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HISTORY TIMELINE   Bible Chronology, World Events, History dates

        The Biblical dating is based on the Greek Septuagint of 285BC, the Bible used by Jesus and all others at His time. The Hebrew Masoretic Text (MT) had not been created yet. The Greek Septuagint (LXX) places Adam at 5508BC, whereas the popular English Bible dating of Bishop Usher places Adam at 4004BC, being based on the MT of about 1,000AD. Some other BC creation dates are: by Josephus as 5555; India 6204; Arab 6174; Egyptian 6081; Persian 5507; Luther 3961; Rabbi Lipman 3616.   The spelling of Bible Names is according to the LXX of 285BC instead of the popular English Bible spellings.


Compiled by Roger Hathaway for www.divinepageant.com website. My selection of which historical events to include is simple personal preference, based on my own familiarity, studies, worldview, interests and prejudices, just as with any other historian.



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MESOLITHIC PERIOD (8300 - 7000bc)

NEOLITHIC PERIOD (7000 - 3000bc)


BC 5,000's

5508-4578 Adam (930yr) & Zoe

5308(?) Gemini Twins born: Cain & Able.

5278-4366 Set (912)

5073-4168 Enos (905)

BC 4,000's


4883-3973 Cainan (910)

4713-3818 Maleleel (895)

4578 Adam died. (Cain too, acc. to Bk of Jubilees, ch 4)

4548-3586 Jared (962)

Cain race is at Nippur worshiping Enlil (devil)  4500

4386-4021 Enoch (365)

4221-3252 Mathusala (969)

4054-3301 Lamech (753)

BC 3,000's


Sargon The Magnificent, of Akkad  3900

3866-2916 Noe (950)

3365-2765 Sem (600) (Cham, Iapheth) Gen 11:10

(Tower of Babel: Gen 11) Sumeria at its peak  3500

3266 GREAT FLOOD  (Noah's Ark) in Tarim Pendi Basin, western China.(date per LXX)

3264-2826 Arphaxad (535) Gen 11:10

3191-2731 Kainan (460) Gen 11:12

Cuneiform writing appears in Sumer  ca.3200 (Akkadian language)

3200 Noe Family settles Punjab region, NW India, Great Bharat family (Mahabharata)

Mayan calendar begins 3114

Assyrian people appear   ca. 3000

3061-2601  Sala (460) Gen 11:14

EARLY BRONZE AGE (3000 - 2000)

(bronze is alloy of copper and tin, making a harder metal)

Greece: Early HELLADIC Period 3000 - 2000

BC 2,000's

Egyptian dynasties begin  2900

2931-2527 Heber (404) Gen 11:16 (led Heber family (language: Sanskrit, religion: Vedic) from Punjab to Mesopotamia. Hebrew's native Sanskrit language then mixes w/Akkadian to become Phoenician

2797-2458 Phaleg (339) Gen 11:18

2667-2328 Ragau (337) Gen 11:20

Greece: MINOAN civiliz. in Crete ca. 3000-1400

2535-2205 Seruch (330) Gen 11:22

Lugal-Zaggisi rules Sumer  2400

2405-2041 Nachor (304) Gen 11:24

Sargon of Akkad (Nimrod) rules Sumeria  2334

2166-1961 Tharra (205) Gen 11:32

2096-1921 Abraam born, (175) married half-sister Sara (127) Gen 11:29

Phoenicians have shipping trade w/No. America, Mississippi River

2056  Tharra led Abram at ca.40 out of Chaldees to Charran

2021  Abram at 75 leaves Charran for Chanaan w/Lot & Sara Gen 12:4

2010  Ismael born after 11 yr in Chanaan Gen 16:3

Amorites establish Old Babylon Empire  ca. 2000

2000 Hu Gadarn settles Britain.

Hittites (Aryan) rule North & Asia Minor  ca. 2000

MIDDLE BRONZE AGE (2000 - 1550)

BC 1900's

1996  Abram at 99 to Abraam, Sara to Sarrha; circumcision covenant; promised son Isaak..  Gen 17:5-19

1996 Sodom & Gomorrha destroyed; Lot's daughters bear Moab & Amman; Abram & Sarrha in Gerara. Gen 18, 19.

1995- Isaak born (180) when Abraam 100yr, & Sarrha 90. Gen 21:3

1958 Sarrha dies at 127.

1955 Isaak marries Rebekka at 40. Gen 25:20

1935 Jacob & Esau born; Isaak 60.Gen 25:27. Dwelt in Gerara; Is.said Rebekka sister Gen 26:7.

1921 Abraam died at 175yr. Gen 25:7

(ca. this era) Zarathustra (Zoroaster) rejects Abrahamic sacrifices, so attempts to restore ancient Hebrew religion by composing Gathas in Pahlavi language, from Sanskrit Vedas, words and rituals.

BC 1800's

[Dating of Israelites taken from Eusebius' Praeparatio Evangelica Bk9, ch21]

1895 Esau at 40 marries 2 Chettite/Hivite women. Gen 26:34. Esau's blessing Gen 27:40.

1872 Ismael died at 137.  Gen 25:17

1859 Jacob at 77 goes to Charran at Laban’s

1852 Jacob at 84 marries Lea.

1851 Ruben born to Lea Gen 29:32.

1850 Symeon born to Lea. Gen 29:33.

1849 Levi born to Lea. Gen 29:34.

            Levi lineage: [Clath - Amram- Aaron & Moses]

1848 Juda born to Lea. Gen 29:35.

       Juda’s son Phares' lineage: [Phares-Esron-Ram-Amminadab-Nahshon-Salmon-Boaz-Obed-Jesse-King David-Solomon-series of kings - Shealtiel-Zerubbabel-Abiud-Eliakim-Azor-Zadok-Achim-Eliud-Eleazar-Matthan-Jacob-Joseph-Jesus]

        Juda’s son Zara's lineage: [Zara-Darda-Erichthonios-Tros] [Tros-Ilos-Laomedan-Priam-Hector] [Tros-Assarachos-Capys-Anchises-Aeneas-Br’tus to Britain -Cwmryu] [Tros-Ganymede]

1848  Dan born to Balla, Rachel's maid. Gen 30:6.

1847  Nephthali born to Balla, Rachel's maid. Gen 30:8.

1847 Gad born to Zelpha, Lea's maid. Gen 30:11.

1846 Aser born to Zelpha, Lea's maid. Gen 30:13.

1846 Issachar born to Lea. Gen 30:18.

1845 Zabulon born to Lea. Gen 30:20.

1844 Dina born to Lea. Gen 30:21.

1844 Jacob gets Rachel after the 7 yrs.

1843 Joseph born to Rachel. Gen 30:24. 

1838 Jacob wrestles Lord & renamed ISRAEL Gen 32:28. (cf. 35:10)

1838 Israel goes to Salem in Sekima, Chanan. Gen 33:18. (after 20yr w/Laban. Gen 31:38).

1828 Dina defiled at Emmor, 16yr4mo old. Gen 34:2. Israel goes to Baithel Gen 35:1

1826 Joseph taken to Egypt at 17, for 39yr Gen 37:1.

1820 Benjamin born to Rachel at Ephratha/Bethlehem. Gen 35:18

1815 Isaac died at 180yr old. Gen 35:28.

1813 Joseph released fm prison (Gen 41:14) at 30yr old. Seven years of plenty begin.

1813 Joseph marries Aseneth (Gen 51:46)

1807 Manasse, Ephraim born in Egypt. Gen 41:50 & 46:20.

1806 Seven years of famine begin.

1805 ISRAEL FAMILY TO EGYPT: (for 360yrs + 40 in Sinai: Gen 15:13; Ex 12:40). Lived at Gesem, (Gen 45:10; 47:4) Jacob is 130 (Gen 47:9)

        Israelites are called Ermiuth by Egyptians (acc. to Artapanus in Eusebius' Praeparatio Evangelica: Bk9, ch18 & 23)

BC 1700's

1788 Israel died in Egypt at 147 (Gen 47:28), after blessing Joseph’s sons (48:14). Joseph is 56, been in Egypt 39yr. Israel blesses his sons (Gen. 49)

Hammurabi (Aryan) rules Babylon (language: Akkadian, script: cuneiform) 1795-1750

Kassites (Aryan) rule Babylon  1750-1185

1733 Joseph died in Egypt at 110 (Gen 50:22).

1712 Levi died at 137yr old.

1700 Darda (Zara's son) settles Aegean

Achaean Greek culture (Peloponnesus region incl. Argos, Athens) forming around this time

BC 1600's

ca. 1600 Phoenician cuneiform replaced by 22 letter alphabet

1660 Mount Vesuvius erupts, the Avellino Eruption

1600  Israelites have prospered until this time, when oppression begins. (Ex. 1:8)

lATE BRONZE AGE (1600 - 1100)


BC 1500's

1525 Moses (120yr) born.

Mycenaean/Achaean Greek period 16th to 12th C.: Linear B alphabet

Minoans of Crete spread to Aegean  ca. 1600

Chaldeans appear (AfroAsian desert people)  1500

ca. 1500  Ilos (Juda's g'g'grandson) founds Ilion (Troy)

BC 1400's

1458 EXODUS led by Moses. [Eupolemos (5thC.bc) says Moses' alphabet became Phoenician script, then Greek.  Praep. Evang. Bk 9,ch26]

1458-1418  Israelites in Sinai Wilderness forty years.

1457 God rearranges order of 12 sons around tabernacle in wilderness (Num 2) EAST: Juda, Issachar, Zabulon. SOUTH: Ruben, Symeon, Gad. WEST: Ephraim, Manasse, Benjamin. NORTH: Dan, Aser, Naphthali. Levi in center of encampment. [Juda/Lion/; Ruben/Man; Ephraim/Bull; Dan/Eagle.]

Approx.1433BC Sun stood still acc. to Andean tradition

1420 Moses died at 120 at Mt. Nebo (Dt 34:7). Joshua led Israelites 25yrs following Moses' death, till 1395.

Approx. 1418BC Sun stood still. See Joshua 10:13.  

BC 1300's

1395-1035   JUDGES RULED ISRAEL 360 YRS.: Othniel, Ehud, Shamgar, Debora, Gideon, Tola, Jair, Jephtha, Ibzan, Elon, Abdon, Samson, Eli, Samuel.

Greece: MYCENAEAN CULTURE 1300 - 1000

BC 1200's

Judges rule Israel for 360 years in Chanaan land.

Trojan War 1250 or 1210

Linear B alphabet disappearing ca. 1200

BC 1100's

Phoenician Alphabet in use early 12th C.

Judges ruling Israel for 360 years in Chanaan land..

12th C. - Israelite artifact: Izbet Sartah Ostracon in Phoenician script 12th C

1194-1184  Trojan War of Homer's Iliad

Tiglath-Pileser I rules Babylon  1115

1103 Brutus (Trojan) settles in Britain

Phoenician alphabet adapted into Greek alphabet

ca. 1100-850  Homer authors Iliad & Odyssey in Ionic Greek.


BC 1000's

Aramean nomads sweep across Mesopotamia  1050

1020     King Saul;  replaces Judges.

1004-965       King David rules all Israel.

1000 Sparta founded

1000 End of Mycenaean Civilization

BC 900's

10th C. Aramaic script being developed from Phoenician.

965-928 King Solomon rules all Israel.

928 Northern Israel divided from Southern Juda.

928 King Jereboam (N),     King Rehoboam (S)

                                            911 King Abija (S)

907 King Nadab (N)

906 King Baasha (N)

Israelite artifact: calendar in Phoenician script at Gezer  ca. 900

BC 800's

883 King Ela (N)

882 King Zimri (N)

882 King Omri (N)

871 King Ahab (N)

                                            867 King Jehoshaphat (S)

865-842 Assyrian Azael conquers (N) Gad, Ruben, Manasse regions.

                                            852 King Ahazia (S)

851 King Joram (N)

ca. 850 Moabite King Mesha tablet, using a script which captivity Hebrews tried to adopt.


843 King Ahazia (N)

842 King Jehu (N)                842 King Athalia (S)

                                             836 King Joash (S)

                                                     Prophet Joel ca. 830

814 King Jehoahaz (N)

800 King Joash (N)                       Prophet Ionas (Jonah) ca. 800

BC 700's

                                            798 King Amazia (S)

784 King Jereboam II (N)               Prophet Hosea ca. 785-725

                                                       Prophet Amos ca. 780-755

First Olympiad at Athens  776

769 King Uzziah (S)

                                                        Prophet Esaias (Isaiah) ca. 760-698

758 King Jotham (S)

(a kingdom) Rome founded by Etruscans  753

Greek colonies established in Italy & Sicily 750

748 King Zacharia (N)

748 King Shallum (N)

747 King Menahem (N)

745  Tiglath-Pileser conquers (N) Aser, Zabulon, Issachar regions

                                                         Prophet Michaias (Micah) ca. 740

737 King Pekahia (N)

735 King Peka (N)

Hesiod (late 8th C) Greek Oral Poet

733 King Hoshea (N)            733 King Ahaz (S)

                                              727 King Hezekia (S)

721 "Assyrian Captivity"  Shalmaneser conquers N. Kingdom of Israel.

717  Sargon II conquers Samaria

                                                           Prophet Naoum (Nahum) ca. 700-615

Greece: ARCHAIC PERIOD 700 - 480

BC 600's

                                                698 King Manasse (S)

Greece begins Archonship Rule, 1yr each. 683

650 Earliest Lyric Poets in Greece

                                                641 King Amon (S)

                                                640 King Josiah (S)

Solon: Greek Statesman, lawmaker, poet 638-558

                                                               Prophet Sophonias (Zephania) ca. 630-620

                                                               Prophet Ambakoum (Habbakuk) ca. 627-586

                                                               Prophet Hieremias (Jeremia) ca. 626-550?

Thales: Philosopher, Astronomer, Mathematician in Greece 625-546

Assyrian Nineveh sacked  612

Babylon conquers Assyria  610

                                                608 King Jehoiakim (S)

                                                                  Prophet Daniel 604-535


BC 500's

                                                597 King Jeconia (S)

                                                596 King Zedekia (S)

                                                                   Prophet Iesekiel (Ezekiel) 593-570

Solon appt'd Archon in Athens 594

586 "Babylonian Captivity" Nebuchadnezzar conquers S. Kingdom of Juda (Neb. died 562)

ca. 585 Prophet Hieremias (Jeremia) carried Throne of David, and Princess Tea Tephi to Ulster, Scotia (No. Ireland)

                                                                    Prophet Obdias (Obadia) ca. 585

Pythagoras 580-504

BUDDHA 563-483

Cyrus the Great leads Aryan Revolt 559-530

Heraclitus 535-475

Aeschylus 525-456: Greek Playwright

Babylon Empire falls; Persian Empire begins 521-330

Darius the Great 558-486

                                                                   Prophet Aggaios (Haggai) ca. 520

                                                                   Prophet Zacharias 520-518

515 2nd Temple at Jerusalem by Babyolon returnees, dedicated

Rome expels kings and establishes REPUBLIC 509


BC 400's

Greece vs. Persia wars 499-448

Pericles 490-429: Athens' peak power & culture

Sophocles 496-406: Greek Playwright

Battle of Marathon 490

Greece defeats Carthage 480.  Greek CLASSICAL PERIOD 480-323

Herodotus 485-425 (historian: of Persian wars, and he reports Phoenician long sea voyages;

They traded in America for centuries BC)

Euripedes 480-406: Greek Playwright

478 Bk of Esther, incident in Iran w/race-mixed Israelites.

Socrates 469-399: Philosopher; mentor to Plato

Thucydides 460-400 (historian of Peloponnesian war)

Aeschylus does Oresteia in Athens 458

Peloponnesian War I; 460-445

Athens' Acropolis completed 438

Parthenon completed 432

Peloponnesian War: Sparta beat Athens 431-405

5th-4th C.: Attic Greek dialect common.

                                                                    Prophets Esdras (Ezra) & Neemias (Nehemia) ca. 458

Plato 427-347: Philosoper; founded Academy at Athens in 387

                                                                    Prophet Malachias (Malachi) 450-400

Democracy restored in Athens 403

BC 300's

Socrates' Trial & Execution 399

396 Mount Etna erupts, on Sicily

Celts sack Rome 390

Aristotle 384-322: philosopher; student of Plato

Artaxerxes III, Persia conq. Egypt, ended Pharo dynasties 359-338

Philip II becomes King of Macedonia 359


(1 of 7 Wonders of World) Mausoleum at Halicarnassus built 354

Philip assassinated: Alexander is King of Macedonia 336

335 Aristotle founds Lyceum in Athens

Alexander conquers Persia 334

Alexander  invades Egypt, founds Alexandria 331

324 Koine Greek is mandatory language of entire Mid East

Alexander dies in Babylon 323


Egypt: Ptolemy Lagi or Soter 322-285

322 Aristotle dies

Appian Way built: Rome to Capua 312

 Edomites evicted from Edom, migrate to Idumea in Judea  312

Ptolemy I founds museum/library in Alexandria 300


BC 200's

Archimedes of Syracuse in Sicily 287-212

THREE GREAT MONARCHIES: Egypt under Ptolemies; Macedonia under Antigonids; Asia Minor under Seleucids.

Egypt: Ptolemy Philadelphus 285-247

285 Greek Septuagint Old Testament compiled at Alexandria by Ptolemy Philadelphus

First Punic War: Rome won Sicily fm Carthage 264-241

Egypt: Ptolemy Euergetes I  247-222

Egypt: Ptolemy Philopater I  222-205

Second Punic War 219-201

Second Punic War: Hannibal crosses Alps, invades Italy w/Carthaginians 218

1st Macedonian War: Rome defeats Philip V of Macedon 214-204

217 Mount Vesuvius erupts

Egypt: Ptolemy Epiphanes 205-182

200 Palestine is under Seleucid rulership

BC 100's

Egypt: Ptolemy Eupator 182

Egypt: Ptolemy Philometor  182-146

168 Antiochus set Zeus in Jerusalem Temple

168-143 Maccabean Revolts

Third Punic War: Rome destroys Carthage 149-146

Rome invades & annexes Greece 147

Egypt: Ptolemy Euergetes II 146-117

132 Esau's Edomites begin takeover of Judea, Jerusalem, & Temple: John Hyrcanus ordered their conversion.

122 Mount Etna erupts, on Sicily

Pompey 106-48

Cicero: Roman statesman, Greek philosopher 106-43BC

  Emperor of Rome Julius Caesar 100-44

BC 1st Century

Diodorus Siculus 90-21, Greek historian, wrote world history

70-19 Vergil: Historian/poet of Epic Aeneid

63 Pompey captured Jerusalem & Temple; put Judea under Roman rule.

Rome - 1st Triumvirate: Julius Caesar, Crassus, Pompeii 60

Caesar invades Britain 55

Crassus killed by Parthians 53

Caesar defeated Pompey 48

Julius Caesar makes Cleopatra VII Queen 47

47-43 Herod Antipater (Edomite) Procurator of  Judea.

Julian Calendar adopted 45

Julius Caesar killed by Brutus 44

Octavius/Augustus Caesar 44bc-14ad

Ovid 43bc - 17ad, Roman/Latin poet & Greek myth historian

37-4bc Herod the Great (Edomite) made King of Judea by Caesar. Sets Pagan temples in Judea. Robbed King David's grave.

Antony marries Cleopatra VII  36

Antony & Cleopatra suicide; Rome Republic ends; Egypt now Roman province 30


Ptolemaic War: Egypt becomes Roman Province 32-30

Begin Roman Empire Pax Romana 29bc-162ad

Octavius becomes Emperor Augustus 27

Philo of Alexandria, Historian, Levite Israelite 20bc - 50ad

(analyzed Old Testament on basis of Greek words for God's hidden messages)

19 BC: Herod's Temple built. Third Temple

Herodian "Hebrew" script is newly created by Jerusalem Edomites; based on Phoenician alphabet

Quirinius Governor of Syria 7-4

7BC(?) JESUS BORN [lineage from Jeconia (586bc) -Shealtiel -Zerubbabel -Abiud -Eliakim -Azor -Zadok -Achim -Eliud -Eleazar -Matthan -Jacob -Joseph -Jesus (according to Matthew 1)] [Lk 2:1-2 - born when Augustus Emperor & Quirinius Gov of Syria. In Egypt (couple years?) till Herod died in 4BC: Mat 2:19]


4bc-6ad Herod Archelaus is Ethnarch of Judea, (murdered 3000 Judean Israelites). Deposed by Augustus.

4bc-39ad Herod Antipas is Tetrarch of Galilee (beheaded John the Baptist). Deposed by Caligula. Herod Philip is Tetrarch of Syria.


1st Century AD

 6ad Judea becomes Roman province.

Tiberias Caesar 14ad-37

7-15 Annas is High Priest, then Virtual H.P. till death.

20 Joseph of Arimathea (tin merchant) brings Jesus to Cornwall. 1st Chr. church built at Glastonbury (recorded in Domesday book)

18-37 Caiaphas is High Priest, persecuted Jesus.

19-37 Pontius Pilate Roman Governor of Judea

Pliny the Elder (Naturalis Historia) 23-79



(led revolt ag. Rome 62ad) BOADICEA


30ad(?) JESUS' CRUCIFIXION  [to satisfy as Priest (Num 4:3 LXX) must be 25yr to 50yr age. His exact age at death is unknown]

Gaius Caesar CALIGULA (murdered) 37-41

Josephus, Historian, Israelite Judean 37-ca.101, wrote in Greek

Tiberias CLAUDIUS Drusus Nero Germanicus  41-54

39-44  Herod Agrippa, Tetrarch of Galilee & Samaria. Persecuted Christians, killed James w/sword.

43-60 Conquest of South Britain by Rome, under CLAUDIUS

46-120 Plutarch (Greek): historian of famous men's lives

49 Christian Conference at Jerusalem; Christians split from Talmudic Phariseeism of Jerusalem Temple.

Seneca recalled from exile to Tutor the young NERO 49

Ignatius of Antioch ca.50-108: disciple of St. John; Martyr. Many of his Epistles extant.

NERO Claudius Caesar Drusus Germanicus (suicided) 54-68◄

Publius Cornelius TACITUS 56-117: Roman Senator & Historian

60 JAMES, Jesus' bro. (head of Jerusalem Christian group), executed due to Annas II, High Priest

61-64 St. Paul arrives in Rome, beheaded in 64. St. Peter crucified.64. (during reign of Nero, whose Jewish wife, Poppaea, pushes persecution of Christians)

66 Eleazar, (Edomite Jew) Temple Captain, conquers Jerusalem, evicts Romans.

66-73 Edomite Jewish revolt in Jerusalem. Roman Titus conquered Jerusalem, destroyed Temple in 70ad.

68 Jerusalem Temple Edomite Jews bury their library in caves: The Dead Sea Scrolls.

ca. 68 Epistle of Clement (30-100) to Corinth; friend of St. Paul

Polycarp 69-155: disciple of St. John; Martyr

Titus Flavius VESPASIANus 69-79

Edomite Jews expelled from Jerusalem & Temple destroyed by TITUS  67-70.

74ad Masada fell (Edomite refuge)

TITUS Flavius Vespasianus 79-81◄

79 Mount Vesuvius buried Pompeii & Herculaneum

80 Colosseum in Rome opened as Flavian Amphitheater

(last of Flavian dynasty) Titus Flavius DOMITIANus 81-96◄

Didache/Doctrina: Manual for Christians in Greek. ca. 85

90 St. John has Revelations on Patmos

Marcus Cocceius NERVA 96-98◄

(subdued a Judean revolt in 117) Marcus Ulpius Traianus (TRAJAN) 98-117◄

Greek language is common in Italy, Latin language is slowly emerging.

AD 100's

100 Epistle of Barnabas

110-165 Justin, Martyr, philosophic defenses of Christianity: Trypho


LUCIUS d. 156

(built Hadrian's wall across Britain in 122) Publius Aelius Hadrianus (HADRIAN) 117-138◄

130 Epistle of Mathetes to Diognetus

Almagest, by Ptolemy, defined Astronomy for next 1400 years

Edomite Jews expelled from Jerusalem: Simon Bar Kochba revolt crushed by Hadrian: 132-135

(Hadrian rebuilt city as Aelia Capitolina, barring all Edomite Jews)


150 Clement of Alexandria born

155 Tertullian born

185 Origen of Alexandria born

160-220 Tertullian: Christian writer. coined new word "trinity"

160 The Shepherd of Hermas; a popular inspiring Christian writing

120-202 Irenaeus: Christian; Against Heresies; disciple of Polycarp

MARCUS AURELIUS Antoninus 161-180◄

Plague fm Parthia depopulated Roman Empire 166-167

Celsus: 175-180 wrote treatise against Christians

(murderous monster, assassinated by wife & Praetorian Guard) Lucius Aelius Aurelius COMMODUS 180-193◄

181-312 Gladiator games at Colosseum with Christian martyrs.

185-254 Origen: Christian theologian, wrote in Greek


AD 200's





200-258 Cyprian, ca.: Christian Martyr

208-211 Scottish rebellion caused Rome to abandon area north of Hadrian's Wall.

(vicious monster; assassinated) CARACALLA (Bassianus Marcus Aurelius ANTONIUS) 211-217◄

Marcus Opelius MACRINUS 217-218◄

(slain by military conspirators) ALEXANDER SEVERUS 222-235◄

"Age of Tyrants", internal turmoil, assassinations, conspiracies 235-268◄

249-311 Intense persecution of Christians began with DECIAN.

250-336 Arius: Christian priest, non-trinitarian. Arianism: major movement for centuries. (Emperor Constantine and Eusebius were Arians.)

263-339 Eusebius of Caesarea: Historian, wrote in Greek. He described 325ad Council at Nicaea.

CLAUDIUS II  268-370◄

 ("Restorer of the World") Lucius Domitius AURELIANus  270-275 ◄

(6 mo reign) Marcus Claudius TACITUS 275-276◄

(invaded Germany) Marcus Aurelius PROBUS 276-281◄

CARINUS & NUMERIANUS co-Emperors 283-284◄

Gaius Aurelius Valerius DIOCLETIANus 284-305◄

AD 300's

Greek language is waning in Italy as Latin increases.

Confusion, civil war, 4 emperors: Diocletian, Maximian, Galerius, Constantius 305-312◄

(Est. new capitol at Constantinople; Christianity State Religion) Flavius Valerius Aurelius CONSTANTINus 312-337◄





311 Edict of Toleration, by GALERIAN, ended Christian persecution.

312 Emperor Constantine announces his conversion to Christianity.

325 Christian Council at Nicaea: formulated Nicene Creed in order to exclude non-trinitarians like Arians and others. Set Dec 25 as Jesus' birth.

326 City of Byzantium renamed Constantinople

337 Roman empire split to Constantine's 3 sons, who furthered Christian faith. (many joined church for political favor & wealth: p.93, Latourette)

347-420 Jerome, Latin theologian; transl. Greek LXX into Latin Vulgate O.T.

340-397 Ambrose of Milan: Christian leader; Arian controversy under Emp. Theodosius I.

345-407 John Chrysostom: Preacher, theologian (Eastern)

354-407 Augustine: Christian Theologian

(Roman Empire now permanently split: Byzantine & Western) JULIAN (Apostate) 361-363

(Christian of German descent) JOVIAN363-364◄


 THEODOSIUS I 379-395◄

381 Christian Council at Constantinople; 2nd.

393 Christian Council at Hippo, included I, II Esdras as canonical.


397 Christian Council at Carthage, included I, II Esdras as canonical.

AD 400's

Roman rule of Britain ends 409





431 Catholic Council at Ephesus; 3rd. proclaimed Mary to be mother of God.

451 Catholic Council at Chalcedon; 4th.(pronounced Papal primacy; Pope Leo I)


(End of Roman Empire) ROMULUS AUGUSTULUS 476◄

465-511 Clovis I: founded Merovingian kingdom of Gaul; founded France.

KING CLOVIS I, estab. Merovingian Dynasty in Gaul. (reigned 481-511) 486


AD 500's

ca. 500 The Athanasian Creed appeared, from Gaul.

503 Gaelic Scots from Scotia (No. Ireland) to Argyll Scotland, w/Throne of David.






553 Second Catholic Council at Constantinople: condemned Nestorian writings; defined 2 natures of Jesus.

 570-632 Mohammed gathers army to found a new Islam religion by sword.

590-604 Pope Gregory enticed and favored Edomite Jewry

597 Augustine visits Britain

AD 600's




CADWALLO (for 48 yr)


Edomite Jews expelled from Galilee by Byzantium  629

637 Muslim Mosque built on site of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem

672-735 Venerable Bede: English historian, scholar. wrote a Church History of English people.

681 Third Council at Constantinople. repudiated Monothelitism

AD 700's




751-768 Pepin III, the Short: King of Franks. Father of Charlemagne.

742-814 Charles Martel, the Great, CHARLEMAGNE ruled Franks. Made Europe Roman Catholic by force. Crowned Roman Emperor by Pope Leo III in 800.

787 Second Council at Nicaea: affirmed use of icons. Last Council accepted by both Eastern & Western Church factions.

AD 800's

approx early 800's Khazar king adopted Judaism, the religion of Khazar ancestors from Jew diaspora of 70ad





ALFRED 871-899

EDWARD (ELDER) 899-924

815-877 Johannes Scotus Erigena: heretic; Irish theologian, Greek scholar, said God's creation is of His own substance.

870 Roman Catholic Fourth Council at Constantinople: factious arguing between East & West

AD 900's


EDMUND 939-946

EDRED 946-955

EDWY 955-959

EDGAR 959-975




AD 1000's

ca. 1000 Viking settlement in Newfoundland



DANE  HAROLD 1035-1037

DANE  HAROLD I  1037-1040



(Britain Hse of Normandy) WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR 1066-1087

1033-1109 Anselm of Canterbury: scholastic, formulated ontological argument for existence of God; wrote Cur Deus Homo.

1086 DOMESDAY SURVEY in England

(Hse of Normandy) WILLIAM II  1087-1100

1098 First Crusade captured Jerusalem.

AD 1100's

(Hse of Normandy) HENRY I  1100-1135

1118-1170 Thomas Becket: Archbishop of Canterbury

(Hse of Blois) STEPHEN 1135-1154

1123 Roman Catholic First Church Council of the Lateran: Investiture controversy

1139 Roman Catholic Second Council of the Lateran: deposed a jewish pope & declared priest's marriages non-valid and henceforth illegal

1147-1149 Second Crusade

1179 Roman Catholic Third Council of the Lateran: Catharism condemned as heresy

1174-1183 Baldwin IV, the Leper king of Jerusalem, son of Amalric I.

(Hse of Plantagenet) HENRY II 1154-1189

Edomite Jews expelled from Paris by Philip Augustus  1182

1181-1226 St. Francis of Assisi: follower of Christ

1184 thru 16th C. Roman Catholic INQUISITIONS tortured/killed over 50 million Christians

(Hse of Plantagenet) RICHARD THE LIONHEART 1189-1199

1190 Third Crusade, with King Richard I of England & King Phillip II of France & Emp. Frederick I Barbarossa of Germany

(Hse of Plantagenet) JOHN 1199-1216

AD 1200's

1208-1229 Fourth Crusade against Albigensian/Cathar Christians in France, Roman Catholics killed tens of thousands of Christians.


1215 Roman Catholic Fourth Council of the Lateran: defined transubstantiation

(Hse of Plantagenet) HENRY III  1216-1272

1217-1221 Fifth Crusade

1245 Roman Catholic First Council of Lyon: condemned Frederick II as heretic

Edomite Jews expelled from France by Louix IX  1254

1260-1327 Meister Eckhart: heretic; believed everything is within God. charged by Inquisition, died before sentencing.

(Hse of Plantagenet) EDWARD I  1272-1307

1275 Roman Catholic Second Council of Lyon

Edomite Jews expelled from England by Edw. I   1290

1296 EDWARD I wars against SCOTLAND (viz: Braveheart)

AD 1300's

1300-1361 Johann Tauler: heretic; personal God relationship more important than external practices.

(Hse of Plantagenet) EDWARD II  1307-1327

1312 Roman Catholic Council of Vienne: re: Knights Templar & Crusades

1313-1375 Giovanni Boccaccio: author (The Decameron)

1314 BATTLE AT BANNOCKBURN (England vs Scotland)

1320 Gunpowder invented

Edomite Jews expelled from France by Charles IV  1322

(Hse of Plantagenet) EDWARD III  1327-1377

1343-1400 Geoffrey Chaucer: English author (Canterbury Tales)

Edomite Jews expelled from Hungary  1349 & again 1360

1369-1415 John Hus: heretic; criticized priest debauchery; burned at stake on July 6

Edomite Jews expelled from France by Charles V  1359

(Hse of Plantagenet) RICHARD II  1377-1399

1380-1471 Thomas à Kempis: mystic. wrote The Imitation of Christ

1382 John Wycliffe translates Bible into English (Morning Star of the Reformation)

Edomite Jews expelled from France by Charles VI  1394

(Hse of Lancaster) HENRY IV  1399-1413

AD 1400's

(Hse of Lancaster) HENRY V  1413-1422

1418 Roman Catholic Council of Constance

(Hse of Lancaster) HENRY VI  1422-1461 & 1470-71

1431-1432 Roman Catholic Councils of Basel, Ferrara & Florence

1439 Johannes Gutenberg invents movable type printing press. Printed Bibles in 1450's.

1452-1519 Leonardo da Vinci: artist, inventor, engineer, et al.

1475-1564 Michelangelo: painter, sculptor, architect, et al.

(Hse of York) EDWARD IV  1461-1470 & 1471-1483

(Hse of York) EDWARD V  1483 

1483-1546 Martin Luther: Theologian/Reformer; broke from Roman Catholic tyranny, transl. Bible into German

(Hse of York) RICHARD III  1483-1485

(Hse of Tudor) HENRY VII  1485-1509

1490-1525 Thomas Muntzer: heretic; believed Holy Spirit reveals spiritual insights to men. Luther cheered his death by torture.

1492 Columbus discovers America.        Edomite Jews expelled from Spain  1492

1494-1553 François Rabelais: French Renaissance humanist writer (Gargantua)

1495-1527 Hans Denck: heretic; valued living inner word of God above Bible, exiled from town after town.

Edomite Jews expelled from Portugal  1497

1499-1543 Sebastian Franck: heretic; placed spiritual revelation above written word.


AD 1500's

(Hse of Tudor) KING HENRY VIII  1509-1547

1510-1572 John Knox: Scottish, Christian theologian, founded Presbyterian church

1511-Oct 27, 1553 Michael Servetus: called men to return to the Christ of the Bible. John Calvin had him burned at stake.

1512-1517 Roman Catholic Fifth Council of the Lateran: Set dogma that human soul lives forever

1515-1563 Sebastianus Castellio: heretic; criticized the tortures by Inquisitors and Calvin's murder of Servetus.

1517 Luther nailed 95 Theses to church door at Wittenberg.

Edomite Jews expelled from Italy  1554

1545-1565 Roman Catholic Councils of Trent, Set Canon officially. 25 sessions defined church dogmas

1548-Feb 17, 1600 Giordano Bruno: heretic; thought God to be infinite: Inquisition burned him at stake

(Hse of Tudor) EDWARD VI 1547-1553

  (Hse of Tudor) JANE GREY for nine days

(Hse of Tudor) MARY I (Roman Catholic Bloody Mary) 1553-1558

(Hse of Tudor) QUEEN ELIZABETH I  1558-1603

1564-1616 William Shakespeare: author

1572, August to October. Roman Catholics slaughtered tens of thousands of Protestant Huguenots in France.

AD 1600's

1611 King James Bible          (Hse of Stuart) JAMES I  1603-1625

5 November 1605 Gunpowder Plot ag. England Parliament (Guy Fawkes)

1623-1662 Blaise Pascal: heretic; he said "It is one of the great principles of Christianity that everything that happened to Jesus Christ must be experienced again in the soul and body of every man."

(Hse of Stuart) CHARLES I  1625-1649

1638 Total Lunar Eclipse at winter solstice Dec 21st. (372 yrs to next one: 2010)

(Hse of Stuart) {PROTECTORATE} 1649-1659

Edomite Jews expelled from Ukraine & Russia 1648-1654

Edomite Jews welcomed into England by Oliver Cromwell  1655

(Hse of Stuart) CHARLES II  1660-1685

(Hse of Stuart) JAMES II  1685-1688

(Hse of Stuart) WILLIAM & MARY  1689-1702

AD 1700's

(Hse of Hanover) ANNE  1702-1714

(Hse of Hanover) GEORGE I  1714-1727

Edomite Jews expelled from Russia 1727

(Hse of Hanover) GEORGE ii 1727-1760

(Hse of Hanover) GEORGE III  1760-1820

1724-1804 Immanuel Kant: philosopher

1749-1832 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: German literature, novelist Faust, philosopher

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  27 January1756 - 5 December 1791 (A voice of God!)

1775-1783 War: American Revolution: breaks from Britain

1776 U.S. Declaration of Independence from Britain

1788-1860 Arthur Schopenhauer: German philosopher; spiritual path is to negate sensual desires

1788-1824 Lord George Gordon Byron: Scottish author, poet, rake.

1789-1795 Jews foment French Revolution, execute all the gentry

1799-1850 Honoré de Balzac: novelist (La Comédie humaine, et al)

AD 1800's

1802-1870 Alexander Dumas, Novelist (Count of Monte Cristo, Musketeers)

1802-1885 Victor Hugo, Novelist (Hunchback of Notre Dame, Les Miserables)

1809-1882 Charles Darwin: Naturalist; wrote (On the Origin of Species)

1809-1892 Alfred Lord Tennyson: poet/novelist (Idylls of the King, Ulysses, Charge of Light Brigade)

1812-1870 Charles Dickens: novelist (A Christmas Carol, Oliver Twist, Tale of Two Cities, et al)

Edomite Jew Rothschild takes over Britain economy  1815

1818-1883 Karl Marx: Jewish revolutionary, wrote (Communist Manifesto, publ. in 1848)

1821-1881 Fyodor Dostoyevsky: novelist (Brothers Karamazov, Crime & Punishment)

(Hse of Hanover) GEORGE IV  1820-1830

(Hse of Hanover) WILLIAM IV  1830-1837

(Hse of Hanover. Q mar. to Pr. Albert of Saxe-Coburg) QUEEN VICTORIA  1837-1901

1828-1910 Leo Tolstoy; novelist; suffered same spiritual madness as St. Paul & St. Francis. follow Christ & poverty.

1835-1910 Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens): novelist (Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn)

1844-1900 Friedrick Nietzsche: philosopher, philologist

Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto (Edomite Jewish Socialism)  1848

Edomite Jews permitted to sit in England Parliament by Benjamin Disraeli  1858

1856-1950 George Bernard Shaw: Irish playwright, dramatist (Pygmalion, Major Barbara, et al}

1859-1952 John Dewey: humanist philosopher of education - school is tool of social reform

1861-1865 WAR: U.S. War: Jewish Banksters against the Southern American states

1869-1870 Roman Catholic First Vatican Council: Re: papal infallibility & assumption of Mary

1877-1962 Hermann Hesse: novelist of Siddharta, Steppenwolf, Demian

1883-1957 Nikos Kazantzakis: heretic/novelist Zorba the Greek, Saviors of God, Christ Recrucified, Last Temptation of Christ

Jewish Zionist Protocols plan pogrom ag. white race Christians 1897

AD 1900's

(industry, science, wars, communism usurp the traditional role of spiritual/noble values;

a trend toward secular humanism & moral relativism replaces Christian foundation of society)

(Hse of Saxe-Coburg. son of Albert & Victoria) EDWARD VII  1901-1910

1908 Ford's Model T auto appears

(son of Edw VII. Saxe-Coburg till 1917: Geo chgd it to Hse of Windsor) GEORGE V 1910-1936

1912 HMS Titanic sinks in No. Atlantic

Federal Reserve Act gives banksters rule over America 1913

Federal Income Tax Act gives Americans' money to banksters 1914

1914 Panama Canal opens

1914-1918 WorldWar I: U.S. helps Zionists to crush Germany

1917 War: Zionist Bolsheviks defeat Christian Russia; Communist takeover.

1927 First talking movie

1929 Wall Street Stock Market crash. Begins Great Depression.

1935 Radar invented

(Hse of Windsor. son of Geo V -abdicated) EDWARD VIII  1936

(Hse of Windsor. son of Geo V. died 1952) GEORGE VI  1936-1952

1922-1953 Joseph Stalin communist dictator of USSR, genocides 60+ millions Christians

1938-20?? Roger Hathaway: Christian author of www.divinepageant.com

1939-1945 WorldWar II: U.S. helps save Stalinist USSR from Germany

1943 First programmable computer: Colossus 1

1945 Atomic bomb used against Hiroshima, Japan

1946 Nag Hammadi Christian Gospels found

1950-1953 War: North Korea given to Communism by U.S.

(Hse of Windsor. Q b: Apr/21/1926: "Elizabeth Alexandra Mary". d. of Geo VI) QUEEN ELIZABETH II  1952 -

[Q.E.' has sister Margaret. Q.E.' children: Charles (m: Diana, Camilla), Anne, Andrew, Edward]

[Charles/Diana' sons: William 6/21/82 & Henry/Harry 9/15/84]

1957 Sputnik: first orbiting satellite

Civil Rights act subjugates U.S. white race to other races  1957

1961 Yuri Gagarin first man in space

1962-1965 Roman Catholic Second Vatican Council Re: liturgy

1965-1973 War: Viet Nam given to Communism by U.S.

1969 Apollo 11 first man on moon

1991 Persian Gulf War: U.S. establishes presence in Kuwait

1991 War: U.S. helps Kosovo Drug Cartel against Serbia


AD 2000's

2001, Oct 7: Afghanistan War began. Remove Taliban gov't & restore Poppy/opium industry.

2003, Mar 20: IRAQ War began. Establish permanent U.S. bases in M.E. region.

2007, Aug 28 GRAND CROSS w/Regulus, Fomalhaut, Antares, Aldebaran. Signifies crucifixion of world

Then Oct 24, Comet Holmes exploded in brightness, to cross Perseus' sword arm and strike the head of

Medusa (star Algol in Perseus) on Jan 28, 2008) Signifies death of Satan.

2008, Nov 4: New President, Obama, non-citizen, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-white-race. God's tool to crash America!

2010, April 20: Opened shaft of the Abyss in Gulf of Mexico. See Rev. 9:1

2010 Dec 21st, Total Lunar eclipse at winter solstice. (Not since 1638. 456yrs to next one)





1789 - 1797: George Washington/no party; VP John Adams

1797 - 1801: John Adams/Federalist; VP Thomas Jefferson

1801 - 1809: Thomas Jefferson/Dem-Rep; VP Aaron Burr -1805, George Clinton -1809

1809 - 1817: James Madison/Dem-Rep; VP George Clinton - 1812, none - 1813, Elbridge Gerry -1814, none - 1817

1817 - 1825: James Monroe/Dem-Rep; VP Daniel D. Tompkins

1825 - 1829: John Quincy Adams/Dem-Rep; VP John C. Calhoun

1829 - 1837: Andrew Jackson/Dem; VP John C. Calhoun - 32, none -33, Martin Van Buren - 37

1837 - 1841: Martin Van Buren/Dem; VP Richard M. Johnson

1841           : William Henry Harrison/Whig; VP John Tyler

1841 - 1845: John Tyler/Whig; VP none

1845 - 1849: James K. Polk/Dem; VP George M. Dallas

1849 - 1850: Zachary Taylor/Whig; VP Millard Fillmore

1850 - 1853: Millard Fillmore/Whig; VP none

1853 - 1857: Franklin Pierce/Dem; VP William King - 53, none - 57

1857 - 1861: James Buchanan/Dem; VP John C. Breckinridge

1861 - 1865: Abraham Lincoln/Rep; VP Hannibal Hamlin - 65, Andrew Johnson - 65

1865 - 1869: Andrew Johnson/Dem; VP none

1869 - 1877: Ulysses S. Grant/Rep; VP Schuyler Colfax - 73, Henry Wilson - 75, none -77

1877 - 1881: Rutherford B. Hayes/Rep; VP William Wheeler

1881           : James A. Garfield/Rep; VP Chester Arthur

1881 - 1885: Chester Arthur/Rep; VP none

1885 - 1889: Grover Cleveland/Dem; VP Thomas Hendricks - 85, none - 89

1889 - 1893: Benjamin Harrison/Rep; VP Levi P. Morton

1893 - 1897: Grover Cleveland/Dem; VP Adlai E. Stevenson

1897 - 1901: William McKinley/Rep; VP Garret Hobart - 01, Theodore Roosevelt - 01

1901 - 1909: Theodore Roosevelt/Rep; VP none - 05, Charles Fairbanks - 09

1909 - 1913: William Howard Taft/Rep; VP James S. Sherman - 12, none - 13

1913 - 1921: Woodrow Wilson/Dem; VP Thomas R. Marshall

1921 - 1923: Warren G. Harding/Rep; VP Calvin Coolidge

1923 - 1929: Calvin Coolidge/Rep; VP none - 25, Charles Dawes - 29

1929 - 1933: Herbert Hoover/Rep; VP Charles Curtis

1933 - 1945: Franklin D. Roosevelt/Dem; VP John Nance Garner - 41, Henry Wallace - 45, Harry S. Truman - 45

1945 - 1953: Harry S. Truman/Dem; VP none - 49, Alben Barkley - 53

1953 - 1961: Dwight D. Eisenhower/Rep; VP Richard Nixon

1961 - 1963: John F. Kennedy/Dem; VP Lyndon B. Johnson

1963           : Lyndon B. Johnson/Dem; VP none - 65, Hubert Humphrey - 69

1969 - 1974: Richard Nixon/Rep; VP Spiro Agnew - 73, none - 73, Gerald Ford - 74

1974 - 1977: Gerald Ford/Rep; VP none - 74, Nelson Rockefeller -77

1977 - 1981: Jimmy Carter/Dem; VP Walter Mondale

1981 - 1989: Ronald Reagan/Rep; VP George H. W. Bush

1989 - 1993: George H. W. Bush/Rep; VP Dan Quayle

1993 - 2001: Bill Clinton/Dem; VP Al Gore

2001 - 2009: George W. Bush/Rep; VP Dick Cheney

2009 -         : Barak Obama (faux)/Dem; VP Joe Biden



Leo I (the Great) (440-61)

Hilarius (461-68)

Simplicius (468-83)

Felix III (II) (483-92)

Gelasius I (492-96)

Anastasius II (496-98)

Symmachus (498-514)

Hormisdas (514-23)

John I (523-26)

Felix IV (III) (526-30)

Boniface II (530-32)

John II (533-35)

Agapetus I (535-36) Also called Agapitus I

Silverius (536-37)

Vigilius (537-55)

Pelagius I (556-61)

John III (561-74)

Benedict I (575-79)

Pelagius II (579-90)

Gregory I (the Great) (590-604)

Sabinian (604-606)

Boniface III (607)

Boniface IV (608-15)

Deusdedit (Adeodatus I) (615-18)

Boniface V (619-25)

Honorius I (625-38)

Severinus (640)

John IV (640-42)

Theodore I (642-49)

Martin I (649-55)

Eugene I (655-57)

Vitalian (657-72)

Adeodatus (II) (672-76)

Donus (676-78)

Agatho (678-81)

Leo II (682-83)

Benedict II (684-85)

John V (685-86)

Conon (686-87)

Sergius I (687-701)

John VI (701-05)

John VII (705-07)

Sisinnius (708)

Constantine (708-15)

Gregory II (715-31)

Gregory III (731-41)

Zachary (741-52)

Stephen II (752)

Stephen III (752-57)

Paul I (757-67)

Stephen IV (767-72)

Adrian I (772-95)

Leo III (795-816)

Stephen V (816-17)

Paschal I (817-24)

Eugene II (824-27)

Valentine (827)

Gregory IV (827-44)

Sergius II (844-47)

Leo IV (847-55)

Benedict III (855-58)

Nicholas I (the Great) (858-67)

Adrian II (867-72)

John VIII (872-82)

Marinus I (882-84)

Adrian III (884-85)

Stephen VI (885-91)

Formosus (891-96)

Boniface VI (896)

Stephen VII (896-97)

Romanus (897)

Theodore II (897)

John IX (898-900)

Benedict IV (900-03)

Leo V (903)

Sergius III (904-11)

Anastasius III (911-13)

Lando (913-14)

John X (914-28)


Leo VI (928)

Stephen VIII (929-31)

John XI (931-35)

Leo VII (936-39)

Stephen IX (939-42)

Marinus II (942-46)

Agapetus II (946-55)

John XII (955-63)

Leo VIII (963-64)

Benedict V (964)

John XIII (965-72)

Benedict VI (973-74)

Benedict VII (974-83)

John XIV (983-84)

John XV (985-96)

Gregory V (996-99)

Sylvester II (999-1003)

John XVII (1003)

John XVIII (1003-09)

Sergius IV (1009-12)

Benedict VIII (1012-24)

John XIX (1024-32)

Benedict IX (1032-45)

Sylvester III (1045)

Benedict IX (1045)

Gregory VI (1045-46)

Clement II (1046-47)

Benedict IX (1047-48)

Damasus II (1048)

St. Leo IX (1049-54)

Victor II (1055-57)

Stephen X (1057-58)

Nicholas II (1058-61)

Alexander II (1061-73)

Gregory VII (1073-85)

Victor III (1086-87)

Urban II (1088-99)

Paschal II (1099-1118)

Gelasius II (1118-19)

Callistus II (1119-24)

Honorius II (1124-30)

Innocent II (1130-43)

Celestine II (1143-44)

Lucius II (1144-45)

Eugene III (1145-53)

Anastasius IV (1153-54)

Adrian IV (1154-59)

Alexander III (1159-81)

Lucius III (1181-85)

Urban III (1185-87)

Gregory VIII (1187)

Clement III (1187-91)

Celestine III (1191-98)

Innocent III (1198-1216)

Honorius III (1216-27)

Gregory IX (1227-41)

Celestine IV (1241)

Innocent IV (1243-54)

Alexander IV (1254-61)

Urban IV (1261-64)

Clement IV (1265-68)

Gregory X (1271-76)

Innocent V (1276)

Adrian V (1276)

John XXI (1276-77)

Nicholas III (1277-80)

Martin IV (1281-85)

Honorius IV (1285-87)

Nicholas IV (1288-92)

Celestine V (1294)

Boniface VIII (1294-1303)

Benedict XI (1303-04)

Clement V (1305-14)

John XXII (1316-34)

Benedict XII (1334-42)

Clement VI (1342-52)

Innocent VI (1352-62)

Urban V (1362-70)


Gregory XI (1370-78)

Urban VI (1378-89)

Boniface IX (1389-1404) 

Innocent VII (1404-06)

Gregory XII (1406-15)

Martin V (1417-31)

Eugene IV (1431-47)

Nicholas V (1447-55)

Callistus III (1455-58)

Pius II (1458-64)

Paul II (1464-71)

Sixtus IV (1471-84)

Innocent VIII (1484-92)

Alexander VI (1492-1503)

Pius III (1503)

Julius II (1503-13)

Leo X (1513-21)

Adrian VI (1522-23)

Clement VII (1523-34)

Paul III (1534-49)

Julius III (1550-55)

Marcellus II (1555)

Paul IV (1555-59)

Pius IV (1559-65)

Pius V (1566-72)

Gregory XIII (1572-85)

Sixtus V (1585-90)

Urban VII (1590)

Gregory XIV (1590-91)

Innocent IX (1591)

Clement VIII (1592-1605)

Leo XI (1605)

Paul V (1605-21)

Gregory XV (1621-23)

Urban VIII (1623-44)

Innocent X (1644-55)

Alexander VII (1655-67)

Clement IX (1667-69)

Clement X (1670-76)

Innocent XI (1676-89)

Alexander VIII (1689-91)

Innocent XII (1691-1700)

Clement XI (1700-21)

Innocent XIII (1721-24)

Benedict XIII (1724-30)

Clement XII (1730-40)

Benedict XIV (1740-58)

Clement XIII (1758-69)

Clement XIV (1769-74)

Pius VI (1775-99)

Pius VII (1800-23)

Leo XII (1823-29)

Pius VIII (1829-30)

Gregory XVI (1831-46)

Pius IX (1846-78)

Leo XIII (1878-1903)

St. Pius X (1903-14)

Benedict XV (1914-22)

Pius XI (1922-39)

Pius XII (1939-58)

John XXIII (1958-63)

Paul VI (1963-78)

John Paul I (1978)

John Paul II (1978-2005)

Benedict XVI (2005—)