This is a translation of the Genesis Creation account from the Greek Septuagint of 285 BC. This commentary is influenced by information from the book of Revelations. Since Jesus is the Beginning and the End, Genesis and Revelations should be directly related. Christ is the subject of this commentary. He is God's instrument of creation. Jesus is the Light of the world, and is begotten in the first verses of this record. This book will give you an education in Christianity!


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ORIGINAL CREATION - Many, many 25,000 year Cycles ago = millions of years ago

            CHAPTER ONE = Design Phase in the Mind of God with Christ & the Four Minds

                        1st Day:    Light = Son = Christ,  & Time

                        2nd Day:    Firmament = Form of Heaven = Theme and Plot of the Pageant

                        3rd Day:    Earth = the Stage, & Plants & Trees

                        4th Day:    Sun, Moon, Stars = to direct the course of history

                        5th Day:    Physical Mind creatures of sea & air

                        6th Day (Eve):    Emotion Mind land animals & theria/dark races of the Earth

                        6th Day (Morn):    Rational Mind Man in God's image


            CHAPTER TWO = Manifestation Phase. Stage is furnished. The Design materializes/appears.

                        7th Day:    Rest

                        2:6      Earth first materializes into appearance

                        2:7     Spiritual Mind Adam/Christ/God's Offspring appears

                        2:8      Paradise/Eden & trees for food and life and knowledge

                        2:10-15      Four Rivers are the Four Minds of God

                        2:19    Fifth & Sixth Day creatures and dark races named into being by the Word

                        2:21     Man's feminine gender separated from him, into a helper, Zoe = life.


            CHAPTER THREE =  The Fall. A Contest is initiated. Serpent chapter.

                        3:7    Rational/Mental Mind is claimed, to know good and evil


OUR CYCLE, 5,508 BC, Adam & Eve.

            CHAPTER FOUR = Two Contestant Races enter arena & Begin Performance for this 24,000 year cycle.



PREFACE: First, you need to know something about the Greek Septuagint text of the Old Testament. It was compiled as a Greek text in 285 BC for the great Library at Alexandria, Egypt, by Ptolemais Philadelphus who ruled Egypt from 285 to 247, the second in the Ptolemaic Dynasty, following his father, Ptolemais Soter, who was one of Alexander's Generals who obtained Egypt after Alexander's death in 323. Soter began building the library, and perhaps it was he who commissioned the local Israelite population, that had been there for many centuries, to compile a copy of their sacred writings for the Library. The Israelites, from the time of Abraam, had spoken the Phoenician language, which had 22 letters in its alphabet, and from which the Greek language evolved. If the Hebrew's sacred records were written from the time of Moses, they were in the Phoenician language and script, for there was no such language yet as that which is now called Hebrew for the Old Testament. The modern language of Old Testament Hebrew began to develop during the eighth century BC, when Israelites were taken captive to Assyria and forced to learn the Aramaic language of their captors. Those Hebrews developed a mongrel mix of their native Phoenician and the Afro-Asian dialect of Aramaic, which came to be called the language of the Hebrews. That new dialect did not have any alphabet, although there was a small initial effort to write some of its words with Phoenician script, an alphabet which modern scholars now call "proto-hebrew." It is highly unlikely that the sacred records of the Hebrews were ever completed in that Phoenician script, although small portions may have been done. That new mongrel language of the Hebrews did not have an alphabet of its own until the Herodian Edomites invented the square Hebrew script during the century before Christ. At the time of Christ, the only Old Testament was the Greek 285 BC compilation, called the Septuagint. It was the Bible of Jesus, his disciples, and the historians Philo, and Josephus. The Greek Septuagint was at one time, just before Christ, translated into Aramaic and called the Peshita. But, Aramaic was never the language of the Israelites as a first language. Galilee, Jesus' home region of true Israelites, spoke Phoenician until Alexander forced the entire region to speak Greek. At the time of Jesus, everyone spoke Greek, though some of the non-Israelite races did retain Aramaic as their home language. The Edomites, who had taken over Jerusalem and the Temple and had driven most Israelites away, were busy adopting the mongrel language which the Hebrews brought back to Jerusalem from their captivities. The Edomites, being called Judeans (Jews) claimed the Hebrew's language as their own, created an alphabet for it, and by 1000 AD had translated the Old Testament into that alphabet. The Edomite Jews, who had great influence in the development of the Roman Catholic Church, presented their newly created Masoretic text of the Old Testament to the Roman Catholics as the ancient original text of their Hebrew ancestors. Well, the western half of Christianity, under rule of Roman Catholics, accepted it as the ancient original, and our English Bibles are translated from it still today. However, the eastern half of Christianity, under Byzantium, was not under the influence of Edomite Jews, and they have retained the Greek Septuagint as the authentic O.T. still today. During the centuries between 600 and 1000 AD, as the Masoretes created the fraudulent Hebrew Old Testament, they modified the text slightly in order to make it less Christian and more Jewish. The letter "h" was added to most names in order to change their character. Abraam became Abraham. Sara became Sarah. Juda became Judah. and so forth. They reduced the ages of thirteen of our long-lived patriarchs by 100 years each. The Septuagint chronology places the appearance of Adam at 5,508 BC.

Here is a sample of the English translation of the Masoretic Hebrew text  compared with the Septuagint text. Hopefully, you will be astounded at the difference! Perhaps you will ponder whether Christianity might be different if we used the same Old Testament that Jesus used.   First the KJV of Isaiah 49:1-6, then the LXX. I will underline some differences.

"KJV 49:1 - Listen, O isles, unto me; and hearken, ye people, from far; [omission] The Lord hath called me from the womb; from the bowels of my mother hath he made mention of my name. (2) And he hath made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the shadow of his hand hath he hid me, and made me a polished shaft; in his quiver hath he hid me; (3) And said unto me, Thou art my servant, O Israel, in whom I will be glorified. (4) Then I said, I have laboured in vain, I have spent my strength for nought, and in vain: yet surely my judgment is with the Lord, and my work with my God. (5)And now, saith the Lord that formed me from the womb to be his servant, to bring Jacob again to him, Though Israel be not gathered, yet shall I be glorious in the eyes of the Lord, and my God shall be my strength. (6) And he said, It is a light thing that thou shouldest be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob, and to restore the preserved of Israel: I will also give thee for a light to the Gentiles, that thou mayest be my salvation unto the end of the Earth.

LXX 49:1 - Hearken to me, ye islands; and attend ye Gentiles (ethne = tribes of Israel); after a long time one will arise, saith the Lord: from my mother's womb he has called my name: (2) and he has made my mouth as a sharp sword, and he has hid me under the shadow of his hand; he has made me as a choice shaft, and he has hid me in his quiver; (3) and said to me, Thou art my servant, O Israel, and in thee I will be glorified. (4)Then I said, I have laboured in vain, I have given my strength for vanity and for nothing: therefore is my judgment with the Lord, and my labour before my God. (5)And now, thus saith the Lord, that formed me from the womb to be his own servant, to gather Jacob to him and Israel. I shall be gathered and glorified before the Lord, and my God shall be my strength. (6) And he said to me, It is a great thing for thee to be called my servant, to establish the tribes of Jacob, and to recover the dispersion of Israel: behold I have given thee for the covenant of a race, for a light of the Gentiles (ethnoon = tribes of Israel), that thou shouldest be for salvation to the end of the Earth.

Note the deliberate omission in the KJV of the prophecy that one shall arise, namely Christ. Christ is given a purpose to gather Israel back into the fold, but the Masoretes inserted the nonsense phrase, "Though Israel be not gathered, yet shall I be glorious." The Edomites despised such an idea as the reclamation of the dispersed sheep. Finally the Masoretes said, "It is a light thing" where the text really says, "It is a great thing." It is an outrageous crime against God and His children, that Christ's enemy, the Jews, have rewritten our history, which we then accept like ignorant sheep. Of course, the Jews despise all the O.T. books of the prophets because they foretell of the final judgment, condemnation, and annihilation of the Edomite race, nor do they have any books of the prophets on their scrolls. I spend this time illustrating this difference between the so-called Hebrew O.T. and the one which Jesus used because this truth will be important to the enlightening of the race of Israel (often called "Gentiles" in English Bibles). By the way, the mention in verse 49:1 of the "islands," which occurs many times in the prophetic books, is a reference to the British Isles where the throne of David was taken by Jeremiah about 580 BC, and where God's race of Israel (ethne = tribes, clan, race = gentiles) has been preserved. God certainly was not speaking to non-Israelite "Gentiles" in this passage!

Since I have been given several keys necessary for the interpretation of the book of Revelation, I have discovered that some of those keys also help to solve the mystery of this creation account, especially if the Greek Septuagint is used. Certainly there are nuances and metaphors and symbols that make any translation difficult, but if one begins with the Greek language Bible, that which Jesus used, then the text seems to open up more clearly. In the following commentary, I will use the names of characters as they were known in Greek before the Edomite Masoretes corrupted them.


1:1     "In the beginning God made the Heaven and the Earth."

The Greek word for "heaven" is ouranon which means sky. The word was used commonly throughout ancient Greek history to indicate some higher reality or dimension, some place up above the earthly life of human sorrows, the invisible realm. Heaven was imagined by the ancient Greeks to be the home of the gods, just as Christians consider it to be the home of God, imagining it to be up there someplace. As a concept, that is somewhat valid, but Heaven is not an actual place like that. The Bible does not support the idea of Heaven being a physical kind of location. Jesus said the kingdom of Heaven is within us. It is this statement of Jesus which we will find confirmed in the following interpretation of the creation account. The word for "Earth" is ge, which is this planet of Earth, namely the apparent stage upon which the Christ-players perform their mental play..

The very first verse of the Bible says that God was the Creator. Other Bible passages indicate that Jesus was the Creator. Even traditional theologians accept the idea that Christ was the instrument of creation. Is the Bible indicating that God and Jesus are the same One? Could this first verse be equally right if it said, "In the beginning Jesus made the Heaven and the Earth."? No, when Jesus prayed to His Father He was making a clear distinction between the Father and Himself. Yet, regarding the creation, Colossians 1:15-16 says that all things (of perceptible reality) in the heavens (invisible/mental realm) and on earth (physical realm), were created through Jesus (thru His act of believing) and for Him (for the dynamic Life of God's expression). "(1:15) [Christ] who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation, (16)because in Him were created all things in the heavens and on the earth, the visible things and the invisible things, whether thrones or lordships, whether rulers or authorities, all things have been created through Him and for Him." To say that Christ is the "image" of God means that God's Offspring (expression) exists in God's imagination, and that we are seeing the activity of the Father through His Son. To say that all things were created "in Him" means that all of God's Design becomes manifested in the mind of Christ (entire race of Christ). God is Mind. God's Offspring/Son/Christ is an extension of Mind. All reality of Heaven and Earth exists as Mental Construct, like a hallucination or like figments in a dream. There is no such thing as a particle of matter, but only the appearance of matter in one who has faith that it exists. This paragraph provides a suggestion of the creative process which follows.

Heaven and Earth are two facets of the Mental Construct which God is setting into motion. That Mental Construct is God's Kosmos (Design) which is detailed in this first chapter of Genesis. Later, in Genesis 2, that Design appears into being as a material reality in the mind of the Christ race of Adam, as he names it into being. Adam's work was to believe the Design, and thereby to perceive as real that which he believed. ALL is a mind play, first the Design in God's Mind, and second, the perception of that Design into a reality in the mind of God's Offspring. Heaven is the mind-play, Earth is the stage.

1:2     "But the Earth was unseen and unformed, and darkness was over the deep, and the Spirit of God moved over the water."

The Greek word for unseen is aoratos, (from aorasia), meaning unseen or invisible. "Unformed" is from akataskeuastos, meaning "unwrought, unformed" according to Liddel & Scott Lexicon. So, this verse is stating that nothing existed as visible. The word "darkness" indicates an absence of anything over the abyss. So, there is nothing in existence. There was no Earth, except as an idea in planning. No planet has yet been formed, nor any water of the kind that we know. The word, "water," in the Bible, serves as a symbol sometimes for Spirit, sometimes for people, and sometimes for power. In this case it seems that the Spirit of God began stirring God's power. We will find in future verses that this interpretation is most likely. Physicists have found an unimaginable amount of power present in every atom; they call it "zero point energy," and describe its value as energy of 10 to the 95th power ergs/cc. This immense power pervades all atoms and all the space of the universe. The sky might appear to be empty space, but really consists of this incredible energy of God, some of which is visible and some invisible. Of this power the visible Earth and the invisible ouranos (sky or heaven) will eventually appear AFTER Christ imagines it into perceptibility by believing it to appear. That will happen in Genesis 2:19 when Adam (Christ) names things into being. The first chapter, with God doing (designing) the six days of creation, is merely the first step in the process, namely the design in God's mind. The sequence of events in chapter one doesn't make sense if we think God created them as physical in this order. For instance, day and night are on the first day, but the sun isn't until the fourth day. Plants and trees are on the third day, even before the sun, which they would need to survive.

Since the sequence would not make sense, and since Christ is the actual instrument of creation, we are forced to let chapter one be the design only, while chapter two describes the actual appearing of perceptible matter. This theory is then consistent with the physicists of the past century who found that there is no such thing as an actual particle of matter, but only units of energy (perhaps like heat, but not material) which act according to the thoughts of an observer. In other words, our material reality exists only in our imaginations, simply because we believe it to exist. We members of Christ (the Adam/Israel race) are really the creators of whatever we perceive. During the kingdom of World, we believe the lie of Satan that this world is physical material, therefore that is what we bring into perception, including all the other creatures and races who symbolize our beliefs. When we transition from this negative energy kingdom to the kingdom of heaven, then we will know the truth and matter will not be physical nor will time be linear. Alright, that little summary should prepare you for the Biblical Genesis, an interpretation quite different from that theology of the Dark Ages of ignorance.

FIRST DAY (Light & Time)

1:3     "And God said, ĎLet there be Light,í and there was Light.

1:4     "And God saw the Light that it was good, and God divided between the Light and between the darkness.

1:5     "And God called the Light Day, and the darkness he called Night, and there was evening and there was morning, the first day."

The creation begins! Keep in mind that the sun is not created until the fourth day, so this Light is NOT sunlight. What could it mean? Jesus said He is the "Light of the world." Certainly, He did not mean that He is sunlight. This verse tells us of the creation of God's Offspring, namely Christ who is the Light of the world. Light is often, in the Bible, a symbol for Truth, namely that Truth with which Jesus identified Himself. What we are seeing here is God, best imagined as the Supreme Mind behind all that is, extending Himself through the expression of an Offspring, which is His Son, the Christ. Christ the Light is then further expressed through what I call a step-down process, next appearing as seven colors of a rainbow (see Rev. 4:3-8 for this description), then as seven Spirits (wisdom, understanding, will, power, knowledge, Godliness, and reverence), then as four Living Beings (the 4 minds: Physical, Emotional,  Spiritual, Mental), then as twenty-four elders, then as 144,000 Elect, then as all the descendants of Israel. Through this step-down process, the Supreme God expresses Himself, meaning He lives and moves in and through the individuals of Israel. We children of Israel are God's race in this way, being the only ones who make up the body of Christ. As will be seen, the whole corpus of Christ is the instrument of creation of all the rest of our reality. That means that all the rest of creation, comes into being as a result of our beliefs. In this great mind-play of God, we Spirit beings of the body of Christ perceive as real whatever we believe to be real. And that is the only reality there is, just in our perception. There is no such thing as a particle of matter, but only our perception of matter. Only by understanding this can we understand the rest of the creation account.

Hebrews 11:1-3 tells us that our beliefs are the very substance of what we want to appear. It reads, "Now, belief is the substance of things being hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by this the elders obtained testimony. By belief we understand the ages to have been put in order by a word of God, so the things we see are not made out of things which appear." The rest of chapter eleven lists many patriarchs who did what they believed to do. The Greek text makes this more clear than the English translations which merely say the individuals had "faith." Until theologians understand the nature of reality, they cannot understand God nor how He expresses Himself through His Offspring into this temporal life which we now mistakenly believe to be real. We are like figments of a dream, struggling to make "the good life" out of the lies to which we cling, rather than yielding to the Dreamer Who wants to give us the heavenly Truth.

In the Gospel of Thomas, one of the Nag Hammadi collection, in verse 77, we read: "Jesus said, 'It is I who am the Light which is above them all. It is I who am the all. From me did the all come forth, and unto me did the all extend. Split a piece of wood and I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there." Then in verse 83: "Jesus said, 'The images are manifest to man, but the Light in them remains concealed in the image of the Light of the Father. He will become manifest, but his image will remain concealed by his Light."

Note that God did not create the darkness, but only Light. In order to understand this, one must imagine the great void, absent of anything, in which only the mind of God exists. That intelligent mind creates an image, sort of like dreaming a dream, in which some "thing" is manifested into being. First, a single unit appears (Light), symbolized by the numeral "1." This is God's first offspring, the Truth, the Divine Son, the Christ. In order for a single something to appear as a unit, that implies that there is also a second "thing," being whatever is not that unit. So, you have that which is, and that which is not. The created something can be called positive, and the uncreated counterpart is negative. By creating one thing, the result is automatically two things, and that gives us the numeral "2." At that point creation is necessarily stagnant because there is no possibility for movement or change from one moment to the next. Time is the third factor necessary so that change can occur through sequential events. Then will come "form," which gives shape and image to things seen.

Since no thing can exist except being relative to an opposite, we can speculate that Jesus' counterpart, the lord of the negative, began at the same time. The negative is called "darkness," and is separated from the Light as a polar opposite. It is interesting, but seems strange, that the two are called Day and Night at this early stage, even before any sun shines or any planet revolves on a daily cycle around it. Of course, after the unit (1) and the division (2) are thought in God's mind, it is necessary to have a Time factor in order to make dynamic change possible.  Time began at the moment when the thought began. Time is signified by the numeral "3". With time, the two entities, Day and Night then have the potential to cycle, one being expressed first and then the other. That is the exercise of Time in motion, which permits the Mind to progress, and to act dynamically through successive moments. Ultimately, it will be demonstrated that God expresses Himself not just through time, but AS time itself. Time is an expression of God. It is Time that moves rather than us passing through time. God expresses Himself dynamically as an ever changing energy that cycles from positive to negative to positive, forever. In the book of John's Revelations, the very first verses speak of time; the fourth verse identifies Jesus as "him who is and who was and who is to come." Time is a concept in God's Mind, which He expresses dynamically, and which we perceive passively. Just as the Unit, Division, and Form are concepts of God which He expresses and which we perceive. This general idea that I am trying to explain is going to be important for understanding the creation story.

In the second verse, Earth and water are mentioned, but no planet has been created yet and certainly not any water on it. In the next verses, we have Light and Day and Night, even though there is no sun or planet to rotate around it. Obviously, the words used in this Genesis story are all symbols, and we need to consider them as such. To interpret this story literally would make no sense. What can all this be except a concept in God's mind? It will be helpful to think of God's idea of Light and Day as the "above" while the later physical Earth is the "below;" in other words, as above - so below. As in the mind - so in the physical. As in Heaven - so on Earth. And were we not told in the first verse that two things are being formed, Heaven and Earth? The two are the Offspring mind and the physical perception, or as I like to think of it, the play and the stage. Heaven is the play being performed on the stage of Earth. Heaven is not a place in some other reality to which good people go when they die, but is the play of God's mind being expressed dynamically in a contest between positive and negative, between good and evil, act after act, cycling as Time. At this point, there still is no planet or sun because the concept of "form" has not appeared; these things are just in the Design stage, in God's imagination and being formed as a design through the Christ Light. So far there is just Light and that which is not Light, or Truth (that which is) and that which is not Truth (that which isn't), or positive and that which is not positive (negative); along with the element of Time, through which these two oscillate dynamically. I mention Truth at this point because the Bible equates it with Light, both of which Jesus claimed to be, and He is this Offspring "Son" of God. And Truth is a concept that will be helpful in our understanding of this whole mind-play of God. Truth is recognition of that which is. It's opposite, falsehood or the Lie, is belief of something that is not. As we will see later, Jesus is Lord of Heaven and Truth, while Satan is lord of a corrupted Earth and the great lie. Jesus has a body of members who make up the Christ (Adam/Israel race) as they play God's expression of goodness on the stage, while Satan has a body of members who make up the Cain/Edom race which has natural instincts of evil in the play. Two opposing races perform God's Divine Pageant on this stage. Heaven is the performance; Earth is the stage. That is what is being designed in this Genesis account.

"and there was evening and there was morning, the first day." There are several things that need to be explained at length at the very beginning of this account because they are keys which make the rest of it understandable. Yet, I struggle to keep this as brief as possible, without making a long book from the first five verses. But, this fifth verse demands elucidation. We have already Day and Night and evening and morning, before any planet or sun exist. Symbols those words surely are, but of what, since nothing is yet created? Well, it is not enough to say that Time is expressed or passes; we need to understand what that means. Time is a continuously changing event, ever oscillating between positive and negative energies, something we can easily diagram on a sine-wave curve. At this point in the creation, there is only a concept being developed in God's Mind, and Time is a great part of that design. Evening and Morning indicate change through time. Evening represents a change from full Light into full darkness. On a sine-wave diagram, that would be the line from the apex (highest point) toward the nadir (lowest point). The energy above the horizontal line is positive and the energy below is negative.

Click on SINE-WAVE DIAGRAM in order to obtain a copy, which will be essential to this creation account. Print a copy, for you will reference it frequently.

SECOND DAY (Form of Heaven)

1:6     "And God said, ĎLet there be form (stereoma) in the midst of the water, and let it be a division between water and water," and it came into being.

1:7     "And God made the form, and God divided between the water which was under the form, and the water which was above the form.

1:8     "And God called the form "Heaven;" and God saw that it was good, and there was evening and there was morning, the second day."

Still in the Design phase, not yet any manifestation. The word for form is usually translated as "firmament" in English, which is alright but is not as meaningful to our modern minds as the word "form." Form is signified by the numeral "4." The Greek word for "form" is stereoma, which means something solid like a foundation. Water, as already discussed, represents energy.  In Genesis, this is called "water." In this verse we see something solid between two energies which would be, of course, two energies of opposite polarity, as positive and negative. The Earth has still not been created, and it cannot be created until God conceives a FORM for it, which will then appear as the actual performance of an oscillating dance between positive and negative powers. That will be the substance behind all apparent matter, as the physicist understands it to be. On your sine-wave diagram, the curving wave (like water) above the horizontal line represents positive energy, and the curving trough (like water) below the line is the negative energy. On the diagram the horizontal neutral line represents the Form of verse 6, which is simply the datum which makes the existence of two polar energies possible. Particle physicists and Quantum Mechanics physicists now know that there is no such thing as a particle of matter, but there are just units of energy in atoms that oscillate and interact according to any influence of mind. They know that a truly objective experiment is not possible because the thoughts of the scientist, or even an observer, influence the course of the experiment and its results. Scientists are making statements akin to those of the eastern philosophers of ancient times, that our so-called reality is but an illusion of the mind. This is all a great mind-play where one perceives whatever he believes to be "real." And that is exactly what God is setting up in this creation account, as we will see more clearly in later verses. The Form is the basis of the play; it is called Heaven, which is the Mind performance which generates the play, the Mind of God first, and secondly the mind of His offspring Son, the Christ, of whom the Adam/Israel race makes up the body membership. So, as members of the Christ, it is our beliefs which makes manifest the appearance of this reality which we all perceive. This idea will be developed further as we proceed. Heaven is the mind-play, Earth is the stage. The second day is finished and there is yet no sun or planet, but just the conceptual plan in the mind of God which is the fundamental basis of the mind of Christ as a body of members. On the first two days, it was Heaven which being designed, that being the mind-play behind any appearances. Next comes the Mind-Design of a physical Earth, but not yet its manifestation - just a mental Design.

THIRD DAY (Earth and Plants)

1:9     "And God said, ĎLet the water under the Heaven be collected into one assembly (synagogen), and let dry (ksera) [land] appear (ophtheto),í and it was so. And the water which was under the Heaven was collected into their assemblies (synagogas), and dry [land] appeared.

1:10     "And God called the dry [land] Earth, and the systems (systemata) of waters He called Seas. And God saw that it was good.

1:11     "And God said, ĎLet the Earth bring forth the plants (botanen) of pasturage (chortou), begetting seed according to its kind (genos = race) and according to its likeness (homoioteta), and the fruit tree making fruit whose seed is in it, according to its kind on Earth,' and it was so.

1:12     "And the Earth brought forth the plants of pasturage bearing seed according to its kind and according to its likeness, and the fruit tree bearing fruit whose seed is in it, according to its kind on Earth, and God saw that it was good.

1:13     "And there was evening and there was morning, the third day."

The energies "under the Heaven," being the negative energy below the Form line, will be manipulated by the mind to form the appearance of a physical Earth. The philosopher, Plato, introduced an idea of dualities, that all Earth is negative and evil, while Heaven is positive and good. Many philosophers have agreed with him. But, here in this Design phase of Creation, it was ALL intended to be good, even though negative energies do make an appearance of a physical stage. Note on the sine-wave diagram that history is plotted on a long cycle of about 24,000 years, being one precession-of-equinoxes, which is an astronomical term for the time it takes the sun to pass through an apparent path around the circuit of the sky, through all twelve zodiac constellations. During half of a cycle, we live under the influence of negative energy, that being the Kingdom of World. During the other half, which is positive energy, that is the Kingdom of Heaven. It is that Kingdom of Heaven which lies in the future, which often is confused with Kingdom of God. But they are different things. The Kingdom of Heaven is a period of time, one half a cycle, during which Christ rules. Actually, there are many levels of heavens; this World might be called one level of heaven, but for simplicity, we will use the term to mean the coming 12,000 year half-cycle of positive energy. The Greek word ouranos is usually translated into English as "heaven," but the word means sky. On the sine wave diagram, we can consider the negative half-cycle to be the World pit, and the upper half-cycle the sky or Heaven. The Kingdom of God, however, is a dimension of spiritual consciousness in which our own spirit-being-selves are in attunement with the Spirit of God. Then it is we who make up the Kingdom of God. In Luke 17 we hear Jesus saying that the "Kingdom of God is within you." As spirit-being offspring of our Father, we do have His presence within us, but in World we are too ignorant to realize the Truth. Our present World level of Heaven doesn't appear very heavenly because we, the Christ-body of creators, have believed Satan's lie that material things are real and that one's happiness depends on attainment of worldly wealth. During World, when Satan is lord of the negative energy, God's race of Adam/Israel is at a disadvantage; we are easily deceived and manipulated by Satan's children of the Cain/Edom race who are the Edomite Jewish race, mostly from SE Russia and some Sephardim from Spain, which will be discussed at more length later.

At this time in the creation story, evil has not yet entered the stage, so the initial Heaven is designed to be a play of perfect holiness to be performed on a beautiful Earth-stage of idyllic grandeur. Dryness is the opposite of water (dynamic energy); so dryness (the text doesn't say "land") appears as dry land, being water's polar counterpart. There still is no sun to make plants grow, nor any water supply for them, nor any day/night pattern which they need. So, clearly, this conceptual Design must still be just in God's mind. Since physical reality will exist only in the perception of believers, there will be no manifestation until God breathes into His own Offspring, who will then become the actual instrument of creation. God's Offspring, the anointed One, consists of the entire body-of-Christ members, the Christ-race, who will bring into perception that which is believed (faith). Note the importance given to the plan that plants and trees should bear seeds and fruits according to their own genus, a pure, unadulterated, breeding of like with like. That very theme/law will become a primary value throughout the history of God's offspring, for which violations will bring severe chastisements. Promotion of race-mixing (miscegenation) is a modern liberal agenda, but it has sadly also become the primary emphasis of Christian churches, contrary to God's will. Race-adulteration is the real subject of the seventh commandment, "Thou shalt not commit adultery." Sexual adultery is the subject of the commandment against coveting one's neighbor's wife. Of a paltry ten commandments, it is highly unlikely that an admonition would be repeated! But, we get ahead of the story. Creation is still in a concept phase.

FOURTH DAY (Sun, Moon, Stars to rule)

1:14     "And God said, 'Let there be lights in the form of Heaven for shining upon the Earth; to divide between the day and between the night, and let them be for signs (semeia) and for seasons and for days, and for years.

1:15     "And let them be for light in the form of the sky (ouranos), so as to shine upon the Earth,' and it was so.

1:16     "And God made the two great lights, the greater light for ruling the day and the lesser light for ruling the night, and stars also.

1:17     "And God placed them in the form of the sky to shine upon the Earth,

1:18     "and to regulate day and night, and to divide between the light and darkness. And God saw that it was good.

1:19     "And there was evening and there was morning, the fourth day."

This fourth day is a continuation of the creation Design of Earth. Earth and its corollary  Kingdom of World will be a mirrored/reversed reflection of the positive energy Heavenly kingdom. World is the fantastic appearance (reflection) of the mental concept. The words "let them be" indicate what WILL BE when God's Offspring Christ completes the creative task by perceiving them into being. It is in this mind-play that the sun-in-the-sky serves as a symbol of the Light of Truth, as the Life-giver. During World, all life depends on the physical sun in the sky for survival. During the Kingdom of God, the sun will not be the source of Life, according to Rev. 7:16 and 21:23. The stars serve as signs (semeia) from which we can learn about the grand Designer and His Plan. Sadly, the dark sepulchres of religion don't permit enlightenment about God's signs.

Look at your copy of the Sine-Wave Diagram to place the following information. God has designed an orderly plan of history, which we can diagram. The twelve zodiac constellations represent twelve divisions of a 25,000 (approx.) year cycle, a little more than 2,000 years for each age. At the beginning of each age there is a dramatic change in the course of history, along with the appearance of one of God's Vanguards. Near the beginning of Gemini (heavenly twins) about 5508 BC (0 AM: Anno Mundi on ancient calendars) Adam, and then Eve's twin sons, Abel and Cain appeared. Then at the beginning of Taurus (bull or calf) about 4,000 BC Noe (Noah) appeared and the Flood destroyed all God's children who had mixed-race blood, saving Noe's family because they were the only ones "pure in their race." Taurus is a fixed sign of the zodiac, beginning a new quarter-cycle of 6,000 years in which the Emotional mind (for which calf/bull is the symbol) would be the dominant influence. [We will discuss the four minds of Rev. 4 later, but the Calf is the Living Being (Rev. 4) which is God's Emotional mind] Next, about 2,000 BC, Abraam appears at the beginning of the age of Aries, the Lamb. Abraam institutes a new religion that centers around veneration and sacrifice of the lamb, prophesying that the Lamb of God will come later as the final sacrifice. Next, namely about 2,000 years ago from our day, Jesus appeared at the end of Aries as God's Lamb, and He instituted a new religion for which the fish of Pisces was the symbol. Jesus came as a fisherman to reclaim the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Now, around 2,000AD, (I think probably 2007) the age of Aquarius begins. It will be the water carrier who carries God's race of Israel across the line from this World to the Kingdom of God, to an age of positive energy (water represents energy) and a new type of civilization that is spiritual rather than material. You see, each age is inaugurated by one of God's chosen ones. For the age of Pisces which is now concluding, the Fisherman's task has been completed: all Israel has been reached with the good news that their (Israel's) covenant at Sinai has been repaired and they are no longer condemned. It has been replaced by a new covenant, secured by Jesus, as the contract under which Israel now lives. [Christ's lost sheep of Israel are the European nations and America which still today fly the flags and emblems of those twelve tribes from whom they are descended. Modern Israel (Jews) in Palestine is the Edomite race of Christ's eternal enemies, liars and murderers whom He described to their face in John 8:44]

Now, at the end of the fourth day, there is a completed design of Earth, with a sun to warm it, and daily cycles of light and darkness. The concept of the physical stage is completed with all its props, at least all which do not have living minds, being non-sentient plants and trees. I can't but wonder if the creative work of the first four days brought forth more of a material substance than the mind-play of the fifth and sixth days wherein living-mind creatures were conceived. Yet, Jesus seems to imply that physical material is equally subject to one's belief as are the creatures which Adam names into perception, when He says we will be able to say to the mountain "be moved" and it will be moved. That infers that we have complete control over what we perceive, not just regarding living creatures but also the apparent physical matter.

Before we go on to the fifth day when living-mind creatures appear, there is more to understand about the setup for God's grand pageant. It is not enough to merely note that God expresses Himself as Time. His expression AS time makes up the very substance of our reality and also the plot and theme of the play but we need to know that it is an ORDERLY expression of Time that God expresses, and that order (kosmos) defines historical patterns which we can diagram onto the sine-wave curve. Just as atomic structures are orderly, and as the universe, so also is the course of history with its rises and declines of civilization. One cannot understand the long term design plan of God without knowing its order. So, refer now to your sine-wave diagram, or print one out after you click on SINE WAVE .

Along this sine-wave diagram of history we shall look at four major mileposts and the influences which govern each quarter-cycle. In the book of Revelations, John describes in the first three chapters a vision which he saw while on the island of Patmos where he was exiled. That first vision showed him some of God's basic setup, first with seven lampstands which represent seven "churches." Those churches are actually seven periods of time which are coming in the Kingdom of God, each of them being about 1,700 years long, but those periods of time are not the subject of discussion here. John also gets introduced to the Son of Man (Jesus) who holds in His right hand seven stars which are the angels/forces of those time periods. But, chapters four and five are different. There, John is called aloft for more visions, where he sees God's throne and the One sitting on it. He sees a rainbow around the throne, along with twenty four thrones with Elders sitting on them. He sees seven lamps of fire before the throne which are seven Spirits of God, and he sees four Living Beings which have faces of :

        Lion, Calf, Man, and Eagle. Those Beings live to praise God continuously. Well, those Living Beings are the four Face(t)s of God's Mind  through which He expresses Himself: the Physical-mind (Lion), Emotional-mind (Calf), Spiritual-mind (Man), and Rational-mind (Eagle). Those four Living Beings are more than just types of Mind; they also define:

        four quarters of the long-term cycle of time, and they correspond to the:

        four horses of the Apocalypse in Rev. 6, and they are the:

        four Seraphs of Esaias (Isaiah) 6:1-3, and the:

        four Cherubim of Ezekiel 1. Their faces are the emblems for the:

        four brigades of Israelite tribes, namely Lion is Juda, Calf/Bull is Ephraim, Man is Ruben, and Eagle is Dan. The Lion of Juda is still today the emblem of the British Sovereign (the Throne of David); the Bull of Ephraim is still the emblem of England; the Man of Ruben still serves as emblems for Denmark, Iceland, and Greece; and the eagle of Dan is used by Germany and the United States. The four Minds are also the:

        theme of the book of Job, where Job is the Spiritual Mind struggling with his three corrupted worldly minds. Complete text of Job with comments is at Book of Job.   Further, those four Living Beings are the:

        four fixed signs of the zodiac, namely Leo/Lion, Taurus/Bull, Aquarius/Man, and Eagle/Scorpio. Note the locations of those four zodiac ages on your sine-wave diagram. Leo, the Physical mind (Lion), inaugurates a quarter cycle period of 6,000 years in the Kingdom of World, immediately following an exit from the Kingdom of God/Heaven. That quarter cycle is predominantly Physical natured, and saw civilization degenerate to its lowest level of base Physical/material/worldly primitive state. Then, after the flood of about 4,000 BC, the age of Taurus inaugurated a quarter cycle of 6,000 years in which the Emotional mind (Calf) would be the dominant influence over the kingdom. So, the Kingdom of World was dominated first by the Physical mind, and then by the Emotional mind. Following the age of Pisces, the Spiritual mind of God, which is symbolized by God's "Man," will inaugurate the next quarter-cycle in which God's children of Israel achieve their spiritual perfection and find reunion with their Father, starting with the age of Aquarius. Then, at the apex of the cycle, the Eagle Living Being, in Scorpio, marks a turning point in history, beginning a descent from holiness toward worldliness, something caused by misuse of the Rational mind influence, a kind of thinking which is a process of thinking about something objectively rather than living the thought subjectively. It is one step removed from the perfect union of mind, thought, and being. It is the knowing of the difference between good and evil objectively. In practice, it is being the rational master over one's life by using judgment, evaluation, and the dialectic process (thesis, antithesis, and synthesis) rather than simply-being-that-life innocently, like a lamb. It is that objective view of reality which makes one like God, and it is that kind of rational consciousness that permits Satan to reign as lord of the kingdom of World.

So, the four Minds of God are expressed through the four Living Beings of Rev. 4, to make this Heavenly play in which we white-race Israelites are God's champions in the eternal contest against evil. The evolutionists and atheists and anti-God liberals of our modern day are sadly ignorant of God and His plan, and their deep misery becomes the hell which results from their instinctive perversity.


FIFTH DAY (Physical-minded creatures of sea and air)

1:20     "And God said, 'Let the waters bring forth reptiles (herpeta) of living (zoosoon) minds (psychoon), and winged creatures flying above the Earth according to the form of Heaven, and it was so.

1:21     "And God made great sea-creatures (keetee), and every living-mind reptile, which the waters brought forth according to their genus, and every creature that flies according to its kind, and God saw that it was good.

1:22     "And God blessed them, saying, 'Increase and multiply and fill the waters in the seas, and let the creatures that fly be multiplied on the Earth.

1:23     "And there was evening and there was morning, the fifth day."

In God's great Design it will be Living Minds which are central to His entire divine pageant, and to the Bible. God is Mind, the Supreme Intelligence behind all that is. God extends that Mind, perhaps more proper to say: God expresses Himself through His Mind as four different natures: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Rational. I know I am repeating some of the information of the previous paragraphs for this new day. These four minds are the four Living Beings of Revelation 4, having faces of Lion, Calf, Man, and Eagle respectively. These four Living Minds are also symbolized in the four zodiac fixed signs of Leo/Lion, Taurus/Calf, Aquarius/Man, and Scorpio/Eagle. The same four are the emblems of the four brigade tribes of Israel: Juda/Lion, Ephraim/Bull, Ruben/Man, and Dan/Eagle. The four minds were also seen as Seraphs in the vision of Esaias (Isaiah) chapter 6, and as Cherubim by Ezekiel in chapter 1. These four categories of Living Creatures are the very essence of ALL LIFE. The four natures of God are also the theme of the Old Testament book of JOB; where Job represents the Spiritual minded person in this Kingdom of World confronted by his Physical, Emotional, and Rational minds which have been corrupted by World. Unless we understand the distinctions between the natures, will continue stumbling through the dark in our quest for knowledge.

Besides being expressed to different degrees in all the creatures on Earth, each of these four Minds takes turns being the Dominant influence over civilization for one-quarter of a cycle, about six thousand years. The Physical age began about twelve thousand years ago with Leo. The Physical Mind of God defined/directed/formed the base nature of civilization for the quarter-cycle ages of Leo, Cancer, and Gemini. The Emotional age began with Taurus about the time of Noe and the great flood, 6,000 years ago, defining the three ages of Taurus, Aries, and Pisces. We are now at the end of Pisces, about to start Aquarius which is symbolized by a Man, which is God's Man, His Spiritual Offspring, being expressed as the Christ, an extension of God, of which all God's Israelite race are members. After Pisces, the next three ages will be influenced by the Dominant Spiritual Mind for the ages of Aquarius, Capricorn, and Sagittarius. Lastly, in Scorpio, the Rational age begins for another quarter-cycle of six thousand years for the ages of Scorpio, Libra, and Virgo.

Since the four Minds of God are being expressed into a creation of four basic types of creatures, these natures of God become the very essence of all creatures which we perceive. While I describe some creatures as having one specific nature and lacking others, that is a simplification. The truth is that all living creatures have one nature as the Dominant Front Face, and two natures as secondary (Ezekiel: faces to the right and to the left), and one nature as nearly absent (face to the rear). Ezekiel's vision indicates that each of the four Living Creatures has one face forward with one on the right and one on the left, and one to the rear. So it is that those which live primarily by one type of mind might also express some of the the other three types to lesser degrees. For instance, those most purely Physical lack almost completely any Spiritual nature, and vice-versa. Rational and Emotional are also opposites. But, all four minds are present to some degree in ALL living creatures.

Okay, that introduces the idea of the four minds. Here, on the Fifth Day, the first creatures appeared which have living minds. First listed are "reptiles" but the word means more than just lizards, serpents, and snakes. In Leviticus 11:29, the same word is used where God is listing creatures whose dead carcasses are unclean to touch, saying, "And these are unclean to you of reptiles upon the earth, the weasel, and the mouse, and the crocodile, the ferret, and the chameleon, and the spider, and the newt and the mole. These are unclean to you of all the reptiles which are on the earth." In verse 21, He includes sea creatures and birds as "reptiles." These Fifth Day creatures live nearly totally by the Physical nature, feeling or reasoning very little, and having nearly no Spiritual mind at all.  These creatures live by the most primitive instincts of survival; with physiological functions of organisms that kill, eat, excrete, and reproduce. Most demonstrate no reasoning capability at all; they don't seem to consider which action will make them feel more happy; they live simply according to the Physical instinct to survive. The dominant Physical Mind of God empowers and drives their lives. While this Physical Mind is common to all living animal-type creatures, including all humans, other creatures will be formed on the next day which have a different dominant minds. But, on this fifth-day only creatures that live predominantly by Physical Mind are introduced.

SIXTH DAY (Evening - Emotional minded animals)

1:24     "And God said, 'Let the Earth bring forth the living mind according to its genus (genos), quadrupeds (tetrapoda), and reptiles (herpeta), and animals (theria) of the Earth according to their genus, and it was so.

1:25     "And God made the animals (theria) of the Earth according to their genus, and domestic animals (kteenee) according to their genus, and all the reptiles of the Earth according to their genus, and God saw that they were good."

The first part of a day is the evening, and the second part is called morning. God closes the first half of this sixth day with the typical concluding statement that He "saw that they were good." The sixth day is in two parts. This first part is the Evening.

Here is a list of creatures who live by a Dominant Emotional mind. Quadrupeds are four legged animals. It is interesting that "reptiles" are listed again since they had been listed for the Fifth Day. Since the term includes quite a variety of primitive animals it must be that some more advanced "reptile" animals function by a Dominant Emotional mind with Physical being secondary.  We might note that the serpent of Genesis 3:15 is a different word (ophei) than this herpeta. The animals: "theria of the Earth," are not always the "wild beasts" as usually translated into English Bibles, because those are already covered as "Quadrupeds." But, theria are mentioned twice for this Sixth Day Evening, once in the category of quadrupeds and reptiles, and again in the category with domestic animals. There must be two types of theria. Perhaps verse 24 refers to any mammals which don't have four legs, such as porpoises and whales and maybe apes which walk on hind legs much of the time. It might be that the pure black race is a type of the second theria. But, we should also consider this verse in comparison to 2:19 where at a future time  "God formed yet farther from the Earth all the (theria) of the field (agrou). It seems more likely that these later creatures, "theria of the field" might be all the darker skin races which can be domesticated to do agricultural work. Perhaps white represents pureness, clarity, and Spiritual while black represents worldly material, the Physical. An attempt to locate the introduction of other races in the Creation account is mere speculation. It seems that God has not spelled the answer out explicitly, probably for good reason, that such knowledge would strongly affect the world-kingdom program. Anthropologists of olden days, more than a century ago, did not hesitate to classify the dark races taxonomically as a different genus than the white race or at least a different specie. Today, if such classification was made using the same criteria as that used for birds and animals, the black race would clearly be a different genus. But, political correctness rules our day, so we must overlook the obvious differences and stupidly claim that all races are created equal. Considering that the pure black race is truly different, as is obvious to any child observor, then it seems necessary to address this issue here, in the Creation account.

The quarter-cycle of Dominant Emotional Mind is that of Taurus, Aries, and Pisces, still on the negative side of the sine-wave curve, the energy which is called "darkness," versus the positive energy which is called "Light." The Emotional Mind gives such creatures of the sixth-day-evening a capability of feeling anger, passion, affection, hatred, grief, lust, fear, envy, resentment, desire, and so on. The word for "domestic animals" is usually translated as "cattle," but it does not mean just cattle; rather it includes all animals that are easily domesticated, like dogs, cats, sheep, horses, camels, etc. That pretty much completes the creation of all the types of animals, perhaps including the dark-skin human type. The sixth day Evening has completed the design of all creatures except Man in God's image.


SIXTH DAY (Morning - Rational minded men)

1:26     "And God said, 'Let us make man according to our image (eicona), and let them have rulership over the fish of the sea, and the birds of the sky and the domestic animals, and all the Earth, and over all the reptiles that creep upon the Earth.'

1:27     "And God made man (anthropon), according to the image of God He made him, male and female He made them.

1:28     "And God blessed them, saying, 'Increase and multiply, and fill the Earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the seas and flying creatures of the sky, and all the domestic animals and all the Earth, and all the reptiles that creep on the Earth.'

1:29     "And God said, 'See, I have given every seed-bearing herb sowing seed which is upon all the Earth, and every tree which has in itself the fruit of the seed which is sown, to you it shall be for food;' and it was so.

1:30     "'And to all the theria of the Earth, and all the birds of the sky, and to every reptile creeping upon the Earth which has in itself the living mind (psycheen zooees), even every green plant for food;' and it was so.

1:31     "And God saw all the things that He had made, and behold, they were very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day."

God speaks as a plurality, creating man in "our" image. We believe in One God, not several. But, we seldom consider the fact that the One Supreme Mind behind all that is doesn't relate to us immediately. Rather it is through His seven Spirits (expression of His powers) and His four Living Beings by which He, as our Father, empowers us and our dimension of reality. The Four Living Minds of God become manifest as His Son, the Christ, while the Seven Spirits, are His Holy Spirit. Of course, we all know that these are not separate Gods to be worshipped, but are different facets of One God, the Supreme Mind behind all that is.

The "Man" (male and female) of the second part of this sixth day is designed to express God's Rational Intellect, but this does not yet define the Adamic Christ race; this is not yet His Son; this is still concept-design phase. This "Man" is in the image of God in such a manner that he is "like" God, having at least three natures, Physical, Emotional, and a dominant Rational Intellect Face by which he can exercise dominion and rulership as God's vicar. This intelligent thinking man will rule over all the lesser creatures and races. This Man-Design will eventually appear on God's stage as two different races. One race starts later, after this week of Design Phase is finished, with the special creation of ADAM who will be granted a Dominant Spiritual nature. The second race of Man will appear even later with the birth of CAIN as a son of Satan from Eve, with a Dominant Rational nature. Abel will be a son of Adam from Eve; Cain and Abel being fraternal twins with different fathers. During the course of history the Cain race will create the Pagan religion which worships Satan as Enlil, Cain's actual father. The Cain race, with Dominant Rational intellect, will pioneer material inventions, create cities like Nineveh, and use their minds to dominate, exploit, and destroy other races. Genesis 4:20-22 attributes to the Cain race such things as dwellings, farming, music, and manufacturing. Perhaps Satan's most effective temptation is the offering of an increasing technology by which our lives can be enhanced and made more enjoyable. What we fail to recognize as we succumb to Satan's seduction is that we trade Quality-of-Life for sensual gratifications and an alleged "easier" life. We have given up our Godly treasure for a gilded bauble which brings stress and grief.  The Cain race gets renewed, at a later time in history, through Esau as the Edomite race (modern Jewry) which plays the role of eternal enemy against the Christ race. Einstein's Intellect was a recent stellar example of Cain race talents. Both the Adamic race and the Cain race are included in God's Design of "Man" to have dominion over all the rest of the creation. 

So, at the end of the sixth day, God has designed the Man as two races through whom He will express Himself as the two polarities of negative and positive. The ensuing pageant will then be an eternal contest between these two races who are born with opposing instincts (good vs evil). The DESIGN is now complete, just awaiting that special creation of a Son of Man to express the fourth of His natures, the Spiritual Mind. At the end of this sixth day nothing has yet materialized. It cannot materialize because there is no one yet to believe the Design into being. God's Spiritual Man, namely the Adamic race of Christ, must first be created into some kind of reality so that Adam/Christ can then create the other creatures and races into existence by believing in them, that is by perceiving them to exist in his mind. The creative power exists only in the Spiritual Nature of God, being expressed primarily through His Spirit Being Offspring, the Christ race from Adam. In chapter two, the Spiritual Being, Adam, will be brought into "existence," following which he will name/Word the other creatures into existence. It is, remember, all a mind-play being performed on a stage called Earth. Heaven is the mind-play, Earth is the stage! You will see in the below commentary on verses 2:2 and 2:5 that this concept of chapter one being God's Design, while chapter two is the manifestation of incorporeal ideas perceptible to the outward senses - has already been suggested by the ancient historian, Philo of Alexandria, a Levite Israelite who lived at the time of Jesus. Philo's implication is clearly consistent with the interpretation I am presenting here.


2:1     "And the Heaven and the Earth were finished, and all the order (kosmos/Design) of them.

2:2     "And God finished on the sixth day His work which He had done, and caused to rest on the seventh day from all His work, which He had done.

2:3     "And God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His works which He had done."

Heaven is the theme and plot of the pageant, as a script being continuously performed in the minds of God's Elect race. Earth is designed as the stage for that performance, with its animals and living creatures of many types. During the first six days, living creatures have been designed in the mind of God, but will appear only after God creates Adam and brings His design to him to be named/Worded (believed) into the appearance of being real, in 2:19.  The DESIGN is completed. The Supreme Mind will rest from this work, then giving to His Offspring the creative power and the free will to exercise God's four natures on that stage.

The idea of rest is an important concept also on the Time plan. Refer to your sine-wave diagram. There are six ages during the Kingdom of World, namely Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, and Pisces. Each age is about 2,000 years long. These six ages are a paradigm of six "days" of labor. It is during this 12,000 year period of World that God empowers the negative half-cycle, wherein His offspring/chosen/divine-race battles the World lie of finite limitation, of time and space, material reality, and spiritual ignorance, in order to return to the Truth. The nature of the negative-energy World is a heaviness of physical, material, sluggish movement, limited personal power, and general bondage to physical laws. After these six ages of World are ended, then we offspring will enter into God's rest (where time is non-linear), into the Kingdom of God, where we will see the perfecting of our Form/Heaven/pageant. Then, during the next six ages of God's kingdom, the positive energy provides a very different type of reality. Our Spiritual natures/minds will function and reign over matter. We will say to the mountain, "Be moved," and it will be moved. We will not be subject to the physical laws of World, but will know a spiritual reality that is more dreamlike in nature. Time itself will not be linear, so those six ages will not be measurable in the same way that we now measure time. That Kingdom of God is OUR day of Rest after six days of labor, so we commemorate and celebrate that promised day of rest by honoring a Sabbath every week. Before Jesus lived, it was Saturday that our ancestors honored as their Sabbath, but immediately after Jesus was gone, the disciples began honoring Sunday as their holy day of rest, in commemoration of Jesus' resurrection. We still honor one day of each week as our Lord's day. "Sabbath" is practiced and commemorated because of a future event in which God's faithful ones will have our Rest. Again we see a reflection of micro and macro; God's plan of six work days and one of rest is performed through the pageant of His children who suffer six ages of worldly work in training for our destiny, and then one long day of rest. As above, so below! For a discussion of the Rest, which is our hope, read Hebrews chapters 3 & 4.

Philo Judaeus of Alexandria, the Levite historian who lived from about 20BC to 50AD, says in his Allegorical Interpretation, I, no. VI.(16) regarding Genesis 2:2 -- "'Accordingly, on the seventh day, God caused to rest (katepause) from all his works which he had made.' Now the meaning of this sentence is something of this kind. God ceases from forming the races of mortal creatures when he begins to create the divine races, which are akin to the number seven." Philo indicates here that the mortal races, formed/designed during the first six days, are different from the divine races (Adamic) which do not appear until after the seventh day. Genesis 1 describes the design in God's mind while Genesis 2 describes the actual bringing of that design forth into a form which Man perceives. Adam (the race of Men of God's offspring) would bring forth God's design into perception by NAMING the design into existence. Here is the "Word" performing the creative act! Christ (the entire body of God's offspring) perceive nothing except that which they have created by the act of believing it to exist.  [Note that Philo was not of the Jerusalem Talmudic Temple group, but was of those Alexandrian Israelites who had dwelt in Egypt since the time of Joseph and his brothers. Note also that Philo uses the Greek Septuagint for allegorical interpretations based on Greek words and grammar, never alluding to the existence of any so-called Hebrew language Old Testament, which actually did not yet exist. If a Hebrew text really was the original authority, then Philo would have used its Hebrew words for his exegetical studies. Of course, neither did Jesus nor disciples nor any others at that time ever allude to any Hebrew text.]

2:4     "This is the book of the generating of Heaven and Earth, when they were made, in the day in which the Lord God made the Heaven and the Earth,

2:5     "and every herb of the field before it was generated on the Earth, and all the grass of the field before it sprang up, for God had not rained on the Earth and there was not a man to cultivate it."

So, chapter one was the account of the creation of Heaven and Earth, before anything was actually manifested. Here, in chapter two we have the "generating of Heaven and Earth." These verses indicate that the whole account of six days creation was in the mind of God only, that it was His concept, but had not yet been generated into being. The concept existed, but no living mind creature had yet appeared. Christ is God's instrument of creation. The Adam race is that Christ which creates this reality by believing it into being, at least into being a perceptible reality. The historian, Philo of Alexandria, a Levite who lived at the time of Jesus, in his discussion of the Creation, says, "So Moses, summing up his account of the creation of the world, says in a brief style, 'This is the book of the creation of the heaven and of the earth, when it took place, in the day on which God made the heaven and the earth, and every green herb before it appeared upon the earth, and all the grass of the field before it sprang up.' Does he not here manifestly set before us incorporeal ideas perceptible only by the intellect, which have been appointed to be as seals of the perfected works, perceptible by the outward senses. For before the earth was green, he says that this same thing, verdure, existed in the nature (God's mind) of things, and before the grass sprang up in the field, there was grass though it was not visible." (On the Creation, XLIV(129)) Philo seems to understand that it is concepts or beliefs which are perceived by our minds as "matter."

It was the race of Adam, the Christ-race, which brought all creatures into being, into perception. The name "Adam" was not a personal name of a single man, but was the name of a race of people. The Adamic race is the body of Christ. I think it is not inappropriate to equate Adam with Jesus. In the N.T., Jesus is considered to be the second Adam. So, it must be also proper to consider Adam to be the first Christ. We see in Revelations that Christ came into being at the very first moment, as the Light. Then that Light transformed down into seven Colors, and seven Spirits (Holy Spirit), and four Living Beings (four Minds & four quarter-cycles of Time of 6,000 years each), and then twenty four Elders (24 facets of mind & 24 millenia). So, Christ was already a participant (as Truth, Light) in the process we have seen thus far, except that the process seems to be just a concept not yet materialized, until Adam would WORD the elements of God's plan into manifestation. The stage is designed, complete with all creatures and races who will express the natures of God. Next, a special creation of God's Offspring, Christ/Adam will then bring the living creatures of God's design into being by stating them to be, by "naming" them so. Verse 2:5 says there was not yet a man to cultivate the Earth, or we might say, to bring the performance of this pageant into play. Clearly, nothing had yet been "created" except a concept in the Mind of God, or might it be equally true that everything has been created, because the entire pageant is a performance within God's Mind anyway.


2:6     "But a fountain (peegee) arose (anebainen) out of the Earth, and watered all the face of the Earth.

2:7     "And God formed (eplasen) the Man (anthropon) from (apo) dust (choun) of the Earth, and breathed (enephyseesen) upon his face the breath (pnoeen) of life (zooees), and the man became a living (zoosan) mind/soul." (psycheen).


peegee is a noun, fem acc sg of peegee, meaning "running water . . .fount, source, origin" (Liddel & Scott, Greek English Lexicon, p.1399)

anebainen is a verb, impf act ind 3rd pers sg of anabainoo meaning "go up, mount . . .goes up among" (Liddel & Scott, Greek English Lexicon, p. 98)

eplasen is a verb, 1st aorist active indicative 3rd pers sing. of plasso which means to "form, mould, prop of the artist who works in soft substances, such as earth, clay, wax" (Lid & Sc, p. 1412).

choun is a noun, masc. acc. sing. of chous which means "soil excavated or heaped up . . .dust, Lxx 3 Ki.18.38 . . .the grave, Lxx Ps.21(22).16." (Lid & Sc, p.2000).

enephyseesen is a verb, 1st Aor act ind 3rd pers sg of emphysaoo which means "blow in . . .breathe upon . . .blow up, inflate" (L & S, p. 551)

pnoeen is a noun, fem acc sg of pnoee which means "blowing, blast . . .blast, breeze . . .blasts of wind . . .breathing hard, panting" (L & S, p. 1425)

zooees is a noun, fem gen sg of zooee which means simply "life, existence, opp. death" (L & S, p759)

zoosan is a verb, pres act part fem acc sg of zaoo which is from zoo, meaning simply to "live" (L & S, p 758)

psycheen is a noun, fem acc sg of psychee. See above discussion on Fifth day, verse 1:20.

"But a fountain arose out of the Earth, and watered all the face of the Earth." 2:6 is a metaphor. The literal meaning might be: "A flow of spirit-force arose out of the Earth design, and empowered the appearance of the face of the Earth." Here is the Pentecost event of Creation. Until this moment, all creation has been a design in mind only. The fountain would be the active expression of the Seven Spirits of God which empower the appearance of the Earth, whereupon the Play can begin. The seven spirits of Rev. 4:5 are listed in Esaias (Isaiah) 11:2-3 as Wisdom, Understanding, Will, Strength, Knowledge, Godliness, and Fear-of-God. [Note: the Jewsí Masoretic Text of 1,000 AD omits the Spirit of Godliness. Of course, Jews revere the number six, and their innate instincts are to be ungodly. They have blasphemed against the Holy Spirit of God by omitting  the Spirit of Godliness; there is no forgiveness for that.] These Seven Spirits are the powers by which Godís expression is materialized into perception through His children of Adam/Israel. Now, the physical Earth appears as a perceptible thing, and from it God makes His Offspring appear as the Christ, a physical, material person (race of Men). Godís Son was the first idea in Godís mind, namely an extension or expression of Himself into a dynamic performance. This expression appeared first as the Light of Gen. 1:3, which is that same rainbow of Light at His throne, in Rev. 4:3. From that point, it has been Father Mind and Son Mind creating the design of the first six days. Now, in v. 7 the Son appears on stage as an apparent  person (race), made of the same substance as the Earth. While it is true that there is no such thing as matter, yet the perception of matter does make the Earth acceptable as a "real" stage, so we will henceforth speak of Earth and matter as real.

All other living beings will later appear on stage as a result of being named into existence by Christ's Word. The other races and animal creatures are not OF the Earth like the Adam race, but "live" only in the belief of Christ (the whole body of members). They were not formed from dust of the earth. The existence of other races and creatures depends upon our beliefs. They have no permanent existence, nor any indwelling Spirit of the Father, nor any afterlife, nor any future Heaven or hell. They are but props or pawns on the stage, with whom we relate in order to perform the great pageant. Earth is OUR stage, and Heaven is OUR play. All other creatures or races are incidental and transitory, appearing only as we believe them to be. Of course, during Satan's Kingdom of World, we are deceived to believe the great lie that we are all animals from the same source and all equal, and that this World is really real and everlasting while we are mere transitory organisms who should properly serve it as our mother-earth. By believing that great lie, we have given validity to it, and we have made it the basis of our lives and our civilizations, at least in our perception.

Man became a "living soul." The Greek word, psyche, is always translated in the Bible as "soul," but no one has ever been able to explain just what a soul is. The ancient Greeks understood the psyche to be the mind of a person, distinct from his physical body. The Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, by Kittel and Friedrich, gives fifty two pages to the definition of psyche in volume nine of the set. Dr. Karl Troger researched the ancient usages by Homer and Plato and other Classical writers. By the 6th C. BC, the psyche was "the epitome of the individual. It can be thought of apart from the body and is indeed of greater worth than this." In the discussion of its use in the philosophy of Plato, (p. 613) "leads logically to the teaching that moral struggle is a flight from the world of sense and an approximation to intelligible being, i.e., to God." In Kittel's section on Plato, he says: "Since the soul, or its pre-eminent part, belongs to transcendent being, it is not bound by the finitude of the sense-world. It is pre-existent and immortal." These definitions are about as close as anyone can speculate, at least until he understands how God expresses Himself through four minds, three of which are coincidental to the temporal Earth stage, and one, the spiritual, is identified with the breath (pneuma) or Spirit of God which God blew into Adam, which is not temporal, but immortal and everlasting. It is that spiritual mind which empowers the lives of God's children which is the true "soul," the part of us that never dies, but goes on to live forever. One's physical self dies and the emotional self along with it, and so does one's intelligence and learning. But, one's Spirit (indwelling presence of seven spirits listed above, which empower the four minds), being an expression of the eternal Father, cannot ever die. Why did the ancient Greeks develop and establish this idea of a self that never dies? Simply because they were descendants from Israel, part of the body of Christ, and they had within themselves and inner-knowingness that some part of them never dies. The Greeks were so much more than Jewish history books tell! Let me take just a brief moment to introduce you to the Greeks.

While the Israelites were in Egypt, Israel's son Juda (born 1848BC) had two sons, Phares and Zara.  Phares stayed with the family in Egypt and is the line from which Jesus was born. Zara did not stay in Egypt but migrated, as a fairly large family, to the Aegean to become the Greek civilization. Zara had two sons, Calcol and Darda. The Dardanelles remind us still today of his presence there. Darda (aka Darada) may have founded the city of Troy around 1700 BC, but some conjecture that his great grandson, Ilos, founded it as Ilion around 1500 BC. Darda had a son, Erichthonios, who had Tros (after whom the city was later named), who had three sons, Ilos, Assarachos, and Ganymede. Ilos (Troy was first named Ilion after Ilos, after which Homer named his Iliad) had Laomedan, who had Priam (King of Troy in Homer's Iliad), who had Hector (a great warrior in the Iliad). From Assarachos came Capys, then Anchises, then Aeneas (of whom Virgil wrote), then Brutus (founder of Britain), and so forth. It was from the Zara line that ancient Greeks and the first Britains came. But I get off track with that interesting course of history. That blond white race of Greeks was Israelite, and they are our ancestors. We are all Adamites and members of the body of Christ. And that is how the ancient ones were able to conceive the idea of the psyche, which is the immortal mind, namely the Spiritual mind which is a part of God and never dies. We call it "soul," but I like to call it "mind" in order that readers might pause to ponder it rather than skip lightly over an old word which no one quite understands.

2:8     "And God planted a garden (paradeison) in Edem in the east, and placed there the Man whom He had formed.

2:9     "And God made to spring up also out of the Earth every tree beautiful for seeing, and good for food, and the tree of Life in the middle of the paradise, and the tree of perceiving (eidenai) the knowledge (gnooston) of good and evil."


paradeison means garden or orchard or enclosed park.

eidenai is verb, perf act inf of oida (eidoo) which means to "1. see, perceive, behold . . .1b. see a person, i.e. meet him . . .3. see mentally, perceive." (L & S, p.483).

gnooston is and adj, masc acc sg. neut nom and acc sg of gnoostos which means "common knowledge . . .knowing" (L & S p.355)

The word, "Edem," is the Septuagint spelling, different from the "Eden" of the Jewish Hebrew O.T.

The word "paradise" conjures up something much more than a garden or orchard in our minds because we've been taught that paradise is something like Heaven, in some distant place, and there is some support for that. This is another word which defies clear definition. Jesus told the man beside him on a cross "today you will be with me in paradise." (Lk. 23:43) Obviously, Jesus did not mean some place on Earth, but meant some place one's Spirit goes after the body dies. For the Genesis creation story, there is evidence that this paradise, the so-called Garden of Eden, was located on the high Pamir Plateau, north of Pakistan, in what is now Tajikistan. From there, the Adamites went to the east, to the Tarim Pendi Basin of western China. At the north edge of the Tarim Pendi hundreds of perfectly preserved mummies have recently been found which are many thousands of years old. They are Caucasians with blue eyes and blond hair, and buried with fine woolen clothing, some with scotch tartan plaid patterns, with felt shoes, and other sophisticated items. (See Mummies of Urumchi by Barber, 1999) These are most likely our ancient Adamite ancestors. It has recently been revealed that China had kept that small region secret from the rest of the world where still today a white race group of people live, called Tocharians. Their language is Indo-European, on the same language tree as Sanskrit, Phoenician, Greek, and the Latin and Germanic dialects. It is exciting to think the Pamir was the real Garden of Eden, but there is no conclusive evidence. Or was that paradise-garden just the first Kingdom of God in God's long term plan? See the SINE-WAVE diagram. If the fall was immediately after the apex of holiness, in the age of Scorpio the Serpent, then we might speculate that their eviction from that paradise was the moment when the descending curve transited from Kingdom of God into Kingdom of World. Their Heaven became worldly. Remember, Earth is the stage; Heaven is the play. Even with that interpretation, what do we do with Jesus' statement to the thief. Did he mean the theif would enter the Kingdom of God, which others won't see for another 2,000 years after Jesus' death? Or, as Jesus also said, "The kingdom of Heaven is within you," implying that Heaven is a state of mind rather than a location. It was the thiefís Spiritual mind that never dies, but is a permanent part of God forever. While the body and emotions and conscious mind would die on the cross, his Spirit would not, but continues to live as a part of God. It seems inescapable that paradise is that place in Godís mind wherein all His individual childrenís spirits exist forever. Yet, the word "paradise" is a word in human language, and in this creation account may well mean a garden on the Pamir Plateau. It is a convincing evidence of God, to me, that so many people believe so strongly in Heaven and the coming Kingdom of God even while lacking any clear details about it. Only the Spirit of God could work such conviction in hearts and minds in spite of lacking evidence! My questions still languish unanswered as to whether there was an actual place as Edem, or whether the story of it is symbolic of our beginnings, or perhaps both.

Note that the trees good for food are mentioned separately in this passage from the tree of life which no one interprets as a food tree, and also separate from the tree of learning the knowledge of good and evil, which certainly does not sound like a food tree. It is from this latter tree that the so-called "apple" gets picked. Since the tree is symbolic, the apple is also symbolic!

2:10     "And a river proceeds out of Edem to water the garden, thence divides itself into four heads.

2:11     "The name of the one, Phisom (Physical Mind?), this it is which encircles the whole land of Evilat, where there is gold.

2:12     "And the gold of that land is good, there also is carbuncle and emerald.

2:13     "And the name of the second river is Geon (Emotional Mind?), this it is which encircles the whole land of Ethiopia (Africa).

2:14     "And the third river is the Tigris (Mental Mind?), this is that which flows forth over against the Assyrians (Indo-Asian races). And the fourth river is Euphrates (Spiritual Mind of the Christ, Adam & Israel?).

2:15     "And the Lord God took the Man whom He had formed, and placed him in the garden of luxury (tryphees), to cultivate and keep it."

tryphees means "softness, delicacy, daintiness . . .luxuriousness, wantonness . . .fastidiousness." (L & S. p.1831)

EARTH INTERPRETATION: It is speculation that Eden was located on the Pamir Plateau because that is the only place from which rivers flow in all four directions. Yet, the text doesn't really make it that simple for us. It says that a river went OUT OF Edem to water the garden - a garden which was IN Edem! That doesn't make sense. Then the river divides itself into four heads. The head of a river is its source, and we are already told that its source is the one river that flows out of Edem. If you look at the Tigris and Euphrates today, you will see that their sources are very far distant from each other. Next, we are told that two of the rivers encircle two "whole lands," one of which is down in Africa. Obviously, this is one puzzle that cannot be solved by a literal interpretation. The names of the rivers are not very helpful, for as our ancestors migrated, it was often the custom to name new places the same as places they had left.

SPIRITUAL INTERPRETATION: From the very beginning of Genesis there is very little that can be interpreted literally. In Revelations, rivers symbolize the flow of spirit power. For example, in Rev. 6:5,6, the Man (symbol of Spiritual Mind, of tribe of Ruben, of zodiac sign of Aquarius, and one of the four Living Beings) calls for the black horse of the Apocalypse, which means a river of spiritual flow. If we interpret this passage as symbolic instead of literal, the river flowing out of Paradise could be the flow of the Holy Spirit (seven Spirits) which are then expressed as four Minds (Living Beings of Rev. 4). The literal meaning of verse 2:10 might be stated. "And a flow of spiritual powers proceeds out of Edem to make manifest the Paradise, by expressing itself as four Living Beings/Minds." I'm speculating that the Phisom River represents the Living Being of Physical Mind (Lion with a golden mane of Leo), which maintains the physical, biological, and physiological functions of ALL creatures, from the tiniest microbe to Man; it gives us our earthly-life. The Geon River represents the Emotional Mind (Bull of Taurus), which is the highest level of mind for the black race. This is indicated by encircling the whole land of Ethiopia (Africa). The Tigris represents the mental/rational Mind (Eagle of Scorpio, the serpent), which is the highest mind of mankind when separated from our union with God. The Euphrates represents the Spiritual Mind (Godís Man of Aquarius), which is exclusive to Godís own race of Adam and Israel. The first part of the word "Euphrates," namely the "euphr" has the Greek meaning of "good cheer" and "make joyful." So, this Heavenly Garden is the PRODUCT of the Holy Spirit and the Four Living Beings/Minds of Rev. 4, that Adam (the Christ) is commissioned to cultivate and keep. This spiritual interpretation explains the theme of our Heavenly Play on this Earth stage, where Christ (the entire body) creates the performance by what we believe.

2:16     "And the Lord God gave a charge to Adam, saying, 'Of every tree which is in the garden you may eat for food,

2:17     "but of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat from it, for it whatever day you eat of it, you shall die by death."

Here is the first mention of the name "Adam." The word is assumed by many to be not the name of a single person, but the name of a group or a race. Scholars who look to the Afro-Asian language of Hebrew for a definition of the word "Adam," give it the Aramaic meaning of color red. That is an outrageous notion because the color red is associated with Esau and his progeny. Esauís name was changed to Edom, which in Aramaic means red, because of his red color. Red has since been the color of the Jewish enterprises: communism, and Rothschild (red-shield) banking. But that mongrel-Hebrew meaning of red is not valid because that language (born since 800 BC) was not known to the more ancient patriarchs. Sanskrit is the oldest language that we can work with on the Indo-European (Aryan) language tree. Today it is popular to interpret the name, Adam, as meaning one-who-blushes, meaning the white race, based on that Aramaic meaning. That is nice, but not valid. Regarding language, many questions still hang unanswered. Did Moses write the first five books, or not? If he did, it was probably not in Egyptian hieroglyphics but in Phoenician. Did he record the name of Adam as it was known from the very beginning, or was it changed as the language evolved? Does the name have a meaning (most probably) or was it just a personal name? In Sanskrit there is no word spelled exactly as "Adam." The letter "a" often means "not" at the beginning of a word, just as it still does in English. The word "Atman" is interesting, but Adam is probably not a corruption of it, although that possibility exists. In Sanskrit, Atman means the Self, one's consciousness. Brahman (the Supreme Father) is, subjectively, Atman. It is the task of one on the spiritual path to realize his Atman. Also, I just discovered an interesting parallel to the four-mind concept in the ancient eastern philosophy, in the explanation of the Atman. In physical consciousness, the Atman is the material being. In emotional consciousness, the Atman is the dynamic being. In mental consciousness, the Atman is the mental being. In spiritual consciousness, the Atman is the divine Self. The ancient Vedas and Upanisads are probable remnants of the spiritual beliefs of our ancient Adamite ancestors as they migrated from the Tarim Pendi to the Punjab of northwest India, before following Cain's people to Sumer (Babylon region), from whence Abraam would later leave to go to Canaan/Palestine.

The tree of knowledge of good and evil is, of course, not a standing tree with branches and fruit any more than one's family tree is that, but it is a symbol of something. What it symbolizes seems quite clear if we consider the whole picture. Adam was created to be immortal, meaning to never die a physical death. He was androgynous, having both genders in himself until the female gender was separated out as his helpmeet. There is one primary law for immortals, that they do not reproduce. As long as immortals can not die, propagation would result in an exponential population explosion. So, if they choose to give birth, then death must enter as the balancing factor. That is just common sense. Even today, illegitimate sex is known as a "forbidden fruit." You see, we subconsciously know the truth. The law given to Adam was, no reproduction or else physical death will be necessary.

2:18     "And the Lord God said, 'It is not good that Man should be alone; let us make a helper (boeethon) according to him.

2:19     "And God formed yet farther from the Earth all the animals (theria) of the field (agrou), and all the birds of the sky, and brought them before Adam, to see what he would call them, and whatever Adam called any living mind/soul, that was the name of it.

2:20     "And Adam gave names to all the domestic animals and to all the birds of the sky, and to all the animals of the field, but for Adam there was not found a helper like to himself."

boeethon is a noun, masc acc sg of boeethos, meaning "help, aid . . .Pass., to be assisted . . .assistance . . .aiding, helping . . .assisting, auxiliary." (Lid & Sc. p.320)

Most interesting is the Septuagint wording that after Adam was living, "God formed yet farther." The Jewish Masoretic text which is the basis for our English Bible versions does not state this verse that way. Young's Literal Translation of the Holy Bible of the 1,000AD Masoretic Hebrew Text reads as follows for verses 18 and 19: "And Jehovah God saith, 'Not good for the man to be alone, I do make to him an helper - as his counterpart.' And Jehovah God formeth from the ground every beast of the field, and every fowl of the heavens, and bringeth in unto the man, to see what he doth call it. . ." The words, "yet farther" are lacking. But, the Masoretic Text, which Young used, was created nearly a thousand years after Christ, being done by that same Edomite Jewish race whom Jesus accused of being not from God but from the devil, a liar and murderer. The Greek Septuagint text, however, is from 285 BC, and is the Bible used by Jesus and anyone else of Jesus' time. This LXX passage serves as a counter argument to two different popular beliefs. One is that Adam appeared long after other races already lived on Earth. The other, that all races of people have descended from Adam, and then after the flood, that all have descended from Noe. The LXX has Adam (the Christ race) formed first as Spirit Beings (breathed upon him the breath of life), and afterward Adam believed God's Design into his perception. In other words, it is all a mind-play in which God's Son/Adam/Christ-race believes (mental activity) that other creatures exist, thus they only exist in his mental-perception (belief) of them and have no physical existence outside that. The entire Divine Pageant of God is a Mind-Play, like a dream; there is no actual material reality, no particle of matter, no absolute which exists separate from it.

The only way to reconcile the mystery between chapters one and two is to see chapter one as a Design in God's Mind while chapter two is the manifestation of that Design into Perception. In 2:5 it seems that all living beings had been only designed in God's mind until in verse 2:6 there arose a fountain which watered (a flow of Spiritual mind powers which empowered the appearance of) the Earth. Then, from that Earth, He made Adam, His first offspring, who brought "yet farther" other living mind creatures into being by the act of naming (believing) them, which takes place in the next few verses. Here we see Adam is the first Man-type, then followed by his "creation" of domestic animals and birds and other races of humans. If this Adam/Christ is God's instrument of creation, then it seems most likely that it is at this moment when He brings the other races onto the Earth-stage as perceptible/material creatures. 2:19 refers to "theria of the field," while 1:24 referred to "theria of the Earth." That Earth of 1:24 was still in the design-stage, while the "field" of 2:19 exists as a physical entity in Adam's perception. This description in 2:19 is very brief and does not list all those which were previously listed on the Fifth and Sixth days.

Adam stands alone, complete, androgynous, looking at the other races and seeing both males and females, but there is no helper like him; he has no peer. In English language, the word "Man" really does include both genders as confessed in words like "mankind," and "woman." The active and hostile separation of genders in modern time, militated by feminists and liberals, is contrary to God's Design. During World, there is an apparent separation of genders, within God's Christ-race children, but they will be reunited after the transition into God's kingdom of Heaven. Even during World, God tells us to marry and become one in that way.

2:21     "So, God brought a trance (ekstasin) upon Adam, and he slept (hypnose), and He took one of his ribs (pleuroon = rib or side) and filled up the flesh instead thereof.

2:22     "And God formed the rib which He took from Adam into a woman (gynaika), and brought her to Adam.

2:23     "And Adam said, 'This now is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman (gyne) because she was taken out of her man (andros).

2:24     "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave to his wife, and they two shall be one flesh."

Jesus said that in Heaven there is no marriage. That is consistent with immortality, for there can be no birthing of continuous generations if there is no death. Perhaps it is the case that both males and females are fulfilled and content in Heaven without marriage or families or children, but then, without those things there is also no need for separate male and female genders. The fact that Adam was a complete being, androgynous (andros=man, gyn=female), before the female gender was separated out, seems to be a good indication that in the future Kingdom of God we will be like Adam, androgynous, again in Heaven. Since we, the Adamic race, are Spirit beings, and since reality is directly relative to our beliefs about it, then it seems likely that some of the other creatures of Earth will probably continue to exist, to live and die, and to propagate, because that is the way God designed the perfect program even before He brought Adam onstage. In Heaven, Man, namely God's Man with whom Jesus identified Himself, will enjoy a Life very different from all the other players on the stage. We, androgynous Men, will create our reality as we wish (knowingly rather than ignorantly like we do now) and will experience a setting like that described by John in his Revelations, something quite unimaginable to us at this time.

On the other hand, verse 2:24 seems strangely out of place at this time. Adam's wife had just appeared, and they were still under the admonition to not propagate, so why would there be mention of a father and mother? Adam had no father or mother except God, nor did his wife. In the world around him, he could see other creatures propagating, but he was not supposed to be doing that (the forbidden fruit)! Or, in his holy estate, probably with perfect wisdom, did he know the theme and plot of the play that would be performed, thereby speaking to those generations he knew would follow after the fall?

Regarding her position as a helper, she was not created to be captain. Her glory and satisfaction and fulfillment would be through the union with her husband and under his name. Through the Old Testament, women's names are seldom given. It was God's design that the woman share her husband's name, and his body, and his life. She was his helper, and it would be contrary to God's design for her to usurp his position. Today, the devil has achieved that very perversion in our modern society. Women occupy many, perhaps most, of the positions of authority in the business world and in bureaucracies , although not yet the majority of CEO positions. Women have usurped man's role in worldly society in nearly every function that was traditionally his. Currently, the Jews are achieving an even-worse diabolical perversion of nature by putting black women in positions of authority over God's Men! Women are not happier, and are certainly less fulfilled in their personal lives, but their so-called liberation has been achieved. Liberating/estranging woman from man is like liberating Men from God, a liberal notion and an ungodly goal. Society has been feminized, and men are publicly portrayed as buffoons. The quality of life and general happiness is terrible compared to that of only a century ago. I speculate that when we transition from World to Kingdom of God and Man becomes androgynous again, that the entire issue of women's liberation will be corrected. The female and male genders will be combined into one androgynous Man. Actually, Adam is the only one into whom God breathed His Spirit, thereby giving Adam a Spiritual mind. Zoe was removed from his side, but there is no indication that the woman also received that personal blast of spiritual breath which granted to Adam the Spiritual mind. She may share his spiritual identity in the way that an arm shares the identity of a person. It is his identity which exists forever, while her identity is reabsorbed into him for the Heaven period. As a part of him during World kingdom, she probably partakes a share of "their" Spiritual mind. It seems logical that her ultimate destiny is to become once again united with the male as his feminine "side." The New Testament admonishes women to keep silent in the fellowship gatherings. That supports the theory that she is not the operator of their Spiritual mind. The man is the Captain and his responsibility is to attain the spiritual goal. She shares that quest as a helpmeet, looking to him for their joint spiritual fulfillment.

Before leaving this subject of women and the Spiritual mind, I don't want to suggest that she has no share in the Spiritual mind. Clearly, Jesus acknowledged her spiritual being. When He met a woman at the well who claimed her ancestor was Jacob, He told her that if she had asked, He would have given her the water of Life. Then, in Verse 114 of the Gospel of Thomas reads: "Simon Peter said to them, 'Let Mary leave us, for women are not worthy of Life.'   Jesus said, 'I myself shall lead her in order to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every woman who will make herself male will enter the kingdom of heaven.'" Lest anyone interpret this to condone her usurpation of the earthly male role in Satan's World, this verse is speaking directly of the Spiritual mind, which is the very thing that is special about God's males. Since we are not shown any technique in the male-centered Bible by which a woman can find her own fulfillment in the Spiritual mind, I would speculate that it is probably by, first: yielding to her husband, and then with prayer and meditation, along with devaluing her focus upon material things (dying to the world) in this life. Since her man already has it more fully, she should look to him and passively share it, just as he looks to God for his spiritual source. Simply put, the spiritual mind is activated by yielding to God's direction, that is by listening for the quiet whisper of God's Spirit to guide one's daily walk. Spiritual consciousness is the goal, not worldly authority or brute-character.

With the end of chapter two and appearance of Zoe (life), all creation is completed. It seems nearly impossible to outline all those creation events in a logical, sequential order. The whole story feels to me kind of dreamlike, where things change, happen, and appear without reason, but are unquestioned by the dreamer and just accepted as okay. Later, when awake and reviewing the dream, much of the dream seems very strange and unnatural. There are so many things that we really do not know about the creation account, like how long ago (millions of years?), or if a day was a thousand years or 25,000. Assuming this account describes the very beginning of our reality, is it then also a paradigm which is repeated in every cycle? If Adam was a single person initially, as the first Christ, then is his appearance in each Gemini age as an individual or as a race which had merely been without spiritual Life during the ages of Leo and Cancer, which I think must be the case? Surely, this inspired scripture must be designed to be impossible for the mental-minded, but only to be spiritually discerned. I feel that I have only made the first step toward understanding it, by putting it into a context which it formerly lacked. Most Christians have believed that creation happened only six thousand years ago, because of the corrupted Masoretic Hebrew text, and because of the Roman Catholic interpretation during the dark ages of ignorance. That was also when the church convinced everyone the world was flat! Now, in these end times, many of God's children are finding breakthrough insights into His Truths which have been hidden heretofore. Hopefully, others can correct my errors, and spiritually discern more of the Truth to this story. As it was in the beginning, so it shall be in the end; knowing one will help to discern the other. It was my solution to the mysteries of John's Revelations that provided keys to some understanding of this creation story. But, both Genesis and Revelations need much more work than I feel capable of doing.

3:1     "And the two were naked, both Adam and his wife, and were not ashamed.

3:2      "Now the serpent (ophis) was the most crafty (phronimootatos)of all the creatures (theria) of the Earth, which the Lord God made, and the serpent said to the woman, 'Why has God said, "Eat not of every tree of the garden?"'

3:3     "And the woman said to the serpent, 'We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden,

3:4     "but of the fruit of the tree which is in the middle of the garden, God said, "You shall not eat of it, neither shall you touch it, lest you die."'

3:5     "And the serpent said to the woman, 'You shall not surely die.

3:6     "For God knew that in whatever day you should eat of it your eyes would be opened, and you would be as gods, knowing good and evil.

It is my speculation that this story mentions a serpent in order to indicate the time of the fall, back at the age of Scorpio. A scorpion is a serpent. But, it was not an actual serpent creature which seduced and bred with Zoe. Mention of the "most crafty" is an indication of that age of Scorpio, whose symbol is also the eagle which is the Mental Mind of the four Living Beings. Following the Sagittarius age wherein God's offspring achieve perfect oneness with their Father, Scorpio is a fixed  sign of the zodiac which inaugurates an age of intellectual grandeur, and begins a quarter cycle in which God's children abandoned their spiritual estate in favor of the thrilling challenge of the contest between good and evil. In their spiritual oneness with, and realization of God, they had lived innocently without any lust for "self-realization," and its knowledge of good and evil. They were just pure goodness, without question or qualification. But the fourth Mind of the cycle, the Living Being which is the rational-mind, began its quarter cycle of influence, and many of the perfected ones were tempted to the contest against evil. They are the ones who "fell," and who brought immortality to an end. In John's Revelation, there is some indication that those who did not succumb to the temptation, did not "fall" to experience another cycle of human weakness, but went on to live at a higher level in God's pageant.

Another help to interpretation and understanding of these passages, is to know that our ancient ancestors spoke and thought largely in symbols. Symbols comprise the natural language of the Spiritual Mind; words are foreign to those who know each other's thoughts. During our Old Testament ages, it was not just poets but everyman who used symbology in his conversation to express a greater meaning than a simple literal understanding might provide. Much of the Old Testament is symbolic; we also see that metaphors, parables, analogies, and shadows were the natural language of Jesus. In the O.T., many of the recorded events serve as symbols/prophecies, of later and greater events. Philo of Alexandria interpreted the entire O.T. as symbolic. Historical events occur along the course of a cycle in patterns, with an event repeating itself in a similar manner at some other corresponding moment in that cycle or sub-cycle. For instance, if you plot a historical event on the cyclic time-line, a reciprocal point on the cycle will have an event similar and opposite that which you plotted. If Adam's appearance in Gemini indicates the reawakening of the spiritual children of God, then we can assume the reciprocal point in Sagittarius will see a reawakening of the children of Satan. As God expresses Himself through His offspring, the body of Christ with all its members (144,000 Elect plus all Israel), then God's counterpart, Satan, expresses himself through the race of Cain and Edom which are his children. It is the reawakening of Satan's evil nature in his children, in Sagittarius, that leads the wicked race to beguile and seduce Life, namely Adam's wife, Zoe (Life), in order to bring immortality to an end with Death. By doing that, Satan can then influence the members of Christ's body to intellectually believe his great lie of material reality, thereby seducing them to create the World of his design. Since Christ is the instrument of creation, the only method by which Satan, the instrument of destruction, can get his material World created is to entice us into believing his lie. He is lord of the lie, and any who believe it (most of us are in love with it!) are easily directed by him. We pray for worldly satisfactions, and Satan provides them because we are playing his game, while forgetting that Jesus calls us to reject all this World, unto death. Jesus calls us to welcome Satan's gift of Death in order to rob it of its power and overcome it. Satan, at the apex of the cycle, entices us with promises of more thrilling life (to be like God) thus robbing true Life of its power, resulting in Death.  Satan's prosperity-preachers stand in Christian pulpits assuring us that because God loves us, He wants us to have all the good things of this World, promising greater life here, but in fact ensuring Death for those who succumb. You see, it's all done by symbols; we are symbols of Holiness, enticed by symbols of material wealth. We can only understand the process of Creation by knowing everything is symbolic.

While God created the Earth as a good stage for His divine pageant, Satan has corrupted that goodness into an activity of delusion. We are the guilty ones who are responsible for creating this wicked World because we bought Satan's great lie. The only way we can find redemption is to learn the Truth, with which Jesus identified Himself. Jesus and the Truth are one. We can't have one without the other. If we don't seek the Truth, we don't seek Him who called us to seek the Truth. Without Truth, we continue our worldly delusion and don't know Him at all. Jesus said that at the end, many will come to Him saying, "Lord, Lord, I believe, but I will say to them, "Depart from me, I never knew you."

We will see ample evidence later that Adam's wife, Zoe, was seduced by Satan. For now, note that the one who seduced her was one of the "theria of the Earth." It was certainly not a snake or an animal that bred with Zoe! So, this supports the idea that "theria of the Earth" does refer to other human races. In this case it would be Satan's race, which we see rebirthed in his son, Cain, and renewed later with Esau who became Edom, from whom today's Jews descended. They are the body of Satan in the contest against the body of Christ, Israel. The two races are symbols of (represent) good versus evil, two principles in eternal contest.

I think an important lesson from this passage is to understand that the intellectual contest is part of the struggle between good and evil, and that it is very different from that state of holiness in which we are content in oneness with God and enjoy the continuous happiness of spiritual perfection. But there is no risk in that state of holiness, so the challenge of life's contest is such a powerful temptation that even most of God's perfected ones succumb to its call. And, yes, a life of struggle with good and evil does make one a god; we get to choose, at every moment, whether to live the positive or the negative, whether to enjoy the thrill of physical life or to suffer the agony of separation from Worldly happiness. Instead of that first estate of perfection with God, we are attracted to the thrills of sensual gratifications and the excitement of risking life itself. We FELL from His grace those aeons ago, and we fall daily by seeking more life on earth rather than death.  There are hardly any worldly arguments in favor of rejecting this world; only the Holy Spirit can help one to turn from it to walk toward a crucifixion of this life. Are we not all terribly weak regarding our spiritual quests?

3:7     "And the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes to look upon and beautiful to contemplate, and having taken of the fruit, she ate, and she gave to her husband also with her, and they ate."

This is a poetic description of sexual seduction, even including the lust of contemplation. Illegitimate sex is still called the forbidden fruit. And we too, even in our decadent society, hesitate to speak forthrightly about sex; we prefer to use euphemisms. So, from the very beginning, sex was something uncomfortable to talk about. An interesting example of such language is that description of Noe's drunkenness and the "uncovering of his nakedness." It was their cultural idiom that to speak of the father's nakedness was really speaking about his wife's nakedness. It's an interesting story; you can read the details in my article about Canaan's Curse . If you don't take time to read that article, just note that it is in Leviticus, chapter 20, that we get the clue to understanding the idiom: v11"The man who lies with his father's wife has uncovered his father's nakedness." So it is with cultural idioms, and the Bible is full of them. They present us with real difficulty for interpretation because we often don't know their meanings. What is helpful for us, though, is to recognize that they did use many idioms rather than literal statement, and therefore we can suspect that something else is meant than that which is stated. In such ways, God has hidden his Truth from the eyes of the World, and reserved them for those who have spiritual discernment.

3:8     "And the eyes of both were opened, and they knew (egnoosan) that they were naked, and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons to go round them."

You probably don't have any problem understanding that they were not blind until this moment, but the opening of their eyes (metaphor) really means they began to understand. They knew that they were naked. The word, gnoos - to know, was also commonly used to indicate sexual intercourse. Gen. 4:1 "Adam knew his wife and she conceived;" Gen. 4:17, "Cain knew his wife;" Gen. 4:25,"Adam knew his wife;" Gen 24:16 "she was a virgin, a man had not known her." Since it was their cultural idiom to use the word "know" for sex, it should not puzzle us that the tree of knowledge had to do with sex. Anyway, at this point they were no longer innocently naked; they suddenly knew there was wrong versus right, and they felt ashamed that they had done wrong. Such knowledge of good and evil is much related to our own sexual awareness, gender difference, and lust - with a feeling that it is necessary to curtain one's body in order to temper the lust! In that wonderful Gospel of Thomas, discovered in 1946 at Nag Hammadi, in verse 37, Jesus is speaking with His disciples. "His disciples said, 'When will you become revealed to us and when shall we see you?' Jesus said, 'When you disrobe without being ashamed, and take up your garments and place them under your feet like little children and tread on them, then you will see the Son of the Living One, and you will not be afraid." This is an indication of the innocence we will enjoy in the Kingdom of Heaven (Kingdom of God). The fear of embarrassment does not coexist with innocence. Adam and Zoe were no longer innocent!

3:9     "And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the afternoon; and both Adam and his wife hid themselves from the face of the Lord God in the midst of the trees of the garden.

3:10     "And the Lord God called Adam and said to him, 'Adam, where are you?'

3:11     "And he said to Him, 'I heard your voice as you walked in the garden, and I feared because I am naked, and I hid myself.'

3:12     "And God said to him, 'Who told you that you are naked, unless you have eaten of the tree concerning which I charged you of it alone not to eat.'

3:13     "And Adam said, 'The woman whom you gave to be with me - she gave me of the tree and I ate.'

3:14     "And the Lord God said to the woman, 'Why have you done this?' And the woman said, 'The serpent enticed (epateese) me and I ate.'"

Refer to your SINE-WAVE diagram. If the cycle represents a day, then six-o-clock AM is at the line between Pisces and Aquarius; so, noon is at the very apex between Sagittarius and Scorpio. Remember that it is in Scorpio, the serpent, that the fall occurred, being early afternoon. So, it is somewhere between the ages of Scorpio and Virgo that God's race became ashamed and began to hide (separate) themselves from God. Notice that along with shame, the next emotion mentioned is fear.

eepateese is a verb, 1st Aor act ind 3rd pers sg of apataoo. The word most generally means "to deceive, cheat, or corrupt." Kittel's TDNT says in vol. 1, page 384, "Common in the LXX "to deceive" or "entice"; of the wives of Samson, Ju.14:15; 16:5" He says further that the NT uses the word mostly in the sense of "sensual desire."

3:15     "And the Lord God said to the serpent, 'Because you have done this you are cursed (epikataratos) above all domestic animals and all creatures (theria) of the Earth; on your breast and belly you shall go, and you shall eat earth all the days of your life.'"

epikataratos is an adj, masc and fem nom sg, meaning "accursed" (Lid & Sc., p. 636)

If we understand the seducer to be Satan, or a member of his corpus, then he is fathering the race of Cain, the evil counterpart race to the body of Christ. This happened in the "afternoon" ages. They are being cursed above all other races (theria of the Earth) who don't deserve any curse at all. They are also destined to partake of Earth all the days of their lives. And so it is that they, the race of Satan/Cain/Edom/Jews fulfill their lives in the Kingdom of World by corrupting all that is good. On their bellies, i.e., groveling before others, never having their own homeland or royalty or honor, they are the basest of all human creatures, and like snakes, attacking without warning anyone innocent that crosses their path. They are the Edomite Jews to whom Jesus spoke in John 8:44, telling them that God is not their father but the devil is, and also the same of whom Jesus spoke in Rev. 2:19 and 3:19 calling the Jews the "synagogue of Satan." In a way, we can see God giving them the physical Earth in this passage.

Many people resist the two-seedline doctrine, which is that the Christ-race descended from Adam and the Satan-race descended from Cain. As you will see in the next verse, God tells Satan that there will be enmity between his, Satan's, sperm/seed and her seed. Isn't this reference to Satan's sperm/seed strong indication that his sperm was part of the problem in the Fall of Eve? A difficulty arises when we read Gen 4:1 - "And Adam knew (egnoo) Eve (Euan), his wife, and she conceived (syllabousa) and bore Cain, and she said, ĎI have acquired a man through God." It appears in that wording that Adam is the father of Cain. Yet, Eve says, strangely, that she got her son through God rather than accrediting Adam. She knew the source of Cain was other than Adam and she knew that God was involved in the process. We should realize that she possessed a spiritual understanding far beyond any of which we are capable today. She knew what was happening! She is blaming God for Cain rather than Adam. Of course, she knew that she had lain with someone prior to Adam, also, so she knew the child was not Adam's. Regarding the two-seedline doctrine, consider that Jesus went to the Edomite Jews at the Temple and told them that God was not their father. Certainly, Jesus would not have said that to people of Judah or others of His own lost sheep whose Father truly was God. No, He refers directly in John 8, to the race of Cain which were murderers from the beginning. Adam was not Cain's father; neither was God, but it was "through" God's working that she was impregnated by one of Satan's race. And then, in the Big Picture of God's Design, it is the perfect scheme by which to exercise a contest between good and evil - to set forth two races who are born with totally opposing instincts, who then do contest through countless ages. It is a grand pageant in the Mind of God which is being performed by individuals who are given free will along with natural soul-instincts. The theria races of God's Design are creatures which can be used by either the Christ-race or the Satan-race in their strategies. It's a Mind Game, and this is the most perfect Design for such a contest.

3:16     "'And I will put enmity (echthran) between you and the woman, and between your seed (spermatos) and her seed; and he shall keep against your head, and you shall keep against his heel.'

3:17     "And to the woman He said, 'I will greatly multiply your pains and your groanings; in pain you shall bring forth children, and your submission shall be to your husband, and he shall rule over you.'"

echthran is adj, fem acc sg of echthros meaning "hated, hateful . . .Act., hating, hostile . . .enemy." (Lid & Sc., p.748)

The woman is Zoe, a word meaning Life. Satan has caused death to begin, the very opposite of Life. God speaks to Satan of his sperm. So, how dark must it be in the cloisters of traditional Christianity that they cannot see Satan as the father of a race who will do contest against the Christ? Even Jesus, in John 8:44, told the Edomites that God is not their father, but that the devil is.

Her seed will be the children of Adam and later of Jacob/Israel, the race of Godís children, while Satanís seed will be the race of Cain, and later renewed as that of Esau/Edom/Jews. Note the singular "he" and "his." God is seeing all the descendants of Adam as one body, His anointed race, the Christ, His anointed Offspring!

To the woman, the punishment is directly related to her crime, the birthing of children.

3:18    "And to Adam, He said, ĎBecause you listened to the voice of your wife, and ate from the tree, concerning which I charged you of it only not to eat Ė of that you have eaten; cursed is the ground in your labors, in pain you shall eat of it all the days of your life.í

3:19    "Thorns and thistles shall it bring forth to you, and you shall eat the herb of the field.

3:20    "In the sweat of your face shall you eat your bread until you return to the Earth out of which you were taken, for Earth you are and to Earth you shall return."

The woman was taken from his side to be his helper, not to rule. While he can consider her opinion, this act of following her lead was unforgivable. He is the Captain of their ship (union) and she is the First Officer. He is responsible for the goal and the major objective; hers is the responsibility of maintaining the details and providing him support so that his attention is not distracted with details. Immortals, who cannot die, do not depend on food for survival because their food is not of this world. Their sustenance is symbolized by the manna which Israelites were given in the Sinai wilderness; in other words, their sustenance is provided by the Father. Nevertheless, in Revelation we read about fruit trees in the Kingdom of God, just as there were fruit trees in the Garden of Paradise, in Edem. That these fruits are essential food is not made clear, but we can speculate that they are not essential because we are immortal there. In this case, with Adam, the Fall has brought death to his race, along with eviction from the Paradise, so food will henceforth be necessary for survival of the body. The description given in verse 18-20 indicates that things will not be as easy as before.

Adam was formed out of the Earth, and to it his flesh will return. It is pretty obvious that God designed earth as a stage for  His immortal race of Adamites, where they could survive by another method (eating) after the fall. Not coincidence, I think. The other races of mortals were present on Earth, and Adamites would henceforth appear to be very much like them as physical and mortal. Godís children were suddenly cast from their Heavenly Life into earthly life. They had succumbed to Satan's temptation and his lie. So, they became part of the limited, finite, material world of sorrow and pain and death; they became contestants in the arena as the team of Godly instincts, to be besieged by their counterpart brother team of evil instincts. So, at this point the white-hats have paraded into the world arena. The black-hats will soon follow.

3:21    "And Adam called the name of his wife "Life" because she was the mother of all living.

3:22    "And the Lord God made for Adam and his wife garments of skin, and clothed them."

Adamís wife was named Zoe, being the Greek word for "life." We spell the word "life" two ways, with a capital "L" or with a lowercase "l" because it may have two different meanings. Life with a capital "L." indicates that spiritual Life of a divine being, immortal, and participating as a champion representing the Almighty God. The lowercase letter indicates this earthly, physical life of mortality. It was this physical life that Zoe grasped and claimed. Her name is spelled with a capital letter only because that is our custom for proper names in the English language, but her name really signifies the earthly life. As for being the mother of all living, she certainly was not the physical producer of all creatures. So, the title must indicate her position as the highest level, dominant alpha female, above all others, just like animals rank themselves in the natural world. Adam and Zoe have joined the animal kingdom, and will exercise their lives according to its rules, rather than having unlimited powers as they did when immortal. She, the white race Adamite female, will be the Alpha among women on Earth. And to further emphasize their new animalistic estate, God provides them animal hides for clothing. If they are going to act like animals, they can also look like them.

3:23    "And God said, ĎBehold, Adam is become as one of us, to know good and evil, and now lest at any time he stretch forth his hand, and take of the tree of Life and eat, and he live during ages (aioona)

3:24    ĎSo, the Lord God sent him forth out of the garden of Paradise to cultivate the ground out of which he was taken.

3:25    "And He cast out Adam and caused him to dwell over against the Garden of Paradise, and stationed the cherubs and the fiery sword, that turns about to keep the way of the tree of Life."

Verse 23 reveals to us that God is not limited to knowing good, but also knows evil. The plurality of God would most likely be that union of Father and Son (the Light). While Godís Offspring appeared first as Light (rainbow), then as seven Spirits, then as four Living Being Minds, then as 24 Elders, then as 144,000 Elect, and finally as the multitudes of Adam or Israel, it was only the physical Adam, the Elect, that "fell" from perfection. Godís ideal "Man" resulted from a combination of the 24 Elders, which are attributes of the four Minds. See  for detailed presentation of the Four Minds of God. Each mind has six attributes which, when combined into one person make the Man, of whom Jesus claimed to be a Son. The ideal Man (God's design, image) did not fall, but the physical persons of the Elect fell. Jesus represents, as the Son, the ideal Man whom God designed who did not fall.

The concept of knowing good and evil has already been discussed, being that conscious awareness of having free will to choose wrong rather than right, or to choose a material world rather than a spiritual one. With their act of propagating more children, they have chosen the limited, finite world of sensual gratifications and physical pleasures. They have chosen the course downward, the descent towards physical world and the thrill of risks and the challenges of survival. Look at the sine-wave diagram, and see how they degenerate as they travel from Godís kingdom to the devilís kingdom of World. If they chose the physical World, they can no longer have their unlimited spiritual powers. Lest they attempt to keep their spiritual powers in their material world, they must be prevented. So, they transition from the positive energy of Godís kingdom to the negative energy of World, where their spiritual powers will not be possible. After crossing the line from Virgo into Leo, no return is possible. Adam is sent out of the garden. The word aioona is always translated as "eternity," but it really means an "age" or "during ages." In this instance, the context makes it clear that it means for endless ages, namely immortality. They cannot have immortality and the physical world both at the same time.

The cherubs are the same four Living Being Minds of Rev. 4, Esaias 6, and Ezekiel 1 & 10. They are, as already discussed in detail, the four Minds of Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Mental. They are also the four fixed signs of the zodiac, Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio. It is the age of Leo, the first age of World, into which Adamís descendants enter after being evicted from the Kingdom of God, their garden of Paradise. The four Minds of Godís expression will not permit the fallen ones to remember or calculate any method of returning to Paradise. Also, at the actual moment of transition from Paradise to World, on your sine-wave diagram, there was a cataclysmic geophysical event, a reversal of the planetís magnetic-field polarity. The north and south magnetic polarities suddenly switched positions, making this iron core planet wobble like a gyroscope which finally settled with its rotational axis a few degrees different from before. Unimaginable earthquakes occurred as tectonic plates shifted. Volcanic gases and ash filled the skies. Mountains sank and new mountains arose. The positive energy which was their power source suddenly reversed to be negative energy. It would be another twelve thousand years before they figured out how to use negative energy for electrical power, which is but an earthly substitute for the spiritual power of thought (the Minds) in the Kingdom of God. That fiery event which destroyed most of the planet and most of the people is likely the fiery sword of 3:25, that prevented anyone from reclaiming the spiritual Garden.

If the Garden of Eden was the Pamir Plateau, which is likely, then the Adamites left it to the east into the Tarim Pendi Basin of western China, where mummies have recently been found, of the white race and sophisticated clothing and implements of several thousand years ago. This basin is also the most likely location for the great flood, about 6,000 BC, which wiped out most of the Adamic race because they had mixed with neighboring races, or as the Bible says, because "they were not pure in there generations (race)." Twelve thousand years ago, we entered the age of Leo, the Lion, the Physical-Mind quarter cycle, when the planet suffered a catastrophic destruction. Six thousand years ago, we entered the age of Taurus, the Bull of Emotional-Mind quarter cycle, when the Adamites suffered a nearly total wipe-out, giving the pure race a chance to begin their upward ascent toward spiritual holiness again. Right now, about 2,000 AD we are about to experience another magnetic-field reversal which will destroy most of the world, and will transition Godís faithful children into the Kingdom of God. The quarter-cycle of Spiritual Mind will be inaugurated by Aquarius, whose symbol is Godís Man.

The first three chapters of Genesis employ a lot of symbolism as they describe the initial creation and long term history of Godís children through many, many long cycles of history prior to this cycle in which we live. The name, Adam, indicated the original white race of Spiritual minds, being the membership of the body of Christ, Godís anointed Offspring. His wife, Zoe, was a symbol for earthly life, as distinguished from the spiritual kingdom. In chapter four, we get a more literal account which regards the event near the beginning of Gemini in our own cycle of history, about 7,500 years ago. Here starts the story of the beginning of the two races which do contest in our world today.

4:1    "And Adam knew (egnoo) Eve (Euan), his wife, and she conceived (syllabousa) and bore Cain, and she said, ĎI have acquired a man through God.

4:2    "And she again bore his brother, Abel. And Able became a shepherd (poimeen) of sheep (probatoon), but Cain was a worker (ergazomenos) of the earth (geen).

syllabousa is a verb, 2nd Aor act part fem nom sg of syllambanoo. The only definition Liddell and Scott, p. 1672, gives for this word is "escape at the same time," a meaning gotten from an ancient piece of non-Biblical literature. A Greek - English Lexicon of the Septuagint, by Lust, Eynikel, and Hauspie, notes a usage of this word in I Kings 13:4 meaning "to lay hold of, to arrest." In Judges 15:4 it means "to take, to catch." In 2 Kings 14:7, it means "to take, to capture." In Gen. 4:1, 17, 25; 16:4; 19:36, it means "to conceive."

This is the first instance of the name, Eve, as Adamís wife. This fourth chapter begins the story of Godís children in the age of Gemini about 7,500 years ago. Up until this, the first three chapters regarded Adam as a racial family; now he and his wife, Eve, are individuals. She is no longer "life" as a symbolic term, but is Eve, a person. We tend to get lost in the confusion of symbolic terms which were applicable to many cycles ago, and the more literal meaning for our own era. The initial seduction by Satan was many cycles ago, so Satanís race has been present on Earth since the beginning, and certainly since the last age of Leo. For the past twelve thousand years, Satan has been lord of the Kingdom of World, operating through those who were born from him. Last Gemini, at 5,508 BC, we have the appearance of Adam in this cycle of World. The Adamic race had already been present, but since leaving the Kingdom of God around 10,000BC had been relatively powerless. They were apostate and prodigal, and the Spirit of God left them for several millenia. About 5,508 BC, God re-entered them and spiritually empowered them again.

The description in this verse of Eveís conception and birthing is confusing because the wording implies that Cain is a son of Adam. Of course, the devilís race cannot be fathered by the Christ. It is interesting that she did not say she got a son from Adam, but through God! I think this indicates that she knew something was different, and that God was instrumental in this exceptional event. She knew her twins were not from the same fathers. She knew that her act of sex with Satan was the sin of the Fall, and that there would be an offspring from that act. What we can get from this verse is an understanding that after Adam bred with her, she bore Cain first and then Abel, as fraternal twins. By this means, symbolic as it may be, Eve is the mother of the two races who will do contest as good versus evil. Also, in this sense, we might reconsider Eve, as Zoe (life), to be the mother of all "living" since she is mother of both races who have divine origin, one from Christ, and one from Satan, a fallen angel (force) of God. In a very real sense, these are the only two races who have God-given life. All other creatures result from the beliefs held by the members of the body of Christ, creatures and races which were "designed" before Adam appeared, namely before the world began.

4:3    "And it was after some days that Cain brought of the fruits of the Earth a sacrifice to the Lord.

4:4    "And Abel also brought of the firstborn of his sheep and of his fatlings, and God looked upon Abel and his gifts,

4:5    "but Cain and his sacrifices He regarded not, and Cain was exceedingly sorrowful, and his face fell.

4:6    "And the Lord God said to Cain, ĎWhy have you become very sorrowful and why has your face fallen?

4:7    "Have you not sinned if you have brought it rightly, but not rightly divided it? Be still, to you shall be his submission, and you shall rule over him."

One wonders why the Lord accepted Abelís offering but rejected Cainís. We are told very few details which might help us to understand. We are told that Able brought the very finest of his flock, the firstborn being the select whether in human family or animals, and the fattest of his sheep also the most valuable. Regarding Cain, we are only told that he brought some of his produce, with no indication that it was the best. What we can get from this small amount of information is that Abel sincerely wanted to offer the very best of his work to his Lord, and that type of nature is the instinctive character of Godís children. We are the only race on Earth who enjoys being compassionate, benevolent, honest, and who bestows upon others the very best we can offer. The Cain race appears, from this example, to be that which we see expressed by the Jews today, if they must give something it will be with reluctance and certainly wonít be their very best. That interpretation is probably valid because of Godís criticism of Cain, that he did not rightly divide it. In other words, he didnít select out the best for his offering. He tried to cheat God and got caught. So, from this very first appearance of the two races: of Christ and of Satan, we get a hint of their instinctive natures.

And then God tells Cain to be patient, that his race will rule over Abelís race. During the negative half-cycle when Satan is lord of the World, Cainís race (now Edomite Jews) has a real advantage over the spiritual minded Adamite race. Cainís race has the mental or rational mind as their highest mind, and they use it well to manipulate earthly elements and worldly values for their personal benefit. Adamís race, now white race Israel, values innocence and love of God more than earthly treasures, thereby making us cattle to be milked by the Jews. Unless we will give up our spiritual values, we cannot develop the animalistic ethics of a Jewish dog-eat-dog society. So, we are sheep, led to slaughter by an enemy race who despises our spiritual values. Ironically, it is that slaughter that helps us to die to this world as Jesus instructed us. We must be willing to, and also actually, yield up our fleshly bodies to death in order to be "saved" from this world of earthly miseries. Our innocence makes us vulnerable, and Satanís children lead us down the chute to our own crucifixions. So, in this first appearance of the two races, we get some hint of the course of Godís divine pageant, at least during the Kingdom of World.

4:8    "And Cain said to Abel, his brother, ĎLet us go out into the plain;í and it happened that when they were in the plain that Cain rose up against Abel, his brother, and killed him.

4:9    "And the Lord God said to Cain, ĎWhere is Abel, your brother?í and he said, ĎI donít know, am I my brotherís keeper?í

4:10    "And the Lord said, ĎWhat have you done? The voice of your brotherís blood cries to me out of the ground.

4:11    "And now you are cursed from the Earth which has opened her mouth to receive your brotherís blood from your hand.

4:12    "When you till the Earth, then it shall not continue to give its strength to you; you shall be groaning and trembling on the Earth.í"

The contest now begins, and Satanís black-hat champion fells the white-hat. The nature of the Cain race is demonstrated to be just as Jesus accused the Edomites in John 8:44, that they are murderers from the beginning, and liars, too. After doing the crime, Cain tried to deny it to God. That illustrates a contempt toward God that Godís children will never fathom, and explains how Satanís race can work so enthusiastically to destroy us.

In these verses we can also see the reason behind the Jewsí non-work nature. While Satan is their father, and their instincts are those of exploitation, cheating, lying, and murder, and while the Kingdom of World is under their dominion, yet God has denied them the ability to farm the earth and gain its physical produce. By that curse, God has really left them with little recourse except to farm His own children of Adam and Israel, thus motivating our tormenters to make this worldly life difficult. God has designed the pageant, and it works His purpose to strengthen His own children by culling out the weak. And the last phrase also explains the psychological nature of Satanís children; they are sad and miserable. They complain about everything. The real feelings of the Jews can be ascertained by examining the extreme to which they go in their attempts to hide their true feelings. Jews are the Vaudeville acts, the slapstick comedians, the sex-focused comedians, namely, the entertainers who go to any extreme to pretend that they are anything except that which they really are. Their nature is to deceive and to lie, so pretense-acting is an industry at which they excel. They are masters of faÁade, of Fifth Avenue advertising, of retailing inferior items by making them appear to be quality, and of luring victims who want something for nothing to their frauds. Canít you just hear the Jew saying, "I got a good deal for you!" These are some of the reasons that the phrase, "Iíve been jewed," is so well understood by everyone.

4:13    "And Cain said to the Lord God, ĎMy crime (aitia = guilt, blame) is too great for me to be loosed from. (aphetheenai from aphieemi = discharge, put away, divorce, set free).

4:14    "If you cast me out this day from the face of the Earth, then I shall be hidden from your presence, and I shall be groaning and trembling upon the earth, then it will be that any one that finds me shall kill me.í

4:15    "And the Lord God said to him, ĎNot so, any one that kills Cain shall pay seven penalties;í and the Lord God set a mark upon Cain that no one that found him might kill him.

4:16    "So Cain went forth from the presence of God and dwelt in the land of Naid over against Edem."

Cainís complaint about his crime was not remorse for what he had done, but was concern for himself. He recognized that his guilt was not something that could be discharged from his instinctive nature. And that evil murderous, miserable, complaining, and trembling nature would be recognizable by any people anywhere, and they would kill him. So, God put a mark on him, not a physical mark, but something to cover over and hide the true nature of the Cain race. That would most likely be the faÁade that makes them appear honest and trustworthy and friendly. Today Jews appear to be the most gregarious, friendly, and likable people in the world, even while they are cheating a person. I, personally, was on the scene to watch a Jew, who owned a dumpy dive of a gasoline-service station, cheat his neighbors and friends unmercifully while convincing them that he was their friend and doing them favors. It is extremely difficult for us to see them through that "mark" or veil which God has given them to hide behind. We must not think we can recognize our enemies, but we must work within ourselves that we do not lust for their temptations, and not seek something for nothing, and be on guard instantly when anything seems like a "good deal." It is within ourselves that we must find the righteous path, otherwise "the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour."

The Cain race has a purpose, designed by God, which will benefit Godís race of children and His long-term program. Jews are like flies which only infest diseased or dead tissue, serving the purpose of eliminating it. Fly eggs (maggots) canít eat healthy living tissue. If you are righteous and spiritual, and do not yearn for the worldly temptations, then you will not be plagued by such.

4:17    "And Cain knew his wife, and having conceived she bore Enoch; and he built a city; and he named the city after the name of his son, Enoch.

4:18    "And to Enoch was born Gaidad; and Gaidad begot Maleleel; and Maleleel begot Mathusala; and Mathusala begot Lamech.

4:19    "And Lamech took to himself two wives: the name of the one was Ada, and the name of the second, Sella.

4:20    "And Ada bore Jobel; he was the father of those that dwell in tents, feeding cattle.

4:21    "And the name of his brother was Jubal; he it was who invented the psaltery and the harp.

4:22    "And Sella also bore Thobel; he was a smith, a manufacturer of both brass and iron; and the sister of Thobel was Noema.

4:23    "And Lamech said to his wives, Ada and Sella, ĎHear my voice, you wives of Lamech, consider my words, because I have slain a man to my wound and a youth to my hurt.

4:24    "Because vengeance has been exacted seven times on Cainís behalf, on Lamechís it shall be seventy times seven.í"

The Bible sometimes uses the words, "to know," as a metaphor for sexual intercourse, just as the phrase means in that tree of "knowledge" of good and evil. Cain married a woman of the Earth, one of the dark races which exist only in the belief of the body of Christ. Note that the technological inventions came from the Cain race. This material world is their kingdom, and they are experts at manipulating earthly elements in their attempt to create Satanís replica of Heaven. Verses 23 and 24 are important. Lamech knew full well who the two races really are, and he knew the curse against Cain for killing Abel. After killing another one of Adamís family, he feared that this second murder would multiply the punishment manyfold. His statement doesnít only reveal his justified fear, but spells out the punishment for the future race of Cain, Edom, and Jews who kill Godís children. Today, we feel anger toward Jews for their genocidal pogrom against our people, but we might appropriately feel sympathy for them. By killing us, they perform a service of making us martyrs for God, sort of "gathering flowers for the Masterís bouquet," as the song goes. Our reward will be Life in the Kingdom of God, but the Jews punishment will be terrible beyond words.

We might wonder why, if Cain and his descendants are evil, any more information about them should be given space in the Bible. The Old Testament usually follows only the select brother from each family, forgetting the others. Certainly, Cain is not a select brother, chosen by God! But there is important information here, beyond what is apparent. It was Cain and his children who started the ancient religion of Paganism. Today we think the word "pagan" simply denotes non-Christians, but it has been a defined religion for seven thousand years. Read my article on PAGANISM for a full detailed history of it. I will summarize it here as briefly as I can.

After Cain left the family of Adam and Eve, he created the religion of Paganism for the purpose of worshiping his divine parents, Satan and Eve. The centerpiece of the rituals is lamentation (weeping) in commemoration of Eve's sorrow at the death of her son, Abel. Lamentation is mentioned in Gen. 4:12 & 14 as "groaning." Eve, called EA by Paganists, became Cainís mother-goddess. Temples were built to her. Statues have been found of her holding her baby in ancient Babylon. The very same religion is practiced today as Roman Catholicism, with the same characters and festivals as those of ancient times, except they call their mother-goddess "Mary."

Cain lived for 730 years, until about 4,700 BC, and founded the civilization of ancient Mesopotamia. Cain was the firstborn of Satan, so he inherited a divine nature, giving him very high mental and physical powers. He went forth to represent his father, Satan, and develop the kingdom of World, of which Satan is the rightful sovereign. It is critically important that you get this in perspective. Cain, as a worker of Satan, promotes a MATERIAL WORLD, a limited and finite reality of things which appear solid and real. Because World is only a reflection of the true spiritual reality, it is really nothing but a chimera, a fantasy of mind, a fraud and a lie, but it provides a stage on which the contest between good and evil is waged, through these two races. In order to rule his World, as Satan wants, the opponent race of Christ-types must be destroyed. It is the unrelenting quest of Satan to kill the Adamite white race. That is the contest being waged during the negative half of one long cycle of 25,000 years. The negative energy of Satan is lying and murder. Cain, as a person, is intelligent beyond our comprehension, born of divine parents, and knowing the truth about God and Christ, and about the struggle between good and evil. The sixth generation of Cain's grandchildren brought Jobel, Jubal, and Thobel, three children who excelled at worldly occupations. It would be Cain's descendants throughout history who were the great inventors and scientists and mathematicians, as it still is today. The most pure strain of Cain today is the Edomite race, known to us as "Jews." Cainites have superior worldly minds; they know how to work with earth materials and finite numbers and physical laws. They have a right to feel superior regarding worldly minds of scheming, exploiting, strategy, and deceit. This world belongs to them because they are children of Satan, who is lord of World. Cain left Adam's family because he had a great mission for his own father, to develop the kingdom of World. He and his descendants have the great minds to do that very thing, as they have done. I might note that we also have that same rational Mind of God, and some of the white race men do achieve great scientific wonders. Jesus advised us to be as wise as serpents (Satan's race) but to still be innocent as doves. Mostly, we default on such "wisdom," because we are more focused on being innocent, compassionate, and spiritual. I think we are doing okay!

Cain established a religion which worshiped his father Satan, under the name ENLIL. Other members of that pantheon were EA who was Eve, Cain's mother. EA is sometimes portrayed in ancient writings as male, but that is another story, whereby priests deliberately confused matters in order to preserve their elite status and their mystery school secrets. EA (Eve) is the mother goddess, who weeps at the death of her beloved son, TAMMUZ (Abel). Cain instituted a religion of lamentation, where women wept for EA's grief. [Note: consider the extreme grief of Jews for their dead, as shown on TV, compared to that of Christians who believe in an afterlife. Grief and weeping are part of the instinctive natures of people of this World, while joy is the instinctive nature of God's children.] The dead son was called TAMMUZ by Cain, a word meaning "pig," as an insult to Abel. Adam (Christ) was known as ANU, recognized as the first god, but one who was not approachable to be worshiped. [Roman Catholics do not worship Jesus.] ENLIL was Satan, the true father of MARDUK (Cain). The father of ENLIL (Satan) was BEL. Temples were built to ENLIL, EA, MARDUK, and BEL, but, of course, not to ANU or TAMMUZ. ENLIL was the god of earth, while ANU was the god of heaven. You see, that is absolutely right. Satan IS the lord of this kingdom of World, while Christ (Adam) is the Lord of the kingdom of God! Cain knew the truth, and he very appropriately instituted a religion for his descendants to worship their own ancestor and lord, Satan. ENLIL was just as real to them as Christ is to us, and appropriately so. And Cain's race is still among us, and still worshiping their own lord. Roman Catholics practice the mother-goddess religion, still intact and the same as it has been for over seven thousand years. The Masons and Mormons and other secret societies hold Satanic rituals because they know their own lord as the true ruler of this kingdom of World.

About 4,000 BC, the Cain religion was renewed under Sargon the Magnificent, of Akkad, who ruled the land of Akkad and Sumer about 3,800 BC. MARDUK (Cain) became the Sun God, whose followers were called "Children of the Sun." MARDUK was the firstborn of EA, and brother of TAMMUZ (Abel). ANU was Adam, but too fearful to worship. That attitude makes us wonder how Adam must have reacted to Cain's murder of Abel! Notice that ANU (Adam) is venerated as the first god. Satan NEVER denied Christ's position and power, nor did Christ ever deny the same of Satan. EA was worshiped in order to gain ANU's favor. TAMMUZ (Abel) was the son, whose death was lamented. ENLIL (Satan) was considered equivalent to BEL (Baal), the primary god to whom temples were built. The Euphrates valley flourished as dikes were built to constrain the rivers and temples were built. Great cities were built on such grand scale that we today would gasp at their grandeur. In BEL'S temples there were some human sacrifices, along with some cannibalism, practices that continue in some secret societies in America, yet today.

Well, that is enough on that subject. You can read further about it, if you wish, by clicking on PAGANISM.

4:25     " And Adam knew his wife, and she conceived and bore a son, and called his name, Seth, saying, ĎFor God has raised up to me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.

4:26     "And Seth had a son, and he called his name Enos: he trusted to call on the name of the Lord God.

Seth was the progenitor of the Adamic white race, of whom all Israelites of Europe are the current descendants.

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