The Bible is a book about "race." It is the story of one specific race of people, specially created, guided, protected, punished, and destined for a special future. For those who wrote the books of the Bible, race was a primary theme which they took for granted and dealt with unguardedly. Today, it is politically incorrect, even dangerous, to address the issue of race honestly; for it is this "truth" which is politically unacceptable. Every person can look at the performance and the track-records of the different races and see what is obvious, but no one is supposed to state it in words.

Once I began to understand the racial theme of the Bible, the story made even more sense, and God's divine plan became easier to understand. The long-term plan of God is a historical process which I have diagrammed on a sine-wave curve. What becomes strikingly clear is the physical nature of this process, being a relationship between two polar opposites: between positive energy and negative energy, between light and dark, between good and evil, between innocence and wickedness, between Christ and the devil, between one's spiritual instincts and one's human-nature instincts.

In order to perform this play as a struggle between two forces of opposite natures, God prepared a world stage populated with many kinds of creatures, including human beings of black and light-brown skins who are neutral players. Into that world, God introduced two white skin races, one with good instincts and one with evil instincts. The Adam and Eve story is about the introduction of two contestants; they entered as brothers. Cain and his descendants would use the instinctive nature given them by their father, the devil, and Adam would be progenitor of a race which has instincts given him by his Father, God. Immediately, Cain killed Adam's first son, Abel. It is that act of murder to which Jesus referred in John 8:44 when he told the Edomite "Jews": "You are out of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of it." Jesus was exposing and defining the people and their instinctive natures who are his opponents in this eternal battle.

Simply, there are three types of people on earth. First are the dark skinned races who actually perform the dark thoughts, beliefs, and ideas of the Christ race which creates this reality. The dark races do not have "creative" minds; that is they don't invent technological improvements; they merely live opportunistic lives, and do not have moral or ethical instincts. They function only poorly under moral laws after they have been conquered and assimilated into a society which has such laws, and they do not have philosophical minds which might invent an orderly society based on just laws. The dark races are pawns to be used by the next two types of people.

Second was that race that descended from Cain. Many believe that Scripture describes Cain as one whose physical father is Satan; that the "fall" was the seduction of Eve by Satan (the Archetype of evil just as Jesus is the Archetype of the Christ) and Cain was the offspring. Jesus made statements which corroborate this thesis. Cain represents the first of a race of people which have the instinctive compulsion to be wicked, lying, deceitful, fraudulent, hateful, and destructive.

Third was the white race from Adam. Jesus is called the second Adam in the New Testament. Adam's descendants would have natural instincts of goodness, innocence, compassion, honesty, nobility, and virtues which don't harm others.

Well, in the very first act of God's divine play, Cain kills his brother, Abel. That starts the program! Cain is evicted from the garden and goes off to marry dark-skin women of other races, creating a race which then parallels Adam's descendants through history. The Old Testament is a story of God's children in their struggles against neighboring peoples who exemplify attributes opposite the good Adamic natures. The devil's children are compelled by their very nature with a powerful instinct to hate God's children and to seek their destruction. The evil race was always neighboring the white race, and always seeking to draw them into their ungodly ways, their idol-worship, their immorality, and to destroy the Adamic white race through miscegenation. Through the Old Testament history and in white nations today, the primary method of destroying our race was, and still is, through race-mixing. The enemy races present some dark-haired, beautiful women, and some white men seem to have little strength in resisting them.

The race of Cain became many nations such as Arameans, Canaanites, Amorites, Assyrians, Babylonians, et al. About 1,800 B.C. our patriarch, Isaac, son of Abraam, bore two sons, again twins just like Cain and Abel, named Esau and Jacob. Again, like Cain, Esau was born first, and like Cain, Esau demonstrated a wicked nature. Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a meal, and after he was filled, wanted it back. But the deal was honest, and would not be reneged. Esau sought to kill Jacob, and Jacob was forced to flee the country for a matter of years. Esau lived physically at that time, and his wicked nature still lives through his descendants, having one compulsion, to reclaim that birthright from Jacob and his descendants.

Who is Esau today? Jesus gives us the best guide to locating them when he says, "by their fruits you shall know them." But, we can easily trace their path from Esau to those who today call themselves "Jews." Briefly, Esau's name became Edom, and his descendants occupied the land south of the Dead Sea, called "Edom." During the centuries before Christ, those Edomites caused a lot of trouble. They lived, not by productive work, but by robbing caravans which had to travel through their capital city of Petra.. About 312 B.C., they were conquered and forced out of Edom by the Nabateans, so they moved up into the land of Judah, calling their region Idumea. They loosely spread out, mixing with true Israelites throughout the entire region of Judea. They were so troublesome by 132 B.C. that John Hyrcanus forced them to convert to the Jerusalem Temple religion of Babylonian Talmudic Phariseeism, a religion which had developed in Babylon by combining the old Hebrew practices with the Chaldean Mystery Schools. Their Talmud is one of the most despicable, debased, degenerate instruction manuals of hate ever, and is the basis of the religion called "Judaism" to this very day. Shortly after the Edomites converted to the Jerusalem Temple religion, they took over Jerusalem and the Temple, with their own Herod becoming ruler over the true Israelites of the land. The true children of Jacob, were pushed to outlying areas of Jerusalem and towns of the area. Such was the situation when Jesus was born!

Jesus came, and led His sheep from the Palestine area, saying, "my sheep hear my voice, and they follow me." It was the true Israelite race which recognized Jesus as their shepherd and followed him; it was the Edomite "Jews" of Jerusalem who killed him. The Edomite Jews, descendants from Esau, were so troublesome to Rome that they were purged from the Palestine area by Emperor Titus in 70 A.D. Many Edomites fled to Spain where they later became known as Sephardim Jews; many went to Italy where there was already a community of about 50,000 Edomite Jews (by this time southern Italy was only about fifty percent white-race Greek, and the Roman greatness was declining); and some went northward to the eastern area of Russia, near the Urals, where they mixed with people there and became known as Khazars, later called Ashkenaz Jews. In recent centuries those Khazar Jews pushed into Europe where the true Israelites of the 700 B.C. Assyrian diaspora had settled. The Jews have controlled the economies of most of white-race Europe since about 1815. By the late third century in Italy, the Edomite Jews had great influence with the Roman emperors, and helped promote the persecution of Christians. When Constantine made it politically advantageous to be Christian, many Edomite Jews became Christian, and rose to influential ranks, whereby they helped to organize a new "catholic" religion after the manner of their kind of government (Communism is the Jewish form of government) with a despot at the head of a hierarchy. Many Popes, perhaps most, have been Jews. Notice that Roman Catholic officials still wear the Jewish skull cap, a sign of their real identity. Jesus never hinted at or promoted any type of organized church, rather He taught that each of God's chosen people of Israel is a priest and a king. So, the Roman Catholic Church became a form of Jewish tyranny which went on to create a thousand years of "dark age" over Europe, killing more than fifty million white-race Christians in its inquisitions.

With the Protestant Reformation in the 1500's, the Papal power was broken, and the white race was freed from the Jewish genocidal pogrom. Then at the beginning of the twentieth century the Jewish Hapsburgs lost control of their "Holy Roman Empire." Near the beginning of the twentieth century, the Jewish Great Sanhedrin formulated plans to take over Russia, Europe, and the United States, along with destruction of the white race. Theodor Herzl, leader of the Zionist movement, along with others of the "Learned Elders of Zion" met in Basel, Switzerland in 1897 to outline their agenda, a copy of which was stolen and is now available in the British Bodleian Museum as "The Protocols." The Bolshevik rebellion was designed and instigated by Jews, Trotsky (real name "Bernstein") and Lenin to create a Marxist state based on the Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx (a Jew) of 1848. Stalin, working for the Jewish agenda, killed another fifty million white-race Nordic Russian Christians.

Okay, there you have an overview of the play in progress. Since "race" is the theme of the Bible, and since the Jews are working to destroy the white race through genocide and through miscegenation, and since Jews own all major publishing companies, news media, and the government education program, it is important to them that the white race does NOT get a clear picture of the racial issues. By promoting immigration of other races to America, and by flooding the media with black race, the white race does not ever get to see clearly that the Jews are behind it all. They are the wolves in the midst of sleeping sheep.

We should also keep this in mind: When Jacob got the blessing from Isaac, and Esau begged for some blessing too, Isaac did give Esau a blessing. He said there would be a period of Esau's dominion over Jacob. That period has been the past few centuries. What Isaac did not complete, but was left to the prophet Jeremia to spell out: that Edom would in the end be annihilated by the hand of Jacob.

You may not agree with the above because it is not the politically-correct lesson taught in our churches. For one who wants to review Jesus' statements about the Jews, I suggest reading Matthew 23, John 8, and Revelation 2:9 & 3:9, along with many of Jesus' parables which become easy to understand once you know who are the good seeds and the bad seeds, who the wheat and who the tares.

To summarize the above: the dark skin races of earth are neutral, lacking in divine/creative mental capabilities. The Edomite Jews are the race from Cain, initially white but mongrelized with darker races, whose primal instinct is to destroy their brother race. The White race from Adam is God's expression of goodness on earth, being innocent lambs who are led so easily to slaughter because of their inclination to trust others to be as good as they are.

by Roger Hathaway, May 1998

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