A TOTAL COMMITMENT: by Melek Diabendia, April 6, 2011

Here is a nicely written spiritual meditation regarding that commitment which is necessary for anyone who chooses to follow our Lord.


LISA'S POEMS Here are a couple poems written by my wife, Lisa, about 1992. Though she does not write a lot of poetry, these are very special to me. PENELOPE'S LAMENT lights up another viewpoint of Homer's Odyssey, one of her favorite pieces of literature. One recent winter she read all four translations of it.

KNIGHT'S DREAM reveals her identification with and love of the Arthurian romances, our Celtic heritage. I'm putting this page on the web site because I think her poems are too wonderful to languish unread.

SEASON'S GIFTS will have you feeling the seasons.


YE SHALL BE AS GODS:  by Melek DiaBendia, July 22, 2009

God's Israelite family of white European Christians are born from above with Spiritual Natures which no other race posses. It is the Spiritual Nature which lives eternally, while the physical, emotional, and rational natures terminate at one's physical death. God's offspring, with His Spiritual Nature, make up the body of Christ who is the creative tool. During kingdom of World, we have misused our creative Spiritual Natures to create a kingdom of Satan's design because we believed Satan's deception. During the kingdom of Heaven, we will create God's Design because we will know the Truth. We don't know yet that we are gods, but we will.


RACIAL SEGREGATION: by Melek DiaBendia, December 30, 2006 

The doctrine of the Nicolaitanes in Revelation, and the sin of Balaam. Racial purity was perhaps the highest priority for the Old Testament children of God. What's more, Jesus did NOT change that. In these end times when Satan is making his final desperate attempt to destroy God's pure race of Israel, modern society has made racial equality the very central focus for the masses, including the non-thinking Christian religionists. The sheep are blindly following the wolf who wishes to destroy them.


THE GREAT COMMISSION,  by Melek DiaBendia, August 2006

        Here is a wonderful essay about the Great Commission and the people for whom it was intended. If you are willing to hear what the Bible is actually saying, rather than what the religion of evangelism says, then you will find that the disciples knew exactly to whom they were being sent, and it was not to anyone other than God's people of Israel.


JOB, INSIGHTS INTO A WONDERFUL SCRIPTURE, by Robert D. Steffens, February 2005

        Here is an insight into the book of Job which gives it a spiritual depth as great as that of any other scripture. The Four Minds of God are expressed in this book, with Job representing God's spiritual Man. Victor Hugo, the great author of Les Miserables and Hunchback of Notre Dame, said "The Book of Job is perhaps the Greatest Masterpiece of the Human Mind."


PROCESSION OF LIFE, by Robert D. Steffens, September 2006.


GOD'S FOUR MINDS, by Robert D. Steffens, February, 2005


SIMPLICITY by Charles Wagner, 1901

        In the early years of the industrial revolution, which has now grown until it has not just overwhelmed our lives but has become the very essence of them, Charles Wagner recognized the value of turning inward to a simplicity that we can only envy today. While I like to think I am striving for a simple life here in the Appalachian mountains with a cow and some chickens, I feel that the most pleasant years of my life were those in Alaska in a one room log cabin which had no running water or indoor bathroom. Lisa and I did have electric lights and I spent a lot of time writing at my computer. Our daily lives were not filled with chores, and only weekly did I have to haul water from a nearby stream; in the winter I dipped it through a hole in the ice. We welcomed each morning as an empty day which we could use or not use, as we wished. I wonder if people accustomed to modern society can even imagine or fantasize what that simple life would feel like, or even if they might be able to enjoy it. Yet, it is to simplicity of life and thoughts that God beckons us, for it is there that we can hear the whisperings of the Holy Spirit.


JEWISH HOLOCAUST   (includes excerpt from article by Edgar J. Steele, January 2005)

        Sixty years after the end of World War II, we are watching the news media showcase the German prison camp, Auschwitz, as a Death Camp with horror stories of gas chambers and crematoriums. The media avoids any mention that there are many people who deny such a holocaust ever happened, and who want desperately to present the evidence of the truth. Other than a small amount of circumstantial evidence which they have distorted, the Jews have nothing to support their claim of such a holocaust. But, there is abundant evidence, along with common sense, to disprove their claims. It is this evidence which some European countries have outlawed; they send people to prison for attempting to present it. It is this evidence which Ernst Zundel tried to present, and for which he has served years of imprisonment in Germany. By the way, Ernst Zundel is a U.S. citizen, from Tennessee, where he was arrested and then handed over to Canada to be held indefinitely. Consider this one point, friends, if there is evidence to really show such a holocaust happened, then why won't authorities permit a grand trial of it so they can make their case once and for all? Instead, from the time the idea of Jewish holocaust first appeared, about 1955, they have only worked to suppress evidence that so many would like to present. It is a contest of darkness versus light, isn't it?


HAROLD WALLACE ROSENTHAL INTERVIEW: He was a Jew assistant to the Jewish Senator Jacob Javits of New York. He agreed to a recorded interview in which he exposed the entire truth about the Jewish race as parasites, plunderers, and war mongers. Then he was killed shortly after this interview was published.



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