APOCALYPSE AND YOU   by Roger Hathaway, May 12, 2012

Most followers of Christ know that we live in the end-time period, of which Jesus spoke in Matthew 24. My life and most of my writings have been devoted to this subject because I believe we are at the end of the World ages, soon to enter the Heaven ages. You can refer to my sine-wave diagram to see a layout of the twelve ages of 2,000 years each. The Greek-speaking people of Jesusí time used the Greek word, αιων/aioon, to refer to the coming ages of Heaven. The word means "during ages" or "unto the ages." It is translated into English Bibles as "eternity," but that isnít the way those people understood it. If our people could have understood that word correctly, then they would understand the long-term plan of cycling ages. Godís Truths have been hidden from our people. The word "apocalypse" means the revealing of that which was hidden. St. Johnís Revelations revealed Godís hidden plan. Today, our people do not know that they are being deliberately exterminated because that information is kept hidden.

The Greek word, αποκαλυψις/apokŠlypsis is defined in Wikipedia as "lifting of the veil" or "revelation" as a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception..."

I want to expose the hidden sinister pogrom now underway.

Today, the world is in the throes of war, devastation, anguish, and a hidden agenda of genocide. When you know the truth of this end-time destruction, then you can consider how it is likely to play out, and how you might react.

Armageddon is in the news nearly every day as things heat up in the Middle East. The Islam nations, Russia, China, India, and the U.S. are the major players. Pressures have been rising for years, and itís gonna blow at any time.

Meanwhile, the U.S. government and the puppeteers behind the curtain (Illuminati, Israel, Banksters, Vatican, and Marxist socialists) are working their villany in America and Europe. They are impoverishing the middle and lower classes, and nearly all workers/taxpayers, with draconian laws. Weíve seen our jobs outsourced and home-owners evicted. The two industries left for Americans are Fast-Food and Health.

Supermarket foods are nearly all harmful in many ways: GMO, pesticides, meats that no one should eat, preservatives that cause free-radical damage, and many more things unnatural and toxic to the body, all of which shorten our lives and make the rich richer.

The Health industry has changed from a "do no harm" morality to a deliberate genocidal assault against us. My wife and I are presently "up against it" as we reach for some health care which is denied to us by law. We have lived most of our 73 years outside the health industry, preferring to take responsibility for our own lives. We avoided processed foods, all pharmaceuticals, and doctors. We found alternative therapies for minor problems which happened. Now, at 73 years, when Lisa needs pain relief from her advanced Degenerative Disc Disease, we find that laws prohibit pain meds unless one has a medical history and pharmaceutical records. We have neither, so clinics and physicians tell us they cannot provide pain management. Lisa has called many clinics and doctors, but can only get appointments with foreign doctors who cannot prescribe effective pain meds. Sometimes she cannot get out of bed because the pain is so terrible, and some days it is more tolerable. The truth is that we have no recourse; she is prohibited by recent laws from getting pain relief. Think about that for a moment, please.

Okay, that is just one little case in a nation of millions who are also up-against-it. What has happened? How can this be? Here, in America?

Answer: a planned and deliberate process of reducing world population is underway. Obamacare is just one part of it, to rid America of its elderly population. Counselling will soon be mandated to the elderly, teaching us how to dehydrate and starve our bodies to death. Meds like statins, ibuprofen, and acetominophen and many others are destroying livers and kidneys. The food industry has made nearly all foods toxic. The digital RF signals through TVís and Cell Phones and Smart Meters are assaulting all biological organisms: even plants are dying if near Smart Meters. Home residents are suffering heart irregularities, headaches, insomnia, and some organ damage from Smart Meters. Cell-phones are damaging peopleís brains, resulting in brain tumors for many. TV is mind-numbing; scientists discovered that the part of the brain which discriminates and judges shuts down when the TV is turned on. One is suddenly wide open to subliminal messages and RF manipulations.   Oh, there are many more assaults against us. See the article POISONED PLANET for more on this.

Now, what I want to get to is this: what are you going to do about it? You cannot protect yourself from their devilish technologies with your guns! Before you consider what you might do, you need to face the fact that a worldwide genocide pogrom is underway and you are a target.

Letís take a look at this conspiracy theory. Although the program is not new, having started a couple centuries ago, the general assault has recently been brought to the forefront by a young womanís Masters Thesis which she wrote for Harvardís Kennedy School of Government. Her name is Audrey Tomason (google her name). She was, in 2010, (maybe still is) Obamaís Director of Counterterrorism. Her thesis and most public record about her are no longer available. Ms. Tomason suggests that it would be more humane for our world to undergo a "planned and controlled genocide" rather than continue on a course which would result in the ending of all life on the planet.

Yes, she is absolutely right. She accurately diagnoses our planetís disease and predicts its fatal end, unless something is done to save it. Those of us who believe Godís word already know His plan for the planet; it must end; it can't be saved. Nevertheless, her diagnosis and method of correction really are the only option for the anti-God despots, if they get serious about the problem, which is apparently now the case.

Audrey Tomason uses the term, "Apocalypse Equation," (google it) for her thesis. She says that the sustainable population of the planet can only be 1.5 billion humans. The UN puts the world population at 7 billion now. That means that four of every five people must be killed in order to save this world. She argues that since the collapse of civilization is inevitable, that world leaders should consider mass genocide to reduce the population to a more sustainable level.

Then she goes on to suggest possible methods of achieving such extermination programs. She discusses nuclear, chemicals, biological agents, and forced migrations to crowded urban centers. She suggests concentration facilities for "people of worth," while the majority are being exterminated. I guess we were wrong to think those 800 camps in the U.S. are for dissidents. And why would they feed dissidents anyway since they want us all dead?

A recent internet news article (sorry that I no longer have the reference) suggests that Ms. Tomasonís "Apocalypse Equation" now appears to be the accepted paradigm of world leaders who see no other option if the earth is to survive. The news article says that Obama recently told Russian President Medvedev that the time for the feared "Apocalypse Equation" might be now rather than later.

Well, there it is, folks. Hidden in plain sight, but not admitted by politicians or media. It shouldnít be necessary for me to put all this into words, you are all seeing it happen before your eyes, and to you personally ó that is, unless your mind has already been numbed by TV, cell phones, and Smart Meters. In such cases, you will brush me off as a conspiracy theorist and not credible.

For you who see what is happening, Iíd like to point out that many world leaders, politicians, and other celebrities use a hand signal of Satanism. You can see it in many news photos; I have a large collection of those photos. You can see a few here. The index finger and the pinky are extended while the two middle fingers are folded down. The index and pinky represent the "horns of the Goat of Mendes" or "Baphomet." This is the signal that one is a Satanist. Now, much has been written to verify that Satanists believe that human sacrifice is essential to their religion. Many writers claim that the wars which these Satanic leaders instigate are offerings of innocent soldiers to their lord.

Okay, that is just basic information available to anyone who searches. What I want you to think about is the possibility that they see the genocidal program now underway as part of their sacrificial agenda, and that you are scheduled to be an offering to their lord.

Our Old Testament history is one which exalted sacrificial offerings, but they used lambs and goats and birds instead of humans. Yet, even those animals were symbols which foretold a human sacrifice to come, namely Jesus on the cross. So, we can certainly see that sacrifice-of-life is a concept familiar to both our God and to Satan.

Letís bring into this play the fact that most people of the world are now targeted for extermination by one means or another, including pharmaceutical betrayals, toxic foods, GM crops, chemical/biological and nuclear warfare, riotous street thugs, traitorous neighbors, foreign mercenaries, military assault, RF signalled heart attacks, et al. You get the idea. You can rationally assume that you ARE going to be a sacrificial offering to the lord of Satanís mercenaries.

My writings for several years have focused on the idea of "Disconnect" from this world stage, "Liberation" from Satanís bondage, and finally I struggled with the radical idea of self-sacrifice, whereby one follows our Lord, Jesus Christ, to the death by oneís own hand. It is a sacrifice of oneself on an altar to our God because Jesus calls us to come Home. Wording it like that makes it sound like a noble and holy thing to do, doesnít it? But, is it? The world calls it suicide, not self-sacrifice to God. Is the world right to demean it so?

Right now, Iím seeing, as a generalization, that each of us has a choice between serving as a sacrifice on Satanís altar or making oneís own sacrifice to God. I can just sit idly and wait for the devilís harvesters (whether by guns, war, pharmaceuticals, poisoned foods, starvation, Obamacare, etc), or I can take my own action and hope that God favors my offering. Since the end-time destruction is upon us, whereby God is going to permit nearly all life on the planet to be killed, we need to awaken to that reality. As I consider this big picture, I cannot imagine that my Father might despise the offering of myself, a self which Jesus told me to hate. Jesus said the flesh is nothing, Spirit is everything. Jesusí entire message dealt with Liberation from this world through death, to follow Him. So, should I heed my human gut-feeling against suicide more than my Fatherís call to come home. Iím 73 now and Iíve learned that human emotions support world-bondage rather than spiritual Life. Shall I choose between those two?

Might there be a new paradigm that is Godly, which at the end of the world experience, calls us to take personal responsibility for our own lives and deaths rather than continuing to permit enemies to torture us to death on their altar? Our people have been mind-numbed to deny the sinister reality and to continue as dumb sheep to slaughter. I know that I can prevent "them" from offering my life on Satanís altar by offering it to my own Father instead. The alternative is to continue to suffer the assault against me until I am killed by slow and painful torture, with pain meds denied to me (and to all elderly sufferers).

Once you know that their hidden agenda is to claim your life as an offering to Satan, then you have the option to avoid all that suffering and to deny your enemies their prize. Instead of being a passive victim, you can rise up and walk; you can take responsibility for your own soul; you can make your body a positive offering to your Father instead of yielding to your enemyís agenda. The End is upon us; "flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of Heaven."  But, you can, if you value it more than your flesh life.

As I have wrestled with this radical notion of self-sacrifice, my resistance to it has been most difficult to resolve. My human instinct for survival seems Godly, while a radical exit seems questionable. As I try to attune myself to Jesus' attitude, the passage of John 10:17 seems to imply that if it is right for Jesus, then it might be right for me to follow Him. He said, "The reason my Father loves me is that I lay down my lifeóonly to take it up again. 18 No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command I received from my Father." It is amazing to me that He says the very REASON the Father loves Him is that He will lay down His life. Those words, left alone, would clearly imply a suicide. Then, He goes on to say explicitly that no one takes His life from Him, but that He lays it down of Himself. He seems to confirm what He first implied.  And He says He received a command to do so. He assumes all culpability for His death; He makes his culpability absolute, even though it was others who actually nailed Him to the cross. He defines His act as a suicide without using that word. Since He COMMANDS me to follow Him, shouldn't I follow Him by following His example and be the only one culpable for my own death? Since I want to follow Him for REAL, it sure is tough to dismiss His powerful example and His explicit statement!

So, I continue this angst, and I want to share it with readers who might soon see their world collapsing upon them, and might then value such a path to follow our Lord. I feel overwhelmed with a yearning to Go Home. It's not far, just close by, through an open door.