Yesterday, my brother said to me that Obamaís Health Care Plan would be a good thing. My mouth dropped open, fire shot forth from my eyes, thunder shook the neighborhood, lightning stuck the house! Now, consider this, that my brother is right-wing conservative, spiritually awake, and a follower of Christ in meaningful ways different from church-Christians. I could hardly wait for what he might say following that nonsense.

He told me to imagine what might happen when our white race is deprived of the mainstream medical industry to which they have long consigned their bodies. What if they are forced to take responsibility for themselves? What if the lack of pharmaceuticals results in a general improvement in their health? What if God uses His enemyís political crime to show the world that His own white-race Israelite family is different from the other races? What if the designer plagues devastate other races while our family rises up in strength like those bones in the valley of Ezekielís vision?

As he described it, the picture developed in my mind so easily; God could begin to show the world some of His jealousy for His own family of which the prophets wrote. Israel shall be like fire and Edom stubble.

Admittedly, Iíve been worse than pessimistic about any hopes of awakening our people; I've believed that nothing could awaken them. Yet, I know that my pessimism is just an expression of my frustration, and that it will really happen someday that Ezekielís dry-bones will have flesh and will stand up to amaze the rest of the world. I have full and unqualified confidence that it will happen sometime, but it will sure take the power of God to do it because it appears to me that our familyís bones are really dry, dead-dry.

So, what if we are forced to adopt self-responsibility again? I am suddenly cheered at the thought. Our people really can do anything, once prompted. We have been the leaders of civilization throughout history. Our people have invented and philosophized and strategized and theorized and problem-solved and created societies which have been envied by all the bottom-feeder races of the world for all of past history. Can we not rise up again to reclaim our health? Can we not reflect the glory of our Father? Could this be an opportunity for Him to demonstrate that we are different from the others?

Remember that way back in 1897, the Zionist Elders predicted that they were seeing the last generation of the pure white race. Oh, how frustrating it must be to them that all their efforts to destroy us continue to fail, generation after generation. They were going to breed us out of existence by forced miscegenation, but that didnít work. They tried to destroy our race in Russia under Stalin, and then they used Germany to destroy European peoples, while also killing off many Germans, too. But, we soon arose to be world powers again, even in spite of our politicians who devise infinitely clever ways of destroying us. It appears that our enemy half-brother, Esau, (Edomite Jews) is now abandoning his deceptive manipulations and may now be openly going for the jugular with a few bold slashes, hoping to accomplish openly what he could not do covertly.

As he reveals himself more brazenly to the shock of our sleeping race, what will we do? Might we dare hope that the enemy can awaken our family, achieving what some of us doomsayers have been unable to do for all these years? Maybe? Hunh? Just maybe? If the Obamanation will openly attempt to make us desolate, perhaps this revival will happen. So, the question I pose is, what will we do?

There are probably many good answers Ė things that our people can do with the coming opportunities. My first thought would be to determine what our attitude shall be. We can negatively wail at the loss of medicines or incomes or housing or justice, or we can recognize this as an opportunity to adopt a positive attitude, knowing that we can trust our Great Physician for our health care, even accepting death as a promotion. Since flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, and since we all personally yearn for that kingdom, we might ask each other why we persist in saving these flesh and blood bodies? Millions of Christian martyrs went singing to their deaths because they knew the reward which awaited. So, when Satanís forces assault us, take our homes and our possessions, imprison us unjustly, etc., etc., this is our opportunity to express our contempt of all that they value. Caring not that they throw us into Eisenhower Camps to die in the mud, we can plan ahead of time that we will keep our eyes focused toward our God, and we can welcome the enemy as a Liberator who will free us from these miserable anchors of flesh. We can re-read the stories of the martyrs and pray that we might be worthy of walking the path to join them. A time-worn phrase suddenly becomes very meaningful to us as we say it again to ourselves, yea bursting forth with loud singing: "Prepare to meet thy God." There are many things which we can do to prepare for this glorious event. First, though, we must consider the reality of the situation, and choose, each person for himself, to follow his Lord to the end. Then, each of the following steps will come easily.

Finally, as we each accept the path which Jesus demonstrated, we can begin to smile and then to laugh because we are leaving the world stage to Satanís family just before it is totally destroyed by God. We go to a Heaven that is prepared for us, releasing our body-anchors to be transformed into spirits of light and freedom, while our oppressors are left behind to the horrors which are described by our Old Testament prophets.

Do you think that maybe, just maybe, Satan is being checkmated? That maybe Satanís Obama is being used by our God? So, maybe Obamacare might be a good thing afterall? If it is going to happen to us anyway, why not make it a positive for ourselves rather than a defeat? We can do that! Just remember who we are ó children of the Almighty King, favored by Him above all others, and finally avenged by Him. And all we had to do was to stay focused on Him.

Hmmmmpf. Friends, weíve got it made!

May God bless your path toward Him,

Roger Hathaway (August 13, 2009)

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