You are a Spirit Being, a sort of extension of the Almighty God, through whom He expresses Himself. In other words, you are an experience of God. Your life is His experience.

As a Spirit Being, you have left your perfect estate (the Fall) from union with your Father in order to know the contest between good and evil in the foreign kingdom of World. You had lived in the Positive kingdom, commonly called the kingdom of Heaven, but you were tempted to leave it in order to experience the physical senses, their pleasures and their pains, in the Negative kingdom. Rather than continuing the secure state of immortality which you had, you chose to play the contest against death. The risk of death is a temptation nearly irresistible. Verily, we might ask whether any of Godís Spirit Being offspring were able to resist a return to this world kingdom where one can enjoy battle against the negative forces. So, you left the palace and traveled to the pig-pen; you are now prodigal!

In this lifetime, you, as a Spirit Being, were born in the pig-pen; youíve never known anything else. You were taught to survive in the pig-pen. You learned as a baby to enjoy your physical sensations of taste and touch and sounds and pretty colors. You learned in school how to succeed in this land of physical limitations and competition. You were brain-conditioned to believe in this pig-pen. You discovered the difference between pleasure and pain, and you learned techniques of enhancing the pleasure while avoiding the pain. You learned that material items, like homes, cars, electronics, etc. all have great value. You learned that you must be part of a "village" to achieve success, and you must be shrewd. You learned to despise others who did not step up to the worldly success challenge. As an adult, you found praise and confirmation of your self and your path because you prospered and gained power and respect. You raised a family and felt great pride in supporting your offspring on their paths to worldly success. You could grow old and comfortable in the satisfaction of your worldly success. Eventually you come to your old age, finally halted from the daily rat race, where you could sit quietly and ponder the questions which every person ultimately confronts. Did you do well? Is that all there is to life? What good is worldly wealth and luxury after you die? Is there any consciousness after you die? Did you take the right path in life, or should you have considered the spiritual path? Finally, have you won or lost?

You are a Spirit Being, child of the Almighty God, His real son, His offspring. Is He proud of what you did with your life? Did you represent Him well in the contest of righteousness versus wickedness? Did you live to serve your own pleasures, or did you live to represent Him who sent you forth as His representative, His own son? At the end of your life, when you step through that exit door from this world-stage, will you be welcomed by your Shepherd as one of His lambs, or will you be directed to the left as a goat? Your life in World was but a fleeting moment on the eternal stage. Your Father gave you a powerful instinct to lead you back to His fold, and He gave you a manual of instructions to guide you, and He sent Jesus to show you the path home. Were you paying attention? How did you use those gifts?

The truth is that you stumbled through your years like everyone else, often wondering if you were doing the right thing. You looked to the Bible and to preachers and writers of the profound in your search for guidance, but you never got past their confusion and darkness. You never found clear guidance, so you just did the best you could to make a successful life in this kingdom of World. Doesnít everyone do exactly that? Who has answers of real value? Does anyone know any answers? In old age, even the bold thinkers settle for the statement of Solomon that everything is vanity, so you might as well be happy and enjoy whatever you do. And there it is, the fact that you did the best you could in spite of the conflicting and confusing information of the worldís wise men. Lying on your deathbed where you finally have time to think about things, you realize that everyone else, including those who claimed to know something, was also stumbling through the darkness; no one really knew anything, and each person was simply trying to make a living so he could raise a family in a nice house with a nice car. It was all bullshit! The wise men spewed their lies forth with arrogance and most dumb sheep followed them blindly. Lying on your deathbed, you ought to feel so outraged and angry that you wish you could blow up the world with a great nuclear blast, just because it was all so worthless, and even worse, it was all such a lie. You lay there dying with a terrible question in your mind, over-riding all else: why was it all such a lie? Where was any truth? Iím dying in darkness, confusion, and anger. Oh, God, are you there at all? I take my last breath, not knowing! My life wasnít even a zit on the face of the universe.

Beloved son of the Father, while you still live, consider that there is a great design of God for this pageant in which we are actors on the stage. Religions do not know of it, nor will they accept it if presented to them, for theirs is a business that panders to the demands of their customers. The people want a religion which satisfies their emotional needs with encouragement and comforting words; they want to know they are forgiven for being worldly while they continue to be worldly. They want to believe that their father in heaven wants them to prosper in this world. Preachers who give them what they want can get rich; any preacher who directs them to follow Jesus up that path to Golgotha will have to find a different line of work.

Godís great design is a contest of good against evil, the Truth against the lie. It is an eternal contest, a real CONTEST. It is a war in which God requires His offspring to be warriors in a battle, "not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the world rulers of the darkness of this age, against the spiritual forces of evil."

The truth is that you, a Spirit Being son of the Father, were born into this World in order to do battle against evil forces. You are supposed to demonstrate righteousness. The truth is that worldly things, and your desires for them, were anchors which prevented you from representing Him who sent you. The truth is that you were sent to a foreign land where you would NOT have the power to defeat the enemy, but where you were merely to represent righteousness at the cost of your life. The truth is that it IS all a rigged game where it is impossible for you to win in the kingdom of World, but where you are supposed to learn that very truth, and where you are then to decide for yourself to opt out, to welcome your own crucifixion as your winning strategy which Jesus taught you.

Oh, you can win worldly success by playing the World game, by compromising your instinctive spiritual values, by declining your cross for the sake of providing for your family the comforts which the World offers. The lord of this world really does bless those who believe in his great lie of material reality. The lord of this world has the very real worship of multitudes of Christians who gather on Sundays to hear preachers teach his great lie.

BUT, you are a Spirit Being in a foreign land where you were not supposed to settle in comfortably; you were supposed to seek the truth and learn how youíve been deceived. Then you were supposed to reject the lie and die to this world. Material wealth and worldly gratification should have become abhorrent to you. You should have sought the exit door, that victory to which Jesus called you. You blew it, didnít you?

Now, letís meet the enemy. Jesusí counterpart is the lord of this world who has blessed any efforts you have made to please him. He comes in the guise of peace and love and many of the truly Godly traits. He fulfills your physical desires. He encourages your emotional desires. He prompts your intellectual efforts so that you feel mastery of your world. He provides contentment and security because you are a player in his pageant; you really do believe in worldly reality. He confirms your belief in it. He tells you there is no need for you to endure a crucifixion because it was already done for you, fait accompli! Yours is the good life, because God loves you and wants you to have the blessings of his kingdom. If you follow him, you can die peacefully in bed, knowing that you have done well.

Who can resist such a powerful message as that? Donít we all desire peace, love, and contentment? And his material blessings are so real, while all that Bible stuff is just pie-in-the-sky promises.

Satanís kingdom of World is the 12,000 year negative half of each cycle (24,000 yr precession of equinoxes. See sine wave diagram) in which Godís offspring experience a material reality and a belief that we are limited, physical, and subject to death. It is Satanís desire to create a worldly kingdom that is a material copy or model of Heaven. We, the body of Christ, assist Satan in his task by believing and confirming his lie. So, we get caught up in the desire to create a happy home life here, even though our lives are short. We do the best we can.

Well, dear friend, unless God had designed something to counter Satanís great lie, none of us would stand a chance of resisting it. We would love this world, and we would construct our paradise here without any need of the truths which Jesus taught. We would make this world our heaven and have no yearning for our Father above. You would live a short life and die peacefully, and that would be the end of you.

But, you are a Spirit Being who can never die because you are a part of the Almighty God. Your Father will not permit you to find contentment with this world for it is a lie and God calls you to find the Truth. Jesus is Truth. You are a part of the body of Christ, and you cannot be a fruitful branch if you claim oneness with the lie. God culls from the vine those branches which are unfruitful.

So, God has designed a method to help prod you toward Him. If you are one of His beloved, whom He will not abandon, then you will be prodded to recognize that this world is not your real home. Every time you strive for success in this world, you will find yourself defeated, beat down, exploited, cheated, deceived, and broken.

If you are a true child of God, you are of the genetic lineage from Jacob. Jacobís descendants (Israelites) were evicted from the middle east between 721BC and 586BC, whence they migrated to the British Isles and northern Europe, where those nations still display the emblems of the Israel tribes. We white race European Christians are the sheep whom Jesus called to follow Him. We are the true Israelites, the very sheep who recognize Jesus as our Shepherd.

Jacob had a brother, Esau, whose name later became Edom. Esau made life difficult for Jacob, ever wanting to murder him. Jacob never did find contentment. Today, Esauís descendants, the Edomite Jews, are still working Esauís contempt toward us, their brothers. In John 8:44 Jesus told the Edomite that God is not their father, but their father is the devil, and they are doing their fatherís work of murder and lying. You see, it is Godís scheme to use Satanís progeny, the Edomites, to convince us that this kingdom is not where we belong.

Alright, time to get blunt here. The devil is Godís tool, as a counterpart to Christ. You are not likely to pick up your cross willingly and carry it up that terrible hill unless you are painfully pushed to do so. The devil, through his Edomite Jew children, will make your world into your own personal hell. You will pray to your Father for relief, but if He really loves you, there wonít be much relief. He will prevent you from suffering more than you can bear, but you will often find yourself face down in the dirt. As you begin to hate this world more and more, you will find relief from suffering, but only then.

It is your race-mixed Edomite brother who is prodding you to hate him and his world. He is unknowingly serving God by his wickedness. Jesus told us to hate evil, but never to hate our brother, Esau. Our brother has a different father, Satan, which makes the Edomite race a world race, while we true Israelites are a heavenly race. The entire history of civilization is the story of these two races of "divine" origin, the Christ race and the Satan race. The other races of the world are just pawns; they are the theria of the Genesis Creation story. They have no afterlife. The contest is between positive and negative, between good instincts and wicked instincts which are the inherent traits of the two opposing races.

Our brother race yearns instinctively to kill us, and through the centuries has done exactly that, by the millions. He has served Godís purpose. Truly, we should never have chosen to descend into this world where we are foreignors and do not belong. We should not be attempting to make this pig-pen into our heaven. We have a home kingdom which we should be desperately seeking. Jesus showed us the way out of this world, and we should devote our lives to following Him.

Recently, there was an article on an internet blog site, which was some kind of interview (probably deep trance medium) with an entity who claimed to be Luciferian. In this excerpt from that interview, the entity says that the Illuminati create "War, Hatred, Greed, Control, Enslavement, Genocide, Torture, Moral Degradation, Prostitution, Drugs, all these things and more," for your own good. "In all these Negative things, we are providing you with tools. But you do not see it. It is not what we do, but how you react to it, that is important. We give you the tools. You have the Free Will choice how you will use them. You have to take responsibility." The Illuminati is, of course, the highest echelon of Edomite Jewry. It is their compulsive instinct to destroy the white race followers of Christ. As we innocent sheep try to make homes in this world, we are continuously assaulted by all of the diabolical evils listed by him in that interview. He is right that those evils are tools being used against us, and that our reaction is the important thing. We have the free will to continue our worldly desires or to die to this world and return to our palace home where our Father awaits. It is our responsibility to choose which path to take.

Finally, in this time of end-time events, things will get so terrible for most of us that we will no longer have a free choice whether to die or not; we will be killed. If we choose to resist Godís calling, our deaths will be terrible. If we welcome death as a liberator, our Father will grasp us close to Himself where we belong. While we may not have a choice whether or not to die, but we can certainly choose whether to welcome it or not. I should qualify this statement slightly, for the Bible says there is a mystery that at the end not all will die, but some will be changed in the twinkling of an eye. So, it seems that those who have followed Jesusí command to flee to the mountains may not have to suffer flesh death, but will be changed to the new immortal glorified bodies at the moment of electro-magnetic reversal of earthís polarity, when we switch from the negative energy reality to the positive energy kingdom of God. Even though I, personally, live in the mountains, I canít be sure I will live through the transfer, so I have chosen to welcome death if it comes, as my liberator. As a Spirit Being, death is a mere changing of clothes. There is nothing to fear about it. Only in this world can our enemies give us something to fear. But we donít have to accept it. We have the responsibility to choose.

When confronted with the realization of what Iíve told you above, your probable response will be that you canít just be a solitaire because you have obligations, a career, a family, etc. Let me tell you this clearly; if you donít set an example for them regarding your relationship with your Father, you will have failed them. Every person must carry his own cross and find his own Calvary, but it helps to have an example. Jesus came to set an example. Each father of children can set another example. Rejection of this world and all its material values is the primary task for every child of God. There is nothing more important; period. Christian preachers have failed to teach this lesson, so here we are at the very end of the world kingdom and our people donít know they must leave this kingdom and their own flesh bodies behind if they would go on to the heavenly kingdom of God. Preachers teach that because Jesus did it, then we donít have to. They are wrong. Jesus paid a penalty for Israelís violation of the Old Covenant, and He showed us the path to freedom from this world of bondage. It is by following Him and that path that we, too, can obtain the inheritance which our Father wants us to have. Nothing from this material world can transfer into Heaven, all must be left behind, including your flesh body. If you believe Jesus, then you will be anxious to do just that, to leave your earthly life behind you, along with all your relatives, family, friends, and everyone else. Jesus made that emphatically clear, although preachers donít even address the subject. Iím telling you the same thing that the prophet Amos told you in Amos 4:12, "Prepare to meet thy God, O Israel."

Dearly beloved, isnít that what youíve always wanted to do?

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