This poem by Robert Service best expresses my feeling about the articles which I have written over the years and posted on my website of That which I write in words gets owned by one who reads and understands it, no longer requiring any credit to the "prompter."



by Robert Service

My poem may be yours indeed

In melody and tone,

If in its rhythm you can read

A music of your own;

If in its pale woof you can weave

Your lovelier design,

‘Twill make my lyric, I believe,

More yours than mine.


I’m but a prompter at the best;

Crude cues are all I give.

In simple stanzas I suggest—

‘Tis you who make them live.

My bit of rhyme is but a frame,

And if my lines you quote,

I think, although they bear my name,

‘Tis you who wrote.


Yours is the beauty that you see

In any words I sing;

The magic and the melody

‘Tis you, dear friend, who bring.

Yea, by the glory and the gleam,

The loveliness that lures.