refer to the links above, for Thesis 13, regarding the sine-wave diagram of long term history.



        In John 3:3 Jesus is speaking to Nicodemus, "unless someone is born from above (vωθεv - anothen), he is not able to see the kingdom of God." Most English Bible versions translate the verse to read "born again," but the Greek word, vωθεv - anothen, has never meant "again," and is not translated as "again" elsewhere in the Bible. In John's third chapter, the word vωθεv - anothen is used three times; used in verses 3, 7, & 31. In verses 7 and 31 it is translated into most English versions properly as "from above." English Lexicons and scholarly word-studies (like Kittel's) clearly state that the word means "from above." It appears that the mistranslation is deliberate, making the verse support the false idea that anyone can be "born again."

        Nicodemus didn't understand Jesus at first, sarcastically asking if he must be born again, so Jesus went on to explain that He was referring to being born "of Spirit." He was telling Nicodemus that only those who came from above, being both flesh AND spirit, can return there, that the kingdom of God is ONLY for those who came "from above." All people except Israelites are born only of flesh; being born from above means born possessing the spirit of God within oneself. Strangely, although Jesus explained it clearly to Nicodemus, the Bible translators didn't get it! Or else they are knowingly promoting their own universalist doctrine.

        For further, see: http://divinepageant.com/INTRO%20CHRISTIANITY.htm#Born%20Again



        Significant events, or series of events, in past history are often models of future events or periods of time. The most obvious of many examples is Israel's Egypt sojourn, a 400 year period in a foreign land, for which approximately 250 years were prosperous and flourishing, the next 150 years being under increasing oppression; the last forty of these being under wicked rulers. Then comes a liberation (the exodus), and a forty year wilderness/transition period while older generations die off so that old baggage isn't carried into the new kingdom. Then a Jesus (called Joshua in Hebrew) leads Israel into a Promised Land. All aspects of that historical period are directly analogous to events in America from about 1600 AD; prospering as a nation under God. Then, 1848 was the most significant turning-point year in our history, beginning about 150 years of oppression with wars, central banking, increasing taxes, loss of constitutional freedoms, and since the 60's a trashing of all our Godly values, legalized killing of our babies, and government sponsored race-mixing with unlimited immigration of dark races. At some time between 2,000 & 2020, we will be liberated by a supernatural geophysical event (Red Sea analogy), perhaps the magnetic-field reversal, spend forty years in difficult wilderness, then be led into the Kingdom of Heaven by Jesus.

        Philo Judeas of Alexandria interpreted the Old Testament stories as allegories. He had the right idea, all events are allegories, mostly because all events are repeated through history, making cyclic patterns. Historical events represent ideas, conclusions, summations, or abstracts of belief sets. I conclude that everything one perceives, including oneself, is symbolic of some aspect of God. As living symbols, we are experiences of God. Please don= t mistake this for pantheism. Also, within a Grand Cycle of 24,000 years, each Zodiac period can be sub-diagrammed as a cycle whose pattern is the same as the grand paradigm. And there are subsequent sub-cycles, too, at sub-divisions which fit the model. So it is that an atom is a micro-model of a macro-model of solar-system and an even larger model of a galaxy. And so it is that significant events are the beat-frequencies of diverse processes, some of which might even appear as anomalies.

        The book of John's Revelation reveals not just God's overall plan but also the very nature of God as being the Past, the Present, and the Future. The seven churches, to whom letters are sent, represent seven epochs of time which play out as repeated patterns of historical events. The introductory sections of my Commentary on Revelation discusses the nature of God's expression of Himself through such cyclic patterns.

        See http://divinepageant.com/revelation.htm , also  http://divinepageant.com/Gods%20Signs.htm  and http://divinepageant.com/Historical%20Patterns.htm



        The story of Adam and Eve takes place in the Garden of Eden, which matches well with the Pamir Plateau, just north of Pakistan. The Adamic race exited that plateau to the east, landing them in the Tamir Pendi of western China, which is bordered on the north by the Tien Shan mountains. Aryan/Caucasian mummies have been found at the foothills of those mountains which date back several thousand years. They are in excellent condition, with blond hair, blue eyes, with sophisticated clothing and tools. China has kept them secret for a long time because that white race predates the known ancient civilizations of Asia. There is still today a minority race of people near the eastern edge of Tarim Pendi who are Caucasian and speak an ancient dialect of the Aryan language called Tocharian. From that region, our ancestors next appear in the Punjab with the Sanskrit language, which is the parent to all modern Indo-European languages. Our ancestors influenced that region of northern India from which we got the Hindu Vedas and Upanishads which portray spiritual values similar to our Biblical teachings. Next our ancestors appear in Mesopotamia (Sumer) about 3,500 BC, where archaeologists find a sudden advance in civilization, evidence they accept as indicating the arrival of the Aryans. Then in Chaldea, Abram appears about 2,000 BC, and we know the rest of the story, the tribes of Israel migrating to Europe and then to America, still identified by the ancient tribal emblems which reveal our lineage.

        While this topic is discussed in many articles on this website, the most comprehensive is probably: http://divinepageant.com/our_people.htm




        The Adamic race has a natural instinct motivating us to be good, to improve, always to PROGRESS rather than to adopt wicked values and worship of material or sense-gratifications. As we proceed along our climb up Jacob's ladder toward spiritual perfection, we are beset with physical ailments which force us to confront spiritual issues. Our physical problems are symptoms of spiritual defects, indicators which might provide information to guide us in the right direction, if we are willing. Over the centuries of our path, we learn God's truths, and we learn righteousness, and we learn the consequences of ignoring God's laws. Our Israel family was given a covenant of laws as a special gift, to help guide us toward God. While we cannot re-do our past sins, Israel has the priceless gift of forgiveness, along with a New Covenant, which enables us to make progress to the extent that we can be honest about ourselves and can actually accept that forgiveness (not easy!).

        It is a serious mistake to look to medical science for instant cures, thereby ignoring the spiritual lesson which God is offering. Medical science has become a kind of magic, to which we give worshipful offerings, beseeching doctors to fix us. Turning to gods of medicine instead of to our God of Jacob is no different than turning to other worldly idols, an idolatry that is often rewarded by the very lord of this world, Satan himself. In ancient Greek mythology, the god Asclepius was the god of medicine, who was so talented that he was going to make mankind immortal. So, Zeus killed him with a thunderbolt to prevent that. The lesson is that no external cures should be able to cure the physical symptoms of spiritual ailments, permitting us to neglect our assigned task of perfecting ourselves spiritually.

        Although I don't have specific articles written about this topic (something I hope yet to do), it seems indisputable that our physical bodies and health are valid indicators of our spiritual attitudes. Some of my articles regarding health, etc. are at: http://divinepageant.com/nontheological%20index.htm



        Many Christians, in their sincere desire to be righteous, have gotten caught up in a fad of venerating personal names of God, such as YHWH and EL and ADONAI. The truth is that our God never gave a personal name for Himself except "I AM," which signifies the quality of Beingness; the God Who transcends any differentiation, (differentiation being the purpose of a personal name). So, where have the alleged names of God come from? They came from the Hebrew text of the Old Testament, a text which is only about one-thousand years old, a Hebrew text that had no prior existence. The so-called Hebrew language of today began originally about 700BC as a mix of Phoenician and Aramaic among Israelites who were taken captive to Assyria. The language continued to develop there and in Babylon and was later brought to Jerusalem about 500 BC by returnees who rebuilt the temple. The language had no alphabet until the square-letter Herodian Script was invented a few years prior to Christ. There was no O.T. text in Hebrew until nearly 1,000 AD when the Edomite Massoretes created it from the Greek Septuagint of 285 BC. The Greek Septuagint was the Bible of Jesus, His Disciples, and of Philo and Josephus, Jewish historians. There is no mention or hint of any Hebrew language O.T. until centuries later. So, we've only had a Hebrew O.T. for about a thousand years, but we've had a Greek O.T. for more than 2,200 years.

        About 1,000AD the Edomite Jews presented the Hebrew O.T. as the original O.T.  The Roman Catholic Church accepted it without question. Of course it would because it was already ruled by Edomite Jews who were its bishops and popes. But the eastern half of Christianity did not accept that spurious translation, and still claims the Greek Septuagint as the original. We Christians bought another fraud from the people whom Jesus accuses in John 8:44 of being liars, whose father is not God, but the devil.

        The Greek Septuagint uses only the word Theos for God and Kyrios for Lord, generic terms which represent our unlimited God. Some scholars claim the Greek Septuagint was translated from an original Hebrew text, but there was no such suggestion of that by those who compiled the Septuagint. IF the Israelite translators did translate from Hebrew (for which no alphabet yet existed) into Greek, and IF the various personal names of God deserved veneration, then they would have included those personal names in the Greek text. But they did not! Some people argue that the names were too sacred to speak or write; yet, IF the names were already written in an original Hebrew text, there would be no reason to exclude them in a Greek copy!

        Our Indo-European race and language history has always used words for God similar to Theos or God. In Greek the word was Theos or Zeus; in Sanskrit Dyus; in Latin Deus. The Indo-Germanic word was God or Gud or Gott. The Adamic white race is Indo-European/Indo-Germanic. That Aramaic language which is a parent of modern Hebrew belongs to the Afro-Asian language family. Several Aramaic personal names of God are used in the Jewish religion for purposes of magic. Rabbi Gikatilla says in his Sha= are Orah (Gates of Light), a twelfth century treatise on Jewish religion, "those who want their needs fulfilled by employing the Holy Names should try with all their strength to comprehend the meaning of each Name of God as they are recorded in the Torah, names such as EHYE, YH, YHWH, AdoNaY, EL, ELOH, ELoHIM, SHaDaY, and TZVAOT. One should be aware that all the names mentioned in the Torah are the keys for anything a person needs in all the world."  In other words, personal names of God serve just as any other idols. While Gikatilla lists the name EL as a personal name, it is most commonly used as the Aramaic generic name for God, just as our Indo-European language uses the generic term God. Since we are racially and linguistically and historically (from Adam) an Aryan (Indo-European) people, it is rather incongruous that we should venerate an Afro-Asian term above our own language words for our God. I suspect this is happening because the Edomites have so easily convinced white-race Europeans to despise our own race, history, language, and culture in order to exalt anything primitive or perverse, as promoted by them.

        While it is commendable for nave Christians to contemplate the many attributes of God, such as love, or mercy, or justice, we need to beware of the sacred-name yeast which entices us to use personal names of God as tools of magic, as though God is obligated to grant one's request if the right name or right pronunciation is used. What nonsense! Such a practice is common to earth-religions, including Chaldean Mystery Schools and Jewish Kabbalism, but it is a magic technique that is contrary to our God of Abraam and Jacob.

        See: http://divinepageant.com/sacred_name.htm



        Each tribe of Israel had its own symbol, which it flew on its flag. They are as follows: Judah C Lion; Ruben C Man; Ephraim C Bull; Dan C Eagle; Issachar C Donkey; Zebulun C Ship; Simeon C Sword; Gad C Knight; Manasse C Olive Branch & 13 Arrows; Benjamin C Wolf; Asher C Goblet; Naphtali C Hind. Levi did not fly a flag because the men were priests mixed among all tribes. Joseph did not have a special emblem since his two sons, Manasse and Ephraim have their own emblems. By counting Levi, there are actually 13 tribes.

        Most of these emblems have always flown and still do fly on flags of northern European countries, some countries using several of the emblems. America uses the Eagle of Dan; Dan was the pioneering tribe whose members made up the early Phoenicians with their shipping trades. America uses the 13 Arrows and Olive Branch of Manasse (the 13th tribe). The number 13 represents Manasse, and has been prominent in American history with 13 colonies, 13 stripes on the flag, 13 olives on the branch held in the Eagle= s talon, and 13 arrows in the Eagle= s other talon. On the U.S. official emblem, the Cloud above the Eagle represents the cloud which guided Israel through the wilderness and hovered over the tabernacle when they camped.

        The Lion of Judah represents the Royal Tribe of Judah which has governed the British Isles since about 580 BC, still being the Throne of David which Jesus will reclaim at His return. The Bull of Ephraim represents the nation of England. While the Roman Church of the Dark Ages warred against northern Europeans, they denigrated true Israel, and refused to acknowledge their true origins, which their flags conspicuously proclaimed. It is interesting that the Protestants have continued to defend the ignorance of the Roman Church, and still today are closed to this obvious truth. Flags are rather conspicuous, aren't they? No problem for a Christian Church which sleeps.

        For the most comprehensive study of the twelve sons of Jacob, which includes the identities of the countries which use the ancient tribal emblems, see: http://divinepageant.com/jacobs%2012%20sons.htm

also: http://divinepageant.com/Primer.htm#Who%20Lost%20Sheep%20Israel



        There is historical record from ancient writings in Britain for anyone who is willing to contemplate the significance of this. Ancient records tell of Joseph as the merchant of Britain's tin, shipping it to Palestine. He brought the young man, Jesus, to Britain, and obtained a piece of land upon which this Glastonbury church was built. St. Paul and several other disciples traveled to Britain, where some of them died and were buried. This is another piece of history that should be quite meaningful to us who are true Israelite sheep who know our true Shepherd. There is so much literature on this subject, and I have not focused upon it for myself, therefore, I've written no articles about it. However, the history of our own past reveals our racial lineage and intimate connection with Jesus Himself. How can we appreciate our identity as Christ's true sheep, and as the tribes of Israel, if we are ignorant of the history which confirms these facts? One website which provides some synopsis of Joseph in Britain, along with other disciples, is http://www.celticorthodoxchurch.com/joseph.html

Amazon.com has the books,  St. Joseph of Arimathea at Glastonbury, and The Celtic Church in Britain and The Origin and Early History of Christianity and Traditions of Glastonbury and others on this subject.

        With all the historical confirmation of our history and our identity, it is beyond astounding that modern Christian churches still teach that our white race is not the tribes of Israel or the sheep of Jesus' fold. Yet, anyone who is willing to do so, can easily trace our fascinating history for himself.




        Judah, a son of Israel, fathered the tribe which would be the Royal line, to rule over Israel. David and Jesus were members of the Judah tribe. Judah's sons, Zara and Phares, grew up in Egypt where Jacob's family had moved about 1825 BC. The mother of these twins was Tamar. At their birth, Zara's hand was extended first and a maid tied a scarlet cord around it because the laws of Primogeniture were extremely important. But then Phares was born first. Phares gained the blessing to continue the Royal line, and Zara's descendants left Egypt. The Phares lineage would lead to Jesus. Zara's sons, Darda and Calcol settled around the Aegean Sea, where the Dardanelles still remind us of Darda (called Dardanus by Homer). Darda's son was Erichthonios, whose son was Tros (City of Troy), whose sons were Ilos (City of Ilium) and Assarachos. The Ilos line continued with Laomedan, whose son Priam was the head of Troy (in Homer's ILIAD). Hector was the son of Priam. This line of descendants would later be continued in the Nordic peoples. The Assarachos line continued with a son, Capys, who begat Achises, whose son was Aeneas (yes, Vergil's AENEAS), whose son was Brutus (who settled Britain in 1103, after whom Britain is named), whose son was Cwmryu, King of Britain.

        This history is neglected in America, but it should be in our children's schoolbooks. Ancient historians such as Bede and Geoffrey of Monmouth, and Chretien de Troyes, et al provide some of the details.

        See: http://divinepageant.com/synopsis_of_bible_history.htm#Israelites%20in%20Egypt and http://divinepageant.com/our_people.htm



        Christians are misled regarding the identity of Satan, who is not just the terror of horror movies, but is that great DECEIVER who appears to be good, attracting innocent Christians to worship him. Satan is lord of this world; worldly things are his to grant to those who turn to him. He works through such mediums as the prosperity churches and sects who teach that our loving God wants us to have all the good-things of life, all wonderful luxuries, and the good life. We forget that Jesus told us to reject all that and to die to this world, following Him. Christians are enticed to turn away from God in order to trust in scientific wonders, insurance, medicines and surgeons, along with lusting after modern inventions and technological marvels and Jewish entertainment. We members of the body of Christ are enticed to worship Satan, then all these worldly joys will be ours, just as the Tempter offered them to Jesus. Satan offers us the world, through his children, the Cain/Edom race. The greatest scientists, such as Einstein, have been Edomite Jews. Jews have designed the modern technological age, and we Israelites have produced it. Satan has captured us by giving us a frenetic pace of life that requires our total devotion. This modern Jewish political and economic and materialistic civilization is the Beast of Revelation. Jesus calls us to something entirely different, and we should give it some consideration.

        Worse than being misled about Satan's methods, is the idea that we can blame Satan for making us do things. Satan's function, through his Edomite Jew children, is to tempt us and exploit us and hover around us just waiting for a chance to take unfair advantage. Satan's work, through his children, is part of God's great design, and Jesus did not berate him for that, nor should we. The truth is that Satan cannot make us do anything at all; he can only offer temptations to us. If we lust after luxuries, things, pleasures, sensual delights, or the worldly gifts that are his to grant, then we will be attracted to him who is the Lord of this world, and if we are God's chosen family, we will suffer consequences for yielding to such temptations. For us Israelites, such consequences are the just rewards of our apostasy; they are God's loving discipline as He tries to teach us to reject the kingdom of World, looking to Him as our Father and God!

        The entire website of www.divinepageant.com is about the contest between good and evil as performed on the earth stage by the descendants of two brothers, Israel and Edom. These two races of men are of divine origin, one born from above possessing the indwelling Spirit of God, and the other spawned from Satan and possessing the spirit of evil. That the kingdom of World is opposite the kingdom of Heaven is not information which needs defense for it is widely known to readers of the Bible. That Satan is the lord of the kingdom of World is something which Jesus admitted. My point is that most Christians are not aware that many of their prayers for earthly rewards are not from Jesus, but rather from the lord of this World who can grant them. I have listed this Thesis as a primary truth which should be acknowledged if we are to understand the Big Picture, and the theme of the pageant.

        Here is a satire, of a sort, about living under Satan's influence: http://divinepageant.com/life_in_hell.htm


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