Here is the sequence of end-time events as foretold in St. Johnís book of Revelations.


Rev. 7:1-13 tells of four angels being restrained from harming the earth and the sea until 144,000 men of the tribes of Israel have been sealed, 12,000 from each tribe. Then he saw a great crowd of various peoples of the world standing before the throne, all clothed in white. White clothing means they suffered the great affliction and were washed in the blood of the Lamb. So, along with 144,000 Elect of God, in whom His Spirit dwells (aka His Temple, City of God, New Jerusalem) there are countless others who will share in the blessings of His loving care in the new kingdom of Heaven. That doesnít mean they will have immortality like the Elect in whom God's breath dwells, but many will share in the rest of the blessings.



Rev 6:9-11 (Seal 5) Martyrs beneath Godís altar cry for vengeance but are told to be patient until after their brothers are killed (in the great war) and join them; then the end will come. This passage suggests that the Seal 6 Great Earthquake will be delayed until after the Armageddon war when the remaining brothers have been gathered/martyred.

Rev 9:1-12 (Trumpet 5 - warning to the Christ race) The shaft of the abyss is opened, smoke (crude oil? or a methane eruption & explosion?) rises from it; locusts (insects? bacteria? war machines?) come from the "smoke" to torment for five months those who were not "sealed." [I think the BP Oil well shaft is the opening into the abyss. It might be that BP's first blowout, Feb 13th, is an even larger open bore-hole than the Macondo shaft blowout of April 20th. The seafloor is fractured and there are many vents spewing oil and methane, seven vents at the Biloxi Dome 7km away. There is word that primordial bacterial organisms are being vented which are quickly fatal to non-white races (killed 8 blacks on a sub which had contacted it, but didn't kill whites), so is this the "locusts"?

Rev 16:10-11 (Bowl 5 - wrath of God upon Edomites) poured onto throne of the Beast (Edomite kingdom of money, politics, courts, medicine, media, entertainment) giving them painful sores. [Or perhaps the bacterial organism will affect the Edomite Jews terribly?]



The Seal 6 Earthquake is postponed until after the war.

Rev 11: 1-14 Describes the trampling of the Holy City for forty two months (3Ĺ years), along with two witnesses who will continue to prophesy for 1,260 days (3Ĺ years). Then the beast of the abyss kills them, letting their corpse lie in street of World while world people rejoice over them. After another 3Ĺ days (years?) they arise and get called to heaven (changed in a twinkling of an eye) at same time the great earthquake (magnetic field reversal) happens.

Rev 9:13-21 (Trumpet 6 - pertains to Christ race: European white race) Loose the 4 angels at the Euphrates to kill one third of the Christ race Men. 200 million soldiers with military weapons do the job, and those who werenít killed refused to repent of their worldly values and lusts.

Rev 16:12-16 (Bowl 6 - wrath of God upon Edomites) Demonic forces proceed from the Dragon (China), the Beast (Edomite Jewry), and the False Prophet (Islam) to involve the whole world in the "war of the great day of God the Almighty." They are called to Armageddon. [Armageddon was a place in ancient Palestine where armies from several nations met to fight a war; the word symbolizes the gathering of many nations to a world war, probably starting in the Middle East but largely a focus of most nations against America, the City of God, where He dwells within His Christ race of true Israelite descendants from Jacob. Modern Edomite Israel is not true Israel, but is Godís enemy.]



Rev 6:12-17 (Seal 6) Great Earthquake brings the "great day of wrath." [This is that moment of magnetic polarity reversal when the earth will wobble, mountains sink, etc. as described in Mat 24.]

Rev 11:15-19 (Trumpet 7 - pertains to Christ race) Kingdom of World has become Kingdom of God and His Christ (anointed race). Godís 24 "Elders" worship, speaking of reward to His servants and destruction to those who destroyed the earth. New Shrine of God is opened for His people.

Rev 16:17-21 (Bowl 7 - wrath of God upon Edomites) poured bowl upon the air, announcing the birth of the new kingdom. Great Earthquake is described, with mention of giving to Babylon (modern Beast civilization) the cup of His anger and wrath.


Rev 8:1-6 (Seal 7) One kingdom ends and another one begins. The seven angels with Trumpets prepare themselves to do another performance.

Rev 10:1-11 Time becomes non-linear in the kingdom of Heaven. The script for Godís Divine Pageant will be sweet at first (ages of Heaven) but then turns bitter (in another 12,000 year kingdom of World). And the play goes on with peoples, nations, prophets, and kings: cycle after cycle.

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