Race is the single-most overriding theme of American culture. It has been so for several generations. It is now politically correct for whites to consider all other races equal to us in every way. The Liberal movement has reprogrammed white Americans to feel guilty for achieving more than the third-world nations. From such guilt, our attempt at redemption is simple; we must sacrifice our white European Christian culture for the sake of any other race which demands a share of our achievement. Politicians get elected by pandering to race-issues. Lawyers get rich by working the "race card." White Anglo-Saxon Protestants are, according to the recent U.S. Attorney General, Janet Reno, potential terrorist enemies of the government. Bill Clinton said at the beginning of his presidency that he worked toward a goal that the European culture would no longer be dominant in America. The fact that "race" is a primary focus in our culture is dramatically emphasized through the entertainment industry. Nearly every television commercial includes negroes, even at white family barbecues in the back yard or at a white family dining table. The news camera and microphone go instantly to a lone negro in a large crowd if there is one. Negroes are nearly always presented first in any series of pictures. The new negro holiday of Kwanzaa is taught in public schools while mention of Christmas is forbidden. Like the negro attorney, Johnny Cochran said, "Race is everything!" Our white race and European culture are being destroyed. A movie can be named "White Men Can't Jump," and become a money-making hit, but if we tried to promote a movie named "Black Men Can't Think," what do you think would happen? Recently, Susan Sontag, a darling of the intellectual elitists and winner of a "genius grant" from the MacArthur Foundation, said, "The white race is the cancer of human history."  Also, recently, the current chairwoman of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission said, "Civil rights laws were not passed to protect the rights of white men and do not apply to them."

What astounds me most, and leaves me shaking my head in confusion, is that some who are trying to destroy the white race are themselves white! Try as I can, I cannot understand why anyone would do that to his/her own people. Is their self contempt so great that nothing will satisfy except the destruction of their entire race? What kind of insanity is that? I am unable to get some kind of "feel" for why a person would commit such an unspeakable crime.

Why is this being permitted in our society? There are several factors, not least that we white Christians are not protesting. Ironically, the first fault for this crime against us can be laid at the feet of the early Christian church which has its own universal agenda. From the fourth century onward, the western branch of Christianity named itself the "catholic" church, which means "universal." It was their contention that Jesus died to save ALL the peoples of the world. No matter that Jesus clearly said, "I came not except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel," the church simply outlawed Bibles so the people couldn't read that. While the Reformation addressed a few of the most outrageous teachings of the Roman Catholic church, the reformers failed to correct many other errors, which have been carried into the Protestant movement. None of those Roman lies have been addressed by Protestant theologians since the Reformation, nor will the organized denominations permit it to this day. Protestant Christianity has closed the windows and locked the doors of theology, clinging in their sepulchral darkness to whatever Luther or Calvin said and not permitting the Holy Spirit any further work among their members. The dogs in the manger eat not, nor let the sheep feed.

The other factor behind the perverted racial movement is much more powerful than the error of Christian theologians; it is part of the long-term divine pageant of God whereby good versus evil. Two races of men have divine origins, from Adam and from Cain. It was into a degenerate world of many kinds of creatures and primitive races that God introduced two races of opposing natures. The white race is traceable back to Adam while the Edomite (Jewish) race is traceable back to Cain. Without spending time here in the debate about the two-seed doctrine, about Satan's "sperm" (Gen. 3:16) being involved, or Jesus statements in John 8 that the Edomites were not from God but that Satan is their father, I merely want to point out the importance of the two opposing instincts.

Over the many 25,000 year cycles of history, half of each cycle was ruled by the negative intelligent energy called "Satan." Satan's period of rulership is called "kingdom of World." The other half-cycle is ruled by the positive "Christ," being called "kingdom of God." Descendants of Cain, and later of Esau, possess native instincts of wickedness which Jesus described in John 8. Their deepest instinct is to destroy their brother race of Jacob/Israel, and during the half cycle when they are dominant, their attempts to destroy us define the course of history. We can trace their influence in the genocidal pogrom against Christians from the very beginning.

It was Edomites who had taken over the Jerusalem temple and Judea, under the Edomite Herod. After the Edomites had been evicted from Edom, about 312 BC, they migrated in Judea where they caused the Judean Israelites many problems. In 132 BC, John Hyrcanus, leader of Jerusalem, required the Edomites to be circumcised and join the Talmudic Phariseeism religion at the Jerusalem temple. Just a brief note here that the corrupt religion at Jerusalem was brought back from the Babylon captivity; it was an unholy practice of Chaldean magics and quite opposite the true religion of the ancient Hebrews. Well, the Edomites converted to that so-called "Judaism," and soon governed Judea and its Israelites. Edomites called themselves "Judeans" because they lived in Judea and governed it. The word "Jews" did not exist yet, but later became a slang term for Judeans, which were largely Edomites. It was the Edomite rulership that had Jesus killed. The Edomites developed close ties and strong influence with the Roman rulers in the Provinces and in Rome itself where they had a community of about 50,000 already at the time of Jesus. When Christianity spread to Rome, the Edomite influence undoubtedly encouraged the persecution of the new sect.

Christianity was persecuted in the Roman Empire for those early centuries, until Emperor Constantine favored Christianity and made it the state religion. In order to continue their political influence, many Edomites (Jews) became Christians and held high offices in the developing organization of the Roman "Catholic" church; some became Bishops, and over succeeding centuries many Edomite Jewish men became Popes. It became the primary effort of the Roman Catholic Church to subdue all of white-race Europe, and bring it under its tyranny. White race Europeans were the tribes of Israel who migrated into Europe about 700 BC following the Assyrian purge of Palestine. So, during the middle ages we have descendants of Jacob, the tribes of Israel in Europe, being assailed by the Roman Catholic Church which was influenced and often led by Edomites, descendants of Esau, Jacob's eternal enemy. The history of civilization reveals the continuing contest between these two races.

During the dark ages of the Inquisitions, it is estimated that the Roman church killed about fifty million northern European Christians. Jesus had told the Edomite Pharisees at the temple, "You are from your father the devil, and you choose to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in truth, because there is no truth in him." (John 8:44) The race of Cain and Edom was described by Jesus in clear words, but the Roman Catholic movement did not teach that truth for good reason: it would thereby indict itself. So, Esau destroyed about fifty million true Israelites during the "Dark Ages," until the Reformation brought the slaughter to a stop in Europe. Of course, the Roman church then went all over the rest of the world doing the same to other peoples. It is Edom's powerful instinct to murder.

Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto about 1848. He was an Edomite Jew, and proposed a movement for Jewish control of the world. The system of government he defined was basically the same as the tyranny organized as Roman Catholicism. The Bolshevik revolution was a Marxist Jewish movement by which they conquered the Soviet States including Russia which was populated by the Germanic race, Israelites of the diaspora. Between 1920 and 1940 the Stalinist regime killed an estimated sixty million of the Germanic Christian people, another Edomite pogrom against Israel. Germany witnessed the genocide against its own people along with the Jewish banking plunder within Germany itself. In 1939 the Jewish Zionists published a book titled, GERMANY MUST PERISH, which outlined the extermination of the Anglo-Saxon race to the last man. Germany, under Hitler, attempted to halt the genocide by attacking Communism, with a goal of getting Stalin and Moscow. The Jewish protectors, Britain and America, would not allow Germany to attack Moscow, so through World War II Germany was stopped. The victorious General Eisenhower then turned all the German captives over to the Jewish Communists who proceeded to kill nine million more Germans. All of that history is deleted from Jewish-published text books, while Jews maintain a lying outcry about six-million of theirs being killed. Certainly, many Jews were killed by German forces, but most of the prison camp deaths were caused by the Allies who cut off all food supplies and tried to starve all Germany to death which, of course, included their prisoners. The truth is that Germany always fed and treated its prisoners well. As for "gas chambers," it has recently been revealed that the alleged gas-chamber building was built sometime after WWII by Poland, and that is why there is no trace of Xylon B, the gas which Jews claim was used. The attempts of Esau to kill Jacob have defined the course of history.

In 1897 there was a Zionist Congress of 300 "Learned Elders of Zion" in Switzerland, headed by Theodor Herzl. Many lectures of prominent rabbis were printed into a booklet titled "Protocols." The rabbis were bold in expressing their hatred of the white race and their plans to destroy us. Prominent among those plans is forced race-mixing; they would cause the white race to be bred out of existence. That agenda is being implemented today as our borders are opened and we welcome people from any country of the world as long as they are not white. European immigration is held tightly in check. Our American politicians are strongly influenced from behind the scenes by Jewish powers, through banking, the Federal Reserve (Jewish control of our economy), and wealthy Jewish industrialists. It is the Jewish design of forced race-mixing that prompts me to write this paper. Negroes have been exalted through the written and broadcast media, education system, judicial system, economic policies, and politics, all of which are controlled by Jews.

In a book that I am reading, the author tells about a sheep dog. He writes: "I know of a Scottish sheep dog. The first time she saw sheep, at the age of only six weeks, she tried to herd them. This trait is inbred. The fine points of herding she later learned from older more experienced sheep dogs, but she instinctively herded sheep from the first instant she saw them. She has no choice. For 1,000 generations all Scottish shepherd-dogs before her who could not herd sheep were killed or prevented from breeding. She is descended from those who did herd."

"'White' man is self evidence of what he is. When God's Law calls - he comes. He has no choice. For 1,000 generations the murderers and rapists among his people were executed by God's Law, or not allowed to breed. God's Law is so ingrained that other races may cheat him, rob him, rape his women, steal his children, and kill him. But only reluctantly will he defend himself. Of course, this has a limit.

"Such is not the case of some races, such as Black. They are the result of 1,000 generations of those who bought wives by stealing cattle and who rose to authority by murder. Inefficient thieves and murderers did not gain cattle with which to buy wives. They did not reproduce. Like breeds like. Western jails are filled with unlawful Blacks. They are the result of selective breeding.

"The Indian's story is the same. For 1,000 generations they rewarded murder and stealing. The best murderer was made chief and many wives were bought by the best thieves. The product is the result of 1,000 generations of thieves and murderers. Like breeds like. The jails of America are filled with them. (That quote is from Richard Hoskins of Lynchburg, Virginia, but I lost the reference re: book title and page number. I'll try to find it sometime.)" [And, keep in mind that Mexicans are native American Indians who speak Spanish].

That is not to say that Whites have not produced murderers and thieves. There have been some, but they did not become rulers because they were punished or killed. It is not the goal of the White race to develop genetic behaviors of violence, murder, thievery, rape, etc. Those traits have long ago been "bred-out" of our race, resulting in a race of people who are the kindest, most peaceful, compassionate, benevolent, tolerant, and self-sacrificing on the face of the earth. We are a special race, having no peers. We are true children of God, and we express that daily in our lives. We create neighborhoods and civilizations that other races envy and want for themselves. And then, like stupid sheep, we welcome them into our midst and believe that if we are nice to them they will be like us. Always we are naively surprised that our scheme didn't work. We just don't understand the power of genetic DNA programming.

In America, our people have adopted children from other races. I know of Indian children who were adopted as babies into affluent White homes where they learned only the White culture. When they became young adults, they sought out their roots, their Indian parents and villages, and moved back there to live. Invariably, they abandoned the White training and became Indians, with an absence of morality and honesty, and became alcoholics. Why? Because they found their genetic home, their true identities, and felt more comfortable there than with the White culture.

In the Old Testament, the Moabites were neighbors of Israelites who had become large, prosperous, and powerful. The Moabites feared the Israelites but dared not attack them. So, they sought some other means of weakening or destroying them. Balak, king of the Moabites, sent for a renowned Midianite prophet named Balaam. Balaam told Balak that there was no way to defeat the Israelites because their God was too powerful and protected them. But, if their God could be made angry at the Israelites, He would punish them and weaken them and let them be conquered. He told them the one thing their God would not tolerate was the mixing of their race with any others. So, here's the plan, according the historian, Josephus: "Set out the handsomest ... of your daughters ... then ... send them to be near the Israelites ... and when they are enamored of them ... persuade them to leave off their obedience to their own laws and the word of God who established them ... for by this means God will be angry at them." (Josephus Antiquities 4:6:6)

God is the Husbandman, like a farmer practicing Animal Husbandry. He is striving to produce one special race of people who express His Godly characteristics in their lives. In order to do this, He has forbidden their mixing with any other race, under penalty of death. God's program makes good sense when you understand the above. He is preparing one race of people for a special destiny, that of creating and developing the kingdom of God after the kingdom of World has ended. In order for His plan to succeed in the future, genetic defects must be culled from His people before they can be reproduced. God's Law defines the defects that can not be permitted.

Our White European culture of honesty and morality and compassion is that which President Clinton spoke of when said he works toward a goal that European culture will no longer be dominate in America. So, he opened the gates and welcomed many millions of foreign people into our land, granting them immediate welfare and medical rights which are not even available to the white-taxpayers who are paying for them. Each foreign culture is promoted by our government and its media. Each is encouraged to be proud of its identity, and loud cries fill the media about their rights to retain their own cultural values, and that they should be proud of that culture from which they fled, not being forced to acclimate into the American culture. The problem for any White-race Christians who cry out, wanting to retain our culture without being invaded by foreigners and being forced to tolerate their cultures, is that we are then vilified and demonized, being called racist and "haters" and bigots and any other pejorative creative writers can conjure. Foreign cultures are subsidized by our taxes, while our own culture of morality and dignity and work-ethic and honesty is vilified. Some people have become extremely angry about this genocide of our people through the promotion of race-mixing, and use the Bible to express God's anger at race-mixing. The small groups which do this are then attacked by the government, and classified as "terrorist" or "hate-group," infiltrated, and then subverted by federal agent-provocateurs if possible. We are being destroyed.

I really have no hatred against any foreign culture, and believe that they have a right to practice their own culture in their own land without being subverted, and that we Europeans also have a right to practice our White-race Christian culture in our land without being subverted. Foreign cultural values that are the genetic heritage of other races cannot be suddenly changed into American values by inter-racial breeding. Interestingly, Clinton never suggested that foreign races adopt our values. He proposed that our values diminish while theirs increase. Pres. Bush is continuing the same agenda with even greater vigor. He understands the genetics, and is destroying our culture deliberately.

While Jews do no missionary work, nor seek outsiders into their synagogues, nor permit their children to marry non-Jews (with exceptions for lower level Jews about whom they care nothing), they encourage and promote the idea that all races are equal and whites should miscegenate enthusiastically. It is the politically correct thing today, as government policies conspicuously favor non-white races and mixed marriages. White producers are taxed more and more for their work, while non-whites are brought in like a flood to receive the booty which has been robbed from us. The Jewish pogrom against White Anglo Saxon Protestants continues.

The history is interesting, and reveals much, but what is God's will? The Old Testament story is a radically bigoted program in which God favors one specific race and cares NOTHING for any other. The Liberals of today need to nullify the Bible just as much as the Roman Catholic Church did! Let's look at the subject of race itself. Why did God show such favor to one race alone? The answer is simply that we, Adam's and Israel's descendants, are specially created from divine origin, and endowed with spiritual minds which other races do not have. I treat this subject at length in other writings, so will be brief here. God introduced the Adamic race into the world in order to influence the entire world toward the path of righteousness. If you look at the SINE-WAVE DIAGRAM, you see that Adam appears at the nadir (bottom) of a cycle. We are destined to carry the world upward toward holiness by means of influences which are good. The track record of our race reveals that we are innocent, non-violent, just, honorable, noble, honest, valuing integrity and the golden rule. We create societies which other races envy and want to be part of. The fact is that other races cannot duplicate our achievements because they do not have the spiritual minds by which to create goodness. The racial differences between our white race and others is more than mere skin color; we are a different species. Some taxonomists, more than a century ago, declared the white race to be a different genus. If we consider the truth that other races do not have the spiritual natures with which God endowed the Adamic race, then they also do not have a spirit which lives beyond this earthly life. Like all the other creatures of God's design, they live but one life and no more. It is their opportunity to have happy, successful, and fulfilled lives if they practice righteousness and recognize the true God. But, there is no "eternal" life for them. They were not permitted to worship in sight of the Tabernacle, nor were they permitted into the inner courts of the Temple. Jesus did not come for them, as He explicitly stated, because they did not need a "repairer of the breach." They were not parties to the Old Covenant, a contract which was with Israel alone, and which Israel breached. So, they cannot be accused of breaking God's Law; it was not given to them nor can it apply to them. They needed no redeemer from the penalty of breaking a contract which they did not sign. Nor are they part of the New Covenant (Jeremia 31 and Hebrews 8), which again is between God and Israel alone.

The argument of "race" is hardly even applicable, for Israelites are of divine origin; they are gods in comparison to the earth creatures and races. The world is our training ground, lifetime after lifetime (resurrections), as God lives in and through us, expressing Himself through us who are in His image. We are God's children, His representatives, actually even His expressions of Himself. We are playing a grand drama, a divine pageant, in which God's WORD is the director and producer. It is our destiny to redeem, as the body of Christ, this world from its negative state, transforming it into the positive kingdom of God. All creation, living and non-living, is but a figment of God's mind. It is in God's mind that we play roles on this stage. The other creatures and races are just props on the set. The real theme of the play is a mental and spiritual dynamic struggle between opposing energies, in which "mind" is the player, the strategist, the philosopher, the dynamic operator, the struggler, and either victor or loser. It's no sham play! And we are no puppets, but active participants in God's dynamic contest.

I started this paper with a plan to explain the taxonomical categories of kingdom (animal), phylum (chordata), class (mammal), order (primates), family (hominidae), genus (Homo), and species (europaeus). See the article FOUR MINDS for further discussion of this. Those categories describe the natural order of creation, but once we understand the true nature of the grand pageant, we have transcended such mundane nomenclatures. While we may appear to be human-form, the truth is that we are actually creators of the reality which we perceive. The play is a mind-play, and we are participants in God's direction of it. Taxonomists don't have a category for gods. They've not read Jesus statement that we are gods.

Finally, it is our racial destiny to experience death. Jesus was the head of the body of Christ, of which we are the members. As the head goes, so goes the body. He said we would experience these things, and we certainly are. Jesus was put to death at the instigation of Edom; and so today we are being killed by that same eternal enemy of Jacob. Armageddon is the great war which will put us down, and from which we will rise again to fulfill our destiny as God's children, to found and develop the kingdom of God, where positive forces of good dominate and the wicked designs of our enemy brother, Esau, cannot prevent us from creating a holy kingdom. The other races of the world will continue to be figments, just props on the stage, governed by God's own Israel. We will offer them the happiness of Heaven, many will accept and find glorious fulfillment of their lives. Many will reject righteousness and will be doomed. But we WILL bring forth a Godly kingdom where every creature can live the perfect life for which it was designed, rather than this hell which Satan's children design.

Esau begged for a blessing from Isaac, who finally relented and promised that Esau would dominate Jacob for a time. We are now at the end of Esau's wicked rulership, and must but pass through the crucifixion before we are resurrected once again. God's divine plan is progressing just as it should, and the racial issue is part of the injustice which assaults Israel. That's just the way it is. Let us rejoice in that which awaits us beyond this pale, the sure promise of God's unalterable plan.

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