by Roger Hathaway, July 31, 2005


It seems that nearly everyone has a some kind of undefined feeling that a disaster is near. Christians see it as "end-times." Others just feel a slight anxiety or vague apprehension that they canít put words to. The Bible predicts a great catastrophe, and even the end of this kingdom of world as we transition into a new era of kingdom of heaven.

In Matthew 24, Jesus says that earthquakes and famines and wars are but the beginning of the birth pangs. Regarding earthquakes, listen to this. Eleven years ago the U.S. government stated that there were an average of 40 major earthquakes per year in the world. In 2005, just between June 15 and July 15 (one month!) there were 300 major earthquakes! I think we can safely say that the end-time crash has begun. In Matthew 24, Jesus says, "then they will hand you over to affliction and will put you to death and you will be hated by all nations because of my name. And then many will be led into sin, and they will betray one another, and they will hate others. And many false prophets will arise and they will deceive many." For those who know that true Israel is in America, we are watching an all-out frontal assault against Christianity as God is outlawed. Certainly, Christians are afflicted, and our nation is hated by most of the nations of the world. Whether our people are being led into sin, just consider the entertainment industry. As for false prophets, the entire investment world is gambling on ever increasing riches, while politicians tell us nothing but lies.


Then Jesus goes on to say, "So when you see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place, (let the reader understand) then let the ones in Judea flee to the mountains. Let not the one on the roof come down to collect things from his house, nor the one in the field turn back to grab his coat, . . ." Many speculate about what the "abomination of desolation" means, and I do too. Here is my opinion. First of all, where is the holy place? I believe it is here in America, for Godís Temple is here. God lives, not in some physical location on this planet, but in and through the lives of His offspring, the members of the body of Christ, who are the true Israel. There are enough passages in the Bible which make it clear that Godís people ARE His holy city, His Jerusalem, His Judea, His Israel, and His Temple. It is within the White Anglo Saxon Protestants that God lives, so WE of America are His holy place. Now, what does the word, desolation, mean? The Greek word, eremoseos, means simply, desolate, which means abandoned, left alone, forsaken, deserted. Jesus refers to the prophecy by Daniel of the abomination-of-desolation. Daniel 9:27 points to Jesusí crucifixion in the middle of the 70th week, which ended the perpetual sacrifice and the drink-offering. That crucifixion event, apparently, began a period of desolation, namely that the entire body of Christ, would be desolate (forsaken, deserted, abandoned, etc.). Verse 27 ends with, "and at the end of the time an end shall be put to the desolation." The end of that "time" would seemingly be at the time of His return, which we now await, when we, as members of the body of Christ, will no longer be desolate like we are right now, and like we have been for two thousand years of darkness, ignorance, and closed-minds. It was within a century after Jesus that the church went far astray, as they sought to establish an ecclesiastical organization with a structure of priests and bishops and then a substitute for God on earth, called "Pope." The Edomite Jews, after Nicaea, were prominent as they guided the organization into a cruel and despotic tyranny which killed over fifty million White race European Christian true Israelites in its inquisitions. Truly, the body of Christ was desolate beyond description as Christians were murdered for His sake.

In America, for the past 150 or so years, we have had leaders who have stolen our lands (Jewish carpet baggers in the South), crashed our economy (Jewish central banking), perverted the Christian moral code, flooded us with narcotic drugs, exploited our industry, started wars which benefited Jews while killing our young men, and now they have shipped our industries overseas and opened the borders to a flood of non-white immigrants. (Note: when I say "Jews," I mean the descendants of Edom who are the eternal enemies of Israel, and who falsely claim to be Israel) Our European culture has been mocked and despised and has nearly disappeared. Our code of commandments has been replaced with libertine morals and ethics, and with sex and violence. Can anyone think of any way in which we have not been made DESOLATE? In Johnís revelation, when the saints, who have already been martyred and wait impatiently under Godís altar, cry out for vengeance, God tells them to wait until all their brethren have been killed and join them, and then the end will come. So, while Christís Edomite enemies perform their injustices and build up a debt of Godís wrath, it is seemingly necessary for us members of Christís body to follow our Lord to Golgotha and also be killed, as He said we would, before the end can come. One bluegrass Gospel song is titled, Gathering Flowers For the Masterís Bouquet. Those flowers are the souls of Christís sheep who die for Him.

The term, "end-time," means the end of something. For Godís own, it is the end of our desolation, and is the end of the kingdom of World, at which moment we will begin the kingdom of Heaven.

Now, letís look at the word, "abomination." The Greek word is "bdelygma." The lexicon defines it to mean: abomination, nausea, sickness, filth, nastiness. Consider that this abomination was predicted to come to the holy place, which is the Temple of God in the persons of His special race of children, namely the white race which is being assaulted and persecuted. The abomination of filth and nastiness conspicuously fills our entertainment, and even to the highest office of our government, our President. Bill Clinton demonstrated the depravity which has wholly involved our people. The Clintons attended a church in our Capitol city that has an accredited witch for a pastor. The Bush presidents are members of a secret Satanic fraternity that, at its Illuminist headquarters in Europe, rules the world, and which seeks the destruction of the white race through wars, drugs, and race-mixing. Truly, the abomination which makes us desolate is now IN THE HOLY PLACE, namely it is governing Godís own special children. Once one realizes these facts, then the Bible makes a lot more sense, and you can see how the pageant is playing exactly according to Godís script.


Surely, the end is very near. In Matthew 24, Jesus said these things would happen before this age (Pisces) comes to an end. The exact date of the end of Pisces is not knowable, but we do know it is very soon. Good! We should pray that God will bring this nightmare to an end. In Johnís vision, he saw the angels of heaven rejoicing at the crashing destruction of Babylon, which is this abominable culture of Satan which his children, the Jews, have constructed.

So, we can all feel confident that we are near the end. Okay, what should one do about it? Well, Jesus said to flee to the mountains, and He emphasized that one should not delay, but should FLEE in haste. Unfortunately, many of our own people across this land, even many who know the end is near, are content to wait until the crash begins, and then they will reluctantly leave for the mountains. It is not fathomable to me how they can ignore His warnings about the end coming like a thief in the night when it is not expected. But, they do! Many friends and relatives have told me they are willing to die in the coming melee if God wills it, so they will just stay where they are and let happen whatever will happen. On one hand, it is commendable for a person to yield himself so willingly to death if God wills it, but something is wrong with that picture. I have pondered it for some time, and I now think I know the answer. If I am an heir to the kingdom, meaning that I will inherit the vineyard God has prepared for His children, then that is important to me, and very valuable. I feel that I am appointed to that destiny. I think there is a task ahead for me that is more important than anything here in this life. Let me ask you this question. If you are about to receive such an inheritance, for which you have a divine appointment, what kind of value are you placing on that honor if you say, "I don't feel like fleeing to the mountains like Jesus suggested, so I'll just stay here and it's okay if I don't live to claim the inheritance."? For me, it is a personal honor to have such an appointment, and I will follow Jesus' directions to the fullest extent that I possibly can. I will do it boldly because I know that I am a son and a representative of the King of Kings. It's not okay with me to die just because I'm not willing to leave my contented life!

While I am not a prophet, I do try to understand the information that God has already given us. It looks, to me anyway, like the book of II Esdras gives a detailed outline of the events which will make up the war of Armageddon. You can read that summary on my website of From the homepage, click on "Prophecies" and then on "Armageddon in Prophecy." It seems pretty clear that after we have warred against the middle-east and destroyed a part of Iraq, then Islam will rout us out of there. Perhaps a nuclear attack in America will serve to get our troops back home. We might be close to that point right now, as I write this on the last day of July, 2005.


I want to tell you of an article written July 18, 2005 by Joseph Farah, an intelligence analyst, for his G2 Bulletin. He says that Osama bin Laden is directing AlQaida terrorists to implement a plan (in the works for over ten years) which he calls American Hiroshima in which nuclear bombs will be detonated in American cities in order to cripple our nation, or even to destroy us. Their hopes are to kill at least four million Americans, of which two million should be children. Supposedly, some of the nuclear bombs have been smuggled across the Mexican border in recent years, while others have been here a long time. They have been working with Russian agents to recover some secret nuclear bombs which Russia had planted in the U.S. during the cold war. They have listed ten cities which are their optimal targets, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Boston and Washington, D.C. [that's only nine, but that is what the report listed] It is said that when President Bush heard details about this plan the news sent him "through the roof," prompting him to order his national security team to give nuclear terrorism priority over every other threat to America. He did, however, order the building of underground bunkers away from major metropolitan areas for use by federal government managers following an attack. My thought regarding this is that, if our leaders know about this possibility and donít warn the people, then they must want it to happen and will use it to declare martial law, perhaps even bringing foreign UN forces to restore order and occupy us. The one-world takeover would be slam-dunk!

As you know, Islam likes to honor anniversary dates with their acts. August 6, 2005, is the 60th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. Since they are calling their attack American Hiroshima, might we suspect something on that date? Keep in mind, also, that three days after Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, Japan with another atomic bomb. AlQaida plans a similar follow-up attack.

On August 7, I am adding this note, that no attack happened yesterday, Saturday. IF their threat is real, then it is puzzling they would pass up such an anniversary date. Or, are we being given disinformation for some purpose? Or, are they waiting for a weekday when the cities are filled with people? If AlQaida has no plans against America, that would be more puzzling than anything! We are told by government officials that AlQaida is a large organization with lots of money and materials. Yet, we see very few incidents. I believe that we are in the end-times that the Bible foretells, and that recent events are part of that scenario. So, it is easy to believe that we have enemies who intend real harm to us. I, personally, don't know any information about AlQaida. So, I watch news media and try to read between the lines. In this case, the intelligence analyst said bin Laden wants to do the American Hiroshima. His man, Zawahiri, made a public statement on Thursday that AlQaida is planning a big wave(?) of action against Britain and America. President Bush left town for vacation on August 5th. He was conveniently in Florida during the Twin Towers attack. Today is Sunday, August 7th, and I can but wonder about the credibility of any news item.

But, what do you think would happen if the news media made a big splash about AlQaidaís plans for an American Hiroshima? Think about that for a moment. Our cities might be nuked! Isnít it interesting that no announcement has been made to the public?


Oh well, Iíll publish this piece on my website, and will notify my friends that it is there, but my friends have heard this stuff before. Iím preaching to the choir. It is therapeutic for me to put it into words, but I no longer think that any more people will turn their heads to listen to Jesusí warning, to flee from the cities to the mountains. The people who heard Him give that warning were prepared for it at that time. They lived with a feeling of impending disaster. But time passes, and people become numb, not wanting to look up at possible danger. I guess I would say that the event is not so important as each person's belief that it will happen at any moment, and their willingness to take radical action in response to Jesus' warning to flee to the mountains.  It saddens me that some whom I love might sit content while the enemy approaches. The thief-in-the-night has arrived and they sleep on even after being warned! I suspect they might even feel angry at me for attempting to disturb them.


What can I say anymore to one who asks me, "now what should I do?" Can I say, "itís too late?" Perhaps it would be helpful to consider what might happen if this threat actually occurred. Letís imagine that some nuclear bombs exploded in several cities. First of all, bombs donít do nearly the amount of damage that we generally picture in our minds. The Hiroshima bomb destroyed a large area only because it exploded at 16,000 feet above the city. Explosive forces always go downward because of gravity, then with reflected forces upward. So, a suitcase bomb at street level might destroy a couple of blocks of brick and steel buildings but the shock wave and radiation would reach out to a greater diameter. Certainly a lot of people would be killed, and even more would suffer terrible injuries. But, a suitcase bomb canít take out a large city! Nevertheless, it would throw the region into total chaos and terror. The powerful electromagnetic signal would wipe out computers for miles around, and that would shut down nearly everything. Police services could hardly function, and they couldnít control the panic for the first couple days. Streets would quickly become impassable, so refugees would be fleeing on foot with only what they could carry. Water systems might not supply any clean water, so water would quickly become the most major need. The region would be in uncontrolled anarchy instantly; no one would be safe. If you are carrying anything, you are likely to be killed for it. Many would not be so lucky as to make it out of the city alive. In order to restore order, government forces would do a lock-down with curfews and such, full martial law with real bullets. You might not be permitted to move even if you finally decide you should get off your bum and do something. Thatís about it, isnít it? What more can one advise IF an attack is imminent? A worse possibility would be for them to carry a suitcase bomb above a city in a small single engine private plane; in that case the devastation would be immense, and there wouldn't be many people left able to flee the area! Since it didn't happen on August 6, then we might look at September 11 for the next possibility.

Not much more that one can suggest at this point! If you take the threat seriously, but don't want to heed Jesus' advice, then I think you should store up some drinking water to keep you alive as long as possible. Perhaps you could go down fighting if you have some guns to use against the looters and killers who will be on a rampage. Itís probably better to go down that way than to be fatally injured, raped, or tortured for fun first.

The book of Revelation ends with the words of Jesus, Yes, I am coming quickly.í Amen, Come, Lord Jesus! The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all the saints. Amen."

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