The story of life is the story of civilization; it is the story of our actions which result from our thoughts; it is the story of our mental and spiritual processes.

THE THEATER is the Mind. It is first of all activity of the Mind of God, who imagines the kosmic design described in Genesis 1, and then imagines an Offspring in His image (Adamic race). The Offspring Son then imagines that kosmic design into perception, in Genesis 2 by naming it into being. The Offspring Son of God is given a Mind which can perceive whatever it believes. He has the option of believing Truth or Lie, therefore the reality which he chooses to perceive will consist of a sum total of the parts which he believed. Underlying his beliefs are forces of God's power, forces which are not simply of one nature and therefore stagnant, but rather forces of two opposing natures, positive and negative. It is by the act of believing (faith) that those dynamic forces will then appear in his perception as that which he believes. The simple academic concepts of positive and negative donít mean much to us until we see them appearing on the stage as players in a drama which I call Godís Divine Pageant. You will recognize them appearing as actors then in roles which exercise their peculiar forces, actors such as Cain and Abel, Matter and Spirit, Esau and Jacob, Castor and Pollux, and many others. The two positive and negative forces appear as fraternal twins, and when appearing as men they are offspring of different fathers, one son being divine and the other earthly. Once you realize that the pageant is a contest between two such opposing forces, then you can understand the theme and plot of the play as a contest. Twins in eternal contest.

THE STAGE for the drama is a dimension of reality that is qualified by a properly imagined space and time. Space is a quality of three dimensions which makes form possible. Time is a quality which makes change possible. Form and Change are the two twins (aka matter & spirit), contestants which appear to be in eternal conflict, but whose relationship might be better described as a dance in which the partners regularly exchange the lead. As observors, our focus naturally goes to the one who has the lead; we call that one "Lord." We observor/actors tend to identify ourselves with one Lord or the other: Satan or Jesus. Jesus acknowledged Satan as Lord of the Earth, saying that He had no part of him. Jesus described His own Lordship as that of another kingdom, not of the earth/form. We observors are not objective watchers, but rather we are participant players, too, because it is both form and change which give us our own imaginary existence.

It is easy for us to think of the stage and ourselves as Form, but not quite so easy to imagine how Change is existential for us. We must imagine Change by visualizing a linear diagram of Time, so we can plot events along a timeline as Change/Historical. When we diagram long term history on a timeline, we find that it functions as cyclic patterns, regularly oscillating from negative to positive, to negative, to positive, ad infinitum. In other words, continuously changing.

THE THEME for the drama is an eternal quest for Dominion. During the negative-energy half-cycle, namely the lower half of the sine-wave curve aka World, there is a powerful resistance to change; one's instinctive compulsion is to be stable, solid, predictable, and whatever quality might be an attribute of physical matter. We might argue that Matter/Form is synonymous with Death, a state of non-change. So, during the negative half cycle, which we call Kingdom of World, we value most highly the attribute of permanence. We value the possessing of such forms as houses, land, physical items, gold, physical bodies, and even other persons such as wives or friends. We feel satisfaction and contentment when our possession of such things is not in jeopardy, so that our future seems secure and unchanging.

During the other half-cycle, that of positive energy, which we call Kingdom of Heaven, we enjoy a fluid reality which is somewhat like that dream world of night sleep. Solid Matter would be an anchor which prevents us from Life/Change. As Spirit beings, we love the experience of being wisps of Godís Mind, free to perform without finite restrictions and laws of physical nature.

THE PLOT for the drama is for God's Offspring to lose their knowledge of Truth, being set into a hostile world where success seems to result from believing the lie. It is the task of these blinded ones to then use their spiritual instinct to discover their error and to find their way out of that hell. Some facets of the contest appear as Truth versus Lie, Love vs. Hate, Good vs. Evil, Christ vs. Satan, Knowledge vs. Ignorance, Light vs. Darkness, Godís offspring race vs. Satanís offspring race, Abel vs. Cain, Jacob vs. Esau, Israelites vs. Edomite Jews, innocent Sheep vs. political Wolves. If we plot the battles along a timeline, we will see an oscillating pattern wherein each twin suffers defeats between victories, ad infinitum. The contest is eternal, and we player/opponents perform as representative offspring of our own fathers who gave us existence.

Well, that was the abstract, which might not be excitingly meaningful to you until you see the players in action. Without a Theater Program, a pageant can be quite confusing. It is such a Theater Program which I wish to provide here. Most people donít have a clue about which act the play is presenting at the moment, or which players are the good guys, or what the purpose of the contest might be, or who is winning, or if the final curtain is soon, or if there is any final curtain at all.

Iím going to point you to a classroom with teachers who will use their pointing sticks to show you exactly what is happening. Our classroom is the sky full of stars, many of which are grouped into constellations. The pointers are the planets and comets. While the real action is happening on your own turf, in your own arena, and in your own life, the sky is like a giant announcer describing the events in progress. Meet a couple of the announcers: Jupiter is the King, a planet more important to ancient skywatchers than even the Sun. The second announcer, at this moment in time, we will present is the Comet Holmes. Now, letís look where they are pointing.

They are pointing to indicate End Time events by calling our attention to stars and constellations which have real meaning to the activities on our earth stage. If I tell you that Jupiter is conjunct with the star Antares in Scorpio, that doesnít mean much until you know more of the background. The Bible itself will come alive for you when you become acquainted with constellations of Ophiuchus, and later with Perseus, and perhaps others.  [SEE SKY CHART AT END OF THIS ARTICLE]


Ophiuchus is a constellation which is located sort of between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Ophiuchus is a Christ figure in the sky. His name means serpent-holder, and the diagram of his constellation shows him as a man standing just above the stars of Scorpio; he is grasping a very long snake-serpent which crosses the sky at his abdomen, with its head pointing to the Northern Crown (Corona Borealis). Ophiuchus appears to be restraining the Serpent from reaching that Crown. The Crown, of course, represents kingship and dominion. That old serpent, Satan, desperately wants to be King. Christ is preventing that. Ophiuchus stands above the scorpion-serpent (Scorpio) with one foot above its head and heart, while the other foot is above the scorpionís tail-stinger.

Those characters in the sky are portraying the struggle on earth in which Satan is in contest against Christ. God describes this contest in Genesis chapter 3: "And the Lord God said to the serpent, because you have done this, you are cursed above all cattle and all the brutes of the earth; on your breast and belly you shall go, and you shall eat earth all the days of your life. (v16)And I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed; he shall keep against your head and you shall keep against his heel." The KJV version is more popularly known, with the last phrase reading: "it shall bruise thy head and thou shalt bruise his heel."

Letís realize that the stars of the constellations are always there in the sky in the same positions. So, we ask when will it happen that the scorpion will sting Christís heel, and when will Christ bruise or crush the serpentís head? Ahh, the king-pointer, Jupiter, will show us. And he just did, during the year of 2007. Let me show you. But, first letís also realize that Jupiter has passed through this part of the sky many times before, actually every twelve years. What makes this passage in 2007 so special that it might qualify to indicate fulfillment of the prophecy in Genesis 3? Two reasons: first is a great Grand Cross which is formed this time, a particular Grand Cross which might never have appeared before. I will discuss that shortly. And secondly, because Jupiter comes to a stop exactly at each of Ophiuchusí feet, in order. Okay, letís watch Jupiter point to certain stars.

It was April 6, 2007 when Jupiter came to a stop at Ophiuchusí left foot, then turning back, retrograde, toward the right foot. By stopping at Ophiuchusí left foot, Jupiter is making a point, or emphasizing, something we should look at. That left foot is directly above the stinger of the scorpionís tail. God told the serpent that it would hurt/sting/bruise Christ. So, what happened on April 6, 2007? I guess first one must know Christ in order to evaluate whether He was hurt. The body of Christ is the European white race of the twelve tribes of true Israel which migrated to Britain and northern Europe from the Assyrian and Babylon captivities in 700's BC, and then in 586 BC. (the Jews of modern Israel are Edomites who kept the name "Jews" after Jesus had led His Israelite sheep away from Jerusalem to be Christians, from whence they went to the tribes of lost sheep in Greece, Britain, and Europe). The European Israelites, whose flag emblems still identify them as the tribes of Israel, were later led from Europe to America, the final Promised Land where the body of Christ has flourished and where we are still a strongly Christian nation; while Europe has turned nearly totally secular humanist. So, the body of Christ is in America. It was on that very day in America, on April 6, 2007, that much of our land suffered a killing frost which killed all the blossoms of all fruit trees and berries and other crops. Where I live, in Virginia, there were NO apples, walnuts, peaches, pears, raspberries, blueberries, or other perennial fruits and nuts that year. Much of America was hit hard on that date. We were bruised. Or we might consider that the serpent had stung Christís heel.

It is important to understand that sky-signs are harbingers of forthcoming events. On the date of the conjunction of stars there might be a sort of micro-event which indicates the nature of the macro-event to come. In the case above, the weather (largely under dominion of the World's lord, Satan) caused a crop failure, resulting in a food shortage in America. That was the micro-event. The macro-event fulfillment of the prophecy will be a massive world-wide food shortage in years to come.

Then Jupiter went retrograde and headed directly for the right foot of Ophiuchus, which is directly above the head of the Scorpion and above the star Antares, which is called the "heart of Scorpio." On August 7, 2007 Jupiter stopped at the right foot, turning direct at that point to continue his normal circuit around the sky. This is that momentous date when Christ would bruise or crush the head of Satan. What happened? It was a turning point of history. The Federal Reserve bank (Head of the Beast) announced a decision which sent the investment markets plummeting (the micro-event); since which the financial world of the Beast/Serpent has been writhing its death throes, soon to end in an economic collapse around the entire world (the macro-event). As I write this in July 2008, we are still reading daily articles by financial experts who claim that a complete financial collapse is inevitable. The Serpent/Beast is writhing beneath Ophiuchus/Christís foot.

Regarding the star Antares, it is one of the four cardinal stars of the sky which comprise a Grand Cross. Antares is at the top of the cross, in Scorpio. Fomalhaut is the left arm of the cross, in Aquarius. Aldebaran is at the foot of the cross, in Taurus. Regulus is the right arm of the cross, in Leo. This cross in the sky is analagous with the cross upon which Jesus was crucified. At the beginning of the age of Pisces we saw Jesus crucified on a wooden cross on a mound of earth (a micro-event prophecy). At the end of Pisces we will see the final crucifixion of the entire membership of Christ's body (macro-event), namely of the entire European white-race civilization. It is our "death" which sets us free from World, to blossom in Heaven, just as a seed must die in the ground before blossoming as a flower.

It was just a few days after Christ stepped on Satanís head that the great Grand Cross appeared. August 28, 2007 is that date to remember. Jupiter is conjunct with Antares in Scorpio at the top of the cross. Mars, the warrior is conjunct with Aldebaran in Taurus, at the bottom of the cross, being in direct opposition to Jupiter and Antares. Now, get this, the word "antares" means anti-mars. "Ares" is the Greek word for Mars. Here we see the soldiers (Mars) at the foot of the cross. The king, Jupiter, is at the top of the cross in opposition to them. Regarding the arms of the cross, the Sun is conjunct with Regulus in Leo at one arm of the cross, directly opposite from the Moon which is conjunct with Fomalhaut in Aquarius. At this very moment of Grand Cross there is a Total Lunar Eclipse for ninety minutes, which is one of the longest eclipses in history. The sky went dark that afternoon of Jesus' death. The mirrored reflection of the Light has been darkened. In other words, that reversed reflection of Light/Truth (the darkness of World/Lie) was occulted, thereby indicating the demise of Satan's influence for the time ahead. This sky-event can be considered a "micro-event" foretelling some fulfillments which might be days, weeks, months, or a few years ahead yet.

Now, THAT was a Grand Cross which indicates the ending of World, when God's own offspring die to the World thereby leaving it behind while we go on to found a new kingdom of Truth, called Heaven. Satan's Lie is dethroned so that Christ the Truth begins to reign as the new King.

So far, we have seen Ophiuchus/Christ step on Satanís head; weíve seen the Grand Cross indicate the momentous death of World; and we shall go on to witness even more astounding events in the sky. The next sky pointer will have you standing up and cheering.

Letís meet another Christ character constellation; his name is Perseus. He stands in Taurus, at the opposite side of the sky from Ophiuchus. There are many Christ characters and Satan characters in the sky, each of which tells part of Godís pageant. Perseus is one of the heroes of Greek mythology. He went on a quest to kill the evil Medusa, a Satan character. Medusaís hair was made of snakes, and anyone who looked upon her was turned immediately into stone. (Satanís kingdom is that of physical, material substance/World). Perseus used a mirror to approach Medusa so he wouldnít gaze at her directly. With his sword, he cut off her head. Now, Perseus is a constellation in the sky, standing facing toward us with a sword aloft in his right hand and the head of Medusa hanging from his left hand. Like a statue in a gallery, he stands there over the centuries waiting for the spotlight to shine upon him and reveal what he can do.  [See sky diagram below]

Ahh, here comes the spotlight, a comet named HOLMES. It approaches Perseus from his left, but it is a small comet and we cannot see it from earth except through a powerful telescope. The spotlight is not yet turned on. Holmes approaches without attracting special attention. He crosses Perseusí waist and curves upward toward Perseusí sword arm (the star Mirfak).  Just prior to reaching that sword arm, the spotlight turned on, I mean really turned on, big and bright. It was on October 24, 2007 that the tiny comet Holmes exploded into brightness so that we could see it with naked eyes from earth. It grew in size to a diameter larger than our Sun. In America, that day ended a  severe drought with a long gentle rain. On November 19, 2007 the comet, going upward, crossed the star Mirfak in that sword arm and turned right to pass in front of Perseus face, then swinging downward across the star Algol, which is the head of Medusa, on January 22, 2008. The DOW Jones Average dropped 400 points on this date. The Fed lowered its rate by 75 points. The Beast had taken another fatal hit. Christ's mighty sword is accomplishing exactly what the comet Holmes is illustrating by striking the head of Medusa/Satan. This is a second micro-event, like that on August 7 described above, indicating that the Beast is being killed by Christ's foot on its head. It is a second micro-event, foretelling the world-wide economic failure which we are witnessing at this time, as I write this in July 2008. The Beast is having death spasms.

Letís take a look at that malefic star ALGOL. It has a reputation in all major cultures of the world as the most evil star in the sky. To the Arabs he is Raís al Ghul, the demonís head. To the Jews it is Lillith, a nocturnal vampire. To the Chinese it is Tseih She which means piled-up-corpses. Now, get this: On April 11, 1996 the comet Hyakutake crossed Algol. Exactly one year later, to the day, it was April 11, 1997 that the comet Hale-Bopp crossed Algol at 90 degrees to the path of Hyakutake, thus forming a CROSS.

First we saw Ophiuchus step on Satanís head, and here we have seen his head struck by Perseusí sword. Looks like Christ is winning this battle!

HOLMES isnít done yet; he has more to show us. After striking the head of Medusa, his path crosses Perseusí leg and he continues direct on his circuit across the sky. I should point out that the comet did not actually turn backward to make the loop described above, but due to our earthís movement and location, it appeared to turn backward as a retrograde motion. As a fast moving comet, we will see more such apparent retrograde actions of Holmes to come.

After leaving the constellation of Perseus, Holmes then leaves the zodiac region of Taurus to enter Gemini aka The Twins. This is not just interesting but very important. Gemini depicts two men as Twins. From ancient times they were named Pollux and Castor. They are fraternal twins; different fathers, same mother, just like Abel and Cain. As above so below. Pollux was fathered by the god Zeus, and Castor by Tyndareus, the mortal husband of their mortal mother, Leda. The two twins were very close brothers and did many adventures together. Pollux was immortal and Castor was mortal. It happened that Castor got killed, and hence went to the Hades, the underworld. Pollux was so grieved that he begged Zeus to let him take Castorís place in Hades. Zeus could not permit that, but he compromised and permitted each of them to trade places for half the year. Pollux was happy that his brother could have at least half of each year in the upper region. Each gets to rule a half cycle period, whether a 12,000 year half cycle or a half-second half cycle.

Now, in this sky-story we are seeing the TWO RACES of men which the Bible presents, one race divine and one mortal, half-brothers from the same mother, Eve. In the Bible story, it is the mortal Cain who killed Abel who was of divine origin. That Bible story depicts the ancient-time change from the previous Heaven to a new Kingdom of World, a 12,000 year period which is now ending. Back then, it was the divine race which was conquered so that the mortal race of Cain/Edom/Jews could rule for the next 12,000 year half-cycle of history. Now, as Satan/Cain's rulership ends, we will see that mortal race of Cain/Jews dethroned. [sidenote: presidential candidate John McCain's name means "son of Cain." Michael Chertoff's last name means "son of the devil" in Russian.] As you will see in the next paragraph, the present day sky story differs from the Bible story, so that NOW it is the mortal Castor/Cain-race who will get killed by his half-brother, Christ. The rest of the story of the relationship between the two brother-twins depicts exactly what we have experienced on earth. The divine Adamic race, which later became known as Israel, has always been charitable and long-suffering to the mortal Satan-fathered race of Cain, which later became known as Edom, and now as Jews. We white race Europeans have always been willing to sacrifice ourselves to the wicked exploitation of the Cain/Edomite race of Jews whose instinctive compulsion is that of Esau, to destroy us progeny of Jacob. Well, perhaps we haven't always been totally willing to sacrifice ourselves, but only a few times have we evicted them from our white race home. It is our nature to be sheep, preferring innocence and compassion to malice. Our natural instinct is the Golden Rule, while their natural instinct is exactly what Jesus described in John 8:44 when He confronted the Edomites at the Jerusalem Temple. The important point is that each race is granted dominion during a half cycle of Godís great year: (God's Great Year is one precession of equinoxes, about 24,000 years). Right now, we are ending the 12,000 year negative-energy half-cycle of Satanís dominion, during which his offspring (Cain/Edom/Jews) have tormented the sheep of Christ, who were docile and tolerant of their hatred, like Pollux was to Castor. It is at this time in history that the dominion of the mortal Cain race (Castor) comes to an end. God uses the comet Holmes to point out that coming event.

Okay, back to the comet Holmes, who left the region of Perseus and crossed into Gemini, the constellation of the twins. On July 23, 2008, Holmes passes over the star Castor which is the head of the mortal twin. Like he did with Algol in Perseus, Holmes will eclipse the star, Castor, which represents the head of the lord of this World, the Cain race, the head of Mortality (all pretty much the same thing). Thus, foretelling the closing of that chapter of history in which mortal man (Cain race/Jews) held dominion, while the divine race of Christ was submissive. On August 1, 2008, Holmes will pass above the head of the immortal Pollux, as though crowning him with a halo. The Sun will go dark on that day, forced to yield to a new Lord, the very Son of God. Keep in mind that it is the white race true Israelites who are the sheep (body) of Christ, the offspring race of God's own, who have immortal Spirits which never die. Other races are mortal and do not share that Spirit of God which has afterlife.

It appears that God can teach us much with the sky as our blackboard, and with planets and comets as His pointers. It appears that the Kingdom of World is being ENDED, and that Godís children are His heirs, to be the Princes of the Vineyard. What next might God point out to us, but that we are anointed as REGAL? Holmes will do just that, and rather nicely. Watch.

After leaving the twins of Gemini, the comet Holmes passes by the constellation of the Crab (Cancer) and approaches the Lion of Leo. Holmes travels right up to the nose or forehead of the Lion (star Algenubi) on November 26, 2008 and stops, then turning retrograde to swing downward a little, and then turning direct again to pass just above the star Regulus on September 15, 2009, which is one of the four most important stars of the sky, the Regal star, representing Kingship. I like to think that Holmes is still carrying Perseusí sword, an Excalibur, with which he touches Leoís forehead to represent the coronation of a new King. That would be Christ!

Luke 21:25 says, "there will be signs in the Sun and the Moon and the Stars, and upon earth distress among nations, perplexed at the roaring of the sea and waves. People will faint from fear and foreboding of the things coming upon the world, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken."


On this sky chart, the planet locations, on the ecliptic plane, of Saturn and Venus were only for the date of 10/24/2007. Regulus is the bright star just above the word "Saturn."

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