June 20, 2011 WEDDING ANNIVERSARY of Roger and Lisa Hathaway

        Today is the 47th anniversary of the wedding of Lisa with me. In reflection, I decided to compile a list of cities where we lived. I count 23 cities, without counting moves within them. My contemplation of our life impresses me that we have enjoyed quite an adventure which could only have been possible with God's direction and support. We never had any savings or investments or backup funds. We always lived from payday to payday. I can say that I've enjoyed every place we lived and every job I had; most people I met were kind and good, though I did ache for them as for a salmon swimming up a waterfall. People's lives are a lesson that world attachments bring stress. I guess I must have been born with an instinct to avoid that because my list of places shows that I am to this world like a butterfly is to a flower. 1990 brought me an accident which caused brain damage in right-parietal, with hemorrhaging and resulting mental impairment which made engineering career impossible. A company disability insurance policy provided for us over the next few years. Mental myopia and short-term memory dysfunction make personal relationships difficult. I am even more dissociated from reality than before. I'm sure that life has been more difficult for Lisa while I've become more oblivious. She laughingly calls me "obee." Yet, when alone at my computer, and undistracted, thoughts flow delightedly through my fingers to the screen where I watch them develop. If I get distracted, I can't remember what I've written or where the strain was going. I can't memorize phrases, verses, or references, but I always have the big picture of God's plan clearly in my mind. Truthfully, I wouldn't trade back.

        Recently, Lisa handed me a note which might now be my most prized possession. She more than said our life has been okay; she thanked me for it, and she did it so beautifully, I want to share her note with you. So, I decided to offer you a glimpse into the life of a drifter, one of God's vagabonds; I've put the list of places where we lived, along with her note because it might offer encouragement to some who confront change fearfully. Our life seems to be living proof that God's angels will rush to support one who dares loose the talons from the branch and leap forth into the new and unknown. If a bird can do it, you can, too. Fear not, my friends, and consider that this dysfunctional adventurer completes his journey still laughing, though at the same time still eager to leap through that final door into that glorious light.



June 20, 1964 Married at Marietta, Georgia

1964 - Jacksonville, IL: Vicar at Lutheran Church; Lisa: School Teacher

1965, Aug - Marietta, GA: Admin. @ Lockheed Aircraft Co

1968, May - Got Cmcl Pilot license; Lisa: School Teacher

1968, Jun - Vacaville, CA: Field Rep for Lockheed; Owned Stinson airplane N125HK; Lisa: Apartment Manager

1970, Mar - Anchorage, AK: Draftsman at State Div of Lands, & Alyeska Pipeline.

1971, Jun - Nabesna, AK: Built log cabin & cafe

1973, Dec - Anchorage, AK: Draftsman at RCA, then Cartographer at AkMapSvc

1975, Jan - Anchorage, AK: Police Officer; Lisa: Draftsman at AK Div of Aviation

1977, Jul - Lisa did sky-diving at Birchwood Apt, north of Anchorage

1978, Apr - Cape Coral, FL: Bought Seafood Restaurant at Matlacha

1979, Jul - Traded restaurant for 36' Sailboat Yawl, Iwalani, moved aboard.

1980, Sep - Cary, NC: Apartment complex maintenance

1981, Mar - Grand Rapids, MI: Construction, and Truck Driving School

1981, Oct - Odessa, TX: Truck Driver for Chemical Express, & then for Halliburton

1982, Feb - Mesa, AZ: Construction jobs and School Bus Driver

1984, Jun - Phoenix, AZ: Civil Engr draftsman at Cella Barr

1985, Nov - Colorado Springs, CO: Civil Engr draftsman for Dave Rice, and began writing spiritual articles.

1987, Jul - Raleigh, NC: Construction Supt. for supermarket

1988, Sep - Glenwood Springs, CO: Ramada Inn Bldg Maintenance

1989, Mar - Victorville, CA: Civil Engr Computer drafting for Dave Rice

1989, Sep - Costa Mesa, CA: cont’d Civil Engr, CAD for Dave Rice

1990, Jan - Motorcycle accident at Newport Beach, CA; brain damage.

1990, Dec - Plains, MT: rented mob. home thru winter

1991, Feb - Yaak, MT: bought land and built wilderness log cabin

1992, Apr - Leadville, CO: rented a house in town

1993, May - Eagle, AK: theological studies and writing

1999, Oct - Built retreat cabin on top of American Summit

2001, Jan - Created website online at divinepageant.com, for my writings

2002, Dec - Jewell Ridge, VA: bought old farm place; got chickens, Jersey milk cow.

2011, June 20: 47th wedding anniversary. still at Jewell Ridge.















Recently, Lisa handed me a note which might now be my most precious treasure. Her note suddenly gave our adventure a value which I had not before esteemed, and it offers a forgiving balm for my guilt that I had not fulfilled that dream which is natural to little girls. I want to share this treasure with you because it might offer encouragement to others who are hesitant to "thine own self be true." Fear not, for angels will be with you. Here is her letter:


To Roger, my darling, most precious, only Love,

Tonight when I took off my diamond and ruby necklace, I thought of so many things you've give me that I want to thank you for.

Thank you for:

Giving me diamonds and rubies

Making it possible for me to have such a beautiful harp

Allowing me to enjoy chickens (and enjoying them with me)

Caring for Pretty Girl (Jersey milk-cow), and letting that touch you so deeply

Wanting the spiritual path above all else

Your courage, boldness and masculinity

Your tenderness, kindness and love to me

Being bold instead of safe

Encouraging me to be bold

Giving me the adventures, rather than a nice home in the city

All the traveling we've done

Your love of God over love of this world

Your love of God's children, the brotherhood

Forgiving my shortcomings, mistakes and pettyness

Caring for my old earthly father

All the mental and spiritual searching you have done, and sharing it with me

Giving me such a full life, from the finest restaurants with exquisite foods to sleeping on the ground in the desert, to a moonlit walk on crunchy snow at 30 below.

Truly, we left "no song unsung, no wine untasted." I wouldn't want it any other way. Thank you.

Signed: Lisa


Here we are at the end of an age, the ending of Kingdom of World, and each of us must now reflect on what we've done with our lives. If we think in terms of SIN, we all lose, but if we accept His New Covenant promise that sin is not a factor, then we can ponder whether we have lived fearlessly enough, trusting Him enough, representing Him boldly enough, challenging World enough, and so forth. I say, fear not because it is our Father's good pleasure to offer us His kingdom, that Vineyard already prepared and waiting.