ELECTION 2008, Barack Obama --- Born in Mombasa, Kenya, citizen of Indonesia (not U.S.), radical Marxist; his entire life dedicated to: hatred of America, Christians, and white race. His Black Liberation Theology claims that the negro's god, a black Jesus, will assist the black race to destroy the white race. African racial/cultural instincts will restore the World to its natural African primitive savage civilization. He supported the Odinga faction in Kenya with a million dollars, working to overthrow the democracy in order to institute Islam Sharia law! And now he is a performing monkey for his mother's race of Edomite Jews. He has never been a Christian or an American.

        Our Christian minds can hardly fathom how such an enemy could become the Power over our nation and our lives. We feel outraged, defeated, despondent. The simple answer is that because God's children have valued this World more than Him, therefore He is permitting the real owners of this kingdom to reclaim it from us.

        "Mary said to Jesus, 'What are your followers like?'  He answered, 'They are like little children living in a field that is not theirs. When the owners of that field come, they will say, "Give our field back to us." My followers take off their clothes in front of them in order to give it all back to them; they return their field to them.'" (Gospel of Thomas, v21)

        We followers of Jesus tend to forget that we are foreignors here; nothing in this World belongs to us; we were just visiting, and will take nothing physical with us when we, as spirit-being extensions of God, leave. Now the earth races are taking back what is rightfully theirs: dirt, a false material reality, physical limitations, base desires, along with the anguish, pain, violence, and grief which are essential components of their World. What lies ahead for God's children? LIBERATION! Like Jesus demonstrated, we simply need to release our grasp of this hellish nightmare of World. We people of Mind and Spirit will leave this primitive & savage world behind, going on to found a new higher kingdom.

        When the enemy comes against you, what will you do? What did Jesus do? Like a sheep to slaughter, He welcomed His crucifiers as Liberators, and He invites us to follow Him willingly up that terrible hill. Against such a gambit our enemies are powerless, except to grant our exit pass, thereby granting our promotion to Heaven. Oh, come now, my friends, did you really think you could make a heaven out of this world nightmare? Let it go, and follow our Lord who showed that death is the only true path from this Pig Pen to our true home where our Father anxiously awaits us. Jesus spoke to us, "One who doesn't take up his cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me? One who seeks to save his life will lose it, but one who loses it because of Me will find it." Pray that your Father might offer you a bitter cup to drink because He loves you so.

            It is not against flesh and blood that we battle, but against powers of darkness. The Sword of Jesus WILL destroy the Satanic powers which motivate and direct the primitive earth races to act against us. Yes, the races of this world, especially that race from Esau, the Edomite Jews who are Satan's children, will be destroyed in this end times Armageddon battle of God. But that is just the physical result of God's great battle. We followers of Jesus are warriors who ride behind our Lord on His great white steed; we will fight, but it is not for this physical World (Satan's domain) that we fight. Rather, we use our spiritual minds to free ourselves from the powers of darkness. For each of us, it is an individual challenge, first to listen for the Holy Spirit's orders, and then each of us as gladiators figuring out our own individual tactics in this battle.

            It is my personal belief that we should never try to battle the enemy on his terms and his turf, but rather we should learn God's way of war, like the gambit technique in the game of chess, tactics which are unexpected. Jesus taught us the gambit of yielding physically in order to win spiritually. If we battle on the physical level, we will lose because the enemy has a natural advantage (like tribal African instincts). It is our spiritual and intelligent civilization which is now being replaced by primitive animal instincts, under direction of Edomite Jews. It's going to be interesting, challenging, exciting, and a mission which requires one's total focus, concentration, and intensity. I like the comment from the WWII movie, Band of Brothers, spoken to a soldier who had frozen in fear, that "until you know you are already dead you can't function here." So it is in this kingdom of World where we are to live boldly for God not fearing physical death, in order to be victorious. Leave the primitive world to the savages who claim it (just before it gets destroyed). Go to the mountain where God can protect you, and where you will be available to help found a new civilization after this one is gone.  May God be with you.



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