by Roger Hathaway, May 15, 2011

Hey, Christian! Who are you? Why do you call yourself by that name? Ya got religion? Preachin, singin, prayin, donatin? Yeah, you got religion!  Dya like it?  Any truth to it?  I'm betting that if you consider what Jesus really said, you would step back in shock. Careful now! Roger is gonna get personal here - touchy stuff! Okay, let me tell you right up front what this is about. I'm proposing to start a new religion to replace Christianity! Yeah, really. So, take a sec, go pour yourself a drink so you can toast the effort if at the end of this you think it is worth toasting. I'm fixin to pull the entire rug out from under That Ol' Time Religion that was good enuf for Snuffy but ain't good enuf for me. I'll take just a moment to pour myself another; then off we go.

Jesus is the one who would upset your sleep if you looked closely at what He said. Consider this, that He was a man, (with short blond hair BTW), with whom rough fisherman could relate, language, drinking, & all. Not at all the effeminate wuss that attracts women to empty cathedrals, neither was He handsome (according to Scripture); He was despised by most who met Him, rejected from polite society, but interesting enough to attract a crowd when the Holy Spirit worked it. Most who heard Him speak turned away from Him because His sayings were too hard for them. Ahhh, same tune same song today! People turn away from Him to a church which uses His name,  but where they find a feel-good religion which just happens to be opposite from that which He taught. SsssoOkay, people tend to like the guy with long hair who speaks ever so softly and promises peace with every Easter egg. People are easy to please, and so long as He doesn't rock their boat, they'll keep filling that collection plate. This Christianity is a reassuring thing, ain't it.

So, why does Radical Rog want to disturb the peace? Well, actually, I don't care a spit whether you or anyone else does anything at all, not even whether you listen to the real Jesus and follow Him or just continue in your stupor. It's true; I really don't care. It's God's business to stir your soul, not mine. Thank God! You can read my jabber and laugh; I really don't care. I'm not an evangelist, reformer, crusader, or anyone who should be mentioned on even the last page of a tabloid rag. I'm simply suggesting that you start a new religion to replace Christianity.

Here is my suggestion for a new religion: No preachers, no teachers, no authorities about truth, no doctrine, sacraments, rituals, or church buildings. You are the ONLY authority for your life, and you don't need a theological brainwashing first, either. Are you qualified? Let's see, the qualifications are:

  1. you, as a true white-race-Israelite know Jesus is your true Lord, whom you are willing to follow as He commanded.

  2. you are willing to yield to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in your contemplative search for Truth.

  3. you are willing to offer your flesh-self as a living sacrifice, unto death, to the God who gave you life in the first place.

        Then, with other like-minded solitaires, you can enjoy sharing thoughts with each other, if you wish, about studies, ideas, insights, revelations, without any creeds, fees, memberships, or ranks - all equal. But, just because you, as a solitaire, have found the Holy Spirit within yourself like the early Christians did, you might need to be reminded, as it was necessary to remind them: to not forsake fellowship with other saints completely. And any sharing of your firstfruits will be to the poor, needy, or enterprising in your local community who might benefit. You may give and they may do whatever they wish with it, no strings attached.


Uhhh, why not work within the church to change it if it needs changing? My opinion is that such a change would be equivalent to converting the devil to champion Godliness instead of wickedness, or to convincing American politicians to represent the people instead of banksters, or to making the tides reverse their ebb/flow routine, or to convincing the Pope to give up his Satan costume. But, go ahead and try if you want; meanwhile, I'm for starting afresh.


Why? Why change a Christian religion which the people like and which seems to be working just fine? Oh, I'm glad for a chance to explain why. Simply because what Jesus taught is totally opposite from what the Christian Church teaches and practices. Here are a few examples, listed below. Once you get the gist of this, you'll be able to read your Bible and find many more. I know a man who has a list of more than a hundred contradictions between the Bible and that which the Church teaches. Here are just a few.



Church (Christian religion) says that Jesus came to save everyone on the world who believes in Him. But Jesus said, "I came not except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." If preachers would research whom those lost sheep really are, they would understand why Jesus said this. Instead, they made a religion of the exact opposite from Jesus' clear statement.

Church says that Jesus wants us to have peace and happiness. But Jesus said, "Don't think that I came to bring peace; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." If Jesus is the Prince of Peace, then why did He say that? Preachers don't know what Jesus was about.

Church says to love parents and family. But Jesus said, "If any man come to me and hates NOT his father and mother and wife and children and brethren and sisters, yea and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple."   Is Jesus really promoting hate? Preachers can't address this issue because they don't know what Jesus was all about. I could enjoy writing at length about this because it is at the heart of Jesus' real message.

Some churches make a religion against drinking alcohol. But Jesus drank and even had a reputation as a drunkard, as He tells it: "John [Baptist] came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, he has a demon. The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, 'Look a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax-collectors and sinners!'"   I'm convinced that alcohol is God's great gift to His children and that ONLY WE should use it, for it is a spiritual experience, unless it is abused and can then become a hellish experience. But it is not a blessing to other races.

Church says that heaven is a place you go to after you die. But Jesus said, "The kingdom of heaven is within you."  Maybe one should look within himself before he dies! That is where the Holy Spirit dwells and works, isn't it? Or do you expect your preacher to do the looking and tell you what he found?

Some churches make a religion of getting the Holy Spirit to do "miracles" for them, such as tongues, healings, and other sensationalisms. At the time of Jesus such practices helped to attract followers, and of course, the Holy Spirit CAN and MIGHT do such things today, but an event would be rare and certainly not as a showpiece attraction of a "church" group. Simple Christians should "test the spirits," whether they be from God or from this World's lord.  It is a powerful argument with me that IF the Holy Spirit was active in such performances today, He would also be prompting the people to seek the Truths of Jesus' messages, truths which are so opposite from their religion. Instead, such religionists are vehemently opposed to education or learned studies; that tells me that it isn't the Holy Spirit directing their show.  I think they should tremble with caution about the danger of using the Holy Spirit to make a circus, as though He can be so commanded.

Church makes a religious show of praying in churches, in public, in restaurants, in groups, before meals, etc. But Jesus said, "And when you pray, don't be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray in the synagogues (churches) and standing on street corners (restaurants, too?) so they may be seen by men. Amen, I tell you they have their reward. But when you pray, enter into your room and shut the door, and pray to your Father in secret. And your Father, who sees in secret, will reward you openly."   Does anyone want to bet me whether religionists might give up their public praying, especially that showy before meal performance. I'd also bet that some readers are pretty angry at me right now for pointing out what Jesus said so clearly. Well, religion trumps Jesus every time, doesn't it!    Gotta change it!

Church proclaims that Jesus was the greatest teacher ever. But Jesus told his disciples, "Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God, but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see and hearing they might not understand."  Spiritual insight can't be purchased from a religion which hears but does not understand! Understanding is a gift of God to individual seekers of Truth, not something which can be sold to the masses.

Church operates like a business offering salvation for sale. But Jesus said, "Don't make my Father's house a house of merchandise."  Evangelism is a lucrative business, selling entertainment for "offerings",  selling DVD's and paraphernalia, soliciting donations for endless causes, and making super-rich preachers.

Church preaches a gospel of sin and damnation, just as though Jesus had never secured for us a new contract with God in which sin is no longer a factor. The debt for breach-of-contract was paid; admit it and be free! God cares nothing about sin, nor does He judge any person's guilt. He leaves any judgment under the authority of Jesus' salvation. Jesus said, in John 5, "the Father judges no one but has committed all judgment to the Son."

Church teaches the "Christian Work-ethic" of career, hard work, providing for a family, adequate insurance for health, accidents, retirement. But Jesus said, "do not labor for food" or worry about supplying your daily needs. See Jn 6:27; Mat. 6:25.   St. Francis got it! His followers didn't.  Prosperity and the Good-Life are the social gospel of today which many seek, a gospel which puts preachers in gaudy robes and finery, exalting them to places of high esteem, and generally exhibiting Satan's style of religionism.

Church teaches that ALL people are God's children. But Jesus told the Edomite Jews at the temple that God is not their father:  "If God were your father, you would love Me. . .ye are of your father, the devil. . .he that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God." See John 8.   Most Christians today think those lying murdering descendants of Esau (enemies of true Israel) are God's chosen race just because they call themselves Jews!  God is not their father, and the church can't even tell the difference. Nor does the church acknowledge the rich history which identifies northern Europeans as the true twelve tribes of Israel still identified by their ancient tribal emblems, the lost sheep of Jesus. The darkness of church tombs is nearly absolute, isn't it.

Church teaches lessons of religion, the Way of Christ, the Path of salvation, the Truth of God just as though it had some right to TEACH, which it does NOT! Our New Contract with our Father orders teachers to STAND ASIDE because He Himself is taking over the job. Jeremiah 31 and Hebrews 8 provide the text of this new contract, explicitly between us white race, European Christian Israelites and our Father; God says "I will establish over the House of Israel and over the House of Judah a New Covenant, not according to the Covenant which I made with their fathers in that day when I took their hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt, because they did not persevere in My Covenant; so I disregarded them, says the Lord. This is the Covenant which I shall contract with the House of Israel after those days, says the Lord: I will put my laws into their mind, and upon their hearts I shall write them, and I will be their God and they shall be my people, and by no means shall anyone teach another to Know the Lord, because all will know Me, from the least to the greatest of them; because I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and lawless deeds I will by no means remember any more."  Well, there you have it the very foundation contract for Christians, not a contract for any institution of religion, but for each individual relationship to his Father, personal and intimate, with no priest standing in between. Woe to any preacher who claims the authority to teach about God to another! I shamefully repent that I once stood in a pulpit of such HUBRIS. Now, I speak out to share my thoughts with the caveat that I might be wrong, and that each person is responsible for whatever he chooses to believe. We should discuss between ourselves, like the early Christians did. But, Beware, this contract does not ordain preachers, it outlaws them! It's no wonder that Christian religionists ignore this New Covenant which should be the very comfort of our faith.

I can't read the Bible without seeing how terribly the Christian Church contradicts the things which Jesus clearly said. If God's children, who lie as skeletons in Ezekiel's valley of dry bones, are ever going to rise up and live again, it will be to follow the true Jesus, a Lord very opposite from the one which the modern Church worships. And their new lives won't be led by any organization, but each individual must stand up for him/her self. Freedom from arrogant and ignorant frauds will be the basis of a new religion. Now, toast the new freedom if you feel so inspired.

And, don't look to me for any guidance. God will handle that!  It's in your contract.

by Roger Hathaway,   May 15, 2011                  RETURN TO INDEX