by Roger Hathaway

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July 1, 2011  (FUNNY MEDICINE)

        I was just musing about the modern health care system; really it is a closed syndicate which profits not from health but from ill health. Here are a few things that come to mind at the moment; Iím sure victims of the system can think of many more.

        Teeth care: It is bacteria which cause tooth decay, but toothpaste doesn't kill bacteria, rather it contains an abrasive which scratches enamel and provides harbor for bacteria. You can rinse your mouth with Hydrogen Peroxide or some alcohol like Listerine to kill bacteria. Funny that dentists never recommend the killing of bacteria, isnít it. I use a soft toothbrush and simple Hydrogen Peroxide.

        Skin care: organisms/microbes live in the cells of healthy skin to break down waste from the blood and excrete it onto the surface of the skin where plain water can wash it away. Natural oils keep the skin supple and healthy. But soap cuts those oils and lets the skin dry out; soaps also tend to kill the microbes which then permits wastes to rot in the cells and make body odor. Funny that health experts donít explain the harm of soap, compared to the natural benefit of simple rinse water.

        Internal care: organisms/flora live in the intestinal tract where they process foods into nutrients which the blood carries to the cells. Antibiotics and most pharmaceuticals kill those essential organisms; Your health depends on a healthy internal system. Processed foods, chemicalized foods, pesticides, and many environmental chemicals also kill your essential microbes. Funny that doctors donít explain how to replace them with probiotics, fermented foods, raw milk, yogurt, sauer kraut, etc.

        Disease prevention: avoid hospitals where the air and objects are disease laden. Funny that hospitals donít use ozonators and ultraviolet light in the ventilation ducts, to sterilize the place.

Pharmaceuticals are poisons which work to poison some symptom of yours. But each poison causes a new problem, for which a different poison is prescribed. Many elderly people are so addicted (by doctorís orders) to expensive medicines that they canít afford food. Funny that those to whom we turn for help will so tenderly and compassionately throw their desperate victims to destruction, so lucratively.

        Life care: to prolong your life, avoid hospitals. Iatrogenics is the leading cause of death in America, above cancer, heart disease, everything. For a long time it was known to be the third leading cause, but has now moved up to first place. Iatrogenics is a Greek word which means "caused by the healer." Google the word iatrogenic and get a shocking education about the danger of the medical system. You might also google iatrogenic poverty to learn that medical costs throw tens of thousands of families into poverty each year, and they are also the leading cause of bankruptcies. A century ago, family doctors were friends who lived like their patients. Funny that doctors ignore their oath to "do no harm" so easily, while getting obscenely wealthy from violating it.

        Well, maybe Iím wrong; maybe it isnít so funny.

        Soul care: Personally, I replaced the medical system with common sense and the Great Physician. Heís not in the job for the money, and heís doing right well with me. And I donít need any insurance coverage to pay for His care, nor lab tests nor doctorís fees. All free!!! Well, one little thing is required: I must make Him my primary care physician and avoid all the others. Itís win-win!

        Funny that more donít catch onto this. Isnít it? Hmmmm, sometimes the word "funny" doesn't seem quite right.


July 2, 2011  (WALK ON WATER)  by Lisa Hathaway, wife of Roger.

        Over the years Iíve had friends and relatives who hoped and prayed for a miracle Ė something that would sweep them up, change their life, set them in a new place or on a new course. Yet when an opportunity presented itself, they hesitated, weighed the advantages and disadvantages, told themselves they should be rational and not foolish. They shrank back in fear. "What if I make a mistake? What if I loose something I now have? Maybe Iíll be sorry I walked out on that limb. I wonít be able to get back. Maybe it would be a mistake."

        I think of that wonderful story in the Bible about Peter walking on the water. What could one learn from that incident? Should I conclude that the moral of the story is, " Donít get out of the boat; youíll probably get wet!"? Of course not. The message is, "If youíll get out of the boat, God will show you a miracle!" The disciples who were fearful and didnít get out of the boat didnít get to walk on water.

        It seems that God cannot work with someone who is not willing to risk. If someone is bold enough to make a decision and take the first step, then God has something to work with. Recall these passages from Hebrews: "Do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised....ĎMy righteous one will live by faith. And if he shrinks back, I will not be pleased with him.í But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who believe and are saved. ... Without faith it is impossible to please God."

        When God saw that Saul was persecuting the early Christians, I can imagine He might have said, "I donít like what heís doing, but thereís a guy I can work with! He has passion and heís willing to take risks." And so the miracles began.

        So what can one expect if he or she decides to be bold, make radical changes, do the unexpected, actually trust God to do what He says. Well, like Peter, youíll probably get wet; that means it may not be comfortable at first. The people you are accustomed to being with will think youíve gone crazy or they will try to pull you away from your new decision. You must let them go and keep your eyes on God, not on the waves.

        What about that terrible miracle-stopper "I might make a mistake?" No doubt you will make some mistakes. Let yourself make mistakes; forgive yourself every day and stay on your path. In Godís view, He remembers your mistakes no more Ė even before you make them. Look at the great King David; he made gross mistakes, yet God said of him, "He is a man after My own heart." You must be open to Godís leading and open to following even if you donít know exactly where youíre going. When you make a mistake, just forgive yourself and donít throw away your confidence. Remember: God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of sound mind. (2 Tim. 1:7)

        What if you loose something you now have? You probably will. St. Paul lost everything of his former life. Most of the disciples lost something; many lost possessions, income, business, family, friends, even their lives. But I can tell you that peace of mind and absolute confidence in Godís care far out-weigh material possessions, insurance and medical care. And we cannot open our hands to receive something new if we are clutching tightly to what we already have.

        Itís a matter of faith and freedom, trusting that God will provide all that you need while you live your life free to do whatever you feel God has given you the talent and desire to do. The Bible is full of passages which tell us that God is trustworthy and does care for us. Years ago I started making a list of favorite Bible passages; it is now 10 pages long! Many of the passages tell us plainly that God does not appreciate fearfulness. Sometimes I add my own words, for emphases, which are here in italics in this verse, "Do not fear (be confident), for I am with you; do not be dismayed (be cheerful, happy, brave and confident), for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." (Is. 41:10)


July 3, 2011  (TEMPTATIONS)

        Each evening when weather permits, I sit on my deck and look out over distant ranges of Appalachian hills. Cool air forms fog down in the hollers and gradually fills the huge bowl until I can only see distant hilltops poking up through the cloud, to the west. The sun slowly sets as I gaze dreamily. I sip my wine, and perhaps puff on a cigar while my thoughts drift into aimless prayer. I yield to the bliss as I contemplate the natural world out there before me. Who am I that God would even be mindful of me? I wonder about His grand design; I grieve that it has gotten so corrupted that "all nature groans with eager longing" for its Liberation from this world of limitation, disease, chemical assault, etc. Yes, in it all I can see His design, but I see it writhing in the agony of Satanís malice. I share its feeling of despair. I feel inconsolable. Oh, God, let us all die so that we can be born anew in Thy kingdom ("Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven").  Instead of any desire for security or fame or wealth, rather would I die like all these plants and animals in nature which I see.

        I think of the family of which I am a part, God's great Family of Israel, and I wish I could share insights I've known with brothers and sisters. But I prefer anonymity to fame, and the internet to the pulpit. I suffer stage-fright and avoid groups. I did overcome that, temporarily, when I was preaching and teaching. But now, I avoid people as much as possible.

        Yet, I have been tempted a couple times to step forth; let me tell you a little of that.

        Once, a wealthy lady in Tucson, Arizona offered to finance a sojourn in India where I could seek out gurus and learn that ancient wisdom. I was renting a room in a home in Mesa and driving schoolbus for some income. Her offer was tempting, as she said to me once, "you are a god." Well, that kind of flattery can easily swell the head. But, I felt like I should decline her offer, avoid someone else's agenda, and continue as a seeker on my own.

        Once, mid 1980's, the spiritual leader of the Hopi nation in northern Arizona, David Monongye, told me that we would become blood brothers. He was the wise-man, like shaman, of that nation, and I felt honored that he would suggest such a thing. We had become friends over a period of time, as I attended the rain dances on the Hopi mesas. I did not pursue that honor, and later I reflected that it would have been an error because his gods were earth energies, while mine is far different.

        Once, a lady celebrity from a popular nationwide TV evangelistic ministry came to my home, here in Virginia, wanting to write a book about my life. Tempting, yes it was! But she had an agenda which conflicted with my beliefs, so I rejected that offer. It is tempting to compromise one's own authority for sake of benefits which others can provide, but once compromised, one can't get back on the path of a solitary seeker.

        Any person who yields himself to the life task of reflecting the true God will be tempted, just as Jesus was tempted in the desert. I am sharing this for those who might struggle with such temptations. Just say No. It is better to die in poverty, even by torturous death, than to profit from fame or wealth. Right now, my yearning is simply for Liberation from this world life, to die so that I can be free from this fraud reality and live anew in Godís real vineyard.

        My personal situation is such that I can happily release everything I have: home, possessions, everything, like cutting anchor lines. My 1923 farm home is badly deteriorated, the outbuildings are falling down. The mortgage balance is more than market value, so I have nothing to lose if it is taken from me. I heat mostly with wood in winter, but have a gas heater as backup. Our car is old and usually the poorest looking one in a parking lot. We have a small garden, which canít provide enough for the winter. And for all that I am thankful. I feel free and thankful that I donít have treasures built up on earth which I would hate to lose. Instead, I would be happy to lose everything, even to be destitute and hungry, seeking shelter wherever I could find it. I donít want anchor attachments entrapping me to this world because I am a foreignor here, and as one of God's prodigals, I yearn to return home. Imagine for yourself how a prodigal might shut the gate of the pig pen behind him in order to return to the Palace. Slam it and don't look back! "Run, Forest, run!"

        I like to share musings like the above because I also enjoy reading descriptions of experiences of my spiritual kin. I do surf the net in search of such kin. In this world we are solitaires, but in Spirit, we are a Family.


July 4, 2011  (THE PATH)

        "Whatís it all about, Alfie?" While idly reminiscing, I was just thinking of my years in Seminary, how excited I was to study such esoteric subjects. Most classmates were equally sincere; we loved the late night conversations in the dorm. To represent God is the highest office one can attain in life; I was so proud.

        After four years of study came one year of Vicarage, a sort of apprenticeship under an experienced pastor. I loved it, or at least the preaching and teaching. But, it gradually dawned on me that religion was not a spiritual experience; it was mostly busyness. I wasnít capable of leading others in the sharing of that longing for God which I felt in my soul, probably because it wasnít much developed in my own mind yet. Bible classes and preaching were just the same shallow stuff that listeners were long inured to: God is love; Jesus died for all people; our sins are forgiven; and so forth. What does it mean that God is love? Isnít God everything? And, what is love? Erotic passion? Dependency on another? Manipulation by obligation? Hunh?

        Four years of study! Now Iím standing up front, leading others! Iím the one in the pulpit, all eyes on me. Whooeee, ainít I just sumbody? My youthful idealistic questions never got answered; no matter, now I spout forth arrogantly, just as though I had something worth saying. Truth was that I didnít know what I was talking about, and the people didnít know any different. Aaaaggghh. Alas, my bubble had burst. Religion was a repugnant business which offered customers a shallow social life and a reason to feel elitist. For some itís an insurance policy in case there really is a God; the cost is just one hour each week. But, where was God? Is He watching this??? After 15 months of that apprenticeship, I told Lisa that church-ministry is not the business for me, and I quit it. If I was supposed to lead others in spiritual faith, I had failed, for I didnít even know how to achieve it for myself. I went to work for Lockheed Aircraft Co. in Georgia.

        Oh, we attended church services for a while, but I always left angry; the preachers had nothing meaningful to say; the people didnít remember a word of it as they walked out the door, and everyone was happily refueled with euphoric stupefaction. How nice to be a Christian! See ya next week. My church attendance dwindled to none at all, and stayed that way for about 15 years.

        Eventually, the old questions began to taunt me again: whatís it all about? Surely, there must be a plan, an intelligent designer, a purpose for life? I began to read again, but mostly I just pondered. Contemplation seemed most satisfying, even though I knew I was stumbling in the dark. But, insights did occasionally happen and I would think, "yeah, that makes sense." In such quietness where I asked for nothing and expected nothing, I became convinced that "He" really is real and I need to find Him. Having tried the experts, the theologians, the philosophers, all the outside sources of knowledge, and found little there, I was finding more result by turning inward to the infinity of the mind/soul/spirit. The path ahead of me wasnít mapped and I didnít know if anyone had walked it before me, but, so what; no other options promised anything. Iím happier alone in the dark than to be in a crowd of lemmings lazing their way toward an undefined termination.

        Many mystics describe such a period of disconnect before the presence of God began to fill their voids. St. Paul retreated for about ten years after his conversion before feeling compelled to his assignment. And then, it wasnít history and knowledge which fired him; it was the realization that Jesus was his soul companion. While some disciples wanted to retain O.T. laws and practices, Paul got the real message of Jesus: the freedom offered, the new covenant, and the Liberation through death to which He calls us.

        Iím sharing my personal frustrations because there might be other kindred spirits who anguish about their disconnect from religion, and about that spiritual void which happens when one steps outside its cathedralled tomb. In this world there is no refuge for a questing spirit! Some try to quench their inner fire with alcohol, only to find it fueled instead. God warned that wine was His great gift to His children; from that we might suspect it doesnít serve retreat but as a spirit enhancer.

        That reminds me of Francis Thompsonís poem, THE HOUND OF HEAVEN; as a street derelict, opium addict in Londonís slums, he wrote:

"I FLED Him, down the nights and down the days;

I fled Him, down the arches of the years;

I fled Him, down the labyrinthine ways

Of my own mind;   and in the mist of tears

I hid from Him, and under running laughter." (Google the title for the rest of it)

        I would remind you that Jesusí first beatitude was "Blessed are the destitute in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven." Perhaps it can be a little comfort to know that someone else has experienced that same emptiness; that void of desert wilderness which might have found you. After all, the Path is not yours to map; neither should you follow the map of any other. You've been set loose in an unmapped vastness with nothing to guide your Path except your homesickness and a Father who draws you unto Himself.

        Jesus secured for us a new covenant guarantee of what God does for us: "I will put my laws into their minds and write them upon their hearts, and I will be God to them and they will be a people to me, and by no means shall one teach another or say to his brother to Ďknow the Lordí because all shall know me, from the least to the greatest; for I shall be merciful to their wrongdoings and by no means will I remember their sins any more."

        God is telling what He will do, while He orders teachers and preachers to stand aside because He has taken over His own Family, and that old matter of sin is no longer a factor! Rather, a spiritual reality is the new unmapped frontier for those few who prefer the terrible void to the old World reality.

        That contract not only fails to ordain preachers, it forbids them. And, be warned, lest I, Roger the wordy one, ever be adopted as oneís teacher. Iím NOT. I frequently warn that I might be wrong and you should think for yourself. What each of us feels compelled to share MIGHT be profitable to another, but only God has the authority of Truth. My words are empty until He might decide to stir a readerís understanding. Iím not the teacher; He is. So be it.

        Whew! I sure donít want to be responsible for what you believe; Iíd cut out my tongue first. But, I do like being able to put my thoughts into words where anyone can consider whether to accept or reject them. Be assured that I have no attachment to what you think of my jabbering. But I canít stay silent; there is a fire in my soul, the smoke of which must go somewhere. Whether you see something meaningful in the smoke is up to you and that Spirit of God which lives and moves within you.


July 5, 2011 (WAR)

        How we all hate war! We dream of peace and love and safety. I'll pose a strange question: Are we right to hate war so intensely?

        Any student of history knows it as a series of wars following wars. We ask why God would let it be that way. Think of the grief of parents whose young sons died in those battles; we can hardly comprehend such grief, and yet in Godís plan it happened over and over again. Why?

        I just watched an old movie version of Les Miserables, based on the novel of Victor Hugo. In 1848 some young men of Paris decided to rebel against the tyrants of that day. They believed that if they dared to challenge the military forces, that the common people would rise up to help overthrow their oppressors. They built some barricades and the battle began; but no one came to help them. Nearly every one of them died. Was it just one more senseless battle? How can we make sense of such horror in Godís grand pageant? I think of the war against the south in America; I watched the movie, Cold Mountain, last week; oh, what gruesome slaughter of fellow men, and then, when one side got the advantage they enjoyed it as a "turkey shoot." ??? I think of the D Day landing on the shores of France each side thinking it has God's favor, and praying for victory over their brothers. I think of that horror of Viet Nam when our own government betrayed our soldiers to their deaths. Oh, how I have wrestled with this question over the years! What is in the mind of God that can permit such horror and grief? Donít we all anguish over this confusing and frustrating question? Do we have a God of peace or not? We have been taught from babyhood that God is love and peace. Our minds just canít deal with this.

        Well, what if we try a radical change of thinking, to consider that maybe weíve been wrong? That Godís plan is not one of peace, but of war? Jesus said, "Donít think that I came to bring peace; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." One can hardly blame preachers for never using that statement for a sermon text; people donít want to think that way. But, what if we try thinking that way?

        What comes to my mind is a visualization that Godís plan might be something like this: our planet is a stage, Godís theater, a great arena where two opponents do eternal contest. One team (race) lives by a natural instinct to represent God, to be honest, moral, noble, just and good. The other race lives by a natural instinct to deceive, to lie, to exploit, to murder, to do wickedness. The great King sits in the stands and watches the contest; He watches most closely His own Offspring/sons/representatives. Some of them cower in fear and avoid risk of battle, or worse, try to make friends with the enemy; the King writes them off as worthless. Others stand boldly for righteousness, to the death. They battle and they die! Ah yes, those are the ones who make the King proud. He draws them into His presence and the reward of eternal life.

        Of course, here in this world where we feel intense love of family members, our knees collapse and our hearts break to receive news of a loved-one's death. But, what if parents of soldiers could realize that their sons were really spirit-offspring of God, that they did exactly what they were supposed to do, that the King in the stands was thrilled with their sacrifice, that only their flesh had died while their spirits returned home to their Father? What if we could know the reality of that? Would we not sing glad songs of victory at their funerals; wouldnít we wear bright colors instead of black in order to express our joy?

        How can any Christian think that God wants us to be happy with Satanís kingdom? TV evangelists and prosperity preachers get rich by offering the recipe that says: Because God loves you he wants you to have all the good things of this world. The Truth is that because God loves us, He wants us prodigals to be freed from this world and return to the Palace.

        WAR is the opportunity which gives each person an opportunity to rise above fear and to die boldly as a soldier of God. Nikos Kazantzakis wrote in his "Saviors of God:" 41. "This is our epoch, good or bad, beautiful or ugly, rich or poor ó we did not choose it. This is our epoch, the air we breath, the mud given us, the bread, the fire, the spirit!

42. Let us accept Necessity courageously. It is our lot to have fallen on fighting times. Let us tighten our belts, let us arm our hearts, our minds, and our bodies. Let us take our place in battle!

43. War is the lawful sovereign of our age. Today the only complete and virtuous man is the warrior. For only he, faithful to the great pulse of our time, smashing, hating, desiring, follows the present command of our God."

        In Johnís Revelations, he describes a scene where men who had been killed and then held Ďneath the Fatherís altar, pestered incessantly about revenge; God told them to be patient until their brothers were killed and join them, and then the end can come. I think of that mountain Gospel song, "Gathering Flowers for the Master's Bouquet."

        Surely, we are mistaken to think that God wants us to be happy in this World which is lorded by Satan. Rather, He wants us to reject it, die to it, and come home to Him. We might call this concept "Liberation Theology." The World kingdom is ending and we want to go on to that vineyard which our Father has prepared for us, but we canít go there with flesh and blood bodies. Somehow, we must leave our physical selves behind and trust God to receive us as the spirit-beings which we really are. If God brings His enemies against us to Liberate us, is that not a gift beyond comparison with any other?

        WAR is what we are talking about. My conclusion to the question of war is that, through the centuries it was proper to represent our Father in the eternal contest by wars, and to die in those noble efforts. Now, at the very end of this world kingdom, it is a change of strategy which will win the day; it is now proper to yield to the crucifiers like lambs without a whimper, just as Jesus demonstrated. It seems to me that we are taking war to a higher level, one which the enemy cannot defeat. We can let our enemy have this world which is about to end in the great cataclysm described in the Bible, while we accept a victorious exit from the stage and prepare to live again in a new pageant. Clearly, to preserve the worldly self is a mistake which will cost one his victory. In chess, a gambit is the sacrifice of an important piece in order to win the advantage. It is our gambit that we share with Jesus the sacrifice of the King in order to win the game; we must sacrifice our own lives in order to win the victory. War, like chess, can be won by surprise strategies. My Liberator will unwittingly free me from his hellish world!


July 6,2011  (FRANCIS THOMPSON, Poet)

        Francis Thompson (1859-1907) was a street bum, opium addict, on Londonís streets near Charing Cross, when he wrote some poems.

        Have you ever wondered what kinds of people drift into homeless shelters, dig in dumpsters, curl up in cold doorways to sleep? Society rejects? Yes, but you might wonder, in some cases, which rejected the other. Whether they are Godís rejects or no - you might rethink if you can hang your hubris on a distant hook, and sit beside one for a spell. But even the meanest and most despairing of them will defend his world from yours; it will not be easy to gain his trust.

        I am reminded of a song by John Stewart, titled WILLARD, about an old alcoholic living by the tracks, with "all his colored bottles standing in a line; theyíre the only friends he has to pass the time."... "His mama knows that he was once a child; his mama was the first one to hear his cry; and my mama knows that I was once a child; could it be weíre all just Willard in disguise?"

        Here is a poem by one of those derelicts who, in a soiled letter to an editor, very shyly risked the sharing of it with our world, like a child who timidly reaches toward you to offer you his treasure but expects it to be rejected.


by Francis Thompson (1859 - 1907)

Little Jesus, wast Thou shy

Once, and just so small as I?

And what did it feel like to be

Out of Heaven, and just like me?

Didst Thou sometimes think of there,

And ask where all the angels were?

I should think that I would cry

For my house all made of sky;

I would look about the air,

And wonder where my angels were;

And at waking ítwould distress meĖ

Not an angel there to dress me!

Hadst thou ever any toys,

Like us little girls and boys?

And dist Thou play in Heaven with all

The angels that were not too tall,

With stars for marbles? Did the things

Play Can you see me? through their wings?

And did Thy Mother let Thee spoil

Thy robes, with playing on our soil?

How nice to have them always new

In Heaven, because Ďtwas quite clean blue!

Thou canst not have forgotten all

That it feels like to be small:

And Thou knowíst I cannot pray

To Thee in my fatherís wayĖ

When Thou was so little, say,

Couldst Thou talk Thy Fatherís way?Ė

So, as a little child, come down

And hear a childís tongue like Thy own;

Take me by the hand and walk,

And listen to my baby-talk.

To Thy Father show my prayer

(He will look, Thou art so fair),

And say: "O Father, I Thy Son,

Bring the prayer of a little one."

And He will smile, that childrensí tongue

Hast not changed since Thou was young!


July 7, 2011 (ALBERT SCHMIDT, Farmer)

        Albert Schmidt was a farmer. His grandfather had cleared and homesteaded the 160 acres on which Albert was born and raised. Finally, the farm belonged to him. His three boys and two girls were hard workers and they made a living from their farm by being frugal. They were content and did not envy the city folk who were more wealthy.

        A couple of years of poor weather reduced their income and they worried about the future. The farm, with all its assets, was valued at about $350,000. They had borrowed $50,000 against the farm to replace some worn out equipment, but they wished they could upgrade some other items which would enable them to farm more effectively.

        The president of the local branch of a national Bank, came to Albert with the good news that a new appraisal made his farm worth $500,000, so if Albert wanted to modernize the rest of his equipment the banker would be glad to loan the money at a low interest rate. And Albert could pay it back from next year's harvest. The family voted to extend their debt, feeling confident they could pay it back soon. So, they borrowed $150,000 and rejoiced to have some reliable implements. They put in the new crops, which then flourished in the good weather. They felt blessed.

        The banker then came to Albert with some bad news. Because of bank policies, national economic difficulties, Federal Reserve actions, and a general decrease in farm land values, Albertís farm was reappraised at only $250,000. Therefore, due to fine print in the contract, the $150,000 loan was due immediately. The Schmidt family could not possibly come up with that much money. So, foreclosure proceedings ensued, and the farm was taken by the bank and put up for auction. It sold for $150,000 to a corporation that was owned by a close friend of the banker. Since Albertís mortgage debt totaled $200,000, Albert still owed a balance of $50,000.

     Unfortunately, the Schmidt family was destitute and living with relatives. Their skills were only farming, but the three boys were taking some classes in the city to learn some new trades. There was no way they could pay the banker the $50,000. The banker had taken their land and all their equipment, evicted the family, and began a lawsuit for $50,000 debt.

        Albert declared bankruptcy, the most devastating and embarrassing thing which could happen to an honest hard-working and honorable man. Never in Albertís life would he be able to climb out of the hole he had dropped into.

        And that is a story typical of tens of thousands of farmers across America who were cleverly cheated out of their land and possessions and made destitute by Jewish bankers. Honorable men, like the white farmers of America, expected others to be equally honorable. They grew up thinking that the white race culture was predominant in our nation. Because they lived by the Golden Rule, they didnít even suspect that others might think their Rule was stupid. So, they were trusting, innocent, and naive, making them ripe plums for the picking. They didnít understand that the Jewish banking system "walketh about like a roaring lion, seeking whom it may devour." They didnít understand, nor are they yet willing to believe, that Satanís children are motivated by a powerful instinctive lust to exploit, cheat, and even kill white race Christians. They donít understand that they are being attacked in a war which their attackers understand very well. They donít understand that in this kingdom of World, they are foreigners and that simple survival will be a difficult and painful challenge. The Schmidts didnít buy fireworks this Fourth of July, but they displayed their old flag, still proud to be in a free America where everyone has a fair chance.

        The small farmer is gone from America today. His land is now part of mega-farms which are owned by wealthy Jews in New Jersey or New York. Americans are totally dependent on the Jews for our food supply, thus making us vulnerable to their exploitation and their food processing methods which poison nearly every item in supermarkets. When the American infrastructure is destroyed, any day now, there will be no more grocery stores to supply food. There will be no more gasoline stations with fuel. No more electricity for your homes or to run the water-plants which supply your water.

        We Americans have become complacent and trusting and dependent, instead of self-sufficient and independent. We are ripe for the picking, and it is Godís design that we are soon picked. Those who fled to the mountains like Jesus commanded may survive; the rest will perish. The sheep will be separated from the goats, and Godís plan will bring a close to the Kingdom of World, to begin a new Kingdom of Heaven with the few who were willing to follow their Lord. Those who preferred the world, material, careers, securities, families, insurances, and the "good life" will all perish because those gods are the ones which Jesus called us away from.

        For those who have chosen to follow our Lord, we pray each day the words in the closing chapter of Revelation, "Yes, come quickly. Amen. Come, Lord Jesus."


July 8, 2011 (EVANGELISM?)

        Evangelistic outreach is the wrong thing for Christians to do. The Christian RELIGION has made outreach a primary function of Christianity, but it is contrary to Godís instructions to us. The truth is that no one needs to be taught to know God. Even worse is that Godís contract with us forbids it. It is a clause in our contract that no one should teach another to know God. Of course, you arenít going to hear anything so radical as this from a pulpit, but you can read the contract for yourself in Hebrews 8, where it is a repeat of Jeremiah 31. Jesus secured this new covenant after the old Sinai covenant had been breached by Godís Family, and then paid and nullified by Him. This new contract SHOULD BE the very foundation of every Christianís relationship with his Father; alas, it isnít, simply because it would pull the rug out from under the Christian religion.

        Nope, no person needs to be taught to know God. When you read the words of Jesus, you donít find any emphasis on such evangelist outreach, except for that Great Commission of Matthew 28, where He sent His disciples out to all the tribes to announce the good news. It was a job they soon accomplished by travels to Asia Minor, Italy, Spain, Europe, and Britain where the twelve tribes of Israel had fled during the 8th to 6th centuries before Jesus. Their good news ("evangel" in Greek means good message) was that the penalty had been paid for their breach of contract, so that death is no longer their fixed penalty. Their breach had been forgiven and the people were free again to challenge the spiritual quest without worrying about sin. They were freed to work out their salvations with fear and trembling. So, the disciples did what they were commissioned to do; even St. Paul reached Britain where Jesus had formerly visited with his uncle. The work was soon completed, and by the time St. John wrote his Revelations, at about 90AD, the angel of the Lord told him, in 22:11: "Let him who is unrighteous be unrighteous still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous be righteous still; he who is holy, let him be holy still."

        There is no one else to convert, the news had been spread, and according to our new contract (dictated by God, non-negotiable) of Hebrews 8, God takes over His family from there. The Spirit of God will work in the hearts and minds of those who seek the Truth, and thatís enough. Individuals will be inspired/motivated to seek Him. God orders teachers to stand aside! Oh, Iím not saying there should be no teaching of anything (reading, languages, math, history), but no more missionary work to teach people to know God.

        The scriptures are available and thatís enough! Either God is sovereign and will do as He promised, or He is irrelevant. If we can trust Him to keep His promises, then it is NOT up to any one of us to convert anyone, anywhere. We are characters in His pageant; He scripted it, and directs it. He sure doesnít leave the Holy Spiritís work of conversion to people who donít have a clue about whatís going on!!! Evangelism was a temporary commission for Jesus disciples; it was completed before the end of the first century. Yet, the Christian RELIGION later made evangelism its primary work, consistent with its practice of contradicting most other things Jesus said. Yes, that is exactly what happened. If you think Iím kidding, check out http://divinepageant.com/Church%20versus%20Jesus.htm

        So, what difference might this make to your life? If you no longer feel pressured to spread the simple Gospel, you are left alone to ponder your own relationship to your Father, your purpose for which He had you born. Ohhhh, come on now, this isnít so hard. Just leave Godís work to Him and then seek Him for yourself. Itís not your assignment to "save" the world; He takes care of His part in the pageant. Youíll do better to focus on doing your own assignment to seek His Truth. Forget Evangelism; that was completed over 19 centuries ago.

        I might be jerking your chain, but you should look to the Holy Spirit as your teacher. Me? Iím doing cartwheels through life and acting like a loose cannon. You just look to your own dance! Think of it this way: you are the important one to God, NOT everyone else other than you, but you! To thine own self be true! When your light shines, you wonít need words to proclaim it.

        Now, isn't it wonderful news that you need only worry about your own spiritual path; you can retreat into your own privacy and develop your relationship with Him. It's a new religion!



        Old Testament law gave rules for tithing (Deut 12, 14, 26). In the New Testament, we are freed from that law. So, should we conclude that tithing is no longer necessary. If it isn't required by law what should we do about it? To conclude that it isn't necessary would be like a child concluding that his schooling is of no value after he becomes an adult. If a child grows up in a family where rules are his lessons, should he enjoy violating those rules as an adult? Were they not taught to him to benefit his life? Does he need punishment for violations, or should he take responsibility upon himself to do what parents taught or what God taught. Wouldn't it be foolish to abandon God's instruction just because Jesus freed us from the punishment? After all, God's law did not cease to exist, just the punishment for violations.

        Why should one tithe? Whatís the benefit of giving away the top ten percent of money or harvest or other blessings? My thought is that one should consider God as the source of all blessings, and just as He has given to us that we should share with others. In other words, it is a Godly thing to tithe. We get to act as extensions of His grace, as representatives of the King, even as participants in His Life. It also serves to keep us mindful of His grace.

        If I believe that my Father owns all things and freely gives to me, then I can assume that He will continue to give to me as He deems best for me. Just taking His gift and saying thanks leaves me as a useless eater, but if I really appreciate my relationship with Him, I want to participate in His love and largess, so I can do that by giving ten percent off the top. That demonstrates my trust in Him and also makes me a participant in His Life. To develop such an intimate relationship with Him is worth far more than a mere ten percent!

        Of course, the church company asks that your gift go into its coffer. In the Hebrew religion of sacrifice in the Old Testament, tithing did go to the Levites who were intermediaries between God and His Family. With the tearing of the Temple Veil, and destruction of the Temple, and the personal Fatherhood which Jesus taught, and the ending of organized religion, and the pentecostal presence of the Holy Spirit in each person, NO intermediary priests should ever again presume to stand between us and our Father; there should not be any such preachers, or wealth gathering.

        During the first century, when the disciples were fulfilling their missionary assignments, some of the small Christian groups did offer support to those missionaries. As the Christian movement grew, some men attempted to be accepted as prophets by the Christian groups and to live from their offerings. It became so problematic that the earliest little manual for new Christians, the DIDACHE (Teachings of the Apostles) addressed the question. Here are a couple snips from chapter 11 of the Didache: "About apostles and prophets, follow the rule of the Gospel, which is this: Let every apostle who comes to you be welcomed as the Lord. But he shall not stay more than one day, and if it is necessary the next day also. But if he stays three days he is a false prophet. And when an apostle leaves, let him take nothing except bread to last until he finds his next lodging. But if he asks for money, he is a false prophet. ...If the one who comes is a traveler, help him all you can. But he must not stay with you more than two or if necessary three days. If he wants to settle among you and has a trade, let him work for his living. But if he has no trade, see to it in your understanding that no one lives among you in idleness because he is a Christian. If he will not do this, he is trading on Christ. Beware of such men."  That was a warning about false prophets, and a few verses later are instructions regarding true prophets, some of whom do settle in the community. A true prophet is deserving of food. So, Christians are instructed to share with him their firstfruits. "But if you have no prophet, give it to the poor." 

        Okay, this early manual isn't Holy Scripture, but it does give us an indication how the earliest Christians practiced their giving after the law of tithing had been removed. They still spoke in terms of firstfruits of grains and flocks, just as they had done for tithing. They expected apostles and prophets to earn their own income because they understood that Jesus did not condone, approve, or suggest any organized religion or career preachers. But the Christians could still enjoy sharing their own bounty with the true saints of God, and/or with the poor.

        Those are my thoughts about tithing. I would add this, that those who do happily share the precious cream of their milking with their Lord because of love, will tell you that their money then seems to go amazingly far, even magically. They will also testify that to neglect tithing seems to make money leak through the fingers like water through a sieve, also like magic; one feels confused about where that money could have disappeared to. One who tithes will also explain that a person who tithes grudgingly might as well not tithe at all. So, it appears that tithing is really a spiritual activity.

        I would NEVER question whether a person tithes or not, nor would I stress that he should tithe. Tithing is entirely a private matter between a person and his Lord, as it should be. I think it is wrong for you to tell anyone whether you tithe or not, except that on rare occasion it might be encouraging to another who is struggling with the concept.


July 10, 2011  KNIGHTS OF CHRIST

        A fierce Lord it is, whom we follow. Are we His Knights? St. John describes Him as riding a white horse, eyes like fire, sword from His mouth, clothes bloodied, going forth to smite nations, as He treads a winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. He is called Faithful and True. Armies of saints on white horses follow Him. (Rev 19)

        Are we His Knights? And if so, how shall we describe ourselves? Since Knights have Codes of Honor which bond them as one, what are the Codes which we might inscribe on banners which proclaim our lives? How can we demonstrate the Virtues if we don't know what they are?

        I believe that in the souls of Men there is a Godly compulsion, a yearning, an instinctive hunger to be masculine soldiers behind a Great General, fighters for a cause, warriors for a King. Sure, liberalism has effeminized our society, until the masculine nature is scorned, mocked, and despised, but deep in our souls the flame still burns to stand up and be the Men whom our General wants in His army.

        So, let's develop an image in our minds of what might be our Code of Honor. The term, "seven deadly sins," is a phrase which most everyone has heard, even in words of songs. But, where is a song about seven Godly virtues? In this kingdom of World, only a minority race of Men would even value such a list. We don't have any list of virtues that is taught in schools, churches, or even by parents to their children. We are adrift without a Code. Any culture is united and sustained by the values which its people hold in common, values which are so important that violators are punished, values which distinguish the great from the low, depending on how those values are upheld.

        In ancient Greek culture (our white Israelite ancestors), four cardinal virtues were known: Temperance, Wisdom, Justice, and Courage (those were the descendants of Zara Judah). With the New Testament, three more virtues were added: Faith, Hope, and Charity. Those seven became important cultural values for our Christian ancestors from the time of King Arthur (550AD) through the Renaissance, perhaps 1600AD. By that time, the race of Edomite Jews was having an influence across Europe to break down and pervert its culture and Christian values.

        Regarding seven deadly sins, Proverbs 6 lists seven things which the Lord hates. Galatians 5 lists more than seven sins which St. Paul says will keep a person out of heaven.

        But, our concern here is Godly values, noble virtues. It was in the 5th century AD that Aurelius Clemens Prudentius wrote a work titled, "Contest of the Soul" in which he listed seven virtues as Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, and Humility.

 "The intense popularity of this work in the Middle Ages helped to spread the concept of holy virtue throughout Europe. Practicing these virtues is considered to protect one against temptation from the seven deadly sins, with each one having its counterpart" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_Heavenly_Virtues#Seven_heavenly_virtues )

        We can see that Godly instincts, which God had instilled in His own Family/Race, were helping to define a new European culture of Chivalry, of Nobility. It is important to note that  Godly instincts are not natural to any other race of people. Each culture is an expression of its inborn racial instincts; that is a fact not permitted in education, science, or textbooks today. If an enemy can destroy our Christian culture, it has destroyed our race! We can see that the Golden Rule, of doing unto others what you would like done unto yourself, is the foundation for all our Christian virtues. As the European culture developed, special words were used to honor men who lived by such virtues, namely: Nobleman, Gentleman, Your Honor, Justice, Sir, etc.

        The enemy race of Edom, still seeking the death of Jacob, has now successfully replaced our Godly culture with theirs of immorality, deception, cheating, exploitation, plunder, murder, and every other wickedness of Satan's repertoire.

        That the entire racial culture of our European Christian Israelite nations held such values in common is the very thing which permitted our civilization to advance, overwhelm, and rule newly discovered lands which our discoverers claimed for Christ. As a Christian, one might proclaim that  "Chivalry is my name!" King Arthur raised the Christian culture to a level which united and empowered our race. That was his legacy, even though it suffered immediate attack; yet, once the people had seen it, they knew it was possible and it would rise again to conquer all Europe.

        Cultural values are of the very utmost, highest importance to us, and our enemy knows that it is our cultural unity which must be torn asunder, and which it has successfully achieved through its ownership of all media, entertainment, education, court judges, politics, and every other venue of civil relationship. Without common cultural values, we are not united; we are not empowered; we shall not prevail; our children are doomed; our Western civilization is finished.

        It is left now to each solitaire to choose for himself, alone, what Knightly Virtues he will stand for, and to suffer the consequences from a society which despises any Godly stance and outlaws the Supreme God Almighty. How might you proclaim your Values to the world? On a banner? on your shield? on your website or blog or Facebook? In the courts? Facing threat of prison? Facing a firing squad or a burning stake? Each solitaire can now expect the natural consequence of our racial-default of Godly values, our end as God has planned it.

        The way I see the plan is: the army of Christ's Knights challenges the enemy which directs world military powers; the enemy comes against us, and we do the great Gambit which Jesus demonstrated at Calvary; the enemy kills us thinking it has won, but its World is suddenly ended in a great catastrophe while we have the true victory. As Christ's Knights, we do not fight against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers. We can yield our flesh but win the battle! Only one who is fully dedicated to our Lord, with strong principles (Code of Honor) can pull this off.

        Right now, our Father has now emplaced our enemies at the helms of nations who are working frantically to terminate our Christian white race. That will be our Liberation, for He is calling us home. I hope I can do it with my banner held high, listing my Godly Virtues. I hope that I can die as a Knight of Christ.

        Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote an epic, IDYLLS OF THE KING, which is a series of stories of King Arthur. In his "Gareth and Lynette," Gareth is a young man left at home with his mother, Bellicent. His two brothers have already joined King Arthur's court to be Knights. Gareth is consumed with desire to follow them, but his mother pleads for him to stay and follow the deer instead of risking his life in battle. Gareth argues: "Man am I grown, a man's work must I do. Follow the deer?? follow the Christ, the King! Live pure, speak true, right wrong, Follow the King -- else wherefore born?"

    Else wherefore born, Knight of Christ?


July 11, 2011   KNIGHT AND QUEENE

        Yesterday, I wrote about Knights of Christ. While we think of knights as soldiers of King Arthur at about 550AD, Iím thinking of a more recent story of knights in a book by Edmund Spenser, THE FAERIE QUEENE, published 1596AD. He put his story into his modern day, but wrote it as a fairy tale.

        Spenser wrote his allegorical story to glorify Queen Elizabeth I, his Gloriana, his Faery Queene. Here is a great classic piece of our literature of recent history which should be familiar to all our Christ-family of northern European Israelites, but it is absent from our education system, along with the Anglo Saxon sagas, the Teutonic Mythology, the Volsung Sagas, and Nibelungenlied. Sadly, our race is deprived of its rich tradition. Why don't our children know the stories of these Knights? To abandon our tradition is to abandon our identity, like putting to sea without a rudder. For a survey of our European heritage, see Anglo-Saxon.

        Spenserís FAERIE QUEENE is a fairy-tale of young Knights, each exemplifying a certain Virtue, in his adventures through Faerye land. Although Spenser never completed his planned series of books of 12 private virtues and then 12 public virtues, the book published in 1596 presents Knights defending the Virtues of Holiness, Temperance, Chastity, Friendship, Justice, and Courtesy.

        Spenserís book contains in a preface, a letter he wrote to his friend: "To the Right, noble, and Valorous, Sir Walter Raleigh, knight" in which he describes the theme of his book as a vision or dream of the young Prince Arthur "to haue seene in a dream or vision the Faery Queene, with whose excellent beauty rauished, he awaking resolued to seeke her out, and so being by Merlin armed, and by Timon throughly instructed, he went to seeke her forth in Faerye land. In that Faery Queene I meane glory in my generall intention, but in my particular I conceiue the most excellent and glorious person of our soueraine the Queene, and her kingdome in Faerye land." Spencer goes on to explain to Sir Raleigh about this allegory, "So in the person of Prince Arthure I sette forth magnificence in particular, which vertue for that (according to Aristotle and the rest) it is the perfection of all the rest, and conteineth in it them all . . ."

        Spenser is glorifying the virtues of the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I (forever remembered in the naming of the State of Virginia, Queen from 1558-1603) in the adventures of knights who exemplified those important Virtues which defined and created our white race European Christian Israelite culture. The Penguin Classic paperback which I have is quite thick, more than a thousand pages of English prose in the dialect of that Elizabethan age, which was also the time of the settling of America by colonists. Spenser refers to America as Virginia.

    Clearly, the perfection of Godly Virtues is not an easy task in this kingdom of World where our enemy is enticing our Family into violations and perversions of them. Spenserís Knights confronted all the imaginable dangers of a fairy-land of witches and deceptions and trickery and disguises and temptations. Truly, it is the work of principalities and powers of darkness which, like roaring lions, seek to devour Godís offspring in our modern era. Always, Godís pageant is a contest between good and evil, a World contest where we sheep are prey and our Edomite enemy is the predator.

        Spenser illustrated many terrible challenges to Knights whose quests were to defend and preserve the Godly instincts with which we were born. The implied lesson for all of us is that it is our very purpose of Life to maintain Godly/Knightly Virtues, "else wherefore born?"


July 12, 2011   LOOK UP, YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWETH NIGH  (Luke 21:28)

        Astrology is a word which triggers quick contempt among those who've heard sermons against it. But, the study of the stars is not wicked. The Bible does warn against divination, so, when astrology is used to foretell the future, with horoscopes for example, that is contrary to God's will. Yet, the Bible does tell us that the stars were put there for signs. When I review the constellations which circle our sky each night, I see the entire scheme of God's plan laid out for us. If you want an overview of that complete cyclic plan, see CHRIST IN THE STARS.

        Right now, we are at the end of the age of Pisces, the Fish, about to enter the age of Aquarius, the Man. "Man" (capital letter M) is a special word which means Spirit Offspring of the Father. Jesus was born at the start of Pisces, and in Matthew 24 (and Luke 21) describes things which will happen at the end of this 2,000 (approx) year age/generation. The early Christians adopted the Fish as their symbol because they knew of this Fish age. Jesus came to fish His Elect ones out of World. The wise men were astrologers who knew the story which is revealed in the stars. The entire sky story tells God's plan; some constellations represent Christ and some Satan and some other important characters in our Play.

        The reason I bring this topic forth now is because I've been musing about the end of the age of Pisces, which is the end of the six World ages of 2,000 years each. On clear evenings, Lisa and I sit on the deck and watch the stars appear. Usually we see Arcturus and Vega first, and then Deneb. I kid that I don't like Arcturus because I know what he did to our Family in our history as the Herdsman (Satan herding our Family from Heaven into World); but I like to see Vega, and I'm thrilled to see Deneb, which is wonderfully meaningful to our present time in history.

        Deneb is the head/top of the Northern Cross, which is a constellation more commonly known as Cygnus, the Swan.  Cygnus is the significant constellation of the first portion (10 degree decan) of the Zodiac age of Aquarius. So, this symbol in the sky tells us something about the next 700 years. Viewing Cygnus as a cross, we see death of an old age, but as a Swan we see the glorious flight into God's Heaven as a Phoenix. We see the Phoenix rising up from ashes to new life. The cross and the Phoenix are each symbols of Transformation, which is the very experience we are into as we transition from World to Heaven.

        As I look at Cygnus, it prompts me to think of God's plan for this pageant, and what is happening to our reality. In the sky it serves as a sort of sticky note put on the refrigerator door to remind me of something, that we are about to be transformed. Most importantly, I think that as we come to understand the nature of this Mind Play in which we are the players, it is helpful to turn my mind to His grand plan and find an attunement with it which is consistent with the Bible message. Contemplating the sky story helps to attune my mind to God's will; it results in a harmony, even a kind of union, with Him. It gives one a feeling of peace, in the sense that whatever happens is alright because it is scripted into His Play written by Him. Instead of groveling in worldly concerns, one can look upward and mentally transcend this miserable world. It's a nice feeling to know that all is going as it should, that we are not victims of chaos and ignorance, that life is not meaningless, that one can enjoy a resonance with that "music of the spheres." The words, cacophony and dissonance might define Satan's kingdom, but we who are born from above know that harmony and resonance are the music of our kingdom.

        Learning the story told in the sky is helpful toward finding one's own place in His grand scheme, and perhaps toward clarifying one's role on His stage. Click here for further discussion Aquarius and the decan of Cygnus: http://divinepageant.com/CHRIST%20IN%20THE%20STARS.htm#AQUARIUS


July 13, 2011   MOVIN' ON

        Nostalgic Musing today, Reflecting on my life as a Drifter. My brother, Ron just had an old picture framed, thinking it is pretty special. We don't remember the occasion, but it must have been 1942 or 43 when I was about five and Ron about four. From the left are Roger (me), cousin Merlene, and Ron.  Ron has named the picture "Three Runaways." It appears to be a sort of "We're outa here" event. Perhaps we aren't interpreting it quite right, but the picture seems to be a perfect keynote for the rest of my life.

         Recently, I chronicled my life and have a list of 45 different home addresses from birth until now, at 72 years old. Moving-on must have become my nature during those early years, because while stationed in Japan, in the Air Force, age 19, sitting bored at my drafting desk, I wrote the following poem:



When I look ahead to another week,

With dismal thoughts and escape to seek

With dreams this present week is through

And there are no more to look forward to

- then it's time to move on.


For what is life in a quiet place

- unhappy qualms - dreary pace?

Better like a bird in the skyway

With somewhere to fly - nowhere to stay.

- Now it's time to move on.


It's routine life that stops a man

and slows existence to a stand.

As Adam went from his garden home

Man has since been born to roam.

- set me free to be moving on.


'Tis only God's right, not man's himself,

To set a one upon a shelf

Where he'll sit and rot and waste away

Left with but some right to pray.

- Lord, help me to be moving on.


Set me free from this devil's curse

That binds my feet in useless race,

That runs me but to tire each day

In breathless stillness all the way.

I need to move ere I stop and rest,

That I may conquer my one quest

- to make my stand in life.

Well, like I said, this is a Nostalgia day. 


July 14, 2011   SELF IDENTITY 

        Who are you? As a PERSON in the world, you are a sum total of the energies, influences, friends, enemies, memories, experiences, values with which you have related in this world. Jesus calls you away from all those influences which make you the person which you know as your self. That is who you are as a personal character, an individual known to yourself and others.

        Who you are as a SOLITAIRE is something quite different, but you may not yet know yourself as the spirit-being offspring of your Father. It is your spirit-self which lives after your flesh dies; spirit is the real you; it is the one you are called to develop and realize. It is that state of being a solitaire which Jesus calls each of us to realize. A Saint is one who strives to live as a spiritual self rather than as his physical, emotional, or intellectual natures. In order to do that, one must find the secret place where he is free from those human natures. Jesus stated, so jarringly, that one must separate himself to an extreme, even to block the influences of biological family members. He said, "If one comes to me and does not hate his father and his mother, and wife and children, and brothers and sisters, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple." (Luke 14:26)

        We, as humans, are puzzled by the seeming coldness and especially by the extreme word "hate." What does He mean? I am going to try to explain it.

        You as a spirit-being cannot follow Jesus if you are under the influence of society, cultural demands, relationships with others, your own desires, or close family members because your worldly life person is a sum total of all those influences; you are not free and unlimited. So, how can you follow a General who IS free and unlimited? Of course, you can't. And, of course, the church Religion teaches the opposite: that relationships are holy and are God's will. The answer to our predicament of understanding what He meant, is a matter of harmonics and resonance. I'm not an expert, but I would define harmonics as that tendency to vibrate to beat-frequencies. If a piano is tuned and then one "c" note is struck, all "c" strings will vibrate to some extent; and not only all "c" strings, but all other strings that are mathematically resonant with the "c" strings. So, if you are an "f" string, you will vibrate whether you want to or not. When a pianist is playing, all strings are active all the time because the influences of nearby energies make them active. One string cannot alone stay still while it is in a piano with other nearby strings causing it to vibrate. In other words, you can't be a solitaire (disciple) if your loved-ones are vibrating your life.

          George F. Gilder, American writer and Intellectual, author of Wealth and Poverty wrote that "It is home and family that give resonance...to life."  Yep, as long as you react to their influences, you are not free. Fortunately, God does provide some help: Jesus said he came to set a man against his father and family members. That's important: He CAME to do that! So, He offers a vibrational influence in opposition to family resonance, which can be helpful toward achieving your solitude. A solitaire must separate himself from worldly influences. This world is like a pit into which one is thrown, simply to see if he can climb out of it by himself, while all society and his loved-ones cling to him, beg for his help, weep, scream, lay guilt on him, and use every tactic to prevent him from leaving their pig-pen so as to return home to the Palace, from where he hears his Father calling.

        There is a video on the web, of a physicist, Aaron O'Connell, who recently achieved a success in Quantum Physics, explaining that a particle (each particle or person in the universe) resonates in symphonic harmony to the influences which have relationship to it. Remove those influences and the particle is freed from the physical laws which govern this limited dimension of reality. You can watch his short presentation (7:51) at: http://www.ted.com/talks/aaron_o_connell_making_sense_of_a_visible_quantum_object.html

You will hear him say that "your connections to all the things around you literally define who you are." I am calling that a resonant state of being.

        How does one stop resonating to all which makes up his world, his dimension of reality, his very self? I believe it is only possible when one permits a state of meditation (prayer) in which his spirit can find resonance with God's Spirit, and therein communicate without words or verbal thoughts. One has then reached the Palace and has forgotten the pig-pen. Well, until a loved-one jerks you back into a conscious connection with that World again.

        Your challenge is to surround yourself with things which are Godly and beneficial resonances. TV, rock music, sensual passions, wealth, and so many worldly things are influences which anchor you to the World, causing you to be active at the level of a pig-pen. Music of Mozart, Christian-value movies, good literature, and such things are resonant influences which support your soul quest to find an attunement with God.

        Solitaire, that is the real you, but you need to break out of world's jail and find your secret place if you would claim your real identity. Your choice is to let worldly things around you (resonant relationships) define who you are or to transcend those things (follow Jesus) in solitude and find your true self.


July 15, 2011   FAMILY IDENTITY

       Yesterday, I mused about Self Identity and the need to separate oneself from World and people in order to be a Solitaire. That Self Identity is something different from God's emphasis on Family, namely that His spirit-offspring make up the Family of Israel. The importance of this Family is a powerful theme of the Bible; it serves one as a foundation for his Self Identity. Unless one knows his Family roots and values, he cannot know what makes him who he is. Our ancient traditions, history, and Family values comprise an energy within which all members find resonance.  Like Job with his three friends, the spirit-you is connected to three human natures during World. [Job=Spirit/Man, Eliphaz=Physical/Lion, Bildad=Emotional/Bull, Zophar=Intellect/Eagle]  Like Job, the spirit-you must go alone into quiet wilderness to learn the truth from the messengers of God. Like Job, it will be painful lessons which help to extricate you from World ties.

        Truly, I wonder just HOW my ancestral Family is essential for this spiritual journey which I must do as a Solitaire. What have I inherited from them? Bloodline is touted as the most important; okay, but what is it about blood which makes it so important? I do realize that a spirit-being (person) offspring of God can be born ONLY into a pure Christ-race bloodline; called "born from above" in John 3:3. As Jesus tried to explain to Nicodemus, no other race can contain the Spirit of God, thus making him One with the Father. Job's three friends weren't helpful; they were hindrances. Alright, so I, the spirit-me, am born from above! How is my worldly ancestral Family history important to this spirit-self of the real me? I can only speculate how that history is important.

        My speculation is that all the spirit-offspring of our Father, through history, share the One Spirit of the Father, a Spirit which is first, Supreme Mind, and second, expresses itself into dimensions of time, space, consciousness, and change/movement. Thirdly, it is that Spirit of God which empowers its offspring to do eternal contest of Good/Christ/positive versus Evil/Satan/negative.

        Apparently, the long course of the contest must benefit us spirit-offspring in some way, perhaps strengthening us and making us more Godly, more capable of eventual re-union with that Supreme Source from which we came. If this speculation has merit, then we anointed ones of God (body of Christ) really DO play important roles in preparing the whole membership (all who share the same Spirit) for our inheritance of the coming kingdom of God. His kingdom is a Spiritual one, as World has been Mental, but without the material limitations. So it must be a Spiritual growth to which each of us might contribute. It seems then, that our Spiritual Family is Everything. Ah, yes, didn't Jesus say that the flesh is nothing and the Spirit is everything? Yet, in this World, we spirit-beings are not free but are part of a person which has three other natures. We see ourselves as a flesh and blood Family over many generations. Our identity is only visible as a racial Family.

        But, alas, our Family seems to have lost its identity a long time ago. How can we be a Family if we don't know our roots and if we don't value our Godly culture and racial purity above all else? Thousands of years of blood lineage and Godly culture were the recipe which finally resulted in YOU and Me, dear reader. Those years of history are NOT meaningless, but they were the God-directed recipe which finally produced us, a white European Israelite Christian racial Family. Those historical experiences were important to God because He was training, disciplining, and preparing individuals (spirit-solitaires) who would oneday inherit the Kingdom which He has prepared for us. No other religion has writings which place such high importance on genetic racial lineage of who begat whom, dating from Adam as a closely-held Family. Those centuries were our training. And today, most of our people have no clue about what we should have learned, or how to be God's warriors or representatives. We don't know who we are, as we sit idly laughing at popular sitcoms which mock our God and our Christian values. Most of our people never pause to wonder about our roots or why God should be mindful of us. Yet, that very issue might be the most important one of all. The Christian Religion places little value on our Biblical history because the Edomite Jews, who created the Roman Catholic Church, taught us white race children of Jacob/Israel that Esau's progeny are the true descendants of Israel. Christian preachers still teach that nonsense today, leaving our people without our true heritage and Family identity. My idea is that we start thinking in terms of Family and uniting as such. If we can establish our Family identity, that foundation should make it easier for each then to realize his self-identity as a spirit-solitaire. Family MUST be important to this process, else why has our Bible emphasized it so?


July 16, 2011   NO CHECKS IN AUGUST?

        Obama's recent comment about being unable to guarantee Social Security checks after August 2nd has the world concerned. He only mentioned SS, but a government out of money can't send any entitlement checks: welfare, food stamps, ADC, medical, or wages for many Federal employees.  Is his threat real? In the past some kind of budget measure has always saved the day. I expect that this impasse will also be resolved before the August deadline.

        But, just WHAT IF?   What if the PTB have decided to pull the plug on our economy? The criminal syndicate of banksters and wealthy elite have been positioning themselves for such a crash for several years already. Are they now ready to head for their bunkers? Since they are the controllers of world societies, and since they have long planned such a crash, and since there are uncontrollable threats from other directions, such as geologic, sun related anomalies, ice-age onset, food shortages, etc., etc. etc., and since their plan must come to fruition at some time, why not now?

        I was just musing about the repercussions from sending no gov't checks. The domino effect would be real and quick. How many thousands of mortgages depend on those checks, many of which are already in serious arrears? Mortgage holders would go into serious red ink, something that would start a domino collapse in the financial industry. Wouldn't that be an earthquake for the entire world's financial casinoes? Aren't the bourses and banks just vampires which would die without a continuous flow of blood from their victims? If households can't pay electric bills, power companies would quickly be in trouble; they already operate on a margin. Other utilities the same. Homes would soon be without utilities. Creditor companies which depend on continuous input would quickly cut back, lay off employees.  Industries and their material suppliers would be forced to lay off employees. ALL the employees of companies which depend on consumers would be in trouble, laying off millions of people. Sudden result is no consumers. The big result is a full Crash of our economy, society, agriculture, fuel, and employments. Back to primitive survival.

        What if the machine comes to a stop? Supermarkets are empty. Food riots happen within a couple days of shortages, and note that it has been food riots which brought down governments of several M.E. nations recently. Once a crisis begins, it seems to escalate amazingly quickly in our unsettled time. How many of our people would be prepared for it? The banksters and their criminal politician pals THINK they are prepared for several months of hiding in bunkers. What about the rest of us?

        Well, the above was just a musing. So many times in the past it appeared that the criminal syndicate was ready to pull the plug on us but it never happened. We must also keep in mind that the criminals behind the curtain are always doing something very different from what they are telling the public. Deception is the tactic of our enemy in their war against us. Scaring the public about a cut-off of checks is probably just another red-herring while they are working a different wickedness in the dark.

        Nevertheless, if we try to stay aware of their plan, we might be prompted to consider that spiritual goal to which God calls us. This crashing world was NOT our home, and we have been called away from it. At some moment in your life, you will make a choice between your love of this pig-pen and your Father's call to leave it. It might be good to consider the reality of this ahead of time so that you understand your options. If you are prepared with oil in your spiritual lamps when the door opens to the banquet, good; if you aren't, who would you blame?

        As we watch the trend of news over the years, we notice a cycle from the euphoric fifties to the nervous nineties and now the terrible two-thousands. We are overwhelmed with threats and predictions of disasters. It seems like all the news items get filed in the "end-times" folder. I think that God's plan of terminating this World civilization is the overwhelming resonant energy right now. With a copy of Psalm 91 at hand, we can watch His plan unfold without any fear. I write these articles for internet publication in order to encourage others to devalue this world and to welcome the Liberation. "Fear not for it is His good pleasure to give you the kingdom."


July 17, 2011   NO MUSE TODAY

        Just can't think of a topic to write about this morning. I wonder if I'll have anything ever again. I lay in bed this morning feeling a little frightened that I'm drifting too far from shore. For about a month, I've enjoyed a state of reverie; it's great, but I really must keep contact with this reality if I'm still awaking each morning. It's one thing to write about Disconnect, but it's quite something else to do it so effectively that I lose any ability to relate to those on shore. Kind of scary. What good am I if I go completely bonkers? I think of those who got sent to the cuckoo's nest, some of whom probably maintained a perpetual bliss. Good for them, but they got out of the flow, washed up like a piece of driftwood onto the shore. Hah, see what I mean; mixing metaphors. I started this by describing myself as drifting too far from shore, and now as being washed up onto shore. Clearly, time to do some grounding!

        Lisa just read the above and said, "So why do you say there's no muse today? That's amusing!"   Hmmmm? Quantum reality? No muse, but it is a muse; too far from shore, washed up on shore; particle in two places at same time; opposites become the same; heaven? ouroboros? Aaaaghhhh, I think I lost it. Gonna join the cuckoos now. Bye.   "Mozart,   Mozart!"


July 22, 2011   MOZART

    A friend emailed me regarding my mention of Mozart on July 17, wondering if I might discuss him further. I replied that I know little of music theory, play no instrument, and can't even read music; I merely like what sounds good to me. My quote: "Mozart,  Mozart" was from the first words in the movie, AMADEUS, cried out by Salieri in his asylum room. I was placing myself in that position since I had just described how I'd gone bonkers. Later, I was discussing this with Lisa and she said to write down what I said about Mozart as a Muse.

    At about 22minutes 10seconds into the movie, AMADEUS, Salieri describes to a priest a sheet of Mozart's music which he had seen. Salieri says, "Extraordinary! On the page it looked nothing. The beginning simple, almost comic. Just a pulse - bassoons and basset horns - like a rusty squeezebox. Then suddenly - high above it - an oboe, a single note, hanging there unwavering, till a clarinet took over and sweetened it into a phrase of such delight! This was no composition by a performing monkey! This was a music I'd never heard. Filled with such longing, such unfulfillable longing, it had me trembling. It seemed to me that I was hearing a voice of God."  You can buy that piece of music on a CD titled: Serenade in B flat major, K361/370a 'Gran Partita' Since I am unable to improve on that eloquent eulogy, those words speak what I feel about Mozart.

        Mozart's music was a new style for his day. Lisa says that Mozart's work is so free, filled with trills and flourishes which are like laughter to her, joyous and exuberant. My favorite composition is Mozart's Great Mass in C Minor, and in that Mass, I most like "Et Incarnatus Est." My next choice would be from his Figaro, "Le nozze di Figaro, K492" sung by Edith Mathis, and used in the movie Shawshank Redemption, where it was played into the prison exercise yard. When listening to such music, which I don't even understand, it is hardly possible for world cares to intrude into my reverie; I'm lifted into the ethers of peace and contentment, along with a thankfulness that I actually got to experience such voice of God during this life. Mozart and a glass of wine are an exercise of prayer for me; how dare I ask for more?

        I told my friend, in my email reply, that he might be surprised at a couple other favorites of mine. I like Stephen Foster's work and that of Hank Williams. Foster wrote such upbeat joyous tunes because they blossomed from the culture of his time, prior to the War Against the South, when the South was still flourishing without taxation; farms were vibrant and the people happy; the negroes had not yet been goaded to white hatred by the Jews. They had natures, so gentle and loving, natures which we whites should ever envy. Foster could not resist that wonderful negro soul in his music which was the first truly American music. I weep for that gentle and sensitive race because of the Jewish trashing of it; now blacks express little but hate toward the whites who genuinely cared for them. They've been dragged into the hell of their Jewish masters. Foster's music lets me remember something wonderful of God's creation which is no more, and of that happy period of our own history.

        Hank Williams wrote the cries of the white Christian soul after the banksters had killed the South and then by the Great Depression bankrupted the northern workers with taxes and exploitation. Crowded into dreadful cities, tenement flats, and sweatshops, our people were no longer self-sufficient, proud, and self-governing, but were reduced to poverty and servitude to the powerful and wealthy. Hank Williams sings woes of failed romances and lonely truckers but those are just the symptoms of America's soul in distress. His songs make me cry because I am part of that soul which, through his words, found a sharing of its pain. Lisa calls it "loser music," and that used to make me angry. But, she is right, our innocent and loving Christian culture LOST because we wouldn't or couldn't understand the wicked scheming of our oppressors. Sheep don't understand wolves. The same thing happened to us in Egypt, didn't it? We needed someone like Hank Williams to put words to the crying of our souls. 


July 23, 2011   QUALITY OF LIFE? 

        Sitting here musing about Quality of Life. What is it? How might one define it? It seems to me the quality has been diminishing at a steady rate over years and decades. Or is it just me, while everyone around me is enjoying his life more and more? Uhhh, I don't really think that is the case. It does seem to me that each of us is driven by some strong compulsion to improve his life, to make it easier, more satisfying, more happy. It is one's natural endeavor to make a success of his life in this World. We all yearn for better Quality of life.

        But, it seems we are born to the treadmill. We are convinced that survival depends on competing against all others, that if one slows his hectic pace of life, then he will fall into the ditch to die. Are we right? Is it by personal effort, intense competition, and the ladder of advancement that Quality of Life is achieved? Didn't Jesus tell us to not worry about tomorrow, what we shall eat, drink, wear, etc? Didn't He promise we would be cared for, like the birds and flowers, if we would just trust our Father?

        Technological, scientific, and industrial advancements have given us a mechanical and electronic hyper-paced civilization. Are we happier than our ancestors who used oil lamps, raised their own food, filled cellars with canned goods, and heated with wood stoves in living rooms? They read books for entertainment; some fortunate ones had a musical instrument. They went to bed soon after dark and arose to morning light. Visits with neighbors were special treats; a trip to the nearby small town something a youngster anticipated for days or weeks ahead. No one would miss a barn-dance! Towns were tiny; every person knew every other one. Most families were farming, isolated and close-knit. Each child knew he was important because he had responsibilities on which others depended. Today, children have no feeling of being needed; they are taught that even parents can't require responsibility. They are taught that libertine freedom is their Right, by law.  They demand whatever they desire. They don't know the pleasure of simple things which delighted our ancestors as special treats, because they've become numb to the cornucopia of plenty. Are we all happier now? Is there anything left which one can consider a special treat? Even marriage has been replaced by empty and meaningless hooking-up.

        Life in our world today makes me feel like I'm living in Las Vegas among flashing lights and crowds of strangers who are each trying to win easy money while satiating their senses with sex and any other mind numbing tool available. The thought just occurs to me that we, who criminalize narcotics are equally addicted to the materialism of technology, electronics, nice cars, Jewish TV and theater, wealth, GPS's, social media like Facebook, and other recreations of infinite variety. Those are the gods which our Father warned us against.

        Quality of life??? Who dares claim that materialism offers it? Devotion to your TV  altar chains you to Satan's mind control. We can but envy that Quality of life which our ancestors knew prior to Satan's electronic umbilical to our souls.

        What greater indictment against this Jewish society could there be than the vast numbers of souls trying to escape it through narcotics? Our people know that true Quality of life is outlawed. Our children are doomed to hopelessness, to oppressive servitude and wretched poverty. Those who seek a little relief from this hell by a feel-good narcotic (for which doctors extort a fee) get sent to prisons. The Jewish government legislates that there can be no escape from its hell. Isn't it ironic that those who seek to escape the society of approved addictions get punished as criminals? Yet, Jesus commands us to escape it!!! Christian hypocrites applaud cruel punishments of those who attempt escape while they wallow in their own addiction to materialism.

        I live in a depressed, poverty stricken small county of 25,000, nearly all rural, in the Appalachian mountain coal mining region where opportunities are nil. This is ranked as the poorest county in the state. Each month a local newspaper prints mug shots of sixty, seventy, or more people who were arrested, nearly all for victimless infractions, using a controlled pharmaceutical, overdrinking, etc. There is no mercy for broken souls here.

        Quality of life??? Our oppressors have barred every path of escape from their nightmare. As an old man I might welcome Liberation through death, as a victim of our tyrants, but young folks can hardly oppose their hormone-driven natures in order to follow Jesus' path. They want to "live" first; they want to enjoy some Quality of life. By the time they reach High School, they know it's not possible and they become despondent; any thing except enslavement is outlawed. So, they risk any relief they can get.

        Truly, contemplation of this subject will force one to question: what did Jesus say about being saved from this World? Where is true Quality of life to be found?


July 24, 2011    REPOSE, a blessing of Old Age

        In the movie, ALL PASSION SPENT, there is a conversation which well states the mind-set of many elderly folk, and certainly of me. An aged Wendy Hiller is Lady Slane in this 1986 movie (setting 1930 London) the widow of an ex-Prime Minister who has just died. Breaking free from her domineering children, she rents a small home in a distant town from a Mr. Bucktrout. Sitting on a bench in the garden, getting acquainted and discussing rental terms, their conversation is (as copied from the book by Vita Sackville-West (1892-1962) ): Mr. Bucktrout saying: "But, being also the owner I feel that once we have finished all our business we may meet upon an equal footing.

        'Indeed, I hope you will come whenever you feel inclined, Mr. Bucktrout,' said Lady Slane.

        'You are most gracious, Lady Slane. I have few friends, and I find that as one grows older one relies more and more on the society of one's contemporaries and shrinks from the society of the young. They are so tiring. So unsettling. I can scarcely, nowadays, endure the company of anybody under seventy. Young people compel one to look forward on a life full of effort. Old people permit one to look backward on a life whose effort is over and done with. That is reposeful. Repose, Lady Slane, is one of the most important things in life, yet how few people achieve it? How few people, indeed, desire it? The old have it imposed upon them. Either they are infirm, or weary. But half of them still sigh for the energy which once was theirs. Such a mistake." (page 54) then after describing his youthful passion for hunting wild boars, he says: "...since then I have learnt that the pleasures of contemplation are greater than the pleasures of activity."

        I guess I love that conversation in the movie because it resonates so strongly in me. While an old person can realize the immense pleasure of silence and contemplation, is it even possible for a young person, under 70, to value such contentment?  Oh, I take that back; many authors, composers, poets, and such, must have found inspiration born from quieting of the mind at younger ages. But, I think it is so very difficult for an active person to consider inaction as an improvement over the excitement of frenetic activity.

        If I may use myself as an example, it might be helpful to some younger folk to understand the mentality of us geriatrics. We have found the tranquil mind to be bliss and we don't want the frenzy of fast-paced conversation. When you see old-folk sitting quietly at the fringe of a gathering (reunion, funeral, wedding, celebration, etc.), it is not because they wouldn't enjoy conversation with you; it is because you are not willing or able to slow yourself down enough to relate to them. I know that language can be a great pleasure if it is done right. Very often I pause speaking to formulate a thought into proper grammar and meaningful words; but that pause will be immediately filled by younger folk, as though they cannot tolerate any brief silence. Even worse is that they do not return to hear what I wanted to say, instead flying off on a new subject. My reaction is to simply cancel what I wanted to share and retreat to silence. If one does not want to hear my opinion, then it is my loss to waste the effort on him. So, when you see an elder sitting quietly at the fringe, do not imagine that he envies your youth, rather he has made a conscious choice that his pleasure of contemplation is greater than your pleasure of activity. That is a wisdom which comes with age. I certainly do NOT wish for that energy which I once knew long ago. I have found a greater treasure to replace it. This must be a natural process of God's grand design, and it is marvelous in my eyes.

        Perhaps it is every writer's enjoyment to take time to think his thoughts before he writes them, without being interrupted between sentences. My greatest pleasure of spoken conversation is with Lisa because the silent pauses might take more time than the speaking, and we are comfortable with that. Yes, this old age state of restfulness is a Repose worth the wait.

        Recently, a man stopped here to meet me. He said he was surprised that I was "so mellow" because he had read some of my work and expected something different. I admit that I was quite hyper for most of my life, but now I am content with myself, feel no stress, no ambition, no competition, no desire to convince anyone of anything. Really, I prefer to discuss weather and nature instead of serious topics. I don't mind answering a few questions with my opinion, but not to dwell there. It is my sincere belief that no one ever won an argument, so I won't do it. Each person searches and selects whatever he wishes to believe, and let no one judge him for it. Anyone can share his own thoughts, as I do on this website where any reader can choose to consider or reject them. It is none of my concern whether one reads my work, agrees or disagrees. That is my way of respecting each person for his own ability to think for himself just as I do. And I pray that the Spirit of God will guide every seeker of Truth uniquely  --- while I enjoy my old age Repose.


July 25, 2011   FINAL CALL

        Anders Behring Breivik, a 32 year old Christian Norwegian, admits bombing and shooting over 90 people at Oslo, Norway on July 22, 2011. American and European news media are raging against such an unChristian act. We all stand aghast and ponder why he did it.

        Well, he published a 1500 page document explaining his reasons. Norway, like all the other European nations under Jewish dominion, has welcomed hordes of anti-Christian militants, of which Muslims rank at the top, along with Marxists. Christians have been powerless to stem the flood of anti-Christ muslims, a culture which uses the force of sword to conquer and destroy all non-muslims. Christian leaders, preachers, and other traitorous ilk preach tolerance and submission to them. Instead of enjoying our communities in the safety we used to know, we must now fear for our lives. Anyone who dares to resist the genocidal war against white race Christians will be prosecuted by the tyrants in power. So, the mass majority of Christian sheep are unheard and unresisting. My question is why it is so extremely rare for any one to stand up in defense of our Christian culture. Of course, it is illegal for us to resist our destruction. Anders returned fire.

       We might criticize Anders for believing present day Jews are true Israelites, but that is all he has ever been taught. I excuse him for that mistake.

    The following is a news clip from "the FOREIGNOR", a Norwegian News in English service, at http://theforeigner.no/pages/news/breivik-my-beloved-oslo-has-become-a-multicultural-shithole/

Published on Sunday, 24th July, 2011 at 13:36 under the news category, by Michael Sandelson.
Last Updated on 24th July 2011 at 17:38.


        Police sources tell TV2 Mr Breivik uploaded an English-language video to YouTube just hours before the bomb went off. In the over 12-minute video, which the broadcaster calls Ďmainly anti-Marxist and anti-Islamic propagandaí, (readers will have to register with YouTube to watch the video) he calls for a war against both, and compares himself with a knight. Mr Breivik used to be a member of the 'Knights Templar', today an order within the Masonic Movement, has been excluded from the Masonic Order.

        Mr Breivik also published a 1,517-page manifest the same day as the attacks, where he alleges Oslo Muslims have assaulted, threatened, or tried to rob him Ďjustí eight times between 15 and 21 years old.  

        Claiming the first was when some Pakistanis tried to rob him at a concert, this was only averted because, ďluckily, I knew one the members of the hard-core Pakistani A-gang, who said I was under his protection.Ē

        Mr Breivik alleges teargas made his attacker think twice during another attempted assault.

        " I always have it with me when I am out late,Ē he writes.

        In the manifest, he also claims his friends have been seriously attacked, and on one occasion raped, mourning over the fact that ďthey have transformed my beloved Oslo into a multicultural shithole.Ē

        ďOur major cities will be destroyed as long as multiculturalism is allowed to be the prevailing ideology.Ē

        Regarding Fridayís attacks, Mr Breivik writes he began planning them nine years ago. He was an active member of the Far-Right Progress Partyís youth movement (FpU) at the time.

        The document also reveals he led a double life and spent 80 days preparing the bomb. Using anabolic steroids in the weeks and months prior to the attacks, he increased his weight from 86 to 93 kilos over a six-week period.

        ďI have never been stronger than I am today,Ē he wrote.

        Moreover, Mr Breivik took a mixture of ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin as a stimulant to raise his stamina.

        In the 1,500-page detailed account of his political leanings, attacks, type of equipment and choice of targets, he states, ďWe must convince our enemies that there is no hiding place. We shall come after every one of them, if not today then tomorrow, or in 10, 30 or 50 years. We will never forget what they have done and what they continue to do. It is our responsibility to stop it.Ē

        The attacks have left 92 people dead so far, 85 on UtÝya and 7 in Oslo. At todayís press conference, police confirm there are still dead bodies lying in the government headquarter ruins. 97 people have also been injured, 10 of them seriously.

        ďAll my friends can attest to that I would never hurt a fly,Ē writes Mr Breivik, claiming he has only provoked a conflict once in his life.


        I can't help but think of Phineas (Numbers 25), who speared a fellow Israelite, Zimri, and his Midianite wife because God had commanded no race-mixing. His act so pleased God that He established a new order of priesthood named after Phineas, and ended the plague. Phineas was one man who dared represent his God, as David would later do; he was rewarded for it. (See the story of Phineas as told by Josephus in great detail, in his Antiquities, Book IV; scroll to chapter 6).

        Anders Breivik struck against two enemies which are actively warring against Christianity, Marxists and Muslims. While I want to cheer him, I'm embarrassed because I am part of the millions who haven't stood so boldly for our God.

    Secondly, and this will shock you: I think it is not God's wish for us to defend ourselves with violence at this time. The time of Phineas was quite different because God's Family was about to enter its Promised Land and live in peace under a Theocracy. Today, we are about to enter our final Promised Land and live in the presence of our Father. BUT, we cannot do it with our worldly flesh and blood bodies; we must abandon them to the Pig-pen if we want to cross the Jordan to our home.

        During the past couple millenia, millions of Christians have chosen to sacrifice their bodies rather than deny their Lord; so, those blessed Martyrs are now with Him, rewarded with His love and Presence. Now the time has arrived for completion of "The Master's Bouquet," and we don't have more centuries for a gradual die-off of His anointed ones. Rather, our Father will soon send Liberators to free our spirits from these heavy bodies; it will be violent and quick. Each of us now must choose whether to resist Christ's enemies, which our Father sends to gather us, or to welcome them as Liberators.

        Personally, I think Anders Breivik is being cheered by hosts of angels for making that statement which most Christians refuse to make, that we value our Christ enough that we will stand boldly with Him. I pray that Anders is Most Highly blessed. Yet, it is an even higher spiritual strength which we should exercise instead, to stand boldly as Martyrs (Witnesses), to the death! To the Liberation!!! What if we can win the victory like Jesus taught us? Our people are well armed and our enemy expects a tough fight. What if we can win by yielding to their killing pogrom? By so doing, dear ones, we checkmate them! This is a tough message which I bring, but it is how one crosses the finish line of his long trek homeward. Is your Lord REAL enough to you that you will follow Him to the cross which He directs you to? Can you imagine the power of such a movement if masses of Christians welcome Satan's soldiers, holding hands and singing, like our martyred ancestors did? We would emblazon Satan's defeat across the heavens! THEN, our Lord can return! Remember those saints 'neath God's altar, crying for vengeance, in John's revelations? God told them to be patient, until their brothers were killed and join them there, and THEN the end will come.

        NOW is the final gathering of His saints. Have we progressed spiritually enough to believe the REALITY of His promise? Can we rejoice to be Liberated from this nightmare world? Is this not Jesus' most important message? Each of us must make a choice soon, and keep in mind that cowardice is also a choice; death comes to all, but cowards lose. Our Father loves those who will run to Him laughing to be free of these old bodies.

 ADDENDUM: ANDERS BEHRING BREIVIK  (August 25, 2011 I feel compelled to add this.)

       Who is Anders Behring Breivik? He is a Norwegian man who claims to be a Knight of Christ taking action against Christís enemies: Marxists and Muslims. He sacrificed his own life to do what he said had to be done. Most Christians condemn his killing of Christ's enemies. Internet hate-filled-racist radicals condemn him for being an Edomite Jew, a wild conjecture of theirs. I simply admire him for being exactly what he claims to be, a Knight of Christ.

        Those who have read my works know that I recognize Esau as Jacobís brother and progenitor of the race of Edomite Jews who are eternal adversaries of Christ, with some exceptions. Perhaps the most notable exception was Caleb, an Edomite descendant of Kenaz, son of Esau. Caleb accompanied Joshua (iesus, a Jesus) across the Jordan into the Promised Land where he was given a special portion of land by God "because he followed after the order of the Lord God of Israel." (Joshua 14:14)

        Obviously, Edomites can "go good" just as Israelites can "go bad." Those Edomites who now choose to recognize Jesus Christ as Lord and who give their lives to defend Him will be blessed by our Father just as Caleb was blessed. This is essential to the paradigm.

        It would please me greatly if Anders Breivik is truly an Edomite Jew who has chosen bold action in the name of Christ. I would be honored to cross the Jordan once again into Heavenís Promised Land hand in hand with him. If Anders is a white race European Christian Israelite acting as a Knight of our Lord, then he is just doing what our General expects of His soldiers. But IF he is representing Christ as an Edomite Jew, then our admiration of him should be multiplied tenfold. I hope the bigoted haters are right about him, that he is an Edomite Jew, for that makes him even greater in Godís eyes. But, I personally think he is just one Christian who dared to stand up for our Lord, thereby putting all the rest of us to shame.

        Nevertheless, it is a thrill to my heart that he MIGHT be the Caleb needed for the end-time passage into the final Promised Land. Godís paradigm has been set; I call it the "Divine Pageant." The paradigm (model) of Liberation from Egypt (world), the wilderness trek, and the entry into the Promised Land is about to be repeated when we are Liberated from this world stage to inherit the kingdom of Heaven. We NEED an Edomite Jew, who is not afraid to represent our Lord against our enemies, to accompany us through the coming transition because Godís Divine Pageant is an eternal contest between two seedline races, the Christ Family versus the race of Satan. The everlasting pageant is not possible unless both races are on the stage doing their eternal contest. Hatred of our enemy race is neither fruitful nor Godly. Jesus taught a better way. Except for the occasional Caleb, we should learn to avoid contact with them and their unGodly civilization.


July 26, 2011   BAD SPIRITS

        I was just thinking about evil spirits working in so many ways: through lust, greed, anger, hearing of voices, hallucination type visions, perversions.  Since I don't have TV, I don't know how much focus there is on homosexuality or UFO type aliens, but internet news services are loaded with gay marriage progress and homosexual news items. Internet bloggers are focused on UFO's and aliens. Evil spirits really do find dwellings in minds hungering for sensual satisfaction and in minds which welcome alternatives to the God of our Bible. Satan gets front page attention in our modern world, whereas the culture I knew as a child would hardly use the word "sex" in print and never discussed homosexuals. Now perversion is promoted in schools, churches, military, housing rentals, parades, entertainment, the courts, legal rights, etc. As we Christians lower our eyes and shake our heads in dismay, we sometimes wish we could remember those Bible passages which address these perversions. For your convenience, here are some that I have found.


Leviticus 18:22-26

    "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination. Nor shall you mate with any beast, to defile yourself with it. Nor shall any woman stand before a beast to mate with it. It is perversion. Do not defile yourselves with any of these things; for by all these the nations are defiled, which I am casting out before you. For the land is defiled; therefore I visit the punishment of its iniquity upon it, and the land vomits out its inhabitants. You shall therefore keep My statutes and My judgments, and shall not commit any of these abominations, either any of your own nation or any stranger who sojourns among you."

Leviticus 20:13, 15-16

    "(13)And if any man lie with man as with woman, they have both committed an abomination; let them be put to death. They are guilty. (15)And whoever shall lie with a beast, he shall be put to death, and you shall kill the beast. (16)And if any woman approach to any beast to be pressed under it, you shall kill the woman and the beast. Let them be put to death. They are guilty."

Deuteronomy 22:5

"The apparel of a man shall not be on a woman, neither shall a man put on a womanís dress; for every one that does these things is an abomination to the Lord thy God."

Romans 1:26-27

    "For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:  And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet.

Romans 1:26-27 (KJV) 

    With the present flood of deep trance mediums (when deceitful spirits take over ones's voice) and shallow trance mediums (channelers) through which deceitful spirit entities do speak, many of our people have been caught up in the new age spiritism. Thirty years ago, when I was interested in the new-age movement, psychics, tarot, ouija, table-tipping, trance-speakers, and all the Psychic Fair phenomena, it was popular for the lying spirits to assume native American Indian names and personalities. In recent years they are more popular as space aliens. Those spirits are convincing liars; their predictions never come true.

        Trance mediums and channelers are condemned in some scripture passages which I will list below. It is good to review these once in a while, lest one become convinced from news reports that aliens might really ride in on Nibiru, Planet X, or other such nonsense. Many people are willing to believe that humans were created by aliens who will soon return to harvest the results, or to save their devotees in space ships while the world is destroyed. Many people like to believe in alternatives to our God. In spite of all the claims from such wishful minds, there is yet no credible evidence to convince objective minds which aren't open to the lying spirits. If you've seen the movie about the life of John Nash, A BEAUTIFUL MIND, you might realize how convincingly one's own mind can be deceived. I think Nash at some time had opened himself to the spirits and never could get rid of them. Devices like the ouija board can be insidiously dangerous and should be avoided. They aren't toys!!!

        Those who believe in aliens are as unmovable in that religion as any other true-believer of Science, Islam, Wicca, Christianity, the Jews' Yahwism, Mariolatry, VooDoo, Mormonism, et al. I do not write to them, nor have I any wish to change their beliefs; I don't think that is possible. I write merely to share my interpretation of our Sacred Word. I cast seed and walk on. What happens to it isn't my concern.


Leviticus 19:31

    "I am the Lord your God: you shall not go after trance-speakers, nor attach yourselves to sorcerers to be polluted by them." (LXX)

Leviticus 20:6

    "And regarding the person who shall follow trance-speakers and sorcerers, so as to go a-whoring after them, I will set My face against that person, and destroy him from among his people." (LXX)

Leviticus 20:26

    "Because I the Lord your God am the Holy One, Who hath separated you from all the nations, that you should be Mine, therefore the man, or the woman, among you, who hath become a trans-speaker, or a sorcerer, shall be put to death. Stone them with stones. They are guilty."


July 27, 2011   COMET ELENIN in sixty days!

        Here is an interesting theory about the comet which is now nearing earth. While a large number of people await their god aboard the thing, here is an idea which might actually have merit. Because a couple recent alignments have had some effect on earth, perhaps the iron core comet has accumulated a huge electrical charge during its ten thousand year trip since it was last here. The electromagnetic field of that charge would be very large and now relating to the sun and to our planet. When the comet is aligned with earth and sun, the electrical charge could transfer some energy. The two previous alignments were sun-earth-Elenin, but an alignment on September 26, 2011 will have Elenin between the sun and earth. The effects could be dramatic if this theory has merit. It is, at least, interesting to watch. Here is the article, which is questionable, in my opinion, but interesting.


One blogger said he checked out the planetary positions which are diagramed on a Swiss Franc, and he says the planet positions are not indicating the date of September 26, 2011.   But, the EM field theory does have merit, I think.

    Update on Norway Massacre

It appears that the claims of news media, that children were shot on the island are not quite accurate. A man who had been Press Secretary to the Prime Minister told the UK Telegraph: "Young political activists have gathered at Utoya for over 60 years to learn about and be part of democracy, the very opposite of what the Hitler Youth was about," he told The Daily Telegraph." You can read the article at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/norway/8660986/Norway-shooting-Glenn-Beck-compares-dead-teenagers-to-Hitler-youth.html .

        Clearly, Glenn Beck has correctly compared that political training Camp to Hitler's Youth corps. Anders Breivik wrote a Manifesto claiming that he was opposed to Marxists and Muslims. Since he bombed the Labor Party Office, we might assume that it is a Marxist government now in control of Norway (unlike the U.S.??). Communists often call themselves democracies or Labor Party or Peoples Party. It is that Labor Party which has been flooding Norway with Muslim immigrants, trashing our Christian culture, and leading to those headlines of Anders' statement, "My beloved Oslo has become a multicultural shithole." How would you like to hear loudspeakers near your home chant the Muslims to prayer five times each day?

        Anyway, it seems that Anders wasn't shooting children, but political activists in a Marxist training camp. They were probably late teens and early twenties: military age youth. It seems to me that in a world-wide one-sided war against the white race, one white man dared to return fire. Now, listen to the liberals wail. They've not experienced that before. Worse, rather than cheering Anders, most whites join the wailing of the enemy who is warring against us. Even if it was a false-flag event, the white race could have rallied behind Anders' example and turned the tables on our opponents. But, no, our people join the enemy chorus. Bizarre, IMO.


July 28, 2011    JUST IDLING TODAY

        I sat on the deck last night until midnight visiting with my friend, Ken, one of the native Appalachian mountain folk. Today we are going to pick up a young steer which I bought. Ken will put it with a couple of his cows to graze, and I will butcher it late fall. Can't help but wonder if society will still be functional. Might have to can the meat in quart jars - if we are still here and alive. I feel like we have reached the Jordan river and are about to cross into our final promised-land. How exciting! I also feel that no evangelism is necessary, no one needs to be convinced of anything. God has not lost any of His own, so there is nought for us to do except encourage and comfort each other. We might need to remind ourselves frequently that Jesus often said to "Fear not." For many years I have expected the endgame terrors to happen, but they've been delayed and delayed; patience is not one of my strengths. And I know the Armageddon thing still has to happen, as described in II Esdras. That will take some time. George Washington saw American cities in flames in his vision. There is still a lot to happen, but we also have the promise that the times will be shortened, whatever that means. This is such radical talk, isn't it? Perhaps it is because of my inner fearfulness and weakness that I obsess about this; I just don't want to lose heart at the last moment. So, until it does happen, this year or next or next, I'll try to have oil in my lamp and be ready. I share these thoughts because I think it is helpful for us to encourage each other. Of course, normal sane people are going to roll up their eyes and know that I/we are not like them. So, how willing are we to appear as fools for Christ? Anders Breivik says he is a Knight of Christ. While I think we should yield to the Liberators instead of militant action, I can't help but admire the courage he had to make his statement. Keep the faith, my friends.


July 29, 2011     BECALMED

Not a whisper of breath to muse about. I feel like I've said all that I have to say. For several years I have written to encourage God's Family to follow Jesus to the death because that is the crossing of the Jordan to return home. I have told you clearly that I am not a guru or any kind of authority; I merely write my opinion on the website and leave each person to be responsible for what he/she chooses to believe. I have informed you that we have a New Contract with God which preachers never speak about; find it in the eighth chapter of Hebrews. No one except the Holy Spirit can teach you to know God. Your path is your own, alone; no one can experience it with you. You were set free from the old death penalty by Jesus to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. When you have realized it, then there will be no more fear. You have the story of the entire cycle of history in CHRIST IN THE STARS, and you have that cycle diagramed on a Sine Wave Curve.

        Now I have no more to say. The rest is up to you. I am content that the Father loses none of His own, so my writings are merely jabber. You don't need me. Period.

        The website has been fun; maybe I'm done now. I'd be happy with that. But, I also admit that compulsions suddenly prompt me to write something more. It might happen again, and it might not. I'll leave it at that.

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