by Roger Hathaway, May 12, 2011

Recent years have seen increasing numbers of people looking to the sky for alien beings who either watch over us, protect us, threaten us, take us on board for testing, mutilate our livestock, or will soon return to harvest the product of this planet from the race of mankind which they created. Strange lights or shapes in the sky get photographed and then published as proof of the existence of UFOís.

My opinion is that every intelligent person should believe in UFOís because that first letter most appropriately stands for "Unidentified."   Who can argue with that?


Some interpret ancient Babylonian writings as indicators of such non-earthly beings, suggesting that they live on an unknown planet which returns to our solar system periodically after thousands of years absence. Some are expecting the return of that planet now. They call it  Planet X or Nibiru.

What should a Christian believe about the possibility of intelligent beings from other planets who, with their technology, would have to  be far more intelligent than us ignorant primitives of earth? Since the Bible gives no clear hint of such creatures, our speculations are unbounded. That some people yearn fearfully for such gods reveals a compulsion which must be inherent in human beings, that we do have an instinctive belief in some kind of god or intelligent super-power.

Here are my thoughts. There are no intelligent beings living on other planets or on spaceships or comets. Such beings donít really exist. Although, I admit that the definition of "really exist" is ambiguous since we already live in a reality of delusion; so we are hardly capable of distinguishing real from delusion. And it is with the question of "reality" that we must begin if we are to answer the question of elusive aliens.


The nature of reality is exactly what our Bible is about! In the beginning, the Supreme Mind, or Universal Mind, imagined a DESIGN of a "Reality." Chapter one of Genesis deals ONLY with a Design in the Mind of God; only a concept was created. No man was yet created, even though living creatures were defined in that first chapter Design. But, the Design, (word is "kosmos" in the Bible) was simply in Godís Mind.

Chapter two of Genesis brings forth an extension/offspring of Godís Mind, namely a Figment character called Adam, made from the same imaginary earth substance as the planet: a Man/Son whose purpose is to believe the DESIGN into existence. God then paraded His kosmos (Design/Concept) past His Adam, who then named/believed the creatures into being. A good analogy is that of a Dreamer who dreams a secondary dreamer (Adam) who then lives the Dream which the first Dreamer has designed. The Dream exists only in a reality of mind which consists of thoughts, consciousness, and sense perceptions where Belief is the Substance of the reality. The author of the book of Hebrews says in chapter 11: "Now faith (belief) is the substance (assurance, hypostasis) of things being hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Even though there is no material substance to really see, our belief provides evidence of its existence simply because we want (hope for) the reality to be true.


Itís all a Mind Play!   Within the Supreme Mind a dream is being dreamed in which we figment characters are the players. Further, we figment characters are also dreamers because we are made in His likeness, in His image (imagination) to believe a reality into our perceptive consciousness. After many thousands of years during which we have believed in a material reality, physicists have now concluded that there is no such thing as a particle of matter. An atom has no material substance! Physicists study atoms only to discover that there is nothing in them except tiny sparks of energy (like heat) which contain no matter.


Even if those tiny sub-atomic units did have material substance, they wouldnít be visible no matter how many gazillions of them were grouped together. A solar system does seem to be a workable concept of how an atom is made. But, even if sub-atomic particles were made of hard matter, each atom would still be so much empty space that atoms could pass through each other at high speed forever with near impossible chance of any collisions. Here is an illustration of the relative size and space of our own solar system. If the sun is represented by a bowling ball, the earth would be a peppercorn 78 feet away from it. The ninth planet, Pluto, would be a tiny grain of sand 1,000 yards from the bowling ball. Now, go outside and pace off 78 feet, which is about 26 paces at 36 inches each. Standing at the bowling ball you canít even see the peppercorn. And you certainly canít see the tiny grain of sand which is more than half a mile away. So, you see, even if sub-atomic particles were matter, we couldnít see the atom regardless how many were gathered in groups to make molecules. And the fact is that those "particles" of an atom are not matter at all, but just units of energy which are not visible anyway.

As you try to contemplate the above, you might look down at your hand and wonder why you canít pass it through the table or book. There is no physical reason you canít walk through walls or through other people except that you believe itís not possible. Your belief becomes the actual substance of that which you want to perceive. More simply stated, you believe in whatever you want to believe in; there isnít anything outside your belief.


How does the above concept relate to the existence of beings from other planets? In our dimension of reality, the Design was formed by the Supreme Mind, and then an Adamic race of Men was initiated who would believe that particular Design into a Play/Dream to be performed. Thus, we players function within a very limited dimension of reality. We can speculate about an infinite number of other reality dimensions, but they are not referenced in our Operatorís Manual, therefore, they are not relevant, nor should we ever expect to be influenced or affected by them. We might try to imagine other dimensions, but we are not capable of relating to them. Deep trance mediums are cursed by God for permitting outside entities (deceitful spirits) to speak through them. Our stage set was designed, and we stepped forth onto it in order to perform the potentials which are available HERE.

I suggest that other dimensions of reality might not even consist of universes of galaxies, stars, solar systems and planets. Our apparent universe exists in our group belief because it was designed for us to perceive. The constellations and the dynamic movement and relationships between our planet and our relative universe are one organic operation, in which we believers play roles of dreamers who naively think the universe exists distinct from our own beliefs. It doesnít.

Some will read the above and suggest that aliens and their space-craft can easily exist if we simply believe them into our perception. Yes, I would agree, IF they are part of Godís grand Design for us. Adam named into being the creatures of God's Design, believing them into his/our conscious perception, but those creatures did not include beings from other dimensions or super-intelligent gods or weird-people types from planets within our own dream. The Operation Manual, provided to us, outlines the elements of the Design without suggesting any others outside it, except for Godís own spirit angels and demons which do have assigned relationships to our lives.


Many photos have been published which purport to be alien spacecraft in our skies, some which are quite convincing. How shall we explain this?

My theory is that we live in an electric universe, not one of matter. All atoms, creatures, planets, stars, etc. are simple electric energies which we believe to exist, by the nature of their relationship to our electric minds which generate them into our perception. Electrical frequency patterns relate within our reality intra-dimensionally like communication signals between persons, symbiotically. My camera can photograph what I see with my eyes because of a natural agreement between my eyes and my belief.


Each of us functions as a patterned dynamic within the dominant energy (belief) of a group mind, so that every member of the group shares the same general perceptions. For instance, if no one believed in a flying saucer, then one person could not on his own bring that convincingly into consciousness, even though he might fantasize it in his own imagination. Like the theory of the "hundredth monkey," when enough people imagine flying saucers to be real then one can photograph what he sees effectively. BUT, what he sees is still ephemeral, prima facie. Consequently, that which appears to be conclusive evidence of his belief is frustratingly transitory and never can be exhibited tangibly. Consequently, we see a lot of believers who are personally convinced of something which can never be proved. Such involvement in ephemeral conjectures includes those who believe they were taken aboard spaceships, even with physical scars or evidence to prove it. Our minds are fully capable of such convincing hallucinations and stigmata. This kind of thing is possible because we each function as a unique facet of an organic whole-mind. A concept quite difficult to apprehend is that of the grand Design of energy patterns (including the influence of stellar configurations) which work dynamically to structure a mental matrix, within which each person can perceive or experience time, space, and change relative to his own belief.

Proof of such power of belief has recently been achieved by modern technology, especially for government intelligence agencies like NSA. A patterned Radio Frequency (RF) signal can be transmitted to an individual from a distant antenna which can induce into the subject's perception a visible scene which appears to be very real. They can make a subject hear audible sounds/words in his head without use of his ears. They can monitor on a distant computer screen whatever the subject is looking at. They can read his thoughts either as text or as spoken words. A year or two ago a contract was let by the government for a manufacturer to produce helmets for soldiers which would convert one man's thoughts into audible words for other soldiers to hear in their helmets. Of course, you can see the potential for reprogramming a person's mind to believe and to think whatever the controllers wish. While God created us to express Himself, some men are achieving the ability to usurp God and to force individuals to express their will instead. Satan's goal for his kingdom of 12,000 year World is to duplicate in this maya a similar type of reality as that during Christ's 12,000 year kingdom of Heaven. As above, so below. Fortunately, the World kingdom has a time limit and God will not permit His own Offspring to be Shanghied like that.

Further, we must consider that our perceptions can be positive (resonant with Godís perfect Design) or negative (deceptive, delusional, dissonant to Godís dream). Satan is that intelligent factor which influences delusional perceptions (the liar of John 8:44).


As I write this in May 2011, a comet Elenin is approaching earth, to pass within a distance closer than the moon orbit this November. Accompanying this heavy, dense, and fairly large comet are two objects yet unidentifiable. Some speculate that this comet brings alien gods and perhaps the two objects are their spacecraft. My personal speculation is that these objects will be photographable and that believers (in E.T.ís) might enjoy dramatic communications through psychic channelings along with abductee experiences, etc. Newscast stories might be very convincing; internet bloggers will go hyper. Then, after the objects have left our neighborhood, the only remaining evidence will be circumstantial, namely the impressive stories (with stigmata) of those true-believers. But, people like myself, who choose to be faithful to the script of this dimension, will remain unconvinced because of a lack of other physical evidence. Scientists like Carl Sagan or Stephen Hawking suggest the probability of extraterrestrial life simply because the universe is so vast that it is improbable that they donít exist. The weakness of that supposition rests in their assumption that the universe of stars and planets is physical and exists separate from, or outside, our own minds. I posit that men can find the universe to appear ever larger and larger, without end, simply because they wish to perceive it that way. Of course, that argument opens the door for us to perceive real alien beings on those distant planets, too. And I admit the possibility of that realization if a large number of men believe it. Yet, I also believe that these "believers" will not be permitted, no matter how many, by the Director of our play to bring a foreign company onto the stage for a coup to replace Him who is the Beginning and the End of our Play.

Regarding the comet, Elenin, I consider it part of Godís Design and its appearance at this time for a definite purpose. It is being suggested by some that the geophysical responses to the closeness of Elenin might be some strong earthquakes.


Physicists have proven conclusively that there is no such thing as a particle of matter which exists outside our imaginations. With laboratory evidence so convincing, it is natural that seekers feel compelled to find some other explanation for this apparent world which we can see and touch. How can we help but wonder why things appear as they do? Just what kind of construct is this in which we think we live and move?

ē We should keep in mind that our ancestors of the ancient east described reality as maya, an illusion, not material.

ē Philosophers like David Hume and Immanuel Kant attempted to demonstrate that the world that we experience is not real but a phenomenal world, only apparent.

ē Einstein proposed a math equation to explain his concept of the relative nature of reality.

ē A Fermilab particle astrophysicist, Craig Hogan, is now suggesting that our reality is a 3D Hologram, consisting of wave-interferences, which results not in matter but only an appearance of matter. ( http://holometer.fnal.gov/presentations/ )

ē Nick Bostrom, Dept of Philosophy at Oxford University, published a thesis in the 2003 Philosophical Quarterly, which suggests that we are living in a computer simulation. [See www.nickbostrom.com, and www.simulation-argument.com, and www.simulation-argument.com/matrix.html  (Why the Probability that You are Living in the Matrix is Quite High)]

So, you can see that men are still trying to define the nature of reality, not as a matter of matter, but rather as complex mathematical relationships (mental constructs) which function as patterns, waves, cyclic energies, and such; all of which include our personal minds as both generative and perceptive.

Our minds hunger for answers to these mysteries which have perplexed us forever. Some are attracted to the Biblical God, like sheep to their Shepherd. Others are more attracted to science for answers and for mastery. Others believe that the mysteries imply extra-terrestrial gods. Whatever oneís attraction, he can find enough satisfying energy patterns in this great and complex matrix to convince himself that he is right and dissenters are wrong. Proof of that statement is easily seen if you consider the infinite number of religious factions.


I guess we would all agree that we want to know what is really REAL. I see two different realities, one being that perfect Design of God which is a Mind Play wherein we players know the Design, we know who we are, we know our spiritual nature, and we know how to express Godís perfect will in our lives (Heaven). The second reality is a corruption of that perfect Design, a reversed image of the Truth, a limited material world where we donít know Godís Design or His will, but instead we believe that Satanís lie is real World. It was to save/restore God's perfect DESIGN that He gave Jesus to demonstrate that we must DIE in order to transfer from this material World to the spiritual Heaven. "For God so loved the kosmos/DESIGN (usually translated as "world") that He gave His Son. . ." His DESIGN is ALL-IMPORTANT! And, we of His body, are part of what He wants to restore! Since flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven, then it is necessary that one must DIE, a spirit-being son of God, leaving his flesh body behind. Some postulate that we will be raptured in order to avoid that sacrifice of body; others preach that spacecraft will save us from death when the world is destroyed. The Biblical God directs us to follow His Son to and through the death process in order to live anew in the spiritual Heaven kingdom. He leads us to a different door than Satan would lead us to.

For us, we are all at home with this delusion of world reality, so that we believe that all which we perceive is truly REAL. Of course, the Bible tells us that the world of Satanís dominion is not Truth, but is a false reality. But, Satanís powers work to over-ride the Truth while convincing us of all sorts of things which are not part of Godís Design. Deceitful spirits work among us to convince us that extraterrestrials are as real as earth and flesh, and that our real lords are aliens who come to check on us every few thousand years. Those deceptive spirits channel very convincing messages and hallucinations. If youíve seen the movie of the life of John Nash, A BEAUTIFUL MIND, then you can understand how difficult (impossible?) it is for a person to distinguish between hallucination and Truth. After all, we already live in a delusion anyway.

Personally, I think that the occult phenomena are increasing as we approach that moment of transition from this negative energy World into the positive energy Heaven. Occultists might say the veil between dimensions is getting thinner, but the dimensions of their concern are occupied by Satan's deceitful spirits. If God created reality dimensions outside this one, they are NOT vulnerable to contamination from our corrupted delusion. I would say that with a weakening magnetic field strength, our sense of reality is becoming more fluid, more non-finite, perhaps even less mathematical, and as some physicists suggest, less linear. I speculate that the fears, desires, inclinations, and dysfunctions of our personal minds will find more realization, simply because reality is just a mental play anyway. Different types of people will find their own fulfillments; those who claimed the Biblical God and His "Way" will find themselves more separated from those who sought other gods or material values or sensual satisfactions. As desperately as powerful leaders want to force a global-mind of contented servants, we are seeing the opposite happening; each person awakening to the truth that he/she alone is responsible for his/her choices and convictions. I have long felt compelled to seek out God's ultimate Truth, whatever that might be and regardless of any personal wishes. At the most simple level, I have accepted Jesus' clear statements as Truth, a path which resulted in my estrangement from the Christian religion which teaches the very opposite from what He said. It has been difficult for me to replace core-beliefs which I had learned as a child, but I had to let them go. Now, my personal conclusions about the nature of reality have resulted in a "big picture" which I can diagram and defend, just as a scientist might defend his own personal thesis, or as might that devotee of the liíl alien dudes defend his conviction. I must confess the temptation to defend my own thesis simply because I thought it up myself. This phenomenon of inspiration is pretty heady stuff for anyone who yields to its flow, as psychics, channelers, and deep-trance mediums well know. So, how can I insure that I donít succumb to the narcotic of inspiration simply for the pleasure of its intoxication?

I say to go back to our Operatorís Manual, the Bible, which defines the parameters of our reality (scope, time, form, theme, plot, and purpose), and strive to function within its prescription. Let's assume that we are not here by accident. Let's assume that each has a purpose. Letís play the hand we are dealt; letís seek the truth which Jesus pointed us toward; letís learn to succeed in the reality where we were born before praying to other fantasy beings and imaginary gods outside it; let's play with enthusiasm the roles assigned to us; let's do contest in the great arena as representatives of the One Almighty King who empowers us. Those people who are presently grasping for dominions and powers and lords and gods outside our dimension are defaulting the purposes for which they were born, namely to perform this reality as their assignment. They have denied the existence of the Supreme Mind which designed this play, in order to adore other mysterious and deceitful powers. (It's a lame tactic to claim that our God also created other gods, with this exception: that Satan was given permission to deceive us by presenting himself to us as principalities and powers.) Those who seek other gods have believed Satanís deceitful spirits which the Bible warns us against. They have used their own minds to contradict that Supreme Mind which gave them being, value, and purpose. They have defaulted their lives. They have exercised their free-will to act contrary to Him who granted it. At the ends of their tunnels they find a black wall and a deep dark pit, while God's faithful ones find an open door into a glorious kingdom.

by Roger Hathaway, May 12, 2011                                    Return to Index