by Roger Hathaway, December 22, 2008

CHANGE is in the air; the word is a banner of politics; it is an unknown which has all the world tense. Everyone feels it like an invisible fog descending upon us and we don't know what its going to do. We are at a significant turning point in long term history and so few people know it. Our world is changing like a runaway horse and we can't stop it. The truth is that CHANGE is the exact title on the marquee of God's magic theater right now. His pageant is in play and unless you have a program you won't know the theme, the plot, or the good guys from the bad ones. I want to provide somewhat of a program.


During the past twelve thousand years of Kingdom of World, one half of a cycle, the negative force has ruled. Satan is the head of that force, and the race of his own offspring have been known as Cain, Esau, Edom, and Jews. Their natural abilities are to do whatever is opposite from Godliness. Jesus told them that God is not their father, but their father is the devil, and that they do the works of their father such as murder and lying. They are empowered with an instinct to hate and murder their half-brother race of white race Israelites. Thus, the very theme of the contest is their scheming plans to murder us.



Following the transition period, which will be described below, the next 12,000 year half cycle will be God's positive force with Jesus as its Head. His race of offspring have been known as Adam, Abel, Jacob, Israel, and Christians. Our natural instincts are to do the will of our Father, namely Godliness. Our innocence, compassion, charity, justice, Golden Rule, and love have gotten us classified as sheep, for whom Jesus is our Shepherd. We are somewhat easy victims for the diabolically clever Jews who dominate us, enslave us, exploit us, deceive us, cheat us, oppress us, and murder us.

        The Bible describes some of our program, but there are other indicators which we can also be watching. Sadly, it is because most of our people donít know their lineage, their heritage, their identity, and their promise of inheritance that they donít know the theme and plot of Godís pageant. "My people perish for lack of knowledge."

        America is the last promised-land during the kingdom of World, before we transition into the kingdom of God (Heaven). The Old Testament speaks many times of the Isles to which Godís children would go; those Isles are Britain, to which our people went several centuries before Jesus was born. And finally God led us to America. During recent years there have been some truly amazing events which help to define the plot of the pageant, which actually only became meaningful in hindsight. We could hardly have recognized some of these things as prophecies before they were fulfilled. The last act, which is in play right now, of the pageant is the final battle between Jesus and Satan, in which Satan will be defeated while Jesus is crowned the Lord of the Kingdom of Heaven. The battle has gotten most serious during the year of 2008 and promises to get much worse during 2009.

        Here are some of the events which I think are meaningful indicators of the end-time process. Any one of them alone could be considered a coincidence and passed over, but when all of them are considered as parts of the same program, it becomes clearly meaningful, and can encourage us sheep and give us hope.


(1) JESUS STEPS ON SERPENTíS HEAD. JANUARY 11, 2007: Jupiter crosses the star Antares, which is the heart of the Scorpion Serpent, in the ancient zodiac age of Ophiuchus between Scorpio and Sagittarius, the thirteenth zodiac age just as Jesus is the thirteenth member of His group. Ophiuchus is a Christ constellation, a Man whose right foot is above the head and heart of Scorpion/ Serpent/ Satan, and whose left foot is above the scorpionís tail stinger. Jupiter is the King Planet serving as an indicator of important events. While Jupiter does pass through this region of the sky every twelve years, and goes retrograde in this same general area, this year of 2007 is exceptional because Jupiter stops exactly in Ophiuchus left foot, above the stinger, to then reverse course (retrograde) and then stops exactly in Ophiuchus right foot, to turn Direct again. Jupiter seems to be indicating the fulfillment of Genesis 3:15. Ophiuchus is the Serpent Holder, who struggles to hold a long huge snake which crosses his abdomen with its head reaching for the Corona Borealis (Northern Crown) as though grasping for the crown of dominion. Ophiuchus (Christ) prevents the snake from attaining the Crown. Right now we are experiencing an attempt by Satan to create a globalist One World tyranny under the Edomite Jews who wish to destroy the Christ race. Jupiter is here indicating that Jesus is stepping on Satan's head.

        On this date: Pres. Bush spoke his "Address to Nation", and announced that a big troop surge in Iraq had just began. The Armageddon battle is heating up!


(2) 490 years (1517 + 490 = 2007) 490 is an important number, being emphasized in Daniel 9:24 as the seventy weeks (70 x 7=490). Perhaps the most important event for Godís children during the past 1000 years was the date of August 31, 1517 when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenburg Church, a major turning point in history. It is that event which is recognized as the date of the Reformation, namely the breaking free of Godís children, from Roman Catholic mother-goddes Paganism, so we could again worship our Lord Jesus Christ and read His words. From that date in 1517, 490 years later is the date of August 31, 2007. Coincident with this date this year is the Grand Cross; see next event below.

        The Seventy-Weeks prophecy of Daniel 9 first pointed to a period of time at the end of Old Testament history, with the 70th week being 3Ĺ years of Christís ministry with another 3Ĺ years of preparation for the age of Christ/Fish/Pisces. The ground was then being prepared for a new Christian age; the ground is right now being prepared for a new Heaven age.


(3) CRUCIFIXION (MID WEEK) GRAND CROSS: AUGUST 28, 2007. The four following fixed stars were the most important of all stars to the ancient wise men. On this date they each have their appropriate, corresponding planets in conjunction with them. Jupiter is conjunct with ANTARES (Antares means anti-Mars) in Scorpio (sidereal zodiac), while Mars (warrior/Archer?) is in direct opposition to it, being conjunct with ALDEBARAN in Taurus. The Sun is conjunct with REGULUS in Leo, and the Moon is conjunct with FOMALHAUT in Aquarius. These four fixed-stars form a cross in the sky, but it is extremely rare for all of them to have their corresponding planets conjunct with them at the same date.

        All this happens at the very moment of a Total Lunar Eclipse which is one of the longest eclipses in history, 90 minutes. It also happens that all the other planets are closely grouped with these four, so that they are all participants in this great Cross. There are no planets scattered which are not part of this Cross. I canít help but wonder if this Cross is not related to that Cross on Golgotha, on earth as in heaven. In this case, it might indicate the crucifixion of the 12,000 year kingdom of World over which Satan ruled.

        Luke 21:25 says, "there will be signs in the Sun and the Moon and the Stars, and upon earth distress among nations, perplexed at the roaring of the sea and waves. People will faint from fear and foreboding of the things coming upon the world, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken."

(4) JUPITER AT GOLDEN GATE OF HEAVEN December 6, 2007. Jupiter is the king of pointers in the sky. Here he points to the Galactic Center, the place the ancients called the Portal of Gods, also the birthplace of our sun & solar system. What does it mean if not that a new Lord is about to appear?

(5) SUN AT GALACTIC CENTER: December 20, 2007 our Sun crossed the Galactic Center, same place Jupiter was a fortnight ago, in the constellation of Ophiuchus, which was the birthplace of the sun many millions of years ago. This indicates the beginning of a new cycle, a new birth, for the Sun. We can interpret this as an introduction of a brand new historical epoch, which also will have a new Lord.

(6) 430 years (1577 + 430 = 2007)   430 is an important number if we consider that Sir Francis Drake, a servant of Queen Elizabeth I, landed on the California coast of this continent and officially claimed this land for Jesus Christ in 1577AD.

        Exodus 12:40-42 states: "And the sojourning of the children of Israel, while they sojourned in the land of Egypt and the land of Chanaan was four hundred and thirty years." And it came to pass after the four hundred and thirty years, all the forces of the Lord came forth out of the land of Egypt by night. It is a watch kept to the Lord, so that he should bring them out of the land of Egypt; and that very night is a watch kept to the Lord, so that it should be to all the children of Israel to their generations." (Greek Septuagint LXX translation)   Egypt is always a symbol of world in the Bible. The Adamic race came down into World; Israelites then went down into Egypt. Then God draws His prodigals back toward Himself as they were led out Egypt to Canaan, then to the Isles, then to America.

        Galatians 3:17 states: "And this I say, that the law, which was four hundred and thirty years later, cannot annul the covenant that was confirmed before by God in Christ."


(7) 400 years (1607 + 400 = 2007) 400 is an important number when we consider that Rev. Robert Hunt on the Susan Constant, planted a cross on Virginia Beach on April 29, 1607, claiming this continent for Jesus Christ. The captain of the Susan Constant was Christopher Newport. In 1620 Captain Christopher Jones landed the Mayflower pilgrims at Plymouth, Mass., just south of Boston. In 1492 Captain Christopher Columbus had discovered the new land, claiming that it was a mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. The word "Christopher" is from the Greek word "phero" which means "I bring." These three ships were all captained by Christ-bringers! Let anyone try to tell me America wasnít appointed for Godís children!

        Acts 7:6 states: "And God spoke thus: that his seed would be strangers in a foreign land, and be enslaved and treated badly for four hundred years." Apparently, the 430 year reference means the total time after Joseph was taken to Egypt including while the family was still in Chanaan. Then the 400 year reference means the time when the whole family was in Egypt. So both numbers, being mentioned in the Bible, have some significance, each pointing to 2007.


(8) HOLMES STRIKES MEDUSA. January 22, 2008. The comet Holmes exploded into great brightness October 24, 2007, then passed over the sword of Perseus, a Christ figure, then across Perseusí shoulders, and down across the head of Medusa hanging from Perseusí left hand on Jan 22nd. Medusa represents Satan, as the star Algol, which has always been considered the most malevolent star in the sky by ancient wise men of all nations. So, Holmes is indicating the Christ-sword striking the head of Satan. The comet Holmes can usually be seen only be very large telescopes, but it became larger than our sun and I watched it pass directly over the head of Medusa. See sky chart at end of article for path of Comet Holmes. On July 23, 2008, the comet passes directly across the head of Castor, one of the Gemini twins, actually eclipsing the star although the sky chart is slightly off a bit. Castor is the mortal twin while Pollux is the divine son of Zeus. Just as Holmes eclipsed the head of Medusa, it goes on to eclipse the head of Castor, killing the mortal race and next passing above the head of the divine race like a blessing. Comets have always been considered harbingers of coming events.

        Further information about sky signs is in this article:

(9) ANOINTING A NEW KING. On November 26, 2008, the comet Holmes approached the forehead of Leo the Lion, the Royalty constellation, at the star Algenubi, and stopped, then turning retrograde and backing away from it. This comet which became a bright light, first signalled a death stroke of Christís sword against Satan, and then travelled to the Lion King to touch his forehead and retreat, perhaps an anointing of a new King. Comet Holmes is now retrograde (just appearing to go backwards) for a while, then will go direct and will pass above the star Regulus, the heart of Leo the Lion, on September 15, 2009, like a blessing. Could it be that a star from the East is pointing us to our new King, our Lord, Jesus Christ?

        As I write this a few days before Christmas 2008, I look back over the past year and see that 2007 was truly the end of our European Christian civilization. 2008 has been nothing but decline economically, politically, and socially. Our Godly constitution has been set aside. America is no more. A criminal syndicate has taken control of our nation. The new president for America represents Satanís last great attempt to destroy Godís children. He is a black African, non-U.S. citizen, who has spent his life as a communist, anti-American, anti-Christian, and anti-white race. His mother was Jewish, his father black African. His cabinet is completely anti-white, anti-Christian, Jewish militant Zionists. It is as though Satan has personally been elected king over Christís sheep.

        Now we are in the transition period in which our new Lord, Jesus Christ, will defeat the great Beast (Jewish economy and government), the False Prophet (Islam), and the Dragon (China and Japan). The Jews (Satan's children) are making their last desperate grasp for control and their last attempt at destroying God's European Christian race, but it is their very attempt which will bring total destruction down on their heads. The wrath of God will soon be revealed. Unfortunately, it will cover much of the planet and will not discriminate between those Christians who refused to follow Jesus and those truly evil ones of the world who receive His full wrath. The great majority of our own people will perish in this tribulation which probably will happen in 2009, while only very few will be saved.

AFTERWORD:  Political comment: While we Christians interpret the above listed signs as references to Jesus Christ, our Savior, Satan's race could also interpret them as indicating the coming of their messiah, Barack Hussein Obama. Many are calling him their messiah. His Indonesian name, which is on his Passport because that is his citizenship, is Barry Soetoro. Some of his worshipers have noted that the Greek word for savior is soter, so they are seeing him as their savior.

        I would point out that during the history of civilization from the time of Adam, the Christ race and the Satan race have paralleled each other. I can think of a long list of instances where these two brothers change leads, like in a dance. Cain was born first and Abel followed. After leaving the Pamir Plateau, the Cain people migrated to the lower Euphrates region of Mesopotamia. Later, after the flood, Heber led Shem's descendants there. Esau's progeny, Edomites, settled the lower Canaan region before the Israelites were led by Moses to the upper Canaan region. The Jerusalem Temple was first built by Israelites but later it was taken by the Edomites. The Israelites of the diaspora migrated into Europe; then Edomites later settled in southeastern Europe. Israelites developed the society and culture of Britain, but Edomite Jews later took control of that society economically and then culturally. Israelites settled America, but Edomite Jews followed and took control of its economy, culture, and politics. So it was that the two brothers generally travelled together through history, as opponent contestants in God's Divine Pageant.

        Now that we Israelites are expecting the arrival of Jesus as our Savior, Satan's race is providing its own earthly (African) messiah. While the Bible describes the wrath of God destroying Satan's race of Edomites, our enemy race of Edomite Jews is attempting the destruction of our Israelite race. Quite a dance, isn't it?

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