by Roger Hathaway, November 1, 2009

Four Natures of God empower a Mind Play where opponent forces of positive and negative do eternal contest under powerful influences which are constantly changing according to cyclic patterns.

Four Natures of God (physical, emotional, spiritual, rational) empower a Mind Play (like a Dream God is having) where opponent forces of positive and negative (good & evil) do eternal (never ending) contest under powerful influences (programmed instincts and compulsions) which are constantly changing (in intensity/amplitude) according to cyclic patterns (the influences wax & wane at many different frequencies, the longest cycle being about 24,000 years).

The opponent forces of good (Christ) versus evil (Satan) do battle in an arena (stage/planet) through two specific races of men (Jacob versus Esau), each being granted alternating periods (half cycle periods of 12,000 years each) of advantage over the other. Since all creatures are born ignorant, they act according to their programmed instincts, as influenced by the ever-changing forces of God's Design. The contest is eternal (never ending), but the reward is to those individuals (overcomers) who solve the problem of transcending it. Jesus appeared for the purpose of teaching the solution to the problem.

Certainly, the above statements sound esoteric, causing most readers to shake their heads and say "hunh?". But, once you see this picture clearly in your mind, you will find the eternal questions to be easily answered. I hope to explain the Big Picture in this article. In order to present this information, I will first set the stage, then define the influences of the four Natures, then the Plot of the Play, then define the purpose of our lives, then reiterate the solution which Jesus taught, but which has not been recognized.


For thousands of years philosophers have sought answers to menís eternal questions of why we are here, what is our purpose, is there a goal, or are we just accidental organisms with no purpose at all. Keys to finding the answers have not been available until recent centuries when geologists and physicists found: that all energies function cyclically; that there is no such substance as matter; that thought is the only operator of perceptible reality; and that cyclic patterns are repetitive. There have been a few hints of such knowledge by ancient writers, such as Solomon declaring that all things have happened before but had been forgotten, St. Paulís speech to the Athenians, et al, but no one knew how to place the puzzle pieces into the Big Picture.

Here is the Big Picture as I see it. The Supreme Almighty God of All-That-Is lives as a mental function, imagining and perceiving. In order to make a perception of time possible, lights appeared in the sky to govern the cyclic patterns. Forces of negative and positive oscillate as a sort of dance, not just in the sky but in this phantasm which we consider to be our reality. So, with a contest of opposing forces occurring on a stage of time, a mind-play becomes possible.

It is important for us to keep in mind that all reality is but a mental pageant in the mind of God; there are no absolutes, no particles of material substance, no physical molecules except in our perception of them as we are actors on the stage of this imaginary pageant.


We actors are very much like those characters who appear in our own dreams, just images formed by the Dreamer. But, Godís dream is very complex, and it is this complexity which has baffled philosophers for so long. God, the Supreme Mind, expresses Himself into His dream through four natures; we might consider them as the four minds of God: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Rational. All figments (creatures) in Godís dream function as expressions of one or more of His mental influences. The entire pageant is enacted as an interplay of these four expressions of God, the performance of a contest between characters who manipulate negative and positive forces accordingly as they feel influenced or compelled. In order to understand the Dream characters (figments) better, consider each of Godís natures to be an instinct which directs its life. Only by understanding the software programming (of ourselves) can we become coherent (non-chaos) and effective players of our individual roles.

Godís four natures are presented in the Bible through the symbols of Lion for Physical, Calf/Bull for Emotional, Man for Spiritual, and Eagle for Rational/Intellectual. These symbols appear in the Bible as Four Living Beings in Rev. 4:7, and as four-faced Living Creatures in Ezekiel 1 & 10, and as Seraphs in Isaiah 6:2. They also appear as the Brigade Emblems of Juda (Lion), Ephraim (Bull), Ruben (Man), and Dan (Eagle). Their emblems today still serve to signify Royal Britain (Lion of Juda), English people (Bull of Ephraim), Denmark and Greece (Man of Ruben), and Germany & U.S. (Eagle of Dan). The four Natures/Minds of God comprise the essence of all that exists! In Ezekiel we also see the four symbols in the wheels which represent the cycles of time which are empowered by the Spirit of Life. God lives through His four Natures. These representations of Living Beings were also placed in the Ark of Testimony/Covenant (Exodus 25-37 & Hebrews 9).

These four natures also represent the particular influence which dominates each of the four quarters of a cycle, each being 6,000 years. It will be very helpful to you to print out a copy of this sine-wave-diagram.

The first quarter of our current cycle was that 6,000 year period between 10,000BC and 4,000BC, being the zodiac ages of Leo, Cancer, and Gemini. During that quarter cycle period, the base, primitive, physical influence was dominant. On the head which has four faces, of which Ezekiel speaks, the Physical face was looking forward during this quarter cycle, so the Spiritual face was looking in the opposite direction, meaning that its influence was nearly absent, or acting in some opposition to the Physical.

The second quarter of our current cycle is that 6,000 year period between 4,000BC and 2,000AD [these dates are only approximate], being the ages of Taurus, Aries, and Pisces. During this period, which is now near its end, the Emotional influence was dominant, exemplified by passions, emotional love, jealousy, and other emotions. Nearly absent, facing the opposite direction, is the Eagle/Intellect nature. Of course, our generation likes to think that it has progressed far ahead of all the ignorance of the ancients, without acknowledging that the ancients demonstrated far greater intelligence than mankind does today. Quality of life has plummeted with the growth of industry, science, and technology. Modern inventions have replaced true quality of life with stress and misery. Emotions rule our world today as we exalt pity for the disadvantaged over nobility of character and righteousness. Emotions rule world politics to the degree that we destroy ourselves for the sake of snails, owls, trees, and personal weaknesses. Any intelligent support for competence and strength is scorned. An example of the decline of intelligence is that many college graduates today are functionally illiterate while only a couple centuries ago an elementary schooling included the Classics of literature and languages of Latin and Greek. The learning of sciences does not increase one's wisdom of life. At the end of this quarter (imminent), Godís children will be suddenly transformed in a twinkling to transcendent bodies because flesh and blood cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

The third quarter of our current cycle will be that 6,000 year period between 2,000AD (approx) and 8,000AD, being the ages of Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius and a small part of Ophiuchus (Christ constellation of ancient times). During this period the Spiritual Nature will be dominant. Godís Spirit Being children will be immortal and will design a civilization based on Godly constructs of Righteousness and Holiness, as we yield to the working of God in and through us, making our world into the Kingdom of Heaven for all creatures and races. Time will become somewhat non-linear, and matter will be subject to the thoughts in the minds of Godís offspring. The mortal races will continue to give birth and to die just like all other creatures. Godís Elect will not marry, but will be androgynous. The opposite face during this quarter will be the Physical one. The limitations of physical matter will be nearly absent for the Spirit Being Men.

The fourth quarter of our current cycle will be that 6,000 year period between 8,000AD and 14,000AD, being the ages of Ophiuchus (greater portion of the Christ constellation), Scorpio (serpent of the Fall, a short age), Libra, and Virgo. During this period the Rational Nature will dominate. At about the start of the age of Scorpio, Godís Men will once again be attracted to the possibility of working both good and evil with their own minds, so as to become gods. They will begin to breed and propagate again, thus bringing immortality to an end. They will use their great mental powers to perform grand achievements, and in Virgo they will build another tomb (like the Giza pyramid) for their Jesus leader who must occupy it at the end of the 12,000 year Kingdom of Heaven. At the end of Virgo, Godís children, whose bodies have been of a glorified nature, will be changed in a twinkling into limited physical bodies. Spiritual bodies cannot inherit the Kingdom of World. Emotions will not be a factor, for it will be the Emotional face which is looking the opposite direction during that quarter.

PHYSICAL NATURE is that programming of instincts which directs the apparent physical functions of physiological, biological, to kill, to eat, to breed, to defecate, and the physical laws of nature. Micro-organisms and primitive critters like insects and birds and worms all possess instinctive knowledge of finding food, eating, self-defense, survival, and procreation. The Physical Mind provides that programming; a bird doesnít need any training to build a nest because it is born with that programming. Primitive critters possess only the single Physical nature of God. Although sentient, they are probably not self-aware.

EMOTIONAL NATURE is that programming of instincts which directs the lives of the next higher level of creatures, which are the higher animals which possess both Physical and Emotional natures of God. This category might include creatures which not only react emotionally but which also initiate emotional expressions. Creatures such as dogs, cats, apes, cows, and the dark skin races live instinctively by feelings of affection, compassion, nurturing, passion, hatred, fear, intuition, and other such basic emotions. They do not think original thoughts; they donít invent new devices (African blacks never invented a wheel or a boat); they donít philosophize, nor do they strategize to form a society which might enable them to advance in security and happiness. At their highest level of achievement they act as family or tribal units to fight with neighboring units. Sex, power, violence, and sensual-gratification are their highest values.

RATIONAL NATURE is that capability of the next higher level of creatures, who are those through whom God can live and express Himself Rationally. So, God has designed, as vehicles through whom He can live, experience, and express Himself, two races as eternal opponents of each other. One race possesses an instinct of positive values, such as the Golden Rule, charity, self-sacrifice, justice for all, honesty, morality, righteous ethics, and love of others beyond himself. The second player possesses an instinct of negative values, such as deception, cheating, exploitation, lying, material lust, perverse sexuality, and murder. These two players do contest on the stage of Godís Mind, planet earth, as fraternal twin races born from one mother but two different fathers (like Castor & Pollux). The father of the good race is God while Satan is the father of the race of evil instincts. The Bible presents these two races as Adam, fathered by God, and Cain, fathered by Satan. Later in Bible history, we see the fraternal struggle renewed between Jacob/Israel and his brother Esau/Edom. The contest between these two races is an active war in our world still today; when you know the players, the play becomes easy to understand. And the philosophersí eternal questions are easily answered.

SPIRITUAL NATURE is that unique and exclusive presence of the Spirit of God which dwells within only the Christ-race members from Adam and later from Jacob/Israel. While the spirit of Satan is the negative force which empowers the brother-race of evil instincts, it is Godís Holy Spirit which dwells within and empowers the Christ-race of Godly instincts. Only the Christ-race possesses the Spiritual Nature of God; we are Spirit Beings, born from above, born into physical bodies as representatives/extensions of the Living God. While all other creatures and races live brief lives, die, and cease to exist like flowers of the field, members of the Christ family of Spirit Beings have lived from before the world began and will always live because we are part of God Himself, extensions of Him, representatives, expressions of Him, warrior contestants for righteous and Godly values.


Only one race of men is important, but most of its members donít know that. The Bible is their story and is for them only. Neither do they know that their own thoughts are the creators of whatever they perceive. Neither do they know that they are Godís very own Spirit Being offspring! They donít know these things because at the Fall they turned away from Truth, which is God Himself, in order to experience a Pig Pen World reality. Because they did that, God gave them a powerful delusion which caused them to believe the lie of material reality, and the lie that they are subject to laws of physics along with being victims of others. The Fall into World reality was their own fault because they could have chosen otherwise. Nevertheless, most of God's offspring did succumb to the temptation to do the World contest again because of the increasing power of those influences, of God's Design, at the beginning of the age of Scorpio.   Thus it was that God set them up, as characters through whom He could act, to do a battle of instincts against an opponent race.

Back into the World arena again, and born into ignorance, God's child possesses one powerful instinctive compulsion: to strive to learn the Truth which will enable him to return to his Father. He knows instinctively that the task is possible, but he must figure out for himself how to succeed. Ironically, it is that very instinct which he suppresses in order to obtain world security and success. By choosing World life, he becomes an incoherent representative of his Father; he demeaned himself. His opponents (the Cain/Esau race) were given a powerful instinct to war against him and destroy him; God did not give His own offspring such a compulsion. Rather, God programmed His own with a desire for peace and happiness for all, even for his enemies, while he struggles along a path where his only guide is his homesickness. He feels a terrible disadvantage because his enemies persecute him and torment him and hinder him from his goal. Meanwhile, his enemies also offer him all the seductive temptations of worldly gratifications, wealth, and sensual pleasures which might entrap him and reinforce the lie of material supremacy. His task appears impossible as he attempts to reject the knowable world joys for the sake of an unknowable future reward. He believes in a Heaven to come, but does not know anything about it. And he doesn't know how to reject his world life, even though he feels called to do it.

He also does not know that the great advantage which the enemy possesses is only temporary, and that soon he will be the one with an advantage over them. Cyclic patterns are always changing, like in a dance where each takes turns leading. One cannot understand Godís Pageant until he knows that it is cyclic, just like energies fluctuate as diagramed on a sine-wave curve. Each cycle has a negative portion, below the neutral line, and a positive portion above the neutral line. One long term cycle of Godís Design lasts a total of about 24,000 years, being one precession-of-equinoxes. Half the cycle is negative energy, being 12,000 years of Kingdom of World. The other half is positive energy, being 12,000 years of Kingdom of Heaven.

During World, that race of evil-instincts has an advantage because the entire deception of materiality is natural to them, it is their home; deception is their innate talent, acting as politicians, merchants, or theater; they can function successfully within the great lie for they are one with it; the appearance of material reality is a lie; the powerlessness of Godís children is a lie; even the appearance of death for Godís offspring is a lie. Satan's race has a great advantage over God's innocent and naive offspring who have chosen to blind themselves to Truth. This is a time of Jacob's woe.

Then, during Heaven, the Christ-race of Godly instincts gains the advantage because God's Spirit-Being offspring then know the Truth; they know that they, as the body of Christ, are the operative tools of creation; that they can move a figment mountain by merely believing it to be moved. During the 6,000 year Spiritual half of Heaven, the Christ family will be immortal, with supernatural abilities. They will use their creative powers to make a heavenly kingdom of happiness for all creatures and all races. The total Heaven period will be for 12,000 years until the Christ is again defeated and entombed, with Satanís race getting the advantage for the next 12,000 half cycle of World Kingdom.


The purpose of life for a prodigal child of God is to learn the Truth, reject the lie, and take action to return Home. This is no sham role for us in God's Pageant; it is the reason for our existence. If we choose to value any thing of this world, including biological kin, spouses, or our own lives, above Truth we cannot follow Jesus to this goal. God's Man cannot accomplish this unless he learns the Truth: (1)that he is a Spirit Being "born from above" who has always existed, (2) that he is part of a large family of like Beings, (3) that he is in eternal contest against a family of opponents, (4) that the Kingdom of World is a deception, (5) that Heaven is his true home, (6) that the contest is not to conquer wickedness, but rather to liberate himself from it, and (7) that Jesus demonstrated liberation to be accomplished by death of the flesh body, for flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. The purpose for your life in this lie is to give it up so that you can live it in Truth. "He who loses his life for My sake will find it."

"We grow closer to the truth only to the extent that we grow further away from life," says Socrates when preparing himself for death. "What do we, who love the truth, strive for in life? In order to be free of the body and of all the evil that arises from the life of the body. If this is so then how can we fail to rejoice when death approaches? . . . The wise man seeks death throughout his life, and therefore death is not frightening to him." (from Leo Tolstoyís A Confession ,chapter 6)

In one of the Nag Hammadi Gospels, Jesus is speaking with his brother, James, saying:

"Scorn death, therefore, and take thought for life! Remember my cross and my death and you will live!"

        But I answered and said to him, "Lord, do not mention to us the cross and death, for they are far from you."

       The Lord answered and said, "Verily I say unto you, none will be saved unless they believe in my cross. But those who have believed in my cross, theirs is the kingdom of God. Therefore, become seekers for death, like the dead who seek for life; for that which they seek is revealed to them. And what is there to trouble them? As for you, when you examine death, it will teach you election. Verily I say unto you, none of those who fear death will be saved; for the kingdom of God belongs to those who put themselves to death.  (from the Apocryphon of James)



"Take up your cross and follow Me."

        The end of the Kingdom of World has arrived. Every one of us has a powerful instinct to survive the coming terror which is being planned against us. Each one should reconsider his priorities and his goal. Question: if death is a door which opens rather than one that closes, then why do you resist it? Jesus submitted sheepishly to His liberators, letting them provide to Him the victory. Can we not rejoice to see the final end to the Kingdom of World rather than cling fiercely to it? By fighting to save our lives are we not refusing to follow our Lord who beckons and who tells us to not be afraid? Do you fear? I know that I feel great fear of what might happen. Yet, I also know that it must happen because it is God's Design that this World kingdom is destroyed. So, it is going to happen! My choices are only two: to yield to it or to resist it. My method of dealing with it is to contemplate it in advance, to imagine the very worst that might happen so that it will not terrify me.  Most helpful to me are the stories of the many martyrs who went before me. Many thousands died at the hands of merciless Roman tyrants who were influenced by Edomite Jews to persecute Christians. Millions of Christians died over many centuries by the Torquemadas of the Roman Catholic church. Please read about such martyrs in my Liberation articles. Always it has been the white race European Christians, the true tribes of Israel, who have been persecuted and killed. Why? For the same reason that Cain felt compelled to kill Abel, and Esau felt compelled to kill Jacob. So it is that Satan's race of Edomite Jews feels compelled to kill Christ's family. It is the instinct given to that race by God's Design which keeps the eternal battle alive. It is the challenge confronting God's Spirit Being offspring; it is also a means of culling the weak from the strong so that the overcomers can inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

        Jesus said He went to prepare a place for us. Do you yearn to go there? I do! Shouldn't we rejoice to welcome the Liberation which is at hand? I personally feel such a powerful identification with those martyrs who went singing to their pyres that I prefer to be martyred and suffer death of this flesh rather than to be changed in the twinkling of a moment. It is my family who has already passed through that glorious door into our Father's Home and I want to go with them. I'll live again in the Kingdom of God; I know that. But I don't seek an easier liberation than they welcomed for themselves. Besides, now that I welcome such a death, what else is there to fear? I am free. Only some details remain to be cleared; no big deal.


Finally, a few days after publishing the essay above, I want to add this note:

        Leo Tolstoy struggled with the question whether this life has any value. It was a terrible struggle for him, as he investigated the words of philosophers, theologians, and the sciences. The ancient wise men seem all agreed that this life is nothing but evil and vanity, so the wise person does right in exiting the stage - by any means. Socrates, Schopenhauer, Buddha, Solomon, Tolstoy: they were all courageous enough to admit that they could find no justification for prolonging a life. I kiss their feet for their work, but then I must stand and say that I think there is a reason to live, otherwise our Father would not have put us here. We are here to act as contestants in a battle of good versus evil, Christ versus Satan. While our opponents do war against us, our purpose is to represent our Father with righteousness, Godliness, virtues, noble values, innocence, and lack of fear of death. Our innocent and holy lives are our weapons because it is not flesh and blood that we war against, but evil principalities and powers. If we debase ourselves to do war by violence, then we are playing the enemy's game by his rules. We should not do that; Jesus did not do that. Rather, Jesus was uncompromising with the Truth and feared not the enemy of the flesh; He demonstrated His contempt toward them by yielding meekly to their crucifixion. Instead of committing suicide, which would have admitted defeat, He represented Godliness to the very end, letting them kill Him, which gave Him the victory. It was a gambit which checkmated the opponent. So it is that I believe we really do have a purpose for living in this evil world: to represent our Father by expressing His Will and then welcoming the graduation ceremony at the end. Then, our Father can embrace us once again as His innocent Sheep as He welcomes us prodigals back Home.


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