You arenít alone. I think depression is probably epidemic among our people across America, and for good reasons. Letís take a look at the problem, and some options.

When I was a child, the American dream was real; work hard, have a nice family, savings and security, home and a family dog. Popular TV was "Father Knows Best" and "Ozzie and Harriet." Welfare was rare and those who took it were despised by their neighbors. Daddy worked a job and momma stayed home to raise the kids. The late forties and the fifties were a time when hope was high and life worth living. Then, it all went wrong.

Today a high school grad has no hope; thereís no job for him. He canít dream of marriage, a nice home and family, and money in the bank for old age. He canít imagine what to do when it is time for him to leave his parents and make his own way. He can't imagine a long-term goal or even old age. Hope is futile; he doesnít know even what to hope for. He can be confident that tomorrow will be worse than today. Sex, drugs, killer-video-games, and devil-music have become a new way-of-life for our youth.

For adults who have occupations and began the American dream, itís all crashing around them. Their jobs are going overseas, debts increasing, savings are gone, bankruptcies are epidemic, mortgages are upside down, children are rebelling, both parents working is not enough, marriages are stressed, and the government has become our enemy. The international banks are engineering a global economic crash. Tent cities are blossoming across the nation full of destitute people who had dreamed their own dreams of success and happiness when they were young.

For those who still use TV to numb their minds, they see corrupt politicians, a puppet president who is frantically signing Karl Marxís dream into law, wars and more wars, debauchery, a parade of mindless twits, perversion on the big screen, anti-Christ and anti-white-race theme, and a moment of silence in Congress done for a mutant freak pedophile. With the new government mandated Digital TV system, the government now has the capability of transmitting RF signals which can powerfully influence your minds and your physical health. The masses can now be subdued, conquered, and destroyed without even a whimper of protest. If you personally havenít prostrated yourself to their digital conquest, those who have submitted will happily snitch on you and their own family members when they are programmed to do so; brother against brother. Jesus said, "a manís enemies will be those of his own household." As for guns, they hardly need to take our guns if they can make us passive, or even dead, by digital RF signals. So, what can you do about it? Not much, hunh?

Friends, look around you. Our people built a great nation, dynamic, flourishing, bold. Look at them now, mindless and unsmiling, moving about like zombies. Have they given up their souls? Our people appear to be sleep-walking, idly milling along the way to slaughter; billboards direct them and they sheepishly comply. We feel so hopeless!

Depression for starters! How about real Despair? Thereís no place to which you can flee where their transmitters canít reach you. Cell towers are ubiquitous. Money canít save you because it is becoming worthless. Religion canít help you because preachers donít have a clue about much of anything. Maybe you can learn how to make a shelter in the forest to keep the weather from killing you. Then again, what to do about the children? You really do have some good reasons to feel despair, donít you?

At the supermarket the other day, the cashier asked a lady in front of me, "How Ďr you?" She answered, "Tired, just tired." A couple dear friends were describing to me how they donít have energy to do anything after coming home from work each day. Their lives are frustratingly stalled and they canít seem to do anything about it. Internet is full of articles claiming that we are being assaulted by many methods, including TV brain-conditioning, chemtrails, cell-phone RF damage, psychotronics, toxic food supplies, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, Monsanto perversions, pesticides, and countless environment chemicals. It seems that all life is under deliberate attack! And we canít do anything about it.

I propose that the basis of all depression is a lack of empowerment. When you have considered your future, your lack of hope, the genocidal pogrom against you, and realize that each person must confront this for himself, alone, you can hardly feel empowered to tackle any small task in your life. You might feel like a boxer who sits on the floor with has back against the ropes, trying to lift his arms, confused that he canít get up. Or you might feel like Braveheart did when he discovered that his king was on the enemy side. The body, the mind, the soul, the heart are stalled, confused, not knowing what to do next. Lack of empowerment! Our people are succumbing to this right now, by the millions across our nation.

For you, personally, how can you even evaluate the problem? You have achieved a lifestyle, a home of some kind, perhaps family, possessions which you have accumulated, values which you hold dear. You are locked into a lifestyle that you developed over the years. These things have become your identity. It is from your somewhat stable base that you reach out to relate to others, that you live your life. Despair can result from the knowledge that your stable base is about to be taken from you, leaving you alone and lost. As the government assault against you progresses, the reality of this threat becomes more vivid in your mind, leaving you collapsed to your knees and powerless. You can worry about your children or other dependent loved-ones, but you canít do anything to help them.

Dear loved-ones, to whom I write, things are looking really bad. Our people have not touched such horrors since the War Against the South, almost 150 years ago. We donít know the nightmare of war in our towns, the killing of our children, the theft of our food, and the burning of our homes. The horrors of the Ukraine under Stalin are omitted from history books. We canít quite wrap our minds around the reality of such a horror, so we naturally push such thoughts aside. We walk on, trying to smile, cheering a sport team, finding a recreation which occupies our attention for a moment, and then at the end of the day confronting the problem of quieting our unspoken fears in order to get a few hours sleep. The suppressed stresses soon erupt in diseases like cancer, diabetes, or CHF which mercifully excuse us from doing something constructive. Iím reminded of the song, I Dreamed a Dream, which ends with the words: "I had a dream my life would be So different from this hell I'm living, So different now from what it seemed. Now life has killed the dream I dreamed."

What are your options? No options, Bunky? Everything to lose and nothing to gain, and still you canít think of any options? Your house is on fire and your children are gone, and you canít think of options? Letís start from here: everything you ever achieved is threatened; worse is that you canít be sure of keeping your own mind if "they" take it over (possess) it with RF signals.

Yes, you have options. One is that you can passively submit, turn your head from the approaching assault, and hope to die without much pain. Or, you can do something proactive, something really radical. You can take control, not to save the life of your dream, but to free yourself from their control. Iím going to tell you right here how to do it. Start by imagining the very worst that "they" could do to you. Perhaps burning down your home and leaving you destitute, or perhaps vaccinating you with a new vaccine which will kill a high percentage of the populace, or perhaps foreclosure on your home and confiscation of your assets. Imagine that they come to your home, arrest you, herd you into a railroad car to take you to an Eisenhower camp where there will be no shelters and no food. As you are being transported in the rail-car, think about how you held on to your possessions to the last moment (guns, figurine collection, silver coins, precious antique, picture album, a pet, ____?___, and how futile that was. Could you have done anything different? Sure, you could have, but you were in denial that this might happen to you. If you had a chance to do it over, what might you do?

As I write this, I canít guess what all your options might be, but I can offer a couple ideas which come to my mind. You might sell your house and cars, even at a loss, or just stop making payments - using that money to buy an old utility van which you can outfit with a mattress a little cookstove and some sardines. You might stop paying all your bills, using your funds to outfit your new freedom. When they evict you, hit the road. Above all, do not have a cell phone or TV in your van. Usa a shortwave receiver to get news. Well, do you think this is really radical, not something you would ever really do? I suggest that those many thousands who are now living in tents or vehicles also thought it would never really happen to them. But it did! And there they are, living unattached and desperate, all across America, right now, today! The media wonít show it, but you can find info on the web. What I am saying here is that you might save your life by doing something very radical, proactively. Iím suggesting that instead of feeling so tired and powerless, you might take up a new challenge, an adventure of your choosing, and thereby make your enemyís assault real difficult. Instead of being thrown out into the street, you can do it your way and make an adventure of it. It wonít be the fulfillment of your childhood dream, but that is no longer possible anyway. You wonít be bored. You wonít feel unempowered because you will be doing it your way. The truth is that there is a very real war going on; a powerful enemy wants to destroy YOU. You can lie down and let them do it, or you can take action of your own. You are not so powerless that you can avoid making the choice of which path you will take. Submission is a choice just as much as taking a new path.

Let me warn you, preachers and bankers will claim "moral authority" as they tell you that you are responsible for your debts, obligations, and contracts. The truth is that the Banksters have engineered this disaster for many years, squeezing us until we are backed into a corner and have no where to turn. If they had not manipulated, exploited, and robbed our economy, our jobs, our industry, our small businesses, and our lives, we would all be productive and flourishing individuals and families with hopeful futures. Through corrupt politicians, pharmaceutical dependencies, usurious loan industries, corporacracy, merciless legislations, and many other devices, our enemy has caged us like animals. We, our Lordís own sheep, have innocently cooperated with them, and now at the end, many of our people will still feel a moral obligation to honor the criminal syndicate which has entrapped us. But, there is still some challenge and adventure available to those who will stand up and take a path to a different kind of freedom. We wouldnít have such great debts if we had not been channeled into this dilemma. Rather than we being guilty of debt, they are guilty of a crime against us. We need to consider that their deliberate programs of destruction of our race frees us from any guilt for resisting them.

Another option is Liberation from this life by following all the millions of Christians who were martyred by that same jewish race which has always been our mortal enemy. Read my Liberation articles at http://divinepageant.com/LIBERATION_articles.htm and decide for yourself which path you will take. You are not powerless, you can do it your way; you have a choice to make that is life-or-death. The moment is upon you. Wake up. Take action. Do something.

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