by Roger Hathaway, July 24, 2012

The long-term Plan of Godís Design is what I call the "Big Picture" or the "Divine Pageant." One cannot place our Bible history into proper perspective until he knows how that 2,000 year period from Abraam to Jesus fits into the 24,000 year Plan. Except for the first few chapters of Genesis (Adam to Abraam) the Old Testament is the story of just one Age, the Age of the Lamb (Aries). Which, of course, is why Abraam instituted a religion venerating the Lamb, sacrificing lambs, and concluding the Age with Godís own Lamb on the cross. The New Testament introduces a very different religion for a different Age, one in which the Great Fisherman (of Pisces/Fish) collects the Elect sons of God into His net. Now, as we look forward to the next Age, we don't know what to expect because we don't know that God even has a long term Plan of Ages. But, we should know; after all, it is illustrated for us in a great cyclorama; we need but look up.

So, we have information about only two acts in a twelve act Play. But, we need to know more than this; what is the theme and plot of the entire Play? We need a Program which outlines the twelve acts so that we can know how to play our own roles on this stage. Godís Divine Pageant is His wonderful Design/Order. The Greek word for His Design is kosmos. It is this kosmos which God so loved that He sacrificed His Son to save it. (John 3:16) It certainly is not this "world" which God loves, which Jesus commands us to hate, and which God is right now preparing for destruction. No, it is His overall Design which is the Good Word of God, verily, the true Gospel.

It is this Gospel/Design which St. Paul speaks about when he indicts the diasporan Israelites of Rome for not already knowing it. Paul is telling them that even without the Bible, even without information about Jesus, even without missionaries, that they are without excuse for being ignorant of the Gospel.

They are without excuse! They are accountable to God for seeking and learning the Grand Plan of His Design, the true Gospel. They should have known it even before Jesus was born because, as Paul tells them, the whole story is written in the sky. I'll put the text of Paul's comments below in a later paragraph.

So, are we also without excuse for not knowing more of Godís Gospel? The church does a terrible disservice to you by limiting your knowledge to that of Jesusí life and work. Godís Plan is so much more than that! Jesus commands us to seek the Truth and He identifies Himself as being that Truth. We can consider God's Word to be Truth, and Jesus is God's Word. Clearly, we cannot be content with the simple Sunday School lesson of "Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so." Rather, it is up to us to seek and learn the Truth of God if we are to know our Lord. If we choose to be contentedly ignorant, we should tremble at Jesus' words, as He said, "Many will come to me in that last day, saying, Lord, we believe; and I will say, 'Depart from Me, I never knew you.'" This is serious stuff; the preachers are wrong to ignore it. Simply, Jesus IS Truth; you can't have one without the other; you can't claim Jesus while scorning a search for Truth; you can't know Jesus without knowing Truth; you can't be content with the shallow ignorance of religion and still be rewarded with the Kingdom of God. This is serious stuff!

Christian religionists place a Bible on an altar and look to it as their sole source of Truth. They make the book an idol which then effectively limits their learning and, more importantly, prevents new insights given by the Holy Spirit. Creeds and doctrines lock out the Holy Spirit from teaching new information for an ever-changing, cycling paradigm. While God and His Design never change, His Design consists of ever-changing living paradigms. No religion seeks knowledge of the Design of Godís Plan to which St. Paul points. Admittedly, the Bible does tell us how to know God, but even that information is spurned by religionists. We are told how to know God in the New Covenant which Jesus secured for us (Hebrews 8), but this covenant makes no mention of any scripture writings; rather it says that God will put His laws in our hearts and minds and we will know Him by that method. He also orders that there shall be no teachers intervening between Him and His own. Simply, you, alone, are responsible for what you believe and what you then do as a expression of your Father. Let no teacher or preacher direct your path! Let no doctrines or creeds shutter the Light of God from your mind. You must take your directions from God Himself. Writers, like me, can only provide some thinking fodder. Then, the Holy Spirit spotlights where you should put your attention.

Knowing that you, alone, are responsible for your own quest for the Truth of God, and knowing that Paul scolds the Romans for not knowing Godís Gospel, then shouldn't you feel some concern about seeking it for yourself?

I am suggesting here that you donít need a Bible to know the Gospel. You donít even need to know about the personal life of Jesus! Yes, it is true that no one can come to the Father except through Christ, but you donít know the Christ until you know His/our role in the Grand Pageant. It is the knowledge of Godís Plan/kosmos/Design which is so important. It is in that great Plan of Ages that one finds himself and learns the role he should play. It is a wonderful thing that we were saved from that death penalty we had earned by violating the Sinai covenant, but that redemption merely restores our lives so we can go on with the rest of the Pageant. As God's offspring, we spirit-being members of the Christ are immortal, ever playing new character roles throughout the entire twelve act Play. One must transcend the limited earthly focus of attention by looking upward or there will be no part for such an ignorant one in the next Act!

I think most Christians believe it is enough to simply believe in Jesusí name to go to heaven after death and live forever in a timeless eternity. Besides being wrong, such people are not working out their salvations with fear and trembling, nor do they realize they have roles to play in many more acts of the Play. They have defaulted the very purpose of their lives by sitting back content to trust that God will do whatever is best for them. No, He wonít. He put you into His Play for you to represent Him in a serious contest against enemy forces, principalities, and powers.

The Bible does spell out a detailed recent-history of our Family which provides us a framework for our present moment in the Plan. But this four thousand years between Abraam and today is but a small part of a 24,000 year Plan of "Ages." One doesnít really know the Gospel until he knows the theme and plot of this Pageant of twelve acts.

I know that the Bible does reveal the Great Plan if one knows how to interpret it. Alas, the Plan of the Ages can hardly be learned because biased men translated the word for "ages" into a timeless "eternity." When biblical authors spoke of "ages to come," (most often meaning "Ages of Heaven") their Greek word aion gets translated into English as "eternity" or "forever," neither of which is correct. With that kind of confusion, and with many other words, too, Christians donít even know that the Play has twelve acts (Ages), each act being symbolized by a zodiac sign, an Israel tribe, and a disciple. Salvation is not for an eternity but for the coming six Ages of the kingdom of Heaven. Sure, the story is wonderfully illustrated in the sky, but the church wonít look at that, scorning God's presentation as "astrology." The modern Christian religion is hardly a full step away from that dark-age church which insisted the world was flat and which prohibited Bible ownership with a death penalty.

On this website is a lengthy article which explains all twelve acts of the Pageant. You can read the entire story of Godís Plan at CHRIST IN THE STARS. It is a story illustrated by constellations around the circuit of the sky, verily a cyclorama. It is that story which we call "Gospel" without even knowing what the Good News really is. Here is an excerpt from CHRIST IN THE STARS:

That cyclorama in the sky shows us the Christ and illustrates His struggles, His victories, and His defeats during each 24,000 year cycle. The sky shows us that which we call GOSPEL, verily, the Good News about the Life of our Lord and of our selves. St. Paul wrote to the new Christians at Rome, explaining to those diasporan Israelites who had, centuries before, migrated away from Jerusalem and had forgotten their past, that they have no excuse for not knowing the Gospel because it is written in the sky. Paul says in Romans 10:16,17 "But they have not all believed the gospel. For Isaiah says, 'Lord, who has believed our report?' So faith comes from hearing and hearing through the word of God. But, I say, surely it is not that they did not hear? Indeed, yes they did. 'Their voice has gone out to all the earth, and their words to the end of the earth.'"   So, whose voice had already gone out to proclaim the Gospel before Christian missionaries came to them? Well, Paul was quoting Psalm 19:4, which states that the message is declared by the heavens. Here is Psalm 19:1-4 "The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament proclaims the work of His hands. Day to day utters speech and night to night proclaims knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voices are not heard. 'Their voice has gone out into all the earth and their words to the ends of the world.' In the sun He has set His tabernacle, and He comes forth as a bridegroom out of His chamber. He will exult as a giant to run his course. His going forth is from the extremity of heaven, and his circuit to the other end of heaven; and no one shall be hidden from his heat." King David speaks of the Sun coming forth as a bridegroom.

In the N.T. we have John the Baptist identifying Jesus as that Bridegroom coming down from Heaven. (Jn 3:27-31). Clearly, the Sun is representative of Christ. And, I wonder if the Baptizer wasn't remembering that Psalm of David when he referred to Christ as the Bridegroom.

Here is a well-stated excerpt from an internet article at http://ldolphin.org/zodiac/ I donít know anything about the writer of this, but I like what he says:

"This idea is accentuated by the prophet Malachi. He calls Israel's Messiah the SUN of Righteousness who will blaze forth for the sake of His people in the Last Day (Malachi 4:2). So the Sun represents Christ, the light of the world (John 8:12), who came from heaven, ran His race on earth, and returned to Heaven. The race that the Sun runs is given [portrayed] by the Zodiac constellations or star patterns, so all the strong-man figures along the Zodiac represent Christ the SUN of Righteousness and the work He was to do. Note further that Psalm 19 is in two parts: In Part 1 we have the message of the stars - In Part 2 we have the message of God's word, the Bible being discussed. One is set against the other in such a way that David, who wrote this Psalm about 1000 BC, is implying that the message in the stars and the message in the Scriptures are one and the same."

Here are a couple other Bible references on this subject. Psalm 147:4 "He numbers the multitudes of stars, and calls them all by names." In the Bible, names were indicators of the functions of men's lives; a name was changed if a man was assigned a new function by God. So, stars have functions?

Isaiah 40:26 "Lift up your eyes on high and see, who has displayed all these things? even He that brings forth His host by number: He shall call them all by names by great glory, and by the power of His might: nothing has escaped thee."

Job refers to Orion (38:31), Pleiades (38:31), Hesperus & Mazzaroth (Zodiac) (38:32) Here are the words which God spoke to Job: (38:31) "Do you understand the band of Pleias, and have you opened the barrier of Orion? Will you reveal Mazuroth [Zodiac] in his season, and the evening star with his rays? Will you guide them? Do you know the modes of the sky, or the events under heaven which happen in accord to them?"   Note that God speaks of events happening in accord to the stars and constellations just mentioned.

Jeremia 2:12 "The heaven is amazed at this, and is exceedingly horror-struck." Can the heaven/sky experience amazement? The context of this passage is that the heaven is amazed at Godís children for abandoning the real God for the sake of phony ones; for they have hewn for themselves broken cisterns which wonít hold water.

Psalm 50:6 "The heavens shall declare His righteousness." Does the sky have something to declare to us? We might wonder why our theologians have not taken a look; after all, they are the men who have dedicated their lives to scholarship and teaching in order that we laymen can benefit from their work.    (end of excerpt)

Now, if you wish to continue your search for Godís Gospel, here are a couple articles with information for you to consider. Keep in mind that I am not your teacher; I might be wrong; and you are the only one responsible for whatever you choose to believe. With that caveat, Iím glad to share my thoughts in these writings.

CHRIST IN THE STARS The story of God's Word illustrated by constellations of stars in the sky.

GODíS KOSMOS, details about the "Twelves:" the 12 zodiac Ages, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 disciples. These twelves reveal the nature of each of the Ages. By understanding them, you can see how they define history and we can learn what to expect in the future. It is a Grand Pageant that our Father has designed for us.