by Roger Hathaway

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June 13, 2011   (GROUNDING ONE'S SPIRIT)

        It is commendable that sincere Christians try hard to express high-culture behaviors, walking uprightly and blameless lest they offend. Most religions emphasize good manners, politeness, and gentility. Most Christians feel remorse when they default on those noble values, to act upon their base human natures. Ironically, when one attains high spirituality and knows real oneness with his Father, then such religious constraints seem puzzlingly less important. Most of the mystics have explained this process, revealing that they rarely, if ever, pray in a traditional manner, nor do they read the scriptures because they are too sensitive to the powerful insights, feelings, and that touch of God which nearly takes one's life. Martin Luther said, "sin boldly," because he knew the ultimate Christian liberty which Jesus taught. The New Covenant which Jesus secured, but which languishes untaught by religion, assures us that sin is no longer a factor in our lives, that God remembers it NOT. One who spends much of his time in the rarified atmosphere of the ethers, communing with the Father, feels compelled to plant his feet occasionally in the dung-heap, or in some way to find a grounding which reconnects him to a world where he must function but which he despises. Some of these spiritually supercharged children of their Father use alcohol to numb minds which are on fire with Holy Spirit; some turn to promiscuity; some find relief in foul language of four letter words; some use rudeness and insults.  Some of the Father's favored sons feel ashamed, even crushed, because they cannot control their base compulsions. It is to such of you that I write, to tell you that you are not completely alone. No true son of the Father will ever flaunt his base nature as a badge of spirituality, but will struggle in silence with a feeling that he is failing his Father's trust. Yet, I assure you that your weakness serves as a grounding upon which God can continue to form you into His ideal. Mozart, the singular most inspired musical voice of God, lived in the ethers where he learned heaven's beautiful language, but he often went out carousing and drinking to ground himself in preparation for another day aloft. His wife didn't understand his spiritual need. Mozart partook enthusiastically of the cultural slang of his generation, namely scatalogical humor; in other words, the use of the word "shit" in friendly conversation or in letters to people of whom he was fond. You can google the words "mozart" and "scatological" to learn more about his very human nature. Today the offensive gutter word is "fu**".   I'm writing this to comfort you who know whereof I speak. Your base actions often estrange you from family, co-workers, friends, and leave you all alone in a bliss which you cannot possibly share with them. And that is exactly where your Father wants you, separated from others, to walk as a solitaire where He can share with you without the static noise of society. You already know that your slips and stumbles do not endanger your spiritual life, but it might comfort you to know that many others struggle the same course. So, let go your attachment to others because it is YOU whom He calls and claims as His own.

        Fear not how others might judge you; Jesus said that He had a reputation of being a glutton and a drunkard, perhaps something like Mozart. It is because He really did suffer the human experience that rough fishermen and you, too, can tip a glass with Him and call Him "friend." Perhaps this great blessing of alcohol is the reason that wine is exalted throughout the entire scriptures; it is the vineyard and the winepress which God uses to describe the reward which He has prepared for His own. Since I drink a lot of wine (I make my own) I can speak from experience that the first couple drinks enlighten the mind and the clarity of insight. Additional glasses of wine will dull the mind and provide relief from the rational process, exposing and expressing one's unique weaknesses in all three human natures, physical, emotional, and rational. While I recommend against such inebriation, I must admit that I wonder if it isn't by unveiling our weaknesses that one's Spirit nature gets some advantage over them. Just musing; you can ponder that notion for yourself..



June 14, 2011   (FUKUSHIMA not an earthquake???)

        That is the interesting conjecture by journalist, Jim Stone, as discussed in an article by Ethan A. Huff, that the Japan disaster was not an earthquake, but was a nuclear device designed to create a tsunami. He makes a reasonable argument that a 9.0 earthquake would have shaken the land terribly, which apparently did not happen. It seems that the people felt no shaking until the tsunami washed inland. Video cameras showed people going about their daily business without any shaking. You can read Huff's review at http://www.naturalnews.com/032692_Fukushima_earthquake.html   Estimates are now that the death toll might reach 50,000 people from this event.

        If this is true, that a nuclear device was used, then that would be consistent with the Apocalypse Equation, as discussed in the article at http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1477.htm . It is alleged that world governments are colluding to exterminate 5.5 billion people from the planet in order to leave about 1.5 billion which is the optimum level of population that can be sustained. Limited nuclear events are part of the Apocalypse Equation plan, along with chemical and biological agents, and probably starvation.

        We have been reading for nearly a year that Homeland Security has been planning for food shortages, civil unrest, and riots in cities. We know that extreme weather events have already delayed, perhaps cancelled, agricultural planting and/or harvesting throughout much of the world, to the extent that starvation might start this summer of 2011. Now, it appears that the U.S. is shutting down crop harvests if an illegal picker can be found in the field, so that the southern states are already suffering. My friend, Ken, who owns a produce market tells me that his suppliers are complaining about the government shutdowns of farms in Florida and other states where tomatoes, beans, etc. are left to rot in the fields. The same government which welcomed the flood of illegals is now using them to deliberately waste food crops at the same time our nation is expecting dire food shortages. Are we not to wonder whether our leaders are really that stupid or perhaps that they are doing exactly what they have long planned to do?

        So, here we might be looking at a limited nuclear event which caused a deadly tsunami, plus food shortages which will result in food riots, plus an E.coli event in Germany (and possibly SW Virginia and NE Tennessee) which was caused by a bacterial strain that has been bioengineered to be resistant to eight classes of antibiotics along with addition of DNA of bubonic plague. I recently discussed the problem of a planet so poisoned that all future life is at risk. You can read that article at http://divinepageant.com/Nontheological/poisoned_planet.htm

        Now that the Bilderberger meeting is over, I'm wondering how soon they might accelerate their killing pogrom; let's watch for prominent "persons of worth" to be quietly leaving their homes. I wonder how soon they might shut down internet so that real news won't be available to us. Things are getting exciting, eh?   IMHO.


June 15, 2011  (Trillion Dollars)

How much does a trillion dollars weigh, in Hundred Dollar Bills?


Ten thousand of them ($One million) weighs about 22 pounds.

One million of them ($100 million) weighs 2,200 pounds.

Ten million of them ($One billion) weighs 22,000 pounds (11 tons)

Ten billion of them ($One trillion) weighs 22 million pounds (11,000 tons)

You can see a picture of this amount of money at: http://www.pagetutor.com/trillion/index.html

        Investment analysts estimate that the total amount of money at risk in Derivative ventures is about Six-hundred Trillion dollars. Right now, those world-bankers, who are in charge of handling OUR money, are tossing MILLIONS around like candy from a parade clown; BILLIONS are gifts to friends; a TRILLION dollars can make a politician salivate; anything higher is banksters Monopoly. They are dancing in the streets around the bodies of God's children because they think we are dead.

        Imagine a bank clerk thumbing onto the counter a hundred-dollar-bill each second. That is $100 per second. It would take her 317 years of continuous thumbing, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, to thumb 1 trillion dollars.

        There are 31,536,000 seconds in one year. To count out just one Billion dollars, at a rate of one dollar bill per second, would take 31.71 years. To count one trillion dollars at one dollar bill per second would take 31,710 years. Now, get this! From the calculated date of Adam's creation at 5508 BC (Septuagint dating), it would take 24,194 more years from today to finish counting one trillion dollars. Adam appeared less than one-fourth of a trillion seconds ago!

The total Derivatives risk of six-hundred trillion dollars equals $200,000 for every single person in the world.

        Now, consider that those huge sums of wealth are held by a tiny fraction of one percent of human(sic)-beings who are working desperately toward exterminating most (85%) of the rest of us because they want it all. Do you think they are happy with it all. The truth is that they are unconsolably miserable, insanely insecure, and numb to any Godliness. In my poverty I am happy, blissfully secure, and enjoy the ecstasy of being God's son. I can afford to laugh at those who think they rule over God's children because I've read the end of the book and know who wins. Hint: it ain't the money-crazed Beast.

        Another way of imagining a Trillion dollars: If the government received taxes of one million dollars per day, starting at the year of 0 ad, it would take until the year 2737ad to collect a Trillion dollars. Our alleged representatives in U.S. politics are willing, even eager, to lay that kind of tax debt on working Americans every year. They do it at the same time they offer your employers incentives to move overseas and leave you jobless. Is that stupid? No one is that stupid, not even politicians; it can only be a deliberate destruction of our civilization.

        And finally, don't forget that one Trillion dollars worth of $100-dollar-bills would weigh eleven thousand tons! A railroad boxcar typically carries about 110 tons. So, it would take 100 boxcars to carry a Trillion dollars worth of $100-dollar bills. It would take 600 such railroad trains to carry the Derivatives debt (gambling losses of banksters). They need someone to cover their losses. The U.S. government is assuring them that Americans will do it. Do you remember voting to do that? 


June 16, 2011  (What happens after Death?)

        Surely, every person has wondered exactly what happens when one dies. Religion offers the simplistic answer that one goes to heaven, but offers no details. Well, thatís the sorry state of modern religion! Yet, the holy writings which Jesus and His friends treasured did include a book which explains what happens after death. The angel of the Lord explained to the prophet Ezra exactly what happens, and Ezra wrote it down in a book now known as II Esdras, but that book was deleted from our Bible at the Council of Trent mid 16th century AD. You might want to pause a moment to let that sink in; Ezraís book was officially excluded from our Bible only that recently, about 360 years ago. Since the Protestant reformers did not later reclaim the writing as canonical, and since it is Old Testament anyway, the so-called New Testament religion of today doesnít care. Sad but true.

        The text of II Esdras is not widely available, but I have put the complete text on my website at http://divinepageant.com/ii_esdras.htm    Ezra was Godís prophet during the mid 400's BC. Except for the first two chapters, which were added several centuries AD, I think you will be surprised and delighted with this fascinating account of Ezraís visions granted to him by an angel from God.

        In chapter seven the angel describes what happens after one dies. Chapter 7:75 begins the explanation, First: every one of Godís Spirit children (family of Israel only) adores the glory of the Most High.  Second: the SCORNERS will be sent to that state which he calls "Torments," where they will experience torment in seven ways, as he then describes. Third: he explains that the RIGHTEOUS will enter the state of Rest, also called "Habitations," where they will experience seven orders of joy and Rest, which he then describes. In 7:105, the angel says: "so no one shall ever pray for another on that day (when one has died), neither shall anyone lay a burden on another; for then all shall bear their own righteousness and unrighteousness." Well, that statement pretty clearly explains why this writing got excised from the Holy Scriptures by the Roman Catholic church, doesnít it? That religion sells a lot of candles and takes a lot of offerings as prayers for the dead.

        You can read for yourself the details which the angel describes to Ezra at http://divinepageant.com/ii_esdras.htm in chapter 7.

Oh, my! what Christian religionists have missed!!! And even more, what a glorious future we are promised if we stay focused on our Lord who points the Way!!!

        But, I tell you, and with passion I say it, unless you escape from the Christian church religion, the Holy Spirit will never be able to reach you through that fog, static, dissonance, and vanity. Face in the mud is where one should start, and then open a clear channel to the Spirit of God. See His servant, Ezra, and learn that kind of humility, and that kind of yielding to your Lord, who is the Truth the WAY, and the Life.


June 17, 2011   (Nuclear meltdown in America?)

        Since I donít have television, I donít know if mainstream news is covering the nuclear plant problem near Omaha, Nebraska, but this might warrant our concern. The Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant is located along the Missouri River, just north of Omaha. The story is that an electrical fire shut down the cooling system for a pool of spent fuel rods, for about 90 minutes. The accident happened on June 7. The company says power was quickly restored. If so, then why has FAA ordered a NoFly Zone over it which amazingly is still in effect; no one knows why. And why has Kansas Health Dept issued a warning for people to avoid any contact with the Missouri River. http://www.hutchnews.com/latestregionalnews/Kansas-health-officials--don-t-use-Missouri-River  The reason given for the warning is because flooding carries contaminants into the river which might cause health problems. But, during recent months of extreme flooding of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, no such warning has been issued elsewhere. The Kansas warning is for that portion of the river just downstream from the nuclear plant accident. If you look at an aerial view of the nuclear plant, flooding is visible all around the power plant. That floodwater drains back into the Missouri River. http://ncrenegade.com/editorial/no-fly-zone-over-fort-calhoun-nuclear-plant-due-to-hazards/   The Missouri River flows southward from the nuclear plant, past Omaha and then along the northeast state line of Kansas from St. Joseph to Kansas City where the river turns east to cross the state of Missouri.

        We can only wonder if the problem was quickly solved as the company claims, or if the problem might get more serious. Or, in this age of DISinformation, are the people being panicked into conspiracy theories by FAA and Kansas Govít, only to appear foolish later? But, what gets my attention is the real threat that nuclear radiation could endanger the entire Mississippi River valley, along with the entire eastern U.S. if it is carried eastward by winds and rain. Everyone east of the Mississippi could be in danger. Fort Calhoun facility is the designated storage container for spent fuel rods for the state of Nebraska, and maybe more states, probably with far more fuel rods than Fukushima! The rods are stored in ground level pools, open at the top. Maybe there is nothing to worry about, as authorities imply, but trusting them isnít proving prudent lately. It seems astounding that "they" would store huge quantities of fuel rods so close to this major River!!!  BTW, there are 104 nuclear power plants in the U.S., many getting quite aged.

        Newsflash! Just In... The Sorcha Faal news site just published an article: US ORDERS NEWS BLACKOUT OVER CRIPPLED NEBRASKA NUCLEAR PLANT. This news site is known as a Russian intelligence operation which gives both valid information and DISinformation. Much of their work is linked to sources. They are calling it a "near catastrophic meltdown." You can read it at http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1493.htm  . Might not be valid info, but Iíll be watching for confirmation.

        Newsflash 2!! Another scary report at http://www.rense.com/general94/ftcal.htm

        And finally, a nuclear engineer, Arnie Gunderson was interviewed (see it at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBEipg81uLw) He tells of tests which indicate that Tokyo residents are inhaling about 10 hot particles of radiation daily, from Fukushima. Tests also show that Seattle residents are now inhaling about five radioactive hot particles daily, into their lungs, from the Fukushima release. Can you imagine the effect on the eastern U.S. if the Mississippi River was exposing hot particles into the winds? You might want to stay aware of this problem.


June 18, 2011  (AMAZING STUFF Diatomaceous Earth 'D.E.')

        D.E. is a most wondrous and useful item which you should know about. It is used commercially in many items which sell for high prices, but you can buy a 20lb box of it for less than $25; I get it from Kmart where it is sold for swimming pool filters as AQUA CHEM, D.E. Filter Aid, or from Pool Time as D.E. FILTER AID.

        Let me tell you what it can do. Since it is a totally non-toxic sea-shell substance (dry white powder) from Diatoms, it is safe around pets and children. Some of the things which it is valued for are:

        Kills lice, mites, ticks, fleas, cockroaches, earwigs, slugs, worms, internal parasites like intestinal worms, garden insects, and most any tiny insect. Sprinkle it wherever you want. As a fine white powder, you can use a small hand-crank duster (Lowes has it) to dust garden plants, berry bushes, fruit trees, most any plant which has bugs, like potato bugs for instance You can dust your carpet or upholstery or bed for those tiny critters, or dust your pet cats or dogs, or even childrenís heads for critters they got at school. Dust for bedbugs between mattresses, on top of the mattress and cover, and the floor beneath the bed. Being under your bedsheet, you wonít feel it and it wonít hurt you. In my chicken house, for killing mites, I dust the floor, the bottoms of nest boxes, rub it on the roost poles, and even add some to their dry feed for internal parasites. I sprinkled it on the barn floor where my dairy cow bedded; I sprinkled it in her fur, and sometimes added it to her feed. Some people eat it to kill internal parasites. You can sprinkle it around the outside walls of your house, or inside walls. If it gets wet, no problem; it drys out again. It is partially effective against ants but doesn't kill the whole nest. Google it for lots of information. Try http://www.hydromall.com/happy_grower16.html for amounts to feed animals. You can sprinkle it around trees or bushes to keep crawling critters from them. It is formed into water-filter elements for units like the Big Berkey. Sprinkle it anywhere roaches or earwigs crawl; it is very effective.

        It is an extremely fine powder, about like talcum; it is mined from ancient seabed deposits in many parts of the world. Try not to breathe much of the dust, though; it might irritate the lungs. You can google diatomaceous earth and find info about all the things Iíve mentioned, and more. D.E. has been a well kept secret for many years.

        I just had to share this with you; I love this stuff.  Iíve put some other tips on this website at Helpful Hints



June 20, 2011 (47th Anniversary of Roger and Lisa) click link for separate web page.

        Today is the 47th anniversary of the wedding of Lisa with me. In reflection, I decided to compile a list of cities where we lived. I count 23 cities, without counting moves within them. My contemplation of our life impresses me that we have enjoyed quite an adventure which could only have been possible with God's direction and support. We never had any savings or investments or backup funds. We always lived from payday to payday. I can say that I've enjoyed every place we lived and every job I had; most people I met were kind and good, though I did ache for them as for a salmon swimming up a waterfall. People's lives are a lesson that world attachments bring stress. I guess I must have been born with an instinct to avoid that because my list of places shows that I am to this world like a butterfly is to a flower. 1990 brought me an accident which caused brain damage in right-parietal, with hemorrhaging and resulting mental impairment which made engineering career impossible. A company disability insurance policy provided for us over the next few years. Mental myopia and short-term memory dysfunction make personal relationships difficult. I am even more dissociated from reality than before. I'm sure that life has been more difficult for Lisa while I've become more oblivious. She laughingly calls me "obee." Yet, when alone at my computer, and undistracted, thoughts flow delightedly through my fingers to the screen where I watch them develop. If I get distracted, I can't remember what I've written or where the strain was going. I can't memorize phrases, verses, or references, but I always have the big picture of God's plan clearly in my mind. Truthfully, I wouldn't trade back.

        Recently, Lisa handed me a note which might now be my most prized possession. She more than said our life has been okay; she thanked me for it, and she did it so beautifully, I want to share her note with you. So, I decided to offer you a glimpse into the life of a drifter, one of God's vagabonds; I've put the list of places where we lived, along with her note because it might offer encouragement to some who confront change fearfully. Our life seems to be living proof that God's angels will rush to support one who dares loose the talons from the branch and leap forth into the new and unknown. If a bird can do it, you can, too. Fear not, my friends, and consider that this dysfunctional adventurer completes his journey still laughing, though at the same time still eager to leap through that final door into that glorious light.



June 20, 1964 Married at Marietta, Georgia

1964 - Jacksonville, IL: Vicar at Lutheran Church; Lisa: School Teacher

1965, Aug - Marietta, GA: Admin. @ Lockheed Aircraft Co

1968, May - Got Cmcl Pilot license; Lisa: School Teacher

1968, Jun - Vacaville, CA: Field Rep for Lockheed; Owned Stinson airplane N125HK; Lisa: Apartment Manager

1970, Mar - Anchorage, AK: Draftsman at State Div of Lands, & Alyeska Pipeline.

1971, Jun - Nabesna, AK: Built log cabin & cafe

1973, Dec - Anchorage, AK: Draftsman at RCA, then Cartographer at AkMapSvc

1975, Jan - Anchorage, AK: Police Officer; Lisa: Draftsman at AK Div of Aviation

1977, Jul - Lisa did sky-diving at Birchwood Apt, north of Anchorage

1978, Apr - Cape Coral, FL: Bought Seafood Restaurant at Matlacha

1979, Jul - Traded restaurant for 36' Sailboat Yawl, Iwalani, moved aboard.

1980, Sep - Cary, NC: Apartment complex maintenance

1981, Mar - Grand Rapids, MI: Construction, and Truck Driving School

1981, Oct - Odessa, TX: Truck Driver for Chemical Express, & then for Halliburton

1982, Feb - Mesa, AZ: Construction jobs and School Bus Driver

1984, Jun - Phoenix, AZ: Civil Engr draftsman at Cella Barr

1985, Nov - Colorado Springs, CO: Civil Engr draftsman for Dave Rice, and began writing spiritual articles.

1987, Jul - Raleigh, NC: Construction Supt. for supermarket

1988, Sep - Glenwood Springs, CO: Ramada Inn Bldg Maintenance

1989, Mar - Victorville, CA: Civil Engr Computer drafting for Dave Rice

1989, Sep - Costa Mesa, CA: contíd Civil Engr, CAD for Dave Rice

1990, Jan - Motorcycle accident at Newport Beach, CA; brain damage.

1990, Dec - Plains, MT: rented mob. home thru winter

1991, Feb - Yaak, MT: bought land and built wilderness log cabin

1992, Apr - Leadville, CO: rented a house in town

1993, May - Eagle, AK: theological studies and writing

1999, Oct - Built retreat cabin on top of American Summit

2001, Jan - Created website online at divinepageant.com, for my writings

2002, Dec - Jewell Ridge, VA: bought old farm place; got chickens, Jersey milk cow.

2011, June 20: 47th wedding anniversary. still at Jewell Ridge.















Recently, Lisa handed me a note which might now be my most precious treasure. Her note suddenly gave our adventure a value which I had not before esteemed, and it offers a forgiving balm for my guilt that I had not fulfilled that dream which is natural to little girls. I want to share this treasure with you because it might offer encouragement to others who are hesitant to "thine own self be true." Fear not, for angels will be with you. Here is her letter:

To Roger, my darling, most precious, only Love,

Tonight when I took off my diamond and ruby necklace, I thought of so many things you've give me that I want to thank you for.

Thank you for:

Giving me diamonds and rubies

Making it possible for me to have such a beautiful harp

Allowing me to enjoy chickens (and enjoying them with me)

Caring for Pretty Girl (Jersey milk-cow), and letting that touch you so deeply

Wanting the spiritual path above all else

Your courage, boldness and masculinity

Your tenderness, kindness and love to me

Being bold instead of safe

Encouraging me to be bold

Giving me the adventures, rather than a nice home in the city

All the traveling we've done

Your love of God over love of this world

Your love of God's children, the brotherhood

Forgiving my shortcomings, mistakes and pettyness

Caring for my old earthly father

All the mental and spiritual searching you have done, and sharing it with me

Giving me such a full life, from the finest restaurants with exquisite foods to sleeping on the ground in the desert, to a moonlit walk on crunchy snow at 30 below.

Truly, we left "no song unsung, no wine untasted." I wouldn't want it any other way. Thank you.

Signed: Lisa

Here we are at the end of an age, the ending of Kingdom of World, and each of us must now reflect on what we've done with our lives. If we think in terms of SIN, we all lose, but if we accept His New Covenant promise that sin is not a factor, then we can ponder whether we have lived fearlessly enough, trusting Him enough, representing Him boldly enough, challenging World enough, and so forth. I say, fear not because it is our Father's good pleasure to offer us His kingdom, that Vineyard already prepared and waiting.


June 21, 2011 (Poem: Men Who Don't Fit In, by Robert Service)


by Robert Service

Thereís a race of men that donít fit in,

A race that canít stay still.

So they break the hearts of kith and kin,

And they roam the world at will.

They range the field and they rove the flood,

And they climb the mountainís crest.

Theirs is the curse of the gypsy blood,

And they donít know how to rest.


If they just went straight they might go far;

They are strong and brave and true.

But theyíre always tired of the things that are,

And they want the strange and new.

They say: "Could I find my proper groove,

What a deep mark I would make!"

So they chop and change, and each fresh move

Is only a fresh mistake.


And each forgets, as he strips and runs

With a brilliant, fitful pace,

Itís the steady, quiet, plodding ones

Who win in the lifelong race.

And each forgets that his youth has fled,

Forgets that his prime is past.

Till he stands one day, with a hope thatís dead

In the glare of the truth at last.


He has failed; he has failed, he has missed his chance;

He has just done things by half.

Lifeís been a jolly good joke on him,

And now is the time to laugh.

Ha, ha! He is one of the Legion Lost;

He was never meant to win;

Heís a rolling stone, and itís bred in the bone;

Heís a man who wonít fit in.


June 22, 2011 (World View, Paradigm, Big Picture, Grand Plan, Divine Pageant)

        What are these things that one should even think about them or have concern? After all, the daily chores of dressing in the morning, meals during the day, a job, income, shelter, transportation; aren't these enough stress for a person?

    I want to address a concept here that is somewhat difficult to put into words. Yes, the daily tasks are more than enough to stress a person IF he (rhetoric "he" includes "she") believes that he alone is the accomplisher of all of them. If one's ever-present world view is that this world is what life is all about, then daily life will feel like one is barely hanging on by his fingertips and he dares not ever relax lest he will be run over by the massive crowds who are equally desperate.

    But, there is another way: that which Jesus called us to, a way quite different from the worldly way. Let me try to describe this in the first-person. If I envision God as my real Father (present and active in my life, loving me for real),, believing that my life is a part of His grand plan, then I am stepping back a little from the daily stress, to understand that I am but one part of a greater whole and that there is a planned order to all that is happening. Once I realize that, then I can take Jesus' more seriously and cease worrying about tomorrow, what I shall eat or drink or wear. Something phenomenal happens and I find myself content with the flow, content to yield my course to a greater plan, and content to live or die according to some design beyond my comprehension. I can turn my attention to the pondering of what that grand plan might be, where is this world headed, why am I here? I can suddenly watch world events as though watching a stage play, of which I already know the theme and the plot and how it ends. Once one knows how the thing ends, what's to worry about, eh?

    Truly, it is something magical (tho I don't like that word; it's not magic) that happens to one's life, the flow seems to get easier and more pleasant. Oh, difficulties don't end because God constantly challenges His own in order to strengthen us and teach us that His FLOW is better for us than to revert to the old stresses. We begin to view difficulties differently, knowing that yielding to His will is more successful than demanding the outcome to be of our own design.

    I will share with you the paradigm in which I live. I've outlined it on this website on a sine-wave diagram as a cyclic process of oscillating energies, positive to negative to positive, ad infinitum. Each 24,000 year precession of equinoxes (a cycle) makes one pulse of God's Word. Half the cycle is negative energy (World) and the other half positive (Heaven). Many cycles have been before this one and there will likely be many more to follow; we don't know how long God's Word is. Right now we are completing the lower half, negative energy, World period, and about to transition into the positive energy, Heaven half-cycle.  It's a simple plan, really, and it is wonderfully comforting to know that all is in order, that we aren't lost in a maelstrom of random confusions. It is truly Intelligent Design that we can yield to and even enjoy. Okay, that's the foundation of my paradigm.

    Since the World half-cycle is about to end, I want to know just how that will happen. Of course, we all want to know! So, we look to the prophecies of what we commonly call "end-times."  Jesus tells us that flesh and blood cannot transfer into the new kingdom, so we know these physical bodies must be left behind. Well, then, what goes on to the next? Answer: Spirit. We are spirit-beings, dwelling only briefly in some imperfect, deteriorating, and very limited flesh bodies.

    Once one knows that he is a spirit-being, a sort of extension of God, an expression of Him, a part of Him, then it doesn't matter anymore what His plan is; one can yield to it like one yields to an exciting ride at an amusement park. It doesn't matter if my body is killed when I turn the next corner today because I trust in His overall plan. Actually, when I think of that glorious land He has promised to those who trust Him, then I begin to hope for a Liberation from this sorry physical state so that I can enjoy my new life in spirit.

    World View, Paradigm, Big Picture, Grand Plan, Divine Pageant. What are those things that one should think of them or have concern? My answer to that question is that they are the key to Life itself; to know the plan is to know my future and to find contentment there. To be ignorant of the plan is to be left in a maelstrom of confusion of desperate stresses, a state of mind which Jesus called Death. Ignorance, fear and stress are the Default for one who doesn't choose to seek the Truth. Free will is the gift which permits us to make that choice..


June 23, 2011 (Sorcha Faal propaganda)

        The one-world cabal includes Illuminati, Bolsheviks, Rothschild's world banking monopoly, William Russell Trust, world-drug cartel, Black Pope, Israel, American politics, Soviet politics, plus other related principalities and powers. They are all united in a global agenda, working their program like a multi-level chess game, playing off each other and lying to the masses of people who flounder in confusion.

        Today, the Sorcha Faal news site presents a classic DISinformation article, designed, IMHO, to prepare the people for one of the nuclear events that will be part of the Apocalypse Equation discussed in Poisoned Planet. Let's take a look at the article which appeared today at  http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1495.htm .

        We all know about the massive military exercises underway (FRUKUS 2011 and Mailed Fist), naval and land forces, being held jointly with some other nations.  Now Sorcha Faal suggests that the Saudis are about to detonate a nuclear device at the same time all the military forces are alerted and active. Huunnh? Would an enemy strategy actually choose to attack while a huge military force is prepared to respond? Wouldn't an enemy prefer to do something as a surprise? Let's view the situation from a different angle. We know the Armageddon sequence will include all the M.E. Islam nations; of course the Saudis will be involved. But American and European people are reluctant to wage all-out war against nations which haven't harmed us, so a nuclear device would help to anger our people against the Saudis and the Paks who have always been our so-called "friends," if the event could be blamed on them. Russia, being a major part of the world ruling cabal, can suggest the Saudis as the aggressor while Sorcha Faal publishes the propaganda, and the Apocalypse Equation works its genocidal pogrom.

        Sorcha Faal reminds us that the War on Terror is really  "a global 'fight to the death' between the majority Arab Sunni Muslims and their Persian Shiite Muslim foes that has raged for centuries. . ."  Well, Americans are nothing but ignorance and confusion regarding the Islamic factions; we can't tell one from the other. So, if the Muslims nuke a few thousand Americans, our knee jerk reaction will be to respond with total destruction of 'em all. Such a nuke attack would be another 9/11 for Americans. We want war!

        Sorcha Faal then states as FACT  "the fact that lands holding the vast majority of our worldís last remaining oil and gas resources are controlled by these two rival Islamic factions" The truth is that the Saudi oil reserves are diminishing rapidly, and that vast oil deposits have been found in America that could supply us for centuries to come. Many people think our conflict with the M.E. nations is about oil. No, it is about global control, especially through banking, and those Islam nations have not permitted the Jewish banksters to set up central banks by which the M.E. could be utterly controlled and directed, like has been done in America and Europe for the past two centuries.

        Sorcha Fall then states explicitly that the Muslim nations of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan engineered the horrific 9/11 attacks upon the U.S. Well, anyone who has one eye partly open knows that the Muslims didn't plant all the explosives in those three towers which expertly dropped them into their own basements. The Sorcha Faal website has done some excellent articles exposing real facts about those towers in the past, but here has reverted to the spurious spin of the cabal, for the sake of propaganda IMO.

        Further DISinformation from this Russian Intelligence propaganda site has Osama bin Laden being killed recently, as our mainstream government-directed news reported. Those who are aware, know that Al Qaeda was formed by the CIA many years ago as a CIA operation. Of course it still is a CIA operation. Some pundits call it the Al-CIAda.  OBL probably did die of kidney failure years ago, as some authorities have admitted, but so what? It wouldn't matter one whit because his was just a name for a boogey man which Americans could hate, while the CIA (drug cartel) continued its global engineering project.

        Okay, today I just wanted to review this propaganda piece. Perhaps there will be a false-flag nuclear event in America to be blamed on Saudis, or perhaps the article is just to fuel the conspiracy theorists into full flame while they work some other deception behind the smokescreen.


June 24, 2011 (Get free!)

        For many of us, "Freedom" isnít just a word, a national policy, an excuse for a war; rather it is a deep instinctive yearning, without which life is incomplete and unhappy.

        I want to talk about freedom because I think it is a powerful need of our people. While most races are communal by nature, our white race Israel individuals yearn for freedom. Cities might be appropriate for other races ó remember that it was Cain who built the first city ó but Christís followers are willing to walk alone and stand alone and think alone. Sadly, weíve been corralled into communes and weíve been beaten into fearfulness and insecurity. We know that we would love to stand alone in a desert to watch the stars above and to contemplate God and purpose, but weíve been conditioned to fear that kind of solitude, so we simply fantasize it in our imaginations where we feel more safe.

        Yet, it is freedom to which Jesus calls us; it is ours to achieve if we would follow Him. We like to talk about freedom, but we let it rest there in just words. We like to identify with action heroes because they exercise their freedom in actions! After the movie ends, we enjoy the feeling of power and freedom, and we know that it is our true selves that we are feeling. We like that.

        So, can one get there from here? What is the path? Anybody got a map? Okay, no map, but it might help to first ponder the truth that you are fearful, analyze the problem, imagine possible solutions, decide on what first step you might take, and then begin the journey.

        Personally, I learned fearfulness as a child and it stayed with me into adulthood. The world was my enemy (not totally untrue) and I was going to defend myself at any cost. Whatís more, I learned that offense is a good defense, so I practiced it. I was always hyper-alert, not trusting anyone, hands on my hips even when at rest. My muscles never rested, a condition called "dynamic tension," always taught like coiled springs. I gritted my teeth because the sensation satisfied my need for action and defense. I became a city cop where a fellow officer once described me as formidable. Made me feel proud! I had the Wyatt Earp complex, wanting to handle everything by myself, alone. As a Field Training Officer, I found I could hardly be civil to trainees; I didnít want anyone near me. Once I stepped into a doorway when a man in the living-room (William Philip Cooper, Feb 1978) turned and fired five shots toward me. Being drunk, he missed me from that 14ft distance, but I became an adrenalin junkie. I lived for action calls, "man with a gun," "armed robbery in progress," "bar fights," so I quit the police business. I didnít want to be just an "asset." I was getting crazy! Too removed from civilization. I wasnít free! I was paranoid, in a prison of my own fears, untrusting everyone, and missing out on whatever happiness normal people find in relaxation and easy laughter. I quit, and moved from Alaska to Florida where I bought a small seafood restaurant. I needed to learn for myself something of that freedom which I thought I was defending for others. My change had to be radical.

        Why am I telling you all this? Because I think that every one of us grows up learning that others have the power while we are just victims trying to survive. While I became offensive in order to survive, most people become defensive, learning the subtle mannerisms which signal submission. Are you free, free to walk fearlessly, boldly, and happily confident through the daily challenges of life? Rare few can answer Yes. Jesus says many times, "Fear Not." You might respond, "yeah, easy for Him to say." Fear, as you surely know, is debilitating; you have lost the battle before confronting it. Now that I know the difference, I tell you that I would rather not exist than live in that hell of fearfulness. I know also the truth of the saying, that fearful anticipation is always much worse than the reality. Our fears are a total waste of energy.

        So, how does one overcome his fear? I donít have an answer, except to say that it is worth the time you spend confronting the truth for yourself, and then ask God for some directions for your path to freedom. Some of my practices (and Iím still practicing) are to sleep alone and naked on a bare sheet without covers, to remind myself frequently that there are no secrets worth hiding, that I donít care what anyone knows about me, my past, my finances, my likes and dislikes, even my most personal thoughts. All those things are just world stuff, all of which I will leave behind me when I die. Knowing that I am an experience of God, whatever happens around the next corner is part of His plan, not something I need to fear. The insurance industry exploits our fears; I have NO insurance except the required auto coverage. Iíd like to earn a tombstone epitaph of "A WISP OF WIND, GONE ON, LAUGHING." Oh, my, all those fears were so unnecessary! Just keep your eye on Him who beckons you to walk free and boldly toward Him, eventually leaving that old meat body behind you. Consider the irony that the death which you fear most is actually your Liberation to the ultimate Freedom which awaits you. You were designed to be free; it's your destiny.


June 25, 2011 (Love and Addiction)

       I lay here this morning thinking how easy it is to become addicted to this world. We experience pleasant sensations through our senses, so we learn how to repeat them. Lacking sweets for a time gets me to craving that pleasure again. Inhaling smoke and a little carbon monoxide into my lungs makes my brain a little giddy, so I become addicted to that feeling. It is a sensation which one desires to experience again and again, and then feels he can't do without. Addiction is a psychological dependency; it is a mental attitude. No substance is physically addicting; there is no such thing as substance addiction, not alcohol or even heroin. It is the sensual experience that one becomes accustomed to until he feels he can't live without it.

        After the Viet Nam war, a psychotherapist, Stanton Peele, wrote a book titled Love and Addiction. It was published in 1975. I've not read the book for many years, but as I recall, he worked with many of the Nam returnees who had gotten addicted to heroin in Nam. He found that many of them, even heavy users, left their addiction without suffering any withdrawal symptoms or further desire for it. What was happening? He discovered that it was all a matter of lifestyle change. A soldier in Nam, in the stress of combat, quickly became dependent on the effect of heroin to relieve his stress and perhaps make him feel euphoric. For him, heroin was a wonderful blessing which he could not decline. But, when he returned to his home and family and friends, he was content and happy with the lifestyle he had formerly known. So, he no longer needed the drug to do for him what it had done in Viet Nam. The dependency had been purely psychological.

        Dr. Peele then goes on to describe that a love relationship is exactly the same kind of addiction. One desires the continuance of that pleasant feeling of affection; even the hormones get excited. And just like with heroin, one might later develop a hatred toward whatever he has become dependent upon, but it has become such an essential part of his lifestyle that he feels he can't live without it. When one feels that he is powerless to quit something from his life, then he begins to hate that drug or person or sensation which he feels has power over him. He wants to be free from it, but then he uses his freedom to reclaim it; it's catch-22.

        I remember, as a police officer responding to domestic crisis calls, that I would be called to the same residence time and again. Sometimes I would even say to one or both parties, "you obviously hate each other, why do you stay together?" Stanton Peele's book explained why. The presence of the other person was a known whereas life without him/her would be an unknown. Already depressed and feeling powerless before his/her dependency, one doesn't feel capable of facing the unknown. It is easier to tolerate a hateful presence than to confront the fear of its absence.

        So it is with each of us, addicted to this World. Even though we learn the truth about it and realize that we are addicted to Satan's lie, we have learned to live with it and have learned certain techniques whereby we can even enjoy it. To follow Jesus' demand that we die to this world seems impossible. World is our known, our bodies are knowns; we fear death as an unknown. Oh, sure, we might deeply feel that homesick longing to return to our source and our loving Father, but we are addicted to this conscious experience.

        Drugs, love, marriage, sweets, music, beauty, caress, passion, World, all psychological dependencies. None of them really has power over us, but we are accustomed to their presence in our lives so much that we fear their absence. Understanding the nature of one's addiction might help an addict. Peele's work has helped me; I'm still not totally free of this World, but I'm working on it.

        I just googled "Stanton Peele" and see that he has a website which looks interesting: http://peele.net/


June 27, 2011 (Synagogue is Greek, not Hebrew)

        Q:Why is "synagogue" a Greek word instead of a Jewish Hebrew word?

        A: Because Greek (not Hebrew) was the language of the Israelite people of Galilee and Samaria during the centuries before Jesus. Here is a little history lesson, important for Christians to know.

        Synagogues did not exist in ancient Bible times, nor even a temple. Godís children lived as one large FAMILY, united by cultural values and worship of the one true God. A primary value was that each person could recite his ancestry back to Adam because God demanded a pure genetic lineage. With Jacobís sons (1800's BC), that family branched into the 12 tribes of Israel. After Mosesí exodus, the 12 families settled separate areas of land in Canaan. Finally, with King David (ca. 1,000 BC) the families wanted a single Temple. His son, Solomon built it at Jerusalem (900's BC), where men could bring sacrificial offerings. It was loosely practiced that men would try to travel to the Temple at least once each year.

        The native language of the 12 Israelite tribal families was Phoenician, from which the Greek language was evolving at this time. The so-called Hebrew language did not yet exist.

        After Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the Jerusalem Temple in 586 BC, the Israelite families who had fled into regions of Asia Minor and those who remained in Canaan, in the regions north and west of Lake Galilee, began to gather in buildings where they could keep sacred writings, do instruction, and meet to discuss matters of importance. Since their language was Greek, their meeting places were called "synagogues," which simply means meeting-place in Greek. The Jerusalem Temple was just being replaced (5th C. BC) by the Ezra and Nehemiah people, returning from captivity. But, the religion the returnees brought back to Jerusalem was not the ancient Hebrew religion, rather it was Babylonian Talmudic Phariseeism from Babylon and from the Chaldean mystery schools of magic which used Aramaic names of gods. That old religion of Kings David and Solomon had been merged with the religion of Paganism. The returnees also brought a new language which was a mongrel mix of their own Phoenician with that Aramaic language of their captors. The Jerusalem Temple scribes then created a new script/alphabet for their new language: the square-letter Herodian script, to be called "Hebrew." At Jerusalem they began translating some of the Greek Old Testament writings into their new Hebrew script, but that new language was unknown to the diasporan Israelites who had fled to distant lands where their meeting places were simply called "synagogues." The diasporan Israelites had the Old Testament scriptures in Greek, which had been collected together about 285 BC. That Greek Septuagint was the Bible of Jesus and all Israelites until nearly 1,000 AD when a fraudulent Hebrew O.T. was created by Edomite Jews and adopted by the Edomite Roman Catholic church as the ancient original Old Testament. English versions are still based on that Edomite Masoretic Text of about 1,000 AD.

        So, you see, Greek has been the language of our white-race Israel family from ancient times. That is why their meeting places were called "synagogues." After Jesusí Israelite sheep followed Him to become Christians, the Edomite Jews assumed the synagogues for their Judaism just like they had previously taken over the Jerusalem Temple Paganism.


June 28, 2011 (WWIII will start in Libya and Syria?)

 WWIII Program.

        One of the visions from God to the prophet Ezra described the step by step process of the End Time wars, what I call the Armageddon Sequence. Below are excerpts from Ezra's description, from the O.T. book of II Esdras (removed from the Bible canon about 1546AD by the Roman Catholic Council of Trent). I have inserted my interpretation comments into the text within brackets.  Here is a link to the entire text of the book of  II Esdras for your interest.

        Being the eternal optimist, that God's plan of Liberating His Family will soon be accomplished, I am always expecting the final crashing of this World at any moment. Yesterday, I saw an article listed on the Steve Quayle news site, WWIII in Libya and Syria in Days,  at http://beforeitsnews.com/story/751/492/WWIII_in_Libya_AND_Syria_in_Days_-_B4IN_Exclusive.html 

        I don't know whether this article is credible or not, but it prompted me to review Ezra's prophetic vision. See if you think Ezra's text is meaningful for us right now.



15:5 Beware, says the Lord, I am bringing evils [our enemies to attack us] upon the world, the sword and famine, death and destruction, 6because iniquity has spread throughout every land, and their harmful doings have reached their limit.

15:12 Let Egypt [World] mourn, and its foundations, because of the plague of chastisement and castigation that the Lord will bring upon it.  19People shall have no pity for their neighbors, but shall make an assault upon their houses with the sword, and plunder their goods, because of hunger for bread and because of great tribulation. [Right now, the Globalist tyrants are engineering the crash of our infrastructure and our economy, just as they have already trashed our Christian values and traditions. When freight hauling ceases, there won't be groceries for the masses.]

15:20 See how I am calling together all the kings of the earth to turn to me, says God, from the rising sun and from the south, from the east and from Lebanon; to turn and repay what they have given them [their injustice to God's Family of white race Israel]. 21Just as they have done to my elect until this day, so I will do, and will repay into their bosom.


15:28 What a terrifying sight, appearing from the east! 29The nations of the dragons of Arabia [Islam] shall come out with many chariots, and from the day that they set out, their hissing [violence, murder, conquering, threats of Jihad; Ishamel's destiny was to live by the sword] shall spread over the earth, so that all who hear them will fear and tremble. 30Also the Carmonians [Ancient enemy of Babylon, here symbolizing European/Western powers], raging in wrath, shall go forth like wild boars from the forest, and with great power they shall come and engage them [Islam] in battle, and with their tusks they shall devastate a portion of the land of the Assyrians [Iraq, Iran?, Afghanistan?] with their teeth. 31And then the dragons [Islam], remembering their origin [Koran promise of world-domination], shall become still stronger [united against all non-muslims]; and they [Islam] combine in great power and turn to pursue them [Western forces], 32then these [Western forces] shall be disorganized and silenced by their [Islam's] power, and shall turn and flee [we retreat]. 33And from the land of the Assyrians an enemy in ambush shall attack them and destroy one of them [a coalition force?], and fear and trembling shall come upon their army [western forces], and indecision upon their kings. [Western powers confused,  not cooperating]


15:34 See the clouds [military forces] from the east, and from the north to the south! Their appearance is exceedingly threatening, full of wrath and storm. 35They shall clash against one another and shall pour out a heavy tempest on the earth [A bar-brawl among many nations], and their own tempest; and there shall be blood from the sword as high as a horse's belly 36and a man's thigh and a camel's hock [description for the imagination]. 37And there shall be fear and great trembling on the earth; those who see that wrath shall be horror-stricken, and they shall be seized with trembling.

15:38After that, heavy storm clouds [military forces] shall be stirred up from the south [Edomite Israel?], and from the north [Europe], and another part from the west [America]. 39But the winds from the east [Islam] shall prevail over the cloud that was raised in wrath, and shall dispel it [Islam stops the bar-brawl]; and the tempest that was to cause destruction by the east wind shall be driven violently toward the south and west [toward Edomite Israel & America]. 40Great and mighty clouds [probably nuclear], full of wrath and tempest, shall rise and destroy all the earth [society's infrastructure] and its inhabitants, and shall pour out upon every high and lofty place [political powers] a terrible tempest, 41fire and hail and flying swords [Ezra's description of modern warfare] and floods of water, so that all the fields and all the streams shall be filled with the abundance of those waters [Dams breaking, tsunamies?]. 42They [Western Powers] shall destroy cities and walls, mountains and hills, trees of the forests, and grass of the meadows, and their grain. 43They shall go on steadily to Babylon [Islam] and blot it out. 44They shall come to it and surround it; they shall pour out on it the tempest and all its fury [nuclear]; then the dust and smoke shall reach the sky, and all who are around it shall mourn for it. 45And those who survive shall serve those who have destroyed it. [Globalist powers will have world dominion]


[Asia would include modern Turkey, and all other nations aligned with or pandering to Islam, perhaps China]

15:46 And you, Asia, who share in the splendor of Babylon and the glory of her person-- 47woe to you, miserable wretch! For you have made yourself like her; you have decked out your daughters for prostitution to please and glory in your lovers, who have always lusted after you. 48You have imitated that hateful one [probably the Beast, Edomite Israel, which has persisted in its hate toward the white race true Israel] in all her deeds and devices. Therefore God says, 49I will send evils upon you: widowhood, poverty, famine, sword, and pestilence, bringing ruin to your houses, bringing destruction and death. 50And the glory of your strength shall wither like a flower when the heat shall rise that is sent upon you. 51You shall be weakened like a wretched woman who is beaten and wounded, so that you cannot receive your mighty lovers. 52Would I have dealt with you so violently [Asia & China are already experiencing vast devastation from earthquakes, droughts, plagues, floods, etc.], says the Lord, 53if you had not killed my chosen people [White race, European Christians: the true twelve tribes of Israel] continually, exulting and clapping your hands and talking about their death when you were drunk?


June 29, 2011  (BLUEBIRD WOES)

        Lisa and I are sad right now. Our bluebirds have suffered disaster this year. For seven years, bluebirds have nested in the birdhouse hanging on the side of a storage building about 30 feet behind our house, usually two hatches of babies per year. Lisa can see them clearly from the kitchen or dining room windows. She logs the dates when they begin nest-building, when eggs are being laid, when Mama B starts setting on them, when the babies hatch. Lisa knows just what day the babies will fly. She watches both parents carrying bugs and worms to the babies. We have felt blessed to have such beautiful birds so close.

        But, this year, disaster! The first clutch of 5 babies was robbed from the nest box by some predator which got the side panel open; perhaps a bird which stepped on the wire door-hook. I then removed the old nest so they could start again. Five more chicks were then born and the parents busy feeding them. Only about one more week from last Saturday until the babies leave the nest.

        Lisa stepped out the back door on Saturday and saw a small hawk on the ground nearby, busy with something. So, she hollered "whatís going on here?" The hawk (a kestrel, we think) flew away and Mama B flew up from that spot into a tree, out of sight from Lisa. We hoped she wasnít hurt too badly, but we never saw her again. Perhaps the hawk followed her and got her.

        Papa B spent the rest of Saturday in the top of a tree, calling and calling. He looked into the nest frequently but he didnít carry any food. Then, Sunday, he was busy carrying bugs to the babies; we hoped for the best. On Monday, no sign of Papa B at all. The hawk probably got him.The babies chirped continuously but got no food. On Tuesday the babies chirped weakly but got no food. I looked in on them but they were very weak. Today, Wednesday, I looked in, all dead.

        BOTH nestings this year - disaster! Both parents probably dead, and now the babies, too. And we couldn't do a thing about it! We canít get bugs for them; we canít teach them to forage, to fly, to find safety, and other bird lore. All we could do was watch them die.

        We canít help but wonder if this is a prelude to the time soon coming when God brings predators against His own Family, in order to conclude this kingdom of World and Liberate us from it. We might all have to watch helplessly as people die around us. Can we keep in mind that the Father is completing The Masterís Bouquet?


June 30, 2011 (THE STRANGER)

Rudyard Kipling (1865 - 1936) was an English poet and story teller, born in Bombay.. Best known for The Jungle Book (1894), Kim (1901), many short stories, including "The Man Who Would Be King" (1888); and poems, including Mandalay (1890), Gunga Din (1890), The White Man's Burden (1899) and Ifó (1910) and The Stranger, which I will print below. He understood the white manís dilemma of letting our compassion for all living things override Godís command that we do not adulterate our race. We forfeit our culture, our values, our heritage, and our relationship with our Father when we mix with other races.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudyard_Kipling for further about this great man.


THE STRANGER by Rudyard Kipling

The stranger within my gate,

He may be true or kind,

But he does not talk my talk -

I cannot feel his mind.

I see his face and eyes and mouth,

But not the soul behind.


The men of my own stock,

They may do ill or well,

But they tell the lies I am wanted to,

They are used to the lies I tell;

And we do not need interpreters

When we go to buy or sell.


The stranger within my gates,

He may be evil or good,

But I cannot tell what powers control -

What reasons sway his mood;

Nor when the gods of his far-off land

Shall repossess his blood.


The men of my own stock,

Bitter bad they may be,

But, at least, they hear the things I hear,

And see the things I see;

And whatever I think of them and their likes

They think of the likes of me.


This was my father's belief

And this is also mine;

Let the corn be all one sheaf -

And the grapes be all one vine,

Ere our children's teeth are set on edge

By bitter bread and wine.


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