I thought I was retired from writing; this respite is a contentment which I've been  enjoying. Oh, there is a big part of me that enjoys the time at the computer watching an idea unfold on the screen, but another part of me found the intensity to be perspiring and tiring. I felt happy that the flow had stopped. Now, here I am in this early morning typing words because I feel compelled to say something which Iíve not even developed in my mind yet. This discussion will point toward the identity of Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian shooter of anti-Christ enemies (on July 22, 2011). His identity might be important to God's Design.

        The "big picture" is that which I call Godís Divine Pageant; it is visible to oneís mind as patterned events which get manifested as history. Godís Design gets presented as historical process. Time, form, and change are the expression of God which we perceive as our dimension of reality. The easiest way to grasp this concept is to think of a word being spoken into a microphone, the changing energies of which are displayed on the screen of an oscilloscope. The energies which are being sent forth to produce that word are constantly changing/oscillating from negative to positive to negative to positive. . . . . . Those energies are not simple alternating current but they are patterned (His Design) with qualities such as frequency, amplitude, power, color, texture, velocity, form, and all other characteristics which we perceive as our reality. The important point which I want to emphasize is that their process of change is not random but is according to patterns which reveal His Design. Those patterns do repeat at appropriate intervals, perhaps in nano-seconds or centuries or light-years or at any frequency.

        Because my understanding of such patterns is so limited by my ignorant mind, I think of very few of the repeating patterns which Iíve been able to abstract from my survey of history. I think of them as Godís paradigm, His model which gets experienced by us as a perception of Reality. Perhaps I can think of some examples. A seed gets buried in the darkness of earth where it dies, except that a germ of life within it finds liberation from its bondage and like a Phoenix, rises to a new life similar to that plant which had produced it. The new life then experiences its glory, procreates, ages, and dies. Itís life continues through its offspring seed which gets buried in earthís darkness, and so forth. The pattern is one of cycles, like the energies of a word which can be illustrated on a sine-wave diagram, always changing, always repeating.

        That is a model which is basic to this Design of God in which our souls experience our own similar process. As patterns of history, we might think the 24,000 year precession of equinoxes as one cycle, or perhaps a 24 hour day as one cycle, always repeating but each one slightly different from the prior one. Within such cycles of time, we record our colors and textures of history as we experience them, but we fail to understand that our experiences will get repeated cycle after cycle, like Solomon said, as patterns of Godís Design. If we look at historical events as patterns which get repeated, and if we learn something of their cyclic frequencies, then we can look at the past in order to understand what is coming in the future.

        The Bible is but a simple survey of a few events which provide some historical background, from which we can learn His cyclic patterns. For instance, each 2,000 year "age" is a cycle, at the beginning of which is born a significator, a person who keynotes the nature of the coming age. I have discussed this in detail elsewhere, but will mention a couple examples here. Abraham was born about 2,000BC as the keynoter of the age of Aries (Lamb) as he instituted a religion of lamb-sacrifice and foretold that a Lamb of God would get sacrificed at the end of that age. The age previous to Aries was Taurus (Bull) which was keynoted by Noah and a religion of Bull veneration. Previous to Taurus was Gemini (Twins) which was keynoted by the appearance of Eveís twin boys, which represent two seedline races of opposite instincts (negative and positive) who would struggle eternally in order to make Godís cyclic patterns manifest into Reality. Following Abrahamís age of Lamb, Jesus was born to be the final Lamb sacrifice of Aries and to inaugurate a new age of Pisces (fish) during which He, as a fisherman, would gather His Elect onto the beach where they would experience the process of fire (end times) and rise like the Phoenix (Cygnus) from the ashes into new Life. So, at the end of Pisces another cycle is completed and a new one begins as Aquarius, for which the keynoter has not yet appeared. Most probably it will be Jesus, at a Second Coming.

        Alright, all that was just to present the concept of cyclic repetition of patterns in your mind. One historical process which gets repeated is that of the Liberation of Israelites from Egypt. A Deliverer appears to lead them out of their captivity (Egypt always symbolizes World). Since this pattern is about to repeat itself for our time, letís apply it meaningfully. Perhaps it is Jesus who will call us forth from this World life, to pass through a supernatural experience (like the crossing of the Red Sea, or crossing the Jordan) toward a new Promised Land (kingdom of God/Heaven). During our wilderness experience, all the old beliefs, limitations, attachments, relationships, personalities, and other World baggage must be left behind. Remember that none of those who left Egypt, save two men, were permitted to cross the Jordan into the Promised Land. Their individual spirits were renewed on the other side, but the important lesson is that no old World baggage can be carried into the next kingdom.

        There are more parts of that experience which we could apply to help us understand the coming repetition of the pattern, but I want to focus on the two men whom God permitted to make the transition, namely Joshua (Iesus, a Jesus) and Caleb. Why did God grant these two men a special privilege which was denied even to Moses?

        Because they were the germ of new birth. They were the yin and yang, or perhaps DNA, necessary to replicate the pattern. They were the positive and negative energies which are essential to Reality. Joshua was an Israelite priest who represented God. Caleb was an energy opposite from Godís Family; he was an Edomite, of the Cain and Esau race, a family of Satan. Remember, it was Temple Edomites to whom Jesus said that God is not their father, but their father is the devil. Caleb accompanied the Israelites in the wilderness because a positive energy cannot exist without the presence of a brother negative energy. Jacob cannot exist without Esau. Israelites cannot exist without their brother Edomites. BOTH must cross together into the Promised Land, and so it will be that some Edomite Jews will accompany us from this World into the new kingdom of Heaven.

I know that Iíve presented these ideas in other articles, a little here and a little there. But, now Iíve been prompted to paint the concept again because of the controversy over the Norwegian, Anders Breivik, who killed a lot of people in the name of Christ, calling himself a Knight of Christ. He said he had to take a stand because Christian leaders wonít do anything. His complaint reminds me of all those Israelites who feared to enter their Promised Land, preferring even to return to slavery in Egypt. Only Joshua and Caleb returned from their survey of that land of giants with the courage to say "theyíre meat for us. Nothing to fear. God is with us." Only two men were eager to leap forward in the process of Godís Design. The Israelite people wanted to stone them for their courage. (See Numbers 14)

        We might wonder that an Edomite was even permitted in the group to check out the new land. Well, just as the priest, Joshua, represented God, Caleb went as a representative of the royal tribe of Judah. Royalty does not perform such functions, except through representatives. Then, because Caleb encouraged Israelites to have courage behind their God, he was rewarded with a special tract of land apart from those parceled out to the twelve tribes. He was treated separately from the Israel tribes, rewarded "because he followed after the order of the Lord God of Israel." (Joshua 14:14)

        Letís see if I can conclude this. On July 22, 2011, the Norwegian, Anders Breivik demonstrated his courage against Christ's enemy Marxists and Muslims because other Christians would not do so. He acted as a Knight of Christ. Afterward, like happened to Joshua and Caleb, the Israelites now curse him. Even Dr. David Duke has done an emotionally outraged diatribe against him. So, are we to consider Anders a Joshua or a Caleb. Personally, I think he is a true Israelite Norwegian Christian, in spite of his erroneous beliefs about modern Jews being Godís chosen ones. Weíve all had many errors in our beliefs, but he is very clear about acting on behalf of Christ. But, many Christians, especially on Internet, are claiming that Anders is really an Edomite Jew. Some go so far as describing how he looks like a Jew if his facial figures are reconfigured and his name is Jewish if the spelling is revised. Perhaps it is true that no one can hate like a religionist.

        Christians have preferred the liberal pacifism of sheep because they fear those who presently govern the land which God had given to us. Christís enemies have been killing our people for many centuries, seldom ever getting any response except our whimpering. Anders fired back, and the quailing Christians, for whom he did it, are now gnashing their teeth at him. I'm hearing Jesus saying to those who claim at the last day that they believed in Him: "Depart from me, I never knew you."  While I think Anders is a white-race Christian, I canít help but hope that the hate-filled effeminates are correct about him being an Edomite. We ARE in the end-time process, and an Edomite will be needed for the transition from World into Heaven. Anders showed a courage that Israelites fail to do. So, is he a Joshua or a Caleb? I donít know; you must think for yourself. While doubting it for myself, I can enjoy the hope that he might be an Edomite Jew who has the courage to represent our Christ. I would be proud to cross the Jordan at his side regardless which race he is.


        Here is an interesting after-word. I got an email from a friend who recommended Dr. David Duke's diatribe against Anders. At the end, he included a quotation regarding hate.

"Have I not hated them, O Lord, that hate thee? and wasted away because of thine enemies? I have hated them with perfect hatred; they were counted my enemies." Psalms 139.21-22 LXX

        I think he was being critical of my criticism of our people's hatred. Ironically, I fully endorse the above passage because it is realistic that a time must come when we feel such hate toward our ENEMIES, like that which prompted Anders Breivik. The irony is that Christians will direct their hate toward this fellow Christian who dared to fire back at our ENEMIES. I find it very weird that those same Christians will adopt Jesus' directive to "love your enemies" (Marxists and Muslims, apparently) while hating a fellow Christian who retaliates.  Ahhh, this gets a little too bizarre for my simple mind. For me, I will consider one who seeks my destruction as my enemy, regardless of his race, and one who acts to defend me as my friend. That is something I can understand. I think blind racial bigotry might not be the key to salvation; I could be wrong.


by Roger Hathaway, August 26, 2011


ADDENDUM: ANDERS BEHRING BREIVIK  (August 25, 2011 I feel compelled to add this.)

        Who is Anders Behring Breivik? He is a Norwegian man who claims to be a Knight of Christ taking action against Christís enemies: Marxists and Muslims. He sacrificed his own life to do what he said had to be done. Most Christians condemn his killing of Christ's enemies. Internet hate-filled-racist radicals condemn him for being an Edomite Jew, a wild conjecture of theirs. I simply admire him for being exactly what he claims to be, a Knight of Christ.

        Those who have read my works know that I recognize Esau as Jacobís brother and progenitor of the race of Edomite Jews who are eternal adversaries of Christ, with some exceptions. Perhaps the most notable exception was Caleb, an Edomite descendant of Kenaz, son of Esau. Caleb accompanied Joshua (iesus, a Jesus) across the Jordan into the Promised Land where he was given a special portion of land by God "because he followed after the order of the Lord God of Israel." (Joshua 14:14)

        Obviously, Edomites can "go good" just as Israelites can "go bad." Those Edomites who now choose to recognize Jesus Christ as Lord and who give their lives to defend Him will be blessed by our Father just as Caleb was blessed. This is essential to the paradigm.

        It would please me greatly if Anders Breivik is truly an Edomite Jew who has chosen bold action in the name of Christ. I would be honored to cross the Jordan once again into Heavenís Promised Land hand in hand with him. If Anders is a white race European Christian Israelite acting as a Knight of our Lord, then he is just doing what our General expects of His soldiers. But IF he is representing Christ as an Edomite Jew, then our admiration of him should be multiplied tenfold. I hope the bigoted haters are right about him, that he is an Edomite Jew, for that makes him even greater in Godís eyes. But, I personally think he is just one Christian who dared to stand up for our Lord, thereby putting all the rest of us to shame.

        Nevertheless, it is a thrill to my heart that he MIGHT be the Caleb needed for the end-time passage into the final Promised Land. Godís paradigm has been set; I call it the "Divine Pageant." The paradigm (model) of Liberation from Egypt (world), the wilderness trek, and the entry into the Promised Land is about to be repeated when we are Liberated from this world stage to inherit the kingdom of Heaven. We NEED an Edomite Jew, who is not afraid to represent our Lord against our enemies, to accompany us through the coming transition because Godís Divine Pageant is an eternal contest between two seedline races, the Christ Family versus the race of Satan. The everlasting pageant is not possible unless both races are on the stage doing their eternal contest. Hatred of our enemy race is neither fruitful nor Godly. Jesus taught a better way. Except for the occasional Caleb, we should learn to avoid contact with them and their unGodly civilization.

by Roger Hathaway


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