How comfortably have you accepted this world as your home? As a place for you to find happiness? Or should you stand against it? Should we feel hostile toward this place where we live? As we look about us, do we not see the beauty of nature, perhaps even God in it? Shouldnít we appreciate it, love it, and care for it? Is it not a good thing to be considerate toward mother earth? If God is present in all of it, perhaps we should hold earth somewhat sacred? Didnít God put us here to enjoy it and make the best of it? If God loves me, wouldnít He want me to enjoy His creation, even to bless me with the happiness of abundance and plenty?

The questions above seem sensible, donít they? Mega-churches thrive by preaching that because God loves you He wants you to have the wealth of His treasure. People want to hear that because it makes a good religion, and prosperity. People want to find happiness in this world; they want their children to find happiness. Isnít that what life is all about? Success, wealth, and happiness in this world!

Is that how you feel about it? Love toward it? Seeking a friendly world? Love all the wild creatures and protect them? Eschew meat and any killing of fellow creatures? Compassion for everything that lives? Isnít that the attitude which weíve been taught? From babyhood, we have picture books which make animals and all sorts of critters lovable and even peers equal to ourselves. We learn that we are caretakers of the innocent creatures. We learn that our planet is called "mother earth." We learn that we must care for her and love her and respect her because she provides our food and rain and shelters and many things which we desire. Those are the types of lessons which we learn in pre-school picture books, in Sunday Schools, and at all levels of public education.

By the time we are teenagers, we donít question the value of mother-earth to our lives. She is the substance of our world, and even more; we marvel at her wisdom which operates the laws of nature and guides all living creatures. In other words, we adore our mother-earth, and love her and care for her; after all, arenít we her children? Living under her care and loving all living things as fellow creatures, we feel a brotherhood with all life on earth. This is our world, and we have learned to live successfully in it and to love it. We have also learned that there are penalties for rebelling against our world; our fellow creatures, brethren all, will attempt to force us back into proper appreciation of world culture, values, love of others, and compliance with rules which make world-life successful. Countless good-hearted people have grown old while dedicating their lives to saving the environment, saving the spotted owls, and saving the babies. To criticize the kind hearts who love all creatures great and small would be to criticize mother-love itself.

Even more, for Christians who believe in a Supreme Creator, the world is His grand achievement. We sing, "This is my fatherís world, and to my listening ears, all nature sings and round me rings the music of the spheres." Another popular song is "all creatures great and small, the Lord God made them all."

But then, we open a book and read the words of a radical, named Jesus, who steps forth on our stage and tells us that unless we hate this world, our families, and even our own lives, we canít follow Him.  Jesusí brother, James, writes in his letter to the twelve tribes of Israel (the only ones for whom Jesus came): "Donít you know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever wants to be a friend of the world has made himself an enemy of God."

Say what??? Thatís an outrageous contradiction to the lessons we learned in church and in school. How can we understand such a thing? How did that get in the Bible? And was Jesus really telling us to hate this world, our families and ourselves? We never heard that from any pulpit!


The concept which I want to present here is one which rates, in my opinion, as top importance; weíve been on the wrong track and we need to find the Truth. Until one understands the basics about Godís creative act, the nature of World, and His relationship with us as individuals, one is lost in a fog of confusion and frustrated with conflicting teachings. Let me say this right up front: the Christian religion is hardly based on the Bible or the clear statements of Jesus. Religionists have been taught, and contentedly believe, that God made all creatures, that Jesus died for the sins of all the people of the world, that anyone who believes in Him goes to heaven after death, that all races of people are His children with equal rights to His favor, that He loves all the children of the world, that the highest virtue is to love any and all without discrimination, and that this world is our Fatherís world. I'm telling you that those statements are absolutely false according to clear Biblical statements. Those statements make up a large part of the great lie of Satan, the deceiver, who entraps us in his corrupt world by getting us to believe it. That lie has become the Christian religion!


Now, at the end of a 12,000 year kingdom of World, that lie must be overturned and the Truth revealed. The next 12,000 year period is called Heaven. But the present World must perish before Heaven can begin, for it is a place of a very different nature. Perhaps a good analogy is that of Jesusí physical flesh body compared to His glorified person following His resurrection. His physical body was limited to physical laws (mostly) while His resurrected glorified body was not material in the same limited way. His physical body was subject to corruption, but the later glorified body was immortal and not corruptible. So, since "flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God,"  His children must either die or be transformed before the next kingdom period begins. As for the planet itself, the present corruption and disease and violent struggle must be ended. Some of the animal type creatures, including other races, will survive the imminent earth-cleansing and will continue to live in the next kingdom, but they will be perfected by Godís co-creator offspring who will perceive them as they were truly designed by God, anew and renewed. The polluted oceans will be perceived as renewed, along with the land which was covered with volcanic ash just prior to the end. All the planetís living creatures will live according to their original perfect design, without needing to eat each other. Time will also be somewhat non-linear, but that is another topic.

The two bodies of Jesus (physical & glorified) represent two types of reality, first as the son of that Man which was modeled after Godís design but in the kingdom of World was limited physical flesh; and secondly, His return to exist as Godís pure design which is not physical flesh. His first body was that of one enslaved in a corrupt world, the second is one set free from this lie of the great deceiver. The difference between these two bodies is discussed by St. Paul in Galatians 4, where he writes: 4:22 "For it is written that Abraham had two sons, one by the servant girl and one by the free woman. But the one born of the servant girl was born of the flesh; the one by the freewoman was born of promise; which speaking allegorically is this: There are two covenants, one from Mount Sinai bearing children into slavery, which is Hagar. For Hagar is Mt. Sinai in Arabia, corresponding to the present Jerusalem, and her children are in slavery with her. But the above Jerusalem is free, which is the mother of all of us."

You see, Abraham was more than just the patriarch of a people; his life also served as an allegory, a lesson for us. A covenant defines the nature of one's relationship with his Father. The Old Covenant enslaved us under a law, and Paul says that it corresponds to the present world city of Jerusalem, where slavery is the very essence of that society even today. But the promised Jerusalem is not that city in Palestine; rather it is the New Jerusalem to appear at the last day. The New Jerusalem is where we shall be free of slavery and the bondage to this world of flesh and material limitations. When Paul says "mother of all of us," keep in mind that he was writing to the twelve tribes of Israel, not to anyone else. Paul well knew Jesusí statement that He "came not except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." Of course, todayís religionists have a contrary belief which, for them, trumps anything Jesus said. Nor do they know who the true Israelite tribes really are.

In this world, we are all slaves to corruption and decay; we have believed the great lie that this world is of God. It is not. It is not!. The material world which we perceive is a lie, prompted by Satanís deception and believed into material form (made manifest) by Godís own children, who turned their backs to Him in order to experience the sensations of physical reality. When we fell from Godís grace, we took His entire world design down with us; we corrupted and limited and sickened everything of His Heavenly design. Behind the world which we know, the design of God is still vaguely visible, but we have corrupted it so badly that we surely canít accuse Him of making this mess.

Religionists have never understood the natures of world and of heaven, so they simply adopt the Sunday School lesson that heaven is the place we go after we die. Actually, as we individuals participate in Godís mind-play, we perceive whatever we choose to believe, and during World we have chosen to believe Satanís lie of physical/flesh/material reality. The Bible compares this limited worldly mind-focus (carnal mind) to death. St. Paul suggests that you see yourself instead as the real Spirit-self which is the real you. Paul says in Roman 8:6: "To be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Because the carnal mind is enmity against God; for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can be. So then, those who are in the flesh cannot please God. But you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. Now if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not His. And if Christ is in you, the body is dead because of sin, but the Spirit is life because of righteousness."

Paul goes on to forecast that when the sons of God, namely the Adamic race, which is "born from above," is revealed (at the end of the World kingdom) then all creation will be renewed to once again reflect that perfect Design which God created it to be. The sons of God are the key to the coming renewal because it is we who create the reality which we perceive simply by believing it into being; we shall believe Godís Design into being just as Adam did in chapter two of Genesis. By knowing the truth, we will release Godís corrupted Design (kosmos) from its bondage to Satanís lie. Paul says: "For all creation groans in eager expectation for the revealing of the sons of God. For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of him who subjected it in hope; because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now."   Roman 8:19ff


By knowing the Truth, which is the Word, which is the Christ, we will help to give birth to a new heavenly kingdom. Of course, it will be up to Godís Holy Spirit to enlighten our blinded minds to the real Truth. But, while we still live in this World, what shall we do with our own personal core-beliefs, upon which we base our relationship with God? Is this my Fatherís world or not? How can one understand this strange concept being presented here?

Iím going to answer that, clearly, I hope. The answer is partly because we have never solved the mystery of the creation story in Genesis. Chapters one and two donít seem to flow as a continuous story. Okay, here is the answer.

1.        CHAPTER ONE of Genesis describes the creation of Godís Grand DESIGN (kosmos) by His Word (Thought). All-That-Is exists in Godís mind somewhat like a dream. He never created any particle of matter; physicists of today know that there is no such thing as a particle of matter; there are only tiny units of energy relating to each other dynamically, whether in an atom or in the universe. Those units of energy are not visible because they contain no matter. Actually, those tiny units of energy are also figments in Godís word/thought; they have no existence except in thought. Chapter one describes only the Grand Design, not the creation of anything visible.

2.        CHAPTER TWO tells us Godís next step toward furnishing the stage for His pageant; He formed His Word into a Man as His own offspring, the Adam, through whom God can express Himself and experience Life. God breathed His Spirit into His Son, the anointed (Christ) Adam, thereby sharing with him His own powers, including the power of "creation." He is preparing an individual (actually a race of men) to dream His Design into being. Adam will be able to create into his perception (to imagine) whatever he believes to be true. He will create his own reality as something perceptible to himself. Just as a night dream seems real to us, so Adamís dream will seem real to him.

3.        Then God paraded the DESIGN of His creatures past Adam, so that Adam could name (believe) them into being, so that he would perceive them as part of his "reality."

4.         Then God separated out from Adam a feminine nature, making a "helpmeet" for him, along with making an opposing gender so the two natures might relate dynamically to each other.

Thus, the pageant of God began, on this earth stage which would exist in the thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions of those participating in it. People of other races and other creatures, all imagined onto the stage by God's offspring, would play their roles by expressing many of Godís characteristics, but they would lived temporal lives and not participate in creating the reality in which they lived. They were not immortal like Godís offspring race of white Adamic men.


Unfortunately, it happened that the Adamic race of Godís Spirit children became tempted to practice their creative powers in fulfillment of their own desires rather than to live as perfect expressions of Godís will. In union with their Father, their physical, emotional, and intellectual natures had been venues which expressed His positive attributes. In rebellion, they chose to direct those three natures for the sake of their personal satisfactions, namely sensual pleasures. So, they corrupted their Godly natures by debasing them; they loved risk of life, emotional extremes, physical sensations, and the intellectual pleasure of designing their own lives. Of course, their physical and emotional pleasures would bear them children which then permitted them to act as little gods over their own offspring, just as God, their Father, was over themselves. They turned away from their Father in order to be as gods themselves. Propagation of their family by birthing more children required them to give up immortality and to live limited lifespans, or else the planet would soon be carpeted with immortals and that just could not be. So, death became theirs, one more exciting risk in their newly independent lives.

As co-creative Spirit children with their Father, the other races and all creatures had already been under their care and God's vineyard had been tended faithfully. After His children had turned away from Him to enjoy Satanís tempting lie, the Grand Design was corrupted and all creatures suffered the ugliness of pain, decay, putrefaction, violence, hatred, war between species, disease, and the savageness of eat or be eaten. Many of the creatures became eaters of other creatures, predators versus prey. The entire process of nature was corrupted into something ugly. Godís children also became meat eaters, and God appointed them to that as a consequence of their rebellion. Godís caretakers of His vineyard betrayed Him by corrupting all living things which He had designed. God then permitted His own offspring to degenerate down to the level of predatory animals; His Spirit ceased its function of directing their lives, and the family went happily from the Palace into the pig-pen where they were left to fend for themselves.


About six thousand years ago, God re-empowered His family with a spiritual compulsion (instinct) to strive to return to their Father. This homeward attraction began with the story of Adam's appearance in 5508 BC. (While Adam's original appearance was many many cycles previous, at the very beginning, his story is renewed in each cycle.) Since God's own offspring shared His Spirit nature, exclusively, all of His family which had bred with other races had to be destroyed, which was accomplished by a great flood. One family which was "perfect in its race" was preserved to provide a new start for this special race.

The journey from the Garden of Eden began on the Pamir Plateau, just north of Pakistan. After the Fall, they were evicted and migrated eastward to the Tarim Pendi Basin of western China. After that large Basin was flooded, killing all the race-mixing Adamites, Noah and his family moved westward, following the same path which Cain had taken in his migration to the region of Sumeria. Noahís family paused to settle in the Punjab region of northwestern India, where the Sanskrit Vedas and Upanishads still give us an insight into their spiritual consciousness. Later, the patriarch, Heber, led a small contingent down into the Chaldees region where Cain's people had settled. From here, Abraham would next take his family toward Canaan.

God, as a husbandman, separates out from a large flock just the prize few which He wishes to nurture and develop. From each family, just one brother was usually chosen to continue the genetic line of Godís favor. From the Tarim Pendi Basin, only Noahís family was selected. From the Punjab, it was just a group led by Heber, after whom they came to be called "Hebrews." From the Chaldees, it was just Abrahamís family who was led to the future Promised Land. From Abrahamís children, only Isaac carried the lineage. From Isaacís twin sons, the dynamic struggle of good versus evil (as began with Cain and Abel) was renewed with Jacob as Godís child and Esau as Satanís child. Then, with Jacobís twelve sons came an unusual change in Godís plan as none were culled: all twelve would be progenitors of a large family of Godís special race, to be numbered as stars of the sky. That large family began a new journey, first as an oppressed race in Egypt for 400 years, then in their own Promised Land for about 700 years or so. While the family was in Egypt, the Judah tribe of future kings was split between Judahís twin sons, Phares and Zara. Pharesí descendants ruled the divided kingdom of Judah and Israel, leading to Jesus, while Zaraís line migrated to the island of Ireland.

About 721BC, the Assyrians evicted most of the tribes of Israel from their Promised Land, taking some captive to Assyria while most emigrated to Asia Minor/Greece, Italy, Spain, and British Isles. About 586BC, the last three cities of the Judah tribe were captured, whence Nebuchadnezzar graciously permitted the prophet Jeremiah to leave with two daughters of King Hezekiah, the Stone of Jacob which represented the Throne of David, and probably the Ark of the Covenant. Jeremiah carried these treasures to Ulster in northern Ireland where Princess Tea Tephi (of Phares Judah line) married King Eochaidh of the Zara Judah line, thereby reuniting the Judah tribe of Royalty in the Isles, as had been prophesied. Since that time, nearly all sovereigns of England have been crowned while sitting on the Stone of Jacob. In 1997AD that stone was removed from the Coronation Throne in Westminster Abbey and returned to Scotland from where it had been taken in 1296AD by King Edward I. It can be seen today in Edinburgh. Queen Elizabeth II of England still reigns from the Throne of David, a throne which God promised would never be vacant. It is that title and throne which Jesus will soon claim. Meanwhile, Godís family of Israel tribes are still flying their tribal emblems in the northern Europe nations. The Lion of Judah signifyís the Throne of the Regent in London. The Bull of Ephraim identifies the British people. The Man of Ruben is used by Greece, Denmark and Iceland. The Eagle of Dan is in Germany, and the U.S. The Olive Branches and Arrows of Manasse are held in Eagle talons in the U.S. The Goblet of Asher is in England and Scotland. Other symbols which identify the white race Europeans as the true tribes of Israel are the Harp of David in Ireland, and the Red cord around the hand of Zara in Ireland.


So, here we are, from our start with Adam in 5508BC, now about to end the World Kingdom age and transition into the Heaven Kingdom age. World was negative, in both energy and deceitful nature; Heaven will be positive, in energy and in Truth. We must leave the pig-pen behind us, slam the gate, and run toward our Fatherís Palace without looking back. Since flesh and blood cannot go there, we must somehow leave these flesh bodies behind, by death, preferably killed (liberated) by our enemy race on this earth stage, namely Satanís family from Cain and from Esau who falsely encourage the deception that they, as Jews, are truly Israel. Their history reveals them to be descendants of Edom, Israel's wicked brother and eternal foe. They serve God's plan as testers of His own children, as tormenters, as exploiters, as tempters, as seducers, as oppressors, and finally by murdering us as our liberators.

It is the instinctive compulsion of Esauís progeny to murder Jacobís progeny. In the Grand Finale of the World Play, they will succeed in killing off most of Godís family, just as the Flood did the same work once long ago. Most of our family has turned away from God and Christís Truth. We have a "Christian" religion which promises prosperity and worldly happiness.

A problem with the Christian religion today is that it ignores clear Bible statements which require us to die to this world, to hate it, to leave it behind. Jesus said we must hate our own family members if we would follow Him. Since the time of Jesus, millions of our European Christians have been tortured to death, burned at the stake, starved to death, and otherwise murdered by Roman Catholics and by the Zionist regime of Stalin. Most of our martyred brothers and sisters went willingly to death rather than recant their belief in Jesus because they knew that Godís Palace was their real home and they must die to this World to attain it.

"Donít you know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever wants to be a friend of the world has made himself an enemy of God."  It was Jesus own brother, James, who wrote that in his letter to his fellow Israelites.

In summary, as we reflect on our attachment to this world life, the time has arrived to consider leaving it behind as we exit this world stage. Imagine losing your home and all personal possessions in a great catastrophe, to then be homeless, broke, destitute, and nowhere to turn except to God as your Father. Can you trust that He will claim you for His own? Can you accept that He might call you out of this world to Himself, or would you pray desperately for Him to restore your worldly life? It is that very concept which is so very important: do you want happiness in World or liberation to His Palace? It is important to let this question become real and meaningful before your world crashes around you, something which looms very near.

God is terminating the 12,000 year kingdom of World; the planet will be nearly destroyed along with most life on it. Like it was with Noah's ark, some few will survive in order to begin a new chapter in His pageant. Whether you survive to be transformed in a twinkling of an eye, or not, isn't important at all. But it is most important that you are willing to slam the door of the World pig pen behind you and rejoice to see it all crash in what is called "The Great Day of God." To be liberated by death will be the easiest because the tribulations will be unimaginably fierce and terrible for those who live through it. In any event, God's children are Spirit beings who occupy physical bodies for brief moments. Our true lives are with God and of God. To shed this defective earthly tent should be a happy desire. To return home is our ultimate joy.

In 2010 AD, as I write this, the journey of our family of God (the Christ flock) through the ages of World is nearing its terminal. Each of us must look within himself to examine whether he is a friend of World or a friend of God. That makes all the difference! Jesus showed us that liberation from this World is only through death, a death which leads to eternal Life. I think His lesson should prompt in us an intense death-wish. But, each person must resolve this dilemma for himself. Iím just reviewing a little history of our journey.

 by Roger Hathaway, June 2010                            Return to Index

Addendum: On this date of June 6, 2010, I published the above article on this website. When I stepped away from the computer and told Lisa, my wife, that I had published this article, she showed me a small bird which had just flown into the window of the house and was dead. It was an Indigo Bunting, a bird which I consider to be perhaps the most beautiful little bird of North America. For me, it is a rare treat to even see one of them. I was jarred quite deeply as I held and looked at this tiny exquisite little creature. The first thought which came to me was that I must be willing to observe the destruction of the most beautiful things of all this world with the demise of this world kingdom. My heart felt a deep sadness which I can hardly describe. Yes, the creatures of God's Grand Design must also perish along with everything else in order for the World to be liberated from its corruption. All creation groans with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God. But, it is difficult to witness, to put it mildly! Yet, I must remind myself that it is God's good plan for this to be accomplished. Liberation ain't gonna be easy!